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The Mefite Library

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A place to collect links to books written, edited, or otherwise created by mefites.

Written by Mefites

After Effects Expressions by Marcus Geduld (grumblebee). Adobe After Effects movies can be animated via little Javascript programs, as an alternative to Timeline animations. This book teaches non-programmers how to do it. ISBN: 024080936X. Marcus also co-authored Adobe Press's "After Effects for Flash / Flash for After Effects: Dynamic Animation and Video with Adobe After Effects CS4 and Adobe Flash CS4 Professional" ISBN: 0321606078.

Alt Fiber by Shannon Okey ( Features 25+ patterns that use unusual plant fiber yarns such as soy, hemp, bamboo, kenaf, fique, allo and more. In addition, the book itself is printed on 50% recycled paper! ISBN: 1580089151.

AlterNation by Shannon Okey ( and Alexandra Underhill. How-tos for recycling and renewing thrift store finds. ISBN: 1581809786.

Crochet Style by Shannon Okey ( How to crochet, along with step by step photos ( link)

The Daring Book for Girls. By Andrea J. Buchanan (mothershock) and Miriam Pescowitz. The manual for everything that girls need to know—and that doesn't mean sewing buttonholes! Whether it's female heroes in history, secret note-passing skills, science projects, friendship bracelets, double dutch, cats cradle, the perfect cartwheel or the eternal mystery of what boys are thinking, this book is every girl's invitation to adventure. ISBN: 9780061472572.

Dead Eyes Open. By Matt Shepherd (Shepherd), art by Roy Boney, Jr. What happens when the dearly departed just won't leave? John Requin is dead, but doesn't feel it: he thinks, cares and acts just like the man he always was in life. He soon discovers that he is one of the first of the Returners, winding up at the centre of events in the redefined world of the thinking dead. Avaiable in its entirety for free online at the Dead Eyes Open Web site (here). ISBN: 978-1593621001.

Everyware. By Adam Greenfield (adamgreenfield). Smart buildings, smart furniture, smart clothing... even smart bathtubs. Networked street signs and self-describing soda cans. All of these are facets of the ubiquitous computing author Adam Greenfield calls "everyware." In a series of brief, thoughtful meditations, Greenfield explains how everyware is already reshaping our lives, transforming our understanding of the cities we live in, the communities we belong to--and the way we see ourselves. ISBN: 9780321384010.

Felt Frenzy by Shannon Okey ( and Heather Brack. Comprehensive guide to all types of felting. ISBN: 1596680091.

The Heroine's Bookshelf. By Erin Blakemore (mynameisluka). Harper, 2010. Meet great heroines of literature and the women who wrote about them. An exploration of classic heroines and their equally admirable authors, The Heroine’s Bookshelf shows today’s women how to tap into their inner strengths and live life with intelligence and grace. ISBN: 978-0061958762.

How to Knit in the Woods by Shannon Okey ( Projects designed to be used and/or knit while camping. ISBN: 1594850887.

Knitgrrl by Shannon Okey ( A knitting how-to originally meant for tweens that somehow happened to get popular with adults! On the NY Public Library 2006 Books For The Teen Age list ISBN: 0823026183.

Knitgrrl 2 by Shannon Okey ( The followup to Knitgrrl. ISBN: 0823026191.

The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design by Shannon Okey ( First-ever business book for handknitting designers. ISBN: 0979201713.

The Language Construction Kit by Mark Rosenfelder (zompist). A guide to creating your own languages, and a sneaky introduction to linguistics. ISBN: 098447000X.

The Norma Gene by M. E. Roufa (mchelly). Speculative fiction about authenticity, superficiality, and what would happen if Abraham Lincoln and Marilyn Monroe finally had the chance to get it on. ISBN: 9781938463426.

The Pillow Book by Shannon Okey ( Gorgeous spiral-bound how-to for making all kinds of pillows. ISBN: 081186085X.

Píslarvottar án hæfileika ("Martyrs Without Talent"). By Kári Tulinius (Kattullus). An Icelandic novel set in Reykjavík about five people in their early 20s who have a vague idea about starting a terrorist organization, but don't believe in any cause strongly enough to kill or die for. Available through the publisher's website.

The Planet Construction Kit by Mark Rosenfelder (zompist). A guide to everything but languages: planets, climates, technology, magic, war; plus an introduction to creating maps, illustrations, and 3-D models. ISBN: 0984470034.

Post-Apocalypse Dead Letter Office by Nate Poell (cog_nate). A collection of undelivered letters chronicles the intersecting stories of the survivors of a mysterious event that sends the world back to a technologically pre-industrial age. Situated at the convergence of the experimental, epistolary and speculative genres, Post-Apocalypse Dead Letter Office is an inventive and disturbing yet ultimately hopeful vision of humanity's resilience in the aftermath of disaster. ISBN:097862839X.

Saddle Fitting Essentials for the Horse Lover by Galadriel Billington (galadriel). Introduction and basic concepts of saddle construction, design, and fitting with many explanatory graphics. See the inside as well as the outside of a saddle, find out why it needs to fit. (More information. ISBN: 0976597810.

