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Welcome to the Metafilter Orientation Page!

MetaFilter can be a confusing place for a brand new user. Here are some things that we think will be helpful for getting oriented. This page was created originally from advice given in this MetaTalk thread. MetaFilter has few hard and fast rules and a lot of loose guidelines that have evolved over the years. You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you want to. Welcome.


Quick Links

some stuff, explained

some features

  • Recent Activity is a way to read the site to get updates on threads you have commented in. For many people it is their main way to interact with the site.
  • My Ask and My MeFi are customizable pages for Ask MetaFilter and MetaFilter, respectively. Each allows you to choose tags and categories of topics that interest you. You can get to your "My Ask" page by clicking on the tab underneath the "sign out" link on the front page of Ask MetaFilter. Your "My MeFi" page is similarly located on the front page of MetaFilter.
  • You can follow your contacts' activity on the My Contacts page
  • Many people enhance their experience by using Greasemonkey Scripts and Plugins. A number of plugins will also work even if you're not logged into MetaFilter.
Things to do on your first day
  • Edit your profile
    • add social sites and as much information as you feel comfortable with.
    • choose between the normal or simple styles
    • set your geographic location to see other MeFites near you and meetups, events and jobs in your area
  • Add other users as contacts if you want to follow their contributions; their recent activity will turn up on your sidebar on the MeFi home page.
  • Familiarize yourself with some of the lingo.


A few simple rules
  • Don't self-link (more explanation here)
  • Don't be an ass.
  • Mind the notes under the text entry box.
  • Ask someone if you have questions.


Questions? Contact?
  • These are the mod/admin people (see also: Moderators)

For an up to date listing of mods, see the mod FAQ entry.