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What Is A Good Comment

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Some tips:

  • No ad-hominems or name calling. It doesn't impress anyone.
  • Try and use proper spelling and grammar (although some make an art form out of not doing this).
  • Split your comment up into paragraphs - a long, unbroken block of text is very hard to read.
  • Smart ass, snarky and otherwise non-contributive comments should be approached with caution and avoided entirely in Ask Metafilter.
  • Provide further links on the topic if you can.
  • If you want to address a specific member just call them by username. The @ convention isn't used.
  • Judge the tone of the conversation. A comment that might be welcome in a thread on a funny topic might be unwelcome in a thread on a death or natural disaster.
  • Don't copy and past large amounts of text from elsewhere on the web. Link to it, instead (with a short quote if you feel it's necessary).