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Team Fortress 2

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MeFight Club

Our informal [MeFi] clan now has a home where gaming in general and video games in particular are the focus (with 2800+ members and counting) and a growing network of sites of its own, courtesy of stavrosthewonderchicken.

Mefight Club[1]

Latest MetaTalk Threads

The Aporkalypse, Rebooted (November 3, 2010)

Free TF2 Weekend (May 22, 2009)

I wanna play. My computer sucks. My Xbox rules. (September 23, 2008)

Where everybody knows your name... (April 17, 2008)

TF2 Metafilter Game, December 1 Edition (November 29, 2007)

Team Fortress 2 Match Today 2:00 PM EST! (November 10, 2007)

Weekly Matches

Weekly TF2 matches have evolved into a more relaxed come-when-you-want, announce-when-you-can situation. Games on the privie and pubbie happen pretty much daily, but weekends are when things really kick off. We are busy people.

Private Server Information

Server Name: [MeFi] Per Rotato Ad Astra
Server Type: Team Fortress 2
IP Address:
Password: listed in herrdoktor's profile.
In-Game Admins: herrdoktor, hugecranium, tittergrrl, CitrusFreak, stavrosthewonderchicken, and others
More at

Public Server Information

Server Name: [MeFi] Pants Optional
Server Type: Team Fortress 2
IP Address:
In-Game Admins:Same as the private server.
More at

MetaFilter Steam Group

Gamer IDs

In-game IDs of MetaFilter members can be found on the Gamer IDs page.

Network Configuration Tweaks

Add these to your autoexec.cfg file to improve performance:

rate 30000
cl_updaterate 67
cl_cmdrate 67

Enable net_graph 3 to see if any packets are being dropped (choke)