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Disaster Planning & Recovery

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There are many Ask Metafilter and MetaTalk posts that address planning for and recovery from natural disasters. This page attempts to collect and organize the information and discussions.

The Red Cross has information on how to prepare for emergencies, and has information on evacuations, flooding, power outages, wildfires, hurricanes, etc.

The Red Cross also offers Disaster Relief & Recovery Services - if you need immediate assistance, you can contact your local Red Cross chapter.

The National Disaster Legal Aid Resource Center offers active disaster quick links, disaster preparedness resources, and links to US legal assistance and government benefits.

The American Federation of Teachers offers an Emergency Preparedness Toolkit: Post-Disaster Resources

Related resources:

  • ThereIsHelp (mental health crisis hotlines, mental health support)

AskMe Threads


Hurricane Anti-Anxiety Tips (likely to get slammed by Hurricane Florence. I live alone and am terrified. Help?)

Help me quell my tornado anxieties...or not (What happens to your stuff, what do you do about the immediate moment, etc?)

How to prepare for disaster without going all Doomsday Preppers (food? candles? batteries? whiskey? tiny cat hard hat? I really have no idea)

The things you don't need until you suddenly do (what seldom-used household items leave a person the most screwed if they aren't around when they are required?)

Overall Disaster Preparedness, City Girl Edition (long-term suggestions specifically for high-rise-living urban singletons)

Wildfire preparedness (downtown urban centre surrounded by forests susceptible to fire)

Further reading: It's the end of the world and they know it (links to Doomsday Preppers episodes; from the comments: CDC Zombie Preparedness)

Further reading: Watch out for that last 10%... (How do you survive a disaster?)


Looking for survival guides (How to build shelters, fires, foraging etc with little or no supplies)

Homesteading and self-sufficiency resources (without the bloodshed) (including storing/preserving food (canning, preserving, pickling, etc) and very high level "off the grid" type things)

Emergency Kits

What would MacGyver pack in his survival kit? (Extra points for creativity, cheapness (in cost, not quality), and simplicity.)

Thunder Dome Goodie Bag (What's your 72 disaster preparedness kit like?)

What to put in a modern day survival kit? (What to put in a modern day emergency kit in the event of Katrina like situation?)

EDC for people who aren't paranoid survivalists (I cannot physically carry more than one decently-sized backpack)

Cool disaster gadgets (Building the best emergency kit -- gadget time!)

Car Emergency Kit 2.0 (can you help me assemble a better car kit that would help me help others more effectively while waiting for CHP/EMTs/etc?)

Open in case of very small emergency. (I'm assembling a bag of useful things that I will keep in the trunk my car. What goes in it? )

Build me an emergency car-kit (What item or knowledge has saved you in a car-related bind?)

How/where to buy/build an outdoor container for emergency supplies? (I'd like to store our family emergency kit somewhere outside)

Where to buy emergency kit items and water rations in Canada? (I'm looking to put together a 72-hour kit.)

Where can I buy a good, pre-made earthquake kit in Vancouver? (a good 72-hour earthquake kit I can stash under my bed?)

SurvivalistFilter: Emergency supplies, and long term fuel/water storage ('keep 24 people warm and happy for two weeks' kit in case of emergency)

Go bag grab bag: SF edition (I'd like to ask the San Francisco version of this question)

I think I would look good in waders. (there are surely other things/tools/resources we probably should buy now to prepare for the next big storm. Can you make any recommendations?)

Hunkering down for a hurricane in the ER in Miami? (He's showing up with water & food & headlamps and...what else?)

Further reading: Communities founded on shared delusion: Prepper Edition (includes bug-out-bag described by Slap*Happy)

Further reading: Every day carry (In preparedness circles, EDC means Everyday Carry, being items one keeps on or near one's person at all times)

Further reading: Build A Kit (

Emergency Notification

Can I get tornando warnings through email or text? (Is there a service that will text or email tornado warnings to me?)

How Can I Get Immediate Notification Via Text of an LA Earthquake? (Is there any way I could arrange for a text message to be sent for every earthquake that hits the LA Basin?)

