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The MetaFilter banner (with the logo in the masthead) has had some variations in the tagline. Long ago, they rotated randomly among the first few below, but it's been "Community Weblog" for a long time.

The dates listed are approximate, drawn from the Internet Archive.

These images are now gone from the live site; if you'd like to see them, see the old version of this wiki page, courtesy of the Internet Archive. For comparison, the current version - "Community Weblog" From 2000 - "It's your web, log it" 2000 - "weblog as conversation" 2000 - as meta as we wanna be 2000 - meta-meta-meta-madness 2001 - "More addictive than crack" 2001 - self-policing since 1999 2001 - we're all in this together 2002 - "All your post are belong to us" October 2001 - "More addictive than crack" with Bert Nov 2001 - SpookyFilter. Forget politics, today's about gorging on candy. 2001 - the it's okay to like 2001 - you're wrong. no you're wrong! 2001 - just the taglines 2002 - now wasting 12% more work hours From 2003 - "Self-Policing since 1999" 2004 - MetaFilt-ARR - dead posts tell no tales 2005 - ditto? 2005 - "fair and balanced" 2005 - I voted AND IT TOTALLY SUCKED

If you want to make one, there's a generator. (defunct as of 2013-07-09 - the site's been squatted, with possible malware)