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Metafilter Resources

Good Things on Metafilter

Side Communities

See also: Related Websites

  • mefi-projects - mailing list for announcements of projects of interest to other MeFites (see SelfLink) (now closed, but archives are still available)
  • MeFi Swap - quarterly music mix exchange with other MeFites
  • #mefi - an internet relay chat channel vaguely related to MetaFilter.
  • - a weblog frequented by many MetaFilter users.
  • On the NationStates game there is a place called MetaRegion for all MetaFilter players. It tends to be filled with discussions of kittens and pancakes and their relative worths.
  • metachat is a side site for metafilter members who want to chat about random stuff that dosn't have a place on metafilter proper.
  • Folding@Home Team - contribute to find cures for diseases by donating your spare CPU cycles. Join the MetaFilter team and we can all keep score!
  • Kiva - Team Metafilter - Kiva's mission is to connect people, through lending, for the sake of alleviating poverty. Join Team Metafilter and make a loan today.
  • Volunteer MeFite Portrait Photographers - A list of MeFites (organized by location) who have volunteered to do free portrait photography for any local-to-them MeFites who need better photos of themselves for OKCupid (or whatever).
  • Ravelry: Metastitcher - A Ravelry group for Metafilter knitters and crocheters.

Software & Extensions

For Firefox:

  • MeFi Navigator - adds easy options for jumping through a members comments within a thread. Also highlights your posts, posts by the original poster, and posts by the admins in MetaTalk.

Metafilter Media

Metafilter Analyzed

Metafilter history

Miscellaneous Fun