When the Big One Hits (Best way to store contacts online for a headcount during a natural disaster?)

Is there a VOIP emergency phone broadcast service we can host on our own? (to send a recorded message out to a pre-set list of contacts AND have a message box)

Further reading: (USA) Call 211 for information about disaster-related evacuations, shelters, food and clothing distribution, volunteer opportunities, and other resources and referrals. Or visit the national 211 Call Center Search website to find the 211 information and referral center nearest you.

Emergency Plan

This is Our Emergency (How to create a comprehensive and effective emergency plan? (NYC Edition))

should I stay or should I go? (I live in LA - where can I go and get reliable advice?)

Plan for being evacuated for Harvey (How do I optimally prepare my two story house for a mandatory flood evacuation or to be stranded in the house if there's no open road?)

How much rainfall is bad - Hurricane Florence edition (Deciding whether to stay tomorrow or go.) Includes further reading: The Twin-Bucket Emergency Toilet

Further reading: Disaster Preparedness (National Disaster Legal Aid)

Further reading: Make A Plan (

Further reading: Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (FEMA) consolidate vital information-including household ID, financial and legal documents, medical information and household contacts—all in one place.


SurvivalistFilter part 3: Homemade MREs (using boil-able/freezable/microwavable plastic pouches, a vacuum sealer, and a pressure cooker)

Batten down the hatches! (What should I put in my emergency food box?)

Emergency Food Supplies (Help me with emergency food storage and feeding myself?)

It's not hoarding, it's planning: possible pandemic pantry edition. (would like to increase my store to 21 days' worth and plan possible recipes)

Exciting stockpiling ingredients (particularly Indian and Japanese cuisine, but also anything that works well at the intersection of vegetarian and stockpile-friendly)

Cooking in the time of coronavirus (things to cook/bake that may take a little extra effort or babysitting but feel fun and special?)

Meal Planning for the Pandemic (what to eat, and how to structure my meal plan)

Frozen milk? (Is there any way to make this milk not gross?)

How should we get groceries during the coronavirus pandemic? (specific store/delivery service? (also open to other suggestions))

How can I use my food stamps (EBT) to get groceries during coronavirus (chronically ill and almost housebound)

Further reading: Food (

Further reading: More of making the most from a limited food supply (expiration dates & recipe substitutions)


Buy a whole house generator? (Good planning, or overkill?)

Need power, but first need help (would like to have a generator backup power supply)

Medical / Pandemic

Health Information

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public (World Health Organization) includes basic protective measures, COVID-19 home care guidance, information about pregnancy and breastfeeding, guidance on how to cope with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak, and advice on when and how to use masks.

Q & A on COVID-19 (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control), Health Advice (Hong Kong), ASL COVID-19 Video Series (Washington Dept. of Health)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Symptoms, causes and treatment (Ireland HSE), Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Symptoms (US CDC)

  • Related: Emory University Coronavirus Checker (Check your risk based on best clinical practices, CDC guidelines, illness severity and risk factors like age, pre-existing conditions)

At-risk groups and coronavirus (Ireland HSE), People at Risk for Serious Illness (US CDC), Severe Outcomes Among Patients with COVID-19 (US CDC) (via Younger Adults Make Up Big Portion of Coronavirus Hospitalizations in U.S. (NYT)), Young and middle-aged people, barely sick with covid-19, are dying from strokes (WaPo / MSN reprint)

Coronavirus and pregnancy (Ireland HSE), Pregnancy and Breastfeeding (US CDC)

What To Do If You Are Sick (US CDC), What to do if you think you’re at risk of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)) (Ireland HSE), Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center (includes Coronavirus (COVID-19): What Do I Do If I Feel Sick?)

Protect Yourself and Others

COVID-19 Educational Materials – 26+ Languages (WA DOH) includes What does staying home mean?, How can I be prepared for a COVID-19 outbreak?, information for Childcare providers, Healthcare workers and first responders – return to work guidance, Families caregiving for loved ones, People who are sick but have not been exposed to COVID-19, People who have been exposed to COVID-19 but are not sick, People who are sick and have been exposed to COVID-19, Food workers and establishments, and more.

