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The term "subsites" or "sub-sites" refers to any of the There are currently seven active subsites, one experimental subsite, and a number of temporary or trial subsites and user-proposed subsites that were discussed but never made real.

History of Adopted Subsites

MetaFilter currently has seven officially adopted MetaFilter subsites.

  • March 2000: MetaTalk, an area of the website specifically devoted to issues that concern the website itself. It is also known as MeTa or the "the grey".
  • December 2003: Ask MetaFilter, where users ask the community a variety of questions, taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of the other members. Also known as AskMe or "the green."
  • November 2005: MetaFilter Projects is where people post links to sites they've worked on (the only official way share self-links for consideration as a front page post).
  • August 2006: MetaFilter Jobs is a supsite where jobs are posted by MeFites.
  • June 2010: MetaFilter IRL, and is where MeFites can post meetups, concerts, art openings, and other events MetaFilter members are involved in and other members can participate in. Meetups were originally MetaTalk territory.
  • November 2012: MetaFilter Chat is sort of a subsite, allowing users to chat in realtime by way of a web client, or it can be accessed with a stand-alone client. Not to be confused with the spin-off/related site, MetaChat.

Temporary Subsites

User-Proposed Subsites