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jessamyn is user number 292, and has been one of Metafilter's Moderators since January, 2005. She likes to make herself helpful on AskMe. Wikipedia profile.

She is part of the MeFi Librarian Posse. Her professional blog is at, which was one of the very first librarian blogs. It just celebrated its twelfth year online.

Jessamyn is the author of:

She also frequently gives talks around the US on studying the digital divide and solving technology problems for schools and libraries.

mathowie: "jessamyn also has edit/delete rights and has been helping out, so I suspect she was the one that deleted the comments. I trust her judgement, which is why I asked her to help admin things around here (she's been helping for a couple weeks now)." 24jan05

Her favorite color is orange.

The Jessamynute/Jessaminute, a unit of time measurement, is named in her honour.

For further information, see: and

my wish list

  • auto double-post rfd
  • ditch the favorites flag option
  • AskMe search by category subsearch by tag