Coronavirus Resource Center (Harvard Medical School) includes Social distancing, hand washing, and other preventive measures, If you are at higher risk, If you've been exposed, are sick, or are caring for someone with COVID-19, Coronavirus and kids, Coping with coronavirus, and New questions and answers.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you need to do (, Coronavirus (COVID-19) (UK NHS) (includes Stay at home advice), See Also: Stay at home: guidance for people with confirmed or possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection (Public Health England), COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) - Self-isolation guidance (NZ Ministry of Health)

Protect yourself and others (Ireland HSE), COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Health advice (Ireland HSE) (includes Social distancing resources)

What Social Distancing Looks Like (Toronto Public Health, Mar. 18, 2020) (Having friends over for coffee is not social distancing: Toronto's top doctor)

5 Steps To Clean And Disinfect Your Home (Singapore NEA) (for COVID-19), Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations (US CDC) (for COVID-19), COVID-19: decontamination in non-healthcare settings (Public Health England), List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (US EPA), Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Fighting Products approved by the EPA (American Chemistry Council)

New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI) Stopping the Coronavirus Pandemic (includes Respiratory health for better COVID-19 outcomes, Apr. 18, 2020)

COVID-19 Pandemic Resources (AFL-CIO) Resources and guidance from leading experts, government agencies and America’s unions about the COVID-19 pandemic, and recommendations to limit its impact on working families; Coronavirus Health Resources (SEIU)

News and Information

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health: The latest on the coronavirus (ongoing news updates)

FAS has a page for debunking coronavirus misinformation) (h/t peeedro), See Also: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public: Myth busters (WHO), Coronavirus 2019: Myth vs. Fact (Johns Hopkins), Covid-19 facts checked (Guardian), Don’t Fall for These Myths About Coronavirus (NYT), Snopes (Coronavirus), (Coronavirus), COVID-19 Facts (Dettol & Lysol), Coronavirus: The fake health advice you should ignore (BBC), Fact check: Will holding your breath for 10 seconds reveal if you have coronavirus? (No.) (USA Today), Trump touted hydroxychloroquine as a cure for Covid-19. Don't believe the hype (Guardian), Fact check: Sunlight does not kill the new coronavirus (USA Today)


Best sources for info about COVID-19 (regular, not-sensationalized updates about the novel coronavirus?), Pandemic Twitter Updates (for concise and timely updates)

Blogs or journals from people who have COVID-19? (reports from fellow humans actually going through it)

How to disinfect? (this question brought to you by a toddler who will surely one day bring home norovirus (plus a touch of coronavirus anxiety))

So - tell me about wearing masks (links to reliable resources are welcome), So now they say we should wear masks.. (which designs/materials are best), Help me make masks (ideas/designs for comfort), Home made facemask question: floppy ears edition (the elastic straps don't stay on), Can I donate a N95 mask to a health care facility? (where/how), recommend an available (-ish) face mask I can buy (that you have worn & washed), Is there an anti-face-mask face mask? (daily wear leads to deep bags/wrinkles under eyes)

Unemployed and Broke During Pandemic (Must feed self and cat, but HOW?), NYC rent strike / withholding resources (My building is attempting to organize), Helping my brother with covid19 in NYC (I want to get him some supplies), Emergency Food Supplies (I live in Asia so not everything is available.) See Also: Food

Requesting accommodation at the office, Covid-19 edition (Asthma triggered by cleaning and “scent freshener” products), Disability, capitalism & COVID (My job is to conduct in-home can I get out of this?), Sent home from work due to pregnancy. UNEMPLOYMENT? (eligible for unemployment compensation? Or sick leave?), COVID-19 in a small office situation (just stop going entirely?), What advice to give UK restaurant staff currently?, Partner not permitted to stop working, what are our options? (Just, help.), Unemployment Question - falling through the cracks (freelancers/self-employed), Can I Go On Unemployment If I Leave Work Temporarily Due To Coronavirus? (very uncomfortable at work), Advice on California Unemployment (Keep current unemployment claim open or file new?). See Also: MeFi Wiki Get a lawyer page, Employment / Unemployment section

