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FanFare is the newest subsite on MetaFilter, where current and past TV episodes and movies can be discussed. A FanFare Scheduling wiki page was set up to facilitate and manage the ongoing discussions of shows and movie clubs.


Of all the subsites proposed by MetaFilter users, only FanFare has grown from an idea into reality. Though a movie/ TV/ media discussion site have been discussed on and off over the years, it took the closing of Television Without Pity (TWOP) to bring about a discussion on March 27, 2014, which lead to serious discussions of MediaFilter becoming a real thing.

The subsite was formed as FanFare, which launched on April 16, 2014, with Matt Haughey posting the first episodes and movies himself, to test out the functions of the site with Game of Thrones season 4 episode 1 and Mad Men season 7 episode 1. Godzilla was the first movie posted on FanFare.

On July 18, 2014, FanFare was expand to include movies and its own discussion sub-sub-site, FanFare Talk. As of July 23, 2014, there was still the internal discussion and support for adding a book discussion feature to FanFare, but there was no ETA for implementing this feature/option.

FanFare Structure

FanFare has a unique structure:

Upon clicking New Post, the user gets three options: TV, Movie, or TV & Movie Planning.


For TV, new shows not yet discussed must be suggested by a user and approved by a moderator. This is done by typing a name and searching IMDb for the specific show, formally suggesting the show, then waiting for moderator approval, all through a custom-made form.

New episodes for previously discussed shows or for shows users have had approved by moderators can be posted by selecting the show from the drop-down menu, then selecting the season number and the episode number, and typing in the episode name and a short, spoiler-free synopsis, though such spoiling details may be included in the extended post section. Add some tags, then submit the post for review and approval from a moderator.

There is also the option to label TV episode posts:

  • First Watch - for older shows that people are just now watching, to be kept free of spoilers on future episodes,
  • Rewatch - for people who have already seen the full show, allowing for discussions of future episodes,
  • Show Only - for shows which are based on books, comics, or other media, to be kept free of spoilers from that other media, and
  • Books Included - allowing for spoilers from the media that is already available.

The MetaFilter FAQ has more information on these items, and more about how FanFare should work.


Movies are more straight-forward. Type in the name of the movie, a short, spoiler-free synopsis, adding any potential spoilers in the extended post, and add some appropriate tags. On preview, the user will then select the correct movie from an IMDb query. If the title matches a previously posted movie, the radio button to select the movie will be unavailable, and a link to the current discussion will be provided.

TV & Movie Planning

The third option is to make a post for TV & Movie Planning, to gauge interest in discussing a particular TV series or movie, or set up a movie club-type group.

Posting Queue

As of October 2014, FanFare and FanFare Talk posts are still reviewed and approved by a mod before going live, but there is no frequency limitation on posts. Previously, users could only post to FanFare and/or FanFare Talk once a day (24 hours from the prior post going live).

To assist scheduling, users can refer to and update the associated FanFare Scheduling page.