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Best Of MetaFilter

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Best Of MetaFilter is a sub-site located at the "bestof" subdomain. Individual posts can populate the sidebar, or exist only on the Best Of Blog, which is the one subsite to regularly feature embedded images. The idea for the subsite, as Matt Haughey stated in the Best Of Blog launch MetaTalk post on April 24, 2012, was "inspired by the Buzzfeed FWD blog which only posts a handful of items from the technology blog world instead of trying to be a firehose of press releases like the others."

The Best Of MetaFilter archive goes back to 2005, cataloging the sidebar posts in the earlier years of MetaFilter, through March 2012. From April on, the archive includes the longer blog-style posts with graphics.

The blog was quite active for a while with multiple posts per day, but the activity then tapered off to a few posts per month, except when there are best post contests.