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Sock Puppets

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Additional accounts, used concurrently, are known as sockpuppets.

The FAQ spells out some guidelines for sock puppet use & (bannable) abuse.

Note that if someone has switched accounts, starting over with a " brand new day," the new account might not considered a sockpuppet & it might not be okay to dig up & point out their old username. This is admittedly ambiguous & likely at odds with the rest of this page in fact.

Sock Puppet Scorecard Addendum

MeFi user crunchland maintained a list of sock puppet accounts in his profile, but stopped updating it when his own sockpuppet Dave Faris suppressed and exterminated the crunchland persona. Yet Puppetry continues unabated. For all who are confused by the confusion of it all, this page extends the crunchland list - which is currently (as of 2009-09-13) back & has entries not on this list. And vice-versa.

Sock puppets

Sadly missed dormant sockpuppets

Often sockpuppets are throwaways, used a few times for laughs and then tossed aside.

Users with unknown sock puppets

Sock puppets with unknown masters

Users with obvious sock puppet accounts