Spin to Knit by Shannon Okey ( Learn how to make yarn from the fiber up, AND what to do with it afterward! ( link)

Sylvia: The Shooting Script. By John Brownlow (unSane). The biopic about one of the most resonating literary figures of the 20th century—Gwyneth Paltrow stars as Sylvia Plath in the Focus Features release, from an original screenplay featuring excerpts from Plath's poetry and writing. Sylvia explores the source and nature of creative genius, and the essence of love in all its madness and passion. Sylvia: The Shooting Script includes the complete screenplay, a selection of 20 black-and-white movie stills, cast and crew credits, and a Q&A with the director. ISBN: 978-1557046154

Urban Computing and its Discontents. By Adam Greenfield (adamgreenfield) and Mark Shepard. A conversation between the authors providing an overview of the key issues, historical precedents, and contemporary approaches to designing situated technologies and inhabiting cities populated by them. Download a PDF here or get a printed copy from

Why Not A Spider Monkey Jesus? By A.G. Pasquella (Fuzzy Monster). Cyrus The Talking Chimpanzee escapes from Bob The Scientist and his assistant Janet and sets forth on a journey across America: traveling carnivals, circus sideshows and tent revivals. Along the way Cyrus is picked up by The Colonel and his motor home stuffed with dusty jars full of shrunken heads and pickled Siamese twins. While watching television Cyrus finds religion and decides to become a televangelist. Two crooked television producers, Jackie Bob and Bobby Jack, put Cyrus on the air and soon the money comes rolling in. Cyrus must try to break free from his televangelist handlers after he becomes convinced that Jesus Christ has returned — as a spider monkey. PDF, EPUB, Kindle and Print versions available from: A.G. Pasquella Books ISBN: 987-0986574405

Your First Print. By David Bull (woodblock100). A practical and focussed guidebook that will take you - step by step - completely through the process of creating your first woodblock print, answering (hopefully) all the questions you will ask along the way. A RichMedia eBook, containing numerous audio and video clips demonstrating the techniques described. ISBN: 978-4-90367214-4. Available from author's online shop.

Mefites anthologized

"Johnny Cash is Dead" By Jordan Harper (Bookhouse). Hardcore Hardboiled. Hardboiled crime fiction. ISBN: 0758222661

"Like Riding a Moped" By Jordan Harper (Bookhouse). Sex, Thugs and Rock & Roll. Hardboiled crime fiction. ISBN: 075822267X

"Red Hair and Black Leather" By Jordan Harper (Bookhouse). Blood, Guts and Whiskey. Hardboiled crime fiction. ISBN: 0758222688

"Playing Dead" By Jordan Harper (Bookhouse). The Baddest of the Bad. Hardboiled crime fiction. ISBN: 0982688709

"Drowning" By C.E.Guimont (From Bklyn). Machine of Death: A Collection of Stories About People Who Know How They Are Going to Die. Science fiction. ISBN: 0982167121

"A Good Ad For Any Telecommunications Company" By A.G. Pasquella (Fuzzy Monster). McSweeney's #3. Literary Fiction. ISBN: 9781112787553

"Why Not A Spider Monkey Jesus? (Selections From The Novel)" By A.G. Pasquella (Fuzzy Monster). McSweeney's #11. Literary Fiction. ISBN: 9781932416015

"She Died in November" by Max "Bunny" Sparber (Astro Zombie). Underground Voices: A collection of Short Stories. Literary fiction. ISBN: 0595380921

"Eliyahu ha-Navi" by Max "Bunny" Sparber (Astro Zombie). The Best of Strange Horizons: Year One. Science fiction. ISBN: 1590210360

"Eliyahu ha-Navi" by Max "Bunny" Sparber (Astro Zombie). People of the Book: A Decade of Jewish Science Fiction. Science fiction. ISBN: 1607012383

Edited by Mefites

Dante's Divine Comedy. Adapted by Seymour Chwast. Edited by Margaret Maloney (ocherdraco). From the nine circles of Hell all the way to Paradise, a graphic adaptation of the classic poem The Divine Comedy as only Seymour Chwast could imagine it. ISBN: 9781608190843 (US), 9781408808184 (UK).

Psychiatric Tales: Eleven Graphic Stories About Mental Illness. By Darryl Cunningham. Edited by Margaret Maloney (ocherdraco). In these moving and sometimes darkly comic tales, Darryl Cunningham takes us into the minds and experiences of people with mental illness—people who might very well be ourselves. ISBN: 9781608192786.

Will Eisner: A Dreamer's Life in Comics. By Michael Schumacher. Edited by Margaret Maloney (ocherdraco). A biography of Will Eisner, creator of The Spirit and father of the American graphic novel. ISBN: 9781608190133.

Knitting for Dummies 2nd edition edited by Shannon Okey ( Shannon edited the second edition of this blockbuster best-seller and added several new patterns and how-tos. ( link)

Just Gifts by Shannon Okey ( 30 patterns appropriate for gift-making -- instructional text and editing by Shannon (link)

Just Socks by Shannon Okey ( 30 sock patterns -- instructional text and editing by Shannon ( link)

Otherwise Created by Mefites

Critical Thinking: The Art of Argument: PowerLecture with ExamView CD by George W. Rainbolt and Sandra L. Dwyer. PowerPoint® presentations and slides by Metafite strixus. Resources for instructors teaching from Critical Thinking: The Art of Argument. ISBN-10:049591536X | ISBN-13:9780495915362

Deer Wars: Science, Tradition, and the Battle over Managing Whitetails in Pennsylvania by Bob Frye. Developed by Toekneesan. ISBN: 978-0-271-02885-9

Field Guide to Wild Mushrooms of Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic by Bill Russell. Edited and developed by Toekneesan. ISBN: 978-0-271-02891-0

Handbound Books and Book Conservation by The Vespiary Book Restoration & Bindery ikahime Links to shop, blog and photos of work at The Vespiary Home Page

Modern Ruins: Portraits of Place in the Mid-Atlantic by Shaun O'Boyle, Introduction by Geoff Manaugh. Edited and commissioned by Toekneesan. ISBN: 978-0-271-03684-7

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