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From time to time, particularly in MetaTalk threads that become light-hearted (or black-hearted, in some cases), "taglines" are created, usually something along the lines of those that already exist in the logo on the Front Page, such as "MetaFilter: more addictive than crack" or "MetaFilter: the Plastic it's OK to like".


Thread about taglines


collected by cortex:


In 2010, cortex posted taglines he collected from metafilter and metatalk.


In 2007, cortex posted lists using his access to the database.


In December 2006, Mach 5 posted lists on the Metachat wiki & announced the lists on MetaTalk.


dg gathered a list, usually hopelessly out of date. The list & site is now gone, but the Wayback Machine has a copy as of July 2004.