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Cooter Countdown

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The cooter countdown currently starts at: December 1st, thanks to Smedleyman. has been suspended.


jessamyn: I will change my name to Cooter when there are 30 days of "I'd hit it" free MeFi, in both non-irony and irony flavors.

The odds of this happening are low. The countdown has been reset dozens of times.

a.k.a. the cooter clock, cooter timer, the "i'd hit it" clock (note: referring to the "i'd hit it" clock likely resets it. Don't do that.)

For a list of countdown resets, see Cooter Countdown Resets.

As per this not_on_display may no longer reset the counter, presumably due to his constant insistent failure.

If Mefites do actually manage to make it thirty days, there's still the problem of this guy, unless he's Jessamyn in disguise.