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What's the purpose of this wiki?

MetaFilter has tens of thousands of members and many more readers, and it's developed an astonishing amount of shared history, injokes, rules and guidelines. For both readers and established members alike, the amount of information that is required to understand the website and produce good posts and comments is vast. However, the only way to get access to this information in the past has been simply to read MetaFilter for a long time and stumble along.

This wiki intends to provide a comprehensive and up to date resource about every aspect of MetaFilter that reflects the dynamic nature of the MetaFilter community. In doing so, it should hopefully make the lives of MetaFilter readers and members much easier.

However, this wiki is not a general discussion site, nor is it a dumping ground for things that MetaFilter members find interesting. Please respect the fact that Pronoiac (this wiki's generous host) doesn't have unlimited bandwidth or webspace.


At the moment, you have to register in order to edit the wiki. It is suggested, but certainly not required, that you use the same account name on the wiki as you use on MetaFilter. Furthermore, due to ongoing issues with automated spambots, when you register for an account on this wiki you may be challenged to answer a question about MetaFilter to confirm that you are not a spammer.