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Similar Websites

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Some websites based on the MetaFilter backend include Sportsfilter and Blogroots.

See also Mefi Clones: sites using software very similar to the MetaFilter front-end.

Plenty of other sites exist which are similar to MeFi, but with different engines or purposes. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Barbelith - political self-organisation.
  • Fark - quick and dirty links and discussion.
  • Kuro5hin - focused around longer articles.
  • [1] - "massive link propagation" section
  • Memepool - short, link-heavy articles with no discussion.
  • Plastic - more news and politics than links. One of the editors now is ExMeFite holgate, aka Nick Sweeney.
  • Slashdot - news for nerds. Inhabited by many a troll.
  • - community weblog covering politics.

Still more: Open Directory: Collaborative Weblogs