Coronavirus resources for institutions? (workplace and university resources), Sensible coronavirus planning for busy L.A. offices (to prepare and protect my office, staff and customers?), Policies on Covid-19 coronavirus in adult group residential setting (with disabilities including developmental/intellectual disabilities, no masks or other protective equipment)

Kindergarten and preschool kids have no school for a month (coronavirus/COVID-19). Who's got ideas? (Board games? Great learning apps? Ways to burn off energy?), Recommend me some highly structured home schooling lesson plans! (for a 4 year old and a 7 year old), Homeschooling as dynamically and offline as possible (age 6), Advice from homeschooling parents (suddenly faced with doing something of a short-term version of what you do), See also suggestions from ob1quixote (1), (2), kliuless (math), and gudrun (pre-K-12), Covid -19 middle school curriculum. What should we do? (keep our days busy and productive), Dealing with older teens stuck at home (the lockdown period is just starting.), How to make it feel like a weekend when socially distanced (my kids' school is closed indefinitely), All the cool and educational free video content (that are kid-appropriate)

Articles/anec-data dealing with COVID-19 working/parenting at home? (I'm feeling... unseen right now)

Custody in the time of coronavirus (How are parents and kids handling custody swaps), COVID-19 Custody question (what if anything should we be doing?), My ex may got the virus (?) what can I do with my daughter? Complicated (I need to get prepared), Another Coronavirus/COVID-19 custody question (child has moderate asthma)

living with someone who is being reckless about COVID (partner is unconcerned about COVID and going about business as usual.), COVID-19 gathering (Happy to look at articles backing up what is or isn't okay and why), Social Distance Dilemma (how do I stand my ground), Physical distancing within an intentional community (how to communicate effectively), Help me persuade my dad to stay inside (focused on the specific point about risk), Short COVID-19 explainer video for person with dementia? (to get the message across that it’s dangerous to go outside), How do I narc Out Stay-At-Home order violating neighbers in the SF Bay? (What’s the best way?)

Primer on DNRs and ventilators and COVID? (what I should be considering in terms of advance orders), Advance Directives Addendum During Covid-19 (Do we add a "pandemic-only" amendment), I want an advance directive for health right meow. (What forms I need to sign and how do I accomplish the distancing requirements for the witness?)

Cabin Fever's Better than Coronavirus... (How can I keep myself entertained and sane?), Appointment streaming (live performances or events (musical or non)), Splendid Isolation: TV and Movie edition, Need at home project(s) or mini-challenges, Board, card and video games that will work with video chat, What music should we discover right now?, Yet another COVID-19 gaming question! (multiplayer online games), What virtual boardgames to play in this new distributed world? (I'd like to setup a virtual hang to play some games), Remote family card game (an app or any ideas for playing the game), Fun multiplayer games for the whole family, separated by distance


The COVID-45 Fall (general US news and analysis, US government action/inaction)

"but what normal looks like varies dramatically." (general news and analysis, international)

The COVID-45 Summer (general US news and analysis, US government action/inaction)

Non-Trump Corona virus news and analysis cont. (general news and analysis, international)

A full moon American fever dream (general US news and analysis, US government action/inaction)

The coronavirus invades Trump country (general US news and analysis, US government action/inaction)

Non-Trump coronavirus news and analysis (general news and analysis, international)

COVID-19 has created a panic-tier system (ableism, ageism, racism, privilege and the coronavirus)

Pandemic science is out of control (includes links to physicians and epidemiologists on Twitter to help critically evaluate the barrage of headlines)

"The clear trend across Europe is towards some form of normalisation" (general news and analysis, international)

Strange defeat. (general US news and analysis, US government action/inaction)

