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TravelFilter was an aborted sub-site of AskMetafilter that would have had a travel focus. It was suggested a few times over the years in Metatalk [1], [2], and was announced during a random podcast in July 2007 [3]. It would have been composed of the travel questions from Ask Metafilter as well as trip reports by Metafilter users, all organized geographically. The site design was unusual due to the professional white background.

It was never linked officially in the site header and was unofficially DOA in September 2008, per a post by mathowie [4].

TravelFilter lived on in limbo until the security issues in January 2009, at which point it was replaced with a redirect to the main Metafilter page. Internet Archive has snapshots of

Pseudo-TravelFilter came into being in September 2011, with Travel Locations in Ask.MetaFilter, allowing for location searches within Travel & Transportation questions.