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MeFi Chat

There is an official MetaFilter chat room at See Chat for details.


There is an "unofficial" MetaFilter IRC channel on, channel #mefi. If you have an IRC client that supports it, simply click this link.


There is no cabal.

Channel bots

We like our bots.

  • douglbutt - Posts to Twitter as @douglbutt. Greatest hits.
  • GIR - Resident answerbot.
  • shake - Resident idiot savant Markov bot.

Quickie Startup

  • 1 Download and configure an IRC client.
  • 2 Connect to the server
  • 3 Join the channel #mefi. (Type /join #mefi if there's no obvious button or dialog box for joining channels in your IRC client.)
  • 4 Say hello!
  • 5 ???
  • 6 Profit!


MetaFilter gaming group Mefightclub also has an IRC channel on server, channel #mefightclub.