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This is a list of major events or milestones in the history of MetaFilter, along with the corresponding announcements.

14jul1999 First MetaFilter post
03mar2000 MetaTalk launched
01apr2000 Neale coopts 1142
14sep2000 First Kaycee Nicole post
17nov2000 Fred looks for a used car
22jan2001 The origin of 'pony requests'
15may2001 The first use of '.' in an obituary thread
19may2001 Is it possible that Kaycee did not exist? See also And so it ends, and The plot sickens, as well as a retrospective look back at Kaycee Nicole, Metafilter's first investigation
07jun2001 RakDaddy first suggests Ask Metafilter
06aug2001 Matt and MeFi go on vacation
20aug2001 Vacation is over
24aug2001 Thread "9622" (see also Longboat).
10sep2001 ignu introduces MeFi to oolong the rabbit, unofficial Metafilter mascot for many years hence.
11sep2001 9/11 unfolds live on MetaFilter
12oct2001 Posting limited to one per day
20nov2001 "we have cameras"
23nov2001 administrator!!! please hope me!
22feb2002 Suicidegirls ads on MeFi spark a heated discussion.
19mar2002 The first MetaFilter mix tape swap (i.e. MefiSwap) is organized in a thread on the blue.
15apr2002 "I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords."
09may2002 Pepsi Blue (see also Pepsi Blue).
26jul2002 Signups reopen, limited to 20 per day
29jul2002 Threads over 1 month (30 days old?) are closed
01aug2002 WHAT. THE. FUCK. MATT?
05sep2002 "the toy broom... it vibrates?"
06nov2002 Matt contemplates closing or selling the site.
08nov2002 Signups closed. Last user #17318. Metatalk reference to closure.
09nov2002 Adrian Hon announces the MetaFilter wiki.
12nov2002 Metafilter threads get titles. Fixed link for mathowie's explanation.
20nov2002 The "giant horse cock" thread
19mar2003 The Iraq war begins.
25mar2003 Google text ads appear on the site.
13apr2003 Metafilter Music (mark 1) launches. Mathowie has to manually add songs.
09jun2003 Banished suggests AskMe again.
20jun2003 son_of_minya offers to cut off his own hand if quonsar isn't lying.
05jul2003 The Metafilter server moves from apartment to apartment
08dec2003 Hackworth gets tired of waiting for Ask Metafilter -- and creates their own, spurring mathowie to launch it for real. (First Question)
12dec2003 Matt first discusses Askme posting-limit ideas
01apr2004 User signups reopen, 20 per day
02apr2004 ...and closed again "I need to get the server back in shape so every new user isn't as much of a burden as they are."
13jun2004 Suppose you killed somebody...
15jun2004 Contacts are launched
12oct2004 First anonymous Ask question
18nov2004 Five dollar signups begin
14dec2004 Askme 7-day posting limit first implemented, then also for MetaTalk
12jan2005 Metatalk thread closure added
18jan2005 Tagging added
24jan2005 jessamyn becomes second mod (MeTa)
10feb2005 Best Answers added to AskMe
14feb2005 Jim Jones Talks to himself. See also here and here.
17feb2005 AskMe gets titles & tags & more fixes, temporarily breaks anonymous questions
18feb2005 The brief HaugheyCam misadventure.
20feb2005 Flagging added
17apr2005 Anonymous posting returns
27aug2005 Hurricane Katrina hits. Coldchef starts by jokingly taunting the hurricane, and ends up liveblogging the disaster. See Katrina for links to more than 90 related threads.
22sep2005 Mefi Music (mark 1) shuts down
08oct2005 AskMe questions stay open for a year, instead of closing after a month
08nov2005 Projects launched (First Post)
12nov2005 Mushroom Thread. See Mushrooms.
15nov2005 Matt wields the BanHammer against dhoyt; and highsignal, hall of robots and jenleigh.
09feb2006 Titles appear on the page, rather than in the HTML header - Mefi & AskMe.
20apr2006 Official FAQ goes online. The FAQ hosted here is deprecated.
10may2006 Favorites added
30jun2006 MetaFilter Music launched (First Track)
24aug2006 MetaFilter Jobs launched (First Job)
22oct2006 IMG tag disabled. See Image Links.
18dec2006 Askme posting limit changed to 14 days
03jan2007 (NOT RACIST) debuts
01feb2007 New URL scheme implemented (number/title rather than mefi/number)
13feb2007 Metatalk gets titles
16feb2007 The first MetaFilter podcast is posted to MetaTalk.