For Asian Americans, There Are Two Pandemics: COVID-19 And Daily Bigotry

Zoom at your own risk (a series of data privacy and security problems)

The Internet Archive's National Emergency Library (to serve displaced learners)

Your Money: A Hub for Help During the Coronavirus Crisis (USA) See also New Zealand, Canada

Asks for masks (medical facilities requesting masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) & instructions for sewing and DIY masks)

Abortion Clinics Are Staying Open During The Coronavirus Outbreak. (USA)

Progressive local and state policy during the Covid-19 crisis

The Wørd: Truthiness In Action (general US news, US government action/inaction)

Should I eat it? (food safety and coronavirus)

The Politics Of The Pandemic (progressive politics and the pandemic)

Covid-19 and the LGBTQ community

#StayTheFuckHome: A Movement to Stop the COVID-19 Pandemic (general news, containment/mitigation/suppression)

How the coronavirus rumor mill can thrive in private group chats

COVID-19 Global Real-time Visualizations, A Developing Collection Of Resources Related To COVID-19

Generate a handwashing infographic with the song lyrics of your choice, F*ck the virus. (why soap works)

Modelling 2019-nCOV outbreak (general news, progression/prediction/modeling)

Prepping for a pandemic (In case you need to be indoors for a while, and possibly while sick.)

The cat pictures will continue until morale improves, See Also: search by tags on Metafilter, e.g. cats, cat

Working from home, sort of, in the time of coronavirus. (fun and useful websites), For all your quarantine binge watching needs (the entire run of Kitchen Nightmares), Melbourne Symphony Orchestra livebroadcast, The Writing Simulators Waging War on Loneliness (Explore a simple landscape filled with tiny stories written by other players, and add your own), The Walking Simulators Also Waging War on Loneliness (first-person adventure games with little or no need for puzzle-solving), Free e-books of translated literature (ePub or PDF), Diverted Traffic (London Review of Book archive selections, with a total lack of references to plague, pandemics or quarantine), Opera in your home (many operas available for free online)


Best Emergency Radio? (Looking for an emergency radio with certain features)

have an emergency radio... now what? (How do I best use it during an impending or in-progress emergency situation?)

Can you hear me now? (what are the protocols and technologies that are in place now that are most likely to be used in a crisis)

Ham radio 101, please (Assume I know nothing about equipment or the process of becoming an operator)


Which is better, A or B? (Which of these options is the safest shelter in a tornado situation?)

Quick, Easy and Free Emergency Shelters (Must be inexpensive or free and easy to set up.)

UK emergency/instant shelters at London response site? (the semi-geodesic three-walled pop-up emergency shelters)

hacking cabin construction (I want to build a small very cheap off grid cabin)


Emergency Japanese water bags? (does anybody know where I could get something pretty similar and/or what exactly they are called?)

How Much Seawater Can You Safely Drink? (is there is a ratio of fresh water to sea water that would extend your fresh water supplies)

How should I store water at my house? (I want to store at least 60 gallons of drinking water at my house, for earthquake or other emergency prep)

Further reading: Water (


Medical / Mental Health

Emergency medicine FAQ in multiple languages. (Does anyone know of a handy reference of emergency medicine questions and statements in different languages?)

Help me recover from my recovery (advice sought on diet, fitness, repatriation, etc. after a long hospitalization)

How do I cope with a near death experience? (looking for coping strategies more specific and creative than "go to therapy")

Anybody have any tips on dealing with coronavirus anxiety? (I'm just really upset about it all.)

Coronavirus - I'm too anxious, right? (what can I do to manage my anxiety around this?)

I can't look at the news anymore. What are some alternative websites? (I've been obsessing over coronavirus updates and I have to stop.)

