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A MetaFilter user since 2001, Josh Millard, aka cortex is one of MetaFilter's Moderators. He was given promoted to moderator by MattHaughey on February 27, 2007, while Jessamyn was on vacation, and became a permanent mod sometime in March of that year. Cortex is a talented and prolific musician, who posts regularly at MeFi Music, and manages their Monthly Music Challenge. Here's a comprehensive list of his songs, covers and collaborations. His musician's bio can be found here.

He can be found on Twitter at @joshmillard


MeFi-related sites and resources that cortex created and maintains

Personal Sites

Music-Related Sites

Older Projects

(Some of these links no longer work. They remain listed here for archival purposes.)

  • metafiltr ("A sort of portal into the riffy, self-reflecting underbelly of Metafilter proper")
  • refi (MetaFilter in Review)
  • Says Who? ("The MetaFilter identification game") announced in MetaTalk in July 2010. (Now defunct.)
  • Bunt Cake (A surrealish web comic made from sliced-up baseball cards)
  • Pen and Inklings (Short-lived sketch-a-day blog)
  • Laundryroom Swapmeet (weird crap that people left on the laundry room table of cortex' old apartment building]
  • Pedestria (Photographic record of people out on foot in and around Portland, OR.)
  • Polyorama (Gallery of combinatoric polyorama art from various people, including MetaFilter users interrobang, taz and iconomy.)