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MeFi Music


MetaFilter Music is a site for members to upload and showcase their own songs for others to enjoy and share. Logged-in members can enjoy downloads, playlists, favorites, and podcasts of tags, playlists, and specific users.

First proposed by mathowie on April 10, 2003, MeFi Music was officially announced in MetaTalk three days later, on April 13, 2003.


The Music Challenges are simple: each month you can pick one idea, or incorporate more than one of the following ideas into a single composition. Be sure to tag your submissions "mefimusicchallenge" so listeners can easily follow along. Got a suggestion? Send it to [snsranch] [MeFi Music Challenge Page.][1]

Previous Challenges

Current Challenge Ideas


Various members have expressed the desire to collaborate. A list of available collaborators is available here.