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Prewritten Celebrity Obituaries Index

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To start an obit page for someone not here just replace Prewritten_Celebrity_Obituaries_Index in the URL above with PreObit_NAME where NAME is the person's full name strung together with underscores and then press enter. This will start a new page with that name. Once you have created the page add a link here.

A template to start your page with can be found here.

If you would like to write, but have no one in mind, you can peruse the Death List site for candidates.

List of all the current prewritten obituaries.


Robert Byrd / Obituary on Metafilter: Robert Byrd, Respected Voice of the Senate, Dies at 92 (June 28, 2010)


Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy / Obituary on Metafilter: Goodbye, Teddy (August 29, 2009)


James Earl Jones


Patrick Wayne Swayze / Obituary on Metafilter: Time of his life. (September 14, 2009)


Richard M. Stallman


Stephen William Hawking