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Related Websites

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There's a host of websites that are, or were, MeFi adjacent/descendent. See Mefi Clones for software and sites based on MeFi.

  • SportsFilter is a community weblog for sports fans that runs the same code as MetaFilter but is a separate project.
  • MonkeyFilter was created by MeFi lurkers during the period when MetaFilter was closed to new registrations. It began as a haven of sorts for Mefi wannabes to post and comment as they would on Metafilter, if they could only get a membership. Now it's become a community in its own right.
  • MetaChat is an informal place for MeFites to touch base and post, discuss and chatter about topics that may not belong on MetaFilter.
  • Mefightclub is a gaming community made up of (primarily) Metafilter members, friends and family. Mostly focuses on PC gaming, especially Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, Minecraft and all the rest. Coming up on 5 years old, over 2300 members strong (as of August 2012), it has grown into a network of sites that include the Full Glass Empty Clip group blog and subsites, and The Aporkalypse and Gamefilter, the Metafilter-esque gaming site.


  • Big Big Question was a spin-off project launched by cortex Nov 30, 2007, as a home for silly, hypothetical, and other types of questions which would be inappropriate for AskMe. Seemingly kaput as of late December 2010.
  • At one time the 5k, an annual contest for websites utilizing fewer than 5Kb of code, was hosted on the MeFi server as well, using much of the same back-end code, but it has since moved.
  • was a community named after the also infamous 9622 thread. The participants here tended to be more ExMeFite and lurkers than current MeFite regulars, and injokes and chattiness abound. It was a place for people who like people who like MetaFilter, rather than MetaFilter clones.
  • PoliticalFilter was another clone, based loosely on the Mefi community model, but all about politics.
  • MFCoC was a gaming forum of MeFites dedicated to playing Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game after this MeTa thread.
  • Devoter is a group weblog for political topics, including but not limited to US politics. Hasn't really taken off yet.
  • Viewropa was a Europe-focused community weblog organized and run by a number of MetaFilter members.