Put on your own oxygen mask first (mental health management ideas/options/resources that one can do inside or access online, without cost)

Thoughts, Ideas & Practices for How to Soothe/Calm Yourself During COVID (sleep has been pretty profoundly affected)

Further reading: ThereIsHelp (includes links to worldwide mental health resources and free/low-cost medication and health care)

Further reading: Coping with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak (WHO), Helping children cope with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak (WHO), Manage Anxiety & Stress (CDC, archived), Minding your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak (Ireland HSE)

USA: Disaster Distress Helpline SAMHSA provides 24/7, 365-day-a-year crisis counseling and support to people experiencing emotional distress related to natural or human-caused disasters. This crisis support service is for anyone experiencing emotional distress related to disasters such as: tornadoes and severe storms, hurricanes and tropical storms, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, drought, incidents of mass violence, infectious disease outbreaks, incidents of community unrest, and other traumatic events.

    • Call 1-800-985-5990 or TTY 1-800-846-8517 or text “TalkWithUs” to 66746.
    • En Español: Call 1-800-985-5990 and press "2" from the 50 States, or text Hablanos to 66746.
    • From Puerto Rico, text Hablanos to 1-787-339-2663.
    • Callers to the hotline can also connect with counselors in over 100 other languages via 3rd-party interpretation services; to connect with a counselor in your primary language, simply indicate your preferred language to the responding counselor and she/he will connect to a live interpreter.

Housing / Rebuilding

Further reading: FLASH - Publications, Resources & Programs (The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) is a nonprofit offering resources for strengthening homes and safeguarding families from natural and manmade disasters) and the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (a nonprofit research organization supported solely by property insurers and reinsurers) via Houses intact after Hurricane Michael were often saved by low-cost reinforcements (WaPo)


Life After Fire (logistics, emotional processing, coronavirus era considerations)

What should we do since our house burned down with everything we own? (what are Best Practices for dealing with the loss of all our stuff and the house we kept it in?)

Fire in apartment below--rebuilding/insurance questions (This is in NYC, and I have no renter's insurance.)

Aftermath of a fire (Basically, what I am trying to figure out is the logistics involved in the cleaning.)


How to Handle Hurricane Irma Repairs - HALP (we don't know what we're doing. We're losing our minds -- help!)

Severe storm damage, what now? (Mitigation team is on the way, but what all should I be aware of, as we start trying to put things back together?)

Flood recovery options sans flood insurance (What all do I need to be concerned with after my house flooded?)

Hurricane Damage and Insurance (The roofing company says we need a new roof (I believe them), the insurance company says we just need to replace shingles)

Help me rebuild my flooded house with an eye towards selling it. (I am overwhelmed by the thought of picking ALL THE THINGS)

Further reading: How water damages a flooded house — and what can be saved (WaPo)

Further reading: Post-Hurricane Relief (American Federation of Teachers) Includes links to government benefits and resources for educators, students and families.

Volunteer Opportunities

In the United States, National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) members respond to disasters across the country and encourage volunteers to register with a current member organization. As noted on the website, "seeing images of disaster may compel you to head to the impacted area. Don’t underestimate the complexity of working in a disaster area. Until a need has been identified and the local community impacted has requested support, volunteers should not enter. Be sure to affiliate with existing voluntary organization before coming to the disaster area, and that organization has been asked to respond." In addition,"while all donations are appreciated, CASH IS BEST. If you wish to make a financial donation, please select a National VOAD member here. Do not send or bring unsolicited donations."

Help me help them. (A city in my area was hit by a tornado last night. How do I volunteer to help with the aftermath?)

Any recommendations on how to donate labor to disaster recovery? (Lacking money but possessing skills, I'd really like to pitch in)

How do I help actually rebuild Puerto Rico, with my actual hands? (Will this really be helpful? If so, what organization can I volunteer with?)

Further reading: CrowdSource Rescue via Torrents of Water in Towns Across the Carolinas. And a Guy With a Boat. (NYT)

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Coronavirus check-in thread #5

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Corona Virus Check-in Thread no. 3

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Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstorm (Mandatory evacuations are beginning, so I figure a hurricane information/safety/calm-each-other-down thread (like last year) is warranted.)

Hurricane Isaac roll call.

Hurricane Irene

South Korea is flooding.

It's gonna be a stormy year...

It's Gonna Work Out Fine, right?


California mefites, please phone home!


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