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Published Authors

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This is based on this thread, originally filtered through an html to wiki filter. An additional thread (already incorporated) or two might be helpful.


Status: The first three threads are now incorporated fully here.

I looked into using the Open Library, (Mefi thread), but it doesn't look up to the task.

I'm putting the IDs without a name in the profile in with the rest, under the username.

I don't intend to list editors, or people who contributed a chapter to a book. Possibly not people who only ever commented in one thread, too.

Sorted by last name, or by username



miguel agullo, magullo

Bryan Alexander, doctornemo


Grant Barrett, Mo Nickels

Paul Bausch, pb

Samm Bennett


rebecca blood, rebeccablood

susie bright, susiebright

Brad Brooks, ninthart



dave gorman

Dr. Wu

Miguel Esteves Cardoso, MiguelCardoso

Larry Cebula, LarryC

mark donovan, donovan

Jordan Ellenberg, escabeche

barbara fister, bfister

Floyd Foont

Jesse James Garrett, jjg


Charles Grosvenor, inthe80s


Michael Ham, LeisureGuy

Matthew Haughey, mathowie

jk hodgman, hodgman

Jesse Holden, churl

Emily Horner, jeanne

meg hourihan, megnut

Rob Huddleston, robhuddles



Janet Kagan, realjanetkagan

Dan Koeppel, soulbarn

Steve Kramarsky, The Bellman

Tod E. Kurt, todbot

John Leavitt, The Whelk

Joanne Merriam, joannemerriam

Saundra Mitchell, headspace

William Mize, willmize

Michael Moncur, mmoncur


vida morkunas, seawallrunner



Marshal Poe, MarshallPoe

Derek M. Powazek, fraying

Adam Rakunas, rakdaddy

John C. Ralston, interrobang


dong sanchez villa-lobos resin

Adam Roberts, adrober

Mark Rosenfelder, zompist

Matthew Rossi, Ezrael

M. E. Roufa, Mchelly

Richard Sassaman, lelilo

adam savage, asavage

John Scalzi, jscalzi

Kevin Shay, staggernation

Matt Shepherd, Shepherd

Tim Shortt, TimTypeZed

Al Sirois, Guy_Inamonkeysuit

Lore Sjoberg, L. Fitzgerald Sjoberg

Charlie Stross, cstross

Maia Szalavitz, Maias

Katy Towell, katillathehun

thomas j wise

Liz Tracey, ltracey


Jacob Sager Weinstein, yankeefog

David Wertheimer, werty

jessamyn charity west, jessamyn

Wet Spot

Arthur Wyatt, artw


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