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Cooter Countdown Resets

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These are resets of the Cooter Countdown - meaning, times when someone on Metafilter said "I'd hit it" or its equivalent.

resets of the timer

December 2007

resets: 6.

January 2008

resets: 8. total to date: 14.


resets: 8, questionable: 1, total to date: 22.


resets: 3, to date: 25.


resets: 10, to date: 35.


resets: 8, to date: 43.


  • June 2, thanks to i_am_a_Jedi
  • June 6, signal quoted it.
  • June 6, thanks to bwg
  • June 10, thanks to bink
  • June 11, thanks to furtive
  • June 18, thanks to not_on_display, again
  • June 20, thanks to PeterMcDermott, again
  • June 21st, this post is posted.
  • June 21, thanks to flapjax at midnite, again, in a reference to this page
  • June 22, jessamyn declares not_on_display resets to not count
  • June 27, thanks to Blazecock Pileon, again
  • June 27, h00py may have reset the timer. We need a ruling from the judges on this one.
  • June 28, not_on_display posts an epic fail. Should posts / comments count, in this deleted thread, by someone who can't reset the counter any more?
  • June 28, thanks to wendell.
  • June 28, thanks to blue_beetle.
  • June 28, thanks to SirStan.

resets: 12, questionable: 2, to date: 55.


resets: 8, questionable: 1, to date: 63.


resets: 5, questionable: 6, total to date: 68.


resets: 6, questionable: 5, total to date: 74.





Use the search tool for "i'd hit," "hit that," "hit it", & within the page, search for the rest of the phrase. Or even find what you searched for, due to the odd characteristics of the search tool. Or search for cooter, which is a very odd phrase to type.