28feb2007 cortex becomes third mod (MeTa), & deletion reasons get signed by the mod
06apr2007 Askme limit returned to 7 days
05mar2007 anildash suggests a professional white background
06jul2007 A preview of TravelFilter is announced during podcast 11
30aug2007 Ability to assign favorites is limited to 100 a day.
03sep2007 Metafilter Wiki moves to MediaWiki and a new location ( Most of the content from the old wiki (formerly at was transferred to this wiki, but some content was lost.
06sep2007 The [more inside] feature, originally only available on Ask MetaFilter, is rolled out to rest of the site.
14sep2007 Subtle but major HTML vulnerability discovered and subsequently repaired
19oct2007 MeFi Mail private messaging system implemented
23oct2007 Close Your Account functionality implemented (aka The Big Red Button). Matt discusses it a month later.
02nov2007 Contact activity sidebar launched
08nov2007 Meetup threads stay open for six months (earliest reference I could find)
16nov2007 Extensive discussions about sexism (see also Boyzone)
26nov2007 Possibly, Secret Santa the initial MeTa post that turned into Secret Quonsar
12dec2007 note: Everyone needs a hug.
31dec2007 The Givewell affair
10mar2008 Startling revelation that a banned member has been around for years under a different name. For five years, this was the longest MetaTalk thread in Metafilter history.
02apr2008 My Ask launched. The feature allows a site member to choose preferred tags and categories in order to display a filtered Ask MetaFilter page. The customized page also displays recommended AskMe questions based on the member's preferences.
18may2008 Vacapinta becomes fourth mod, the first not based in the United States.
27may2008 Projects switches to public comments, something that had been requested a couple times at least.
30jun2008 Boing Boing's "Unpublishing" of Violet Blue
02jul2008 Three new sections launched for MeFi Music: Talk, Charts, Challenges
29aug2008 Sarah Palin as McCain's Running-mate thread created, which held the title of longest thread in Metafilter history for more than four years.
16Oct2008 Deleted threads made visible to the poster. This was rolled back at a later date (probably early 2009) for performance reasons.
27oct2008 Posting sends out an automatic form letter with links to those posts, "an easy way for people to find their own posts in case of deletion, appearance of lagging posting due to caching, or other mishaps."
17dec2008 Three minute editing to comments announced with a "beta-test".
24jan2009 A spammer/cracker exploits a SQL injection in some old pages. MeFi is down for about 4 hours, unstable for most of the weekend, and MetaTalk isn't back until Monday. TravelFilter taken offline.
10apr2009 First episode of the Metafilter Music Podcast
05may2009 Tenth anniversary meetup subsite launched
12jun2009 utility domain goes live
16jun2009 He ain't Ralph. St. Alia is "enspousened". Origin of the Mass Enspousening in-joke.
07jul2009 Edgar Martins photoshopping outed; followup post
10jul2009 Metafilter store launches, with new t-shirts.
14jul2009 Tenth anniversary MetaFilter post
13aug2009 Infodump relaunches, with more data
20aug2009 cortex announces month-long meetup junket (schedule)
11oct2009 "Interest areas" profile feature launched and unlaunched again after criticism.
01nov2009 Favorites behavior is modified for a one month test; followup discussions
12nov2009 mathowie's pituitary tumor revelation and a promising update
20nov2009 User #100,000 raffle raises over $12K for charity.
18dec2009 Updated "recent activity" feature launched
08jan2010 Data loss destroys a day's worth of askme answers, some of which are manually recovered.
19may2010 The Russian Incident
24jun2010 IRL launched
02sep2010 Job Availability feature unveiled for MetaFilter Jobs.
30sep2010 mathowie announces changes to ads displayed on front pages (beginning 01oct2010). The transition involves displaying ads from The Deck Network instead of Federated Media, and allowing members to hide the ads.
12dec2010 AskMe celebrates its 7th birthday and 10,000th Anonymous question
05jan2011 Cortex bans Tao Lin.
07jan2011 New Twitter/Facebook sharing options added.
03feb2011 Automatic "x new comments" inline alert rolled out to MetaFilter threads (more details about how it works).
11feb2011 MeFi Music (song) posts differentiated from MeFi Music Talk posts on profile pages and activity pages (parent MeTa).
