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It may be necessary or useful to add comments to your own question. Here are some ways you can follow-up.

  • If people ask questions about your question, you can leave a comment in the thread adding more details. If you have asked a question anonymously, you can send follow-up comments via the mod using the contact link at the bottom of every page.
  • If someone has given you a good answer, you can mark a "best answer" by clicking the best answer link by the comment. You can mark multiple best answers. Marking best answers early can keep people from continuing to answer your question.
  • If your question has been resolved you can add the "resolved" tag to it which will make your question show up on the list of resolved questions.
  • If your question has been open for a while and is not answered, you can add the stumped tag which will make your question show up on the Unanswered page.

When you follow-up on your own question, try not to be fighty or aggressive with other answerers. One of the aspects of asking questions on AskMe is that you may encounter answers you do not like or disagree with. That's ok, just think of it as getting the full spectrum of advice and take it in stride.

If people are breaking the rules, you can flag their answers. Mods try not to delete comments by the person originally asking the question (the OP) but will delete answers that are fighty or have some variety of "thanks for nothing!" comments in them.