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Greasemonkey Scripts and Plugins

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Greasemonkey is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that allows you to customize the look of a webpage or add functionality through bits of JavaScript. Many of these scripts also work with Google Chrome and Safari.

Scripts for MetaFilter

Link/Title Created By Description Notes
Subdue MetaFilter Titles Flunkie Makes titles on the MetaFilter front page smaller, and moves them to the "posted by" line.
Embiggen the Smallest MetaFilter Flunkie Mouse over small text on MetaFilter to embiggen it.
Mefi Deleted Posts Plutor Reveals deleted posts across the different sections of MetaFilter and shows the reason left by the moderator. Compatibility fixes/workarounds after the 2014 site redesign are discussed in this MeTa thread.
Mefi Quote Plutor Adds a link to MetaFilter comments which helps format quotation in the conventional format. with a simple fix from savetheclocktower to make it work in the 2014 site layout
Mefi Quote for GlimmerBlocker 47triple2 Like the one above, but edited so it works with GlimmerBlocker.
MetaFilter Navigator matthewr Highlights your own thread contributions, admin comments in MetaTalk threads, asker replies in Ask MetaFilter, and more.
Updated version of MetaFilter Navigator ob1quixote & snap, crackle and pop Updated MetaFilter Navigator script that works with the latest Modern theme
Mark Librarian Contributions Plutor Shows a little book icon next to the username of anyone who is a librarian (who is marked as a colleague by Jessamyn).
Mark Scientist Contributions Scientist Based on the Mark Librarian Contributions script, this will show a little microscope icon nenxt to the username of anyone who is a scientist (who is marked as a colleague by Scientist).
MetaFilter unicorn and narwhal buttons Rhomboid Turns the comment Submit button into a unicorn and the Preview button into a narwhal. MetaFilter unicorn and narwhal buttons with laser kitty originally by Rhomboid; updated by [rangefinder 1.4 to work with the Modern theme and shared with Rhomboid's permission.
UserNotes jacalata Allows you to make notes on your own view of someone's personal profile.
RemoveAllMetaFilterFavorites Blazecock Pileon Allows for removal of all favorites on a per-favorite-page basis.
MetaFilter MultiFavorited Multiwidth Deathalicious Displays a line next to comments with many favorites -- the width of the line corresponds to the number of favorites.
EasyMeMail Deathalicious A mail icon next to every username for instant one-click access to a MeMail compose form.
Hide Obit Comments Gets rid of comments in obit threads that are just a dot.
MeFi Post differentiator crunchland Gives each post on the front page of nearly all of the subsites its own little visual differentiator.
MetaFilter Scroll Tag Plutor Tracks your last-read comment in threads, and allows you to jump back to it easily.
HowlsOfOutrage mdevore When you mouse over a favorites count (no clicking required), the usernames of the people who favorited the comment or post will appear in a hovering box. Works if you're logged in.
gpluspseudonymize gilrain Helps MetaFilter users to recognize each other on Google Plus.
Minimalist MeFi Chat Scientist A userstyle that disables the right-hand sidebar of the MeFi Chat web client.
Favourite This jacalata Change the word used to represent 'favorites' (favourites, bookmarks, etc).
Welcome Back Mefite jacalata Change the text of the "welcome back" notice.
Nancy and diediedead mdevore Allows filtering posts and comments from view based on user-selected criteria, via the context menu. Sometimes known as a killfile. Nancy is for Chrome; Diediedead is for Firefox.
noticemf mdevore Highlights posts and comments containing user-specified text.
MetaFilter hedgehog comment pointer rangefinder 1.4 Replaces the linked comment pointer (a triangle icon) with a hedgehog. (Works for all users, even if you're not a member/logged-in.)
MetaFilter Recent Activity border o' rainbows rangefinder 1.4 Shows rainbows atop tiny clouds around your own comments in Recent Activity. (Works for logged-in members.)
MetaFilter inline video fishy icon rangefinder 1.4 Replaces the inline video "play" icon with a picture of a triangular fish. (Works for logged-in members.)
MetaFilter (green, blue, gray): better contrast b0at Darkens the background colors to increase contrast and improve readability in the Classic theme.
Mefi Endarkener almostmanda Darkens the background colors to increase contrast and improve readability in the Modern theme.
Highlight Anon replies jacalata Highlights mod posts of Anonymous replies in Ask MetaFilter.
MeFi Front Page Tags XtinaS Displays post tags on the MetaFilter front page(s).
MeFi Nope! rouftop Adds a "Nope!" link to posts on the blue. Clicking it hides the post title and content and adds a simple link to unhide it. The preference is stored in the browser so you won't see the post again. Helps keep triggering or squicky topics at bay.
MetaFilter highlight selected comment Tehhund Adds a border to the selected comment to make it stand out visually, and adds "selected comment" to the small text to make it easy to search if you lose your place.
MetaFilter embiggen favorite plus minus sign Tehhund Makes the + and − signs to add and remove favorites larger for easier access on mobile.
MetaFilter number all comments Tehhund Adds a comment number like "comment 1 of 30" to each comment.
MetaFilter embiggen small hyperlinks Tehhund Makes small hyperlinks in comments larger. Helpful on mobile devices.
Sort MetaFilter Comments Tehhund Adds a Sort by Favorites button. Also keeps the anchor tags in the right place so taping the timestamp works, and allows restoring the original sort order.
mefiscripts repo john hadron collider A community-managed repository for development and maintenance of customization scripts for Metafilter. Meant for collaborative script editing and updating.

Script Wishlist

Add ideas here for when your friendly local scripters are bored!

1. Each comment I make is sent to me via MeMail along with a link to it.

Installing Scripts

Mozilla Firefox

Install the Scriptish addon from the Mozilla Add-ons site and restart the browser when prompted. Go to the and find a script you want to use and click "Install" when prompted.

Google Chrome

Navigate to the script you'd like to add to your browser and click "Install" when prompted with the extension confirmation dialog box. Some recent security changes in Chrome have removed the ability to install scripts from unapproved sources; if you are unable to install a script as desired you may want to install TamperMonkey to restore that flexibility.


  • Safari 13: the only way userscripts are supported is via the Tampermonkey app on the app store.
  • Safari 10: Some GreaseMonkey scripts will work with the more stable GlimmerBlocker without any editing. Simply paste the script into the "Javascript" section when "modifying content".
  • Safari 5: supports extensions; Ninjakit is a Safari 5 extension that runs GreaseMonkey scripts.
  • Safari 4: Install the GreaseKit SIMBL plugin and then restart your browser (1.7 is compatible with OS X 10.6). Find the script you want to use and click "Install" when prompted. You may need to customize the includes/excludes in the Manage Scripts item under the GreaseKit menu.

Other Firefox Plugins

  • MetaFilthy is for keeping track of your last read comment in each thread and for responding to posts and comments on MeFi.
  • You can add MeFi to your search box with this plugin
  • Mondo Image allows you to see images inline
  • Mondo Meta allows you to customize how posts are displayed
  • Markdown for MeFi allows you to write your comments and posts in Markdown. Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

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