10apr2011 restless_nomad becomes fifth mod.
14apr2011 Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, anonymously joined the site to defend and praise himself. A mess ensued.
14jul2011 Special site launched to commemorate Metafilter's 12th anniversary:, containing user-submitted favorite memories and an explanation of how they found MeFi. Site url was highlighted in the very first MetaFilter post. MeFi announcement. MeTa announcement.
24aug2011 My MeFi introduced for testing and launched later in the day. The feature is similar to My Ask (introduced 02apr2008) and allows a site member to choose favorite tags in order to display a filtered page of MetaFilter; the member can also exclude tags in their My MeFi preferences.
07sep2011 Ask MetaFilter Travel Locations rolled out to the Travel & Transportation category as a pilot feature.
30sep2011 taz added to moderator team.
04oct2011 "(staff)" badges added to bylines of comments from official admins/moderators (only in MetaTalk).
20oct2011 Linked comment indicator (in the form of a triangle) unveiled for direct navigation to comments. (Original pony request thread and another thread with more details about the feature).
03nov2011 200,000th Ask MetaFilter post.
22nov2011 Announcement of initial MetaTalk posting queue, it's only on for Wednesday through Friday because of Thanksgiving.
17jan2012 MetaFilter puts up a black interstitial about SOPA/PIPA for 24 hours.
24apr2012 Matt Haughey announces the new Best Of MetaFilter blog.
22may2012 holdkris99's death was a hoax.
18sep2012 MetaFilter is publicly seeking to hire at least one part-time moderator.
01oct2012 LobsterMitten and goodnewsfortheinsane are selected as new part-time moderators.
01oct2012 The ability to edit comments for five minutes is added to all MetaFilter sites.
05nov2012 For use on special occasions, a chat server is deployed and announced the next day.
06nov2012 2012 Presidential Election thread created, the longest thread on the front page in Metafilter history.
07jan2013 MetaFilter adds titles. This is more controversial than expected. Two days later, as a compromise, title customization options are added.
22feb2013 MetaFilter adds alerts for updates to IRL posts. This is not controversial ;-)
14may2013 The limit on the number of favorites that can be assigned per day is raised to 240 a day.
15may2013 The "alphabet thread" is created on MetaTalk, which ultimately ends up as the longest thread in Metafilter history.
21may2013 The MeFi Chat server, originally intended to be used for special occasions, is now an official, full-time, feature.
04jun2013 The ability to add final updates to long-closed Ask MetaFilter questions is added.
02jul2013 Experimental site-wide SSL support is enabled.
07jul2013 MetaFilter Wiki moves to its own dedicated domain at All of the content from the old wiki (formerly at was transferred.
20jan2014 JannaK asks for help decoding her deceased grandmother's coded message, gets international attention.
16apr2014 A beta test for the experimental episodic TV subsite FanFare is announced.
19may2014 Mathowie announces layoffs. Jessamyn, LobsterMitten, and goodnewsfortheinsane will no longer be moderators.
30may2014 cortex announces the MetaTalk queue is going to be always active, due to the mod layoffs.
10sep2014 MetaFilter participates in the Battle for Net Neutrality by displaying a modal banner on September 10, 2014.
24sep2014 MetaFilter adopts a new theme.
20nov2014 Hoder is released from Iranian prison.
05mar2015 Mathowie announces his intention to take a step back from running MetaFilter.
06mar2015 MetaFilter says goodbye to Matt during his final moderation shift.
23dec2015 Eyebrows McGee is announced as a new new part-time moderator.
26apr2016 pb retires.
27may2016 frimble takes over as MetaFilter's new tech person.
04aug2016 Wordshore asks a question about 18 pounds of Red Leicester cheese, spawns a metatalk thread, draws the attention of at least one journalist, and posts the resolution.
08jun2017 Trying out two Ask MetaFilter questions per week!, from the earlier limit of having to wait seven days between questions.
31jul2017 mathowie transfers ownership of MetaFilter to cortex
13jun2018 State of the Site: Metafilter financial update and future directions
05jul2018 Flagging update: new free-form text option, tweaking flag lists.
08mar2022 Restrictions on the number of Ask Metafilter questions is removed, from the earlier limit of two per week per account.
29mar2022 MetaFilter's owner, cortex, announces his intention to step away from running MetaFilter.
25may2022 It is announced that Jessamyn is MetaFilter's new owner.