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U.S. Politics FPP Draft

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POST TITLE: Nothing is Ever Real Until He Sends the Tweet




• Horserace/Invisible Primary: New entrants—West Virginia State Sen. Richard Objeda (TK);<a href=>Sen. Sherrod Brown?</a> (Cleveland Plain Dealer); <a href=>Hilary Clinton?</a> (Mark Penn, WSJ); <a href=>2020 Election Odds: Who Can Beat Donald Trump After 2018 Midterm Elections?</a> (Newsweek)

Today is the 6XXth day of the Trump administration. There are 7XX days left until the 2020 elections.

Keeping Track: <a href=>The Weekly List (Amy Siskind)</a>; <a href=>What The Fuck Just Happened Today?</a>; <a href=>Lest We Forget the Horrors: A Catalog of Trump’s Worst Cruelties, Collusions, Corruptions, and Crimes</a>; <a href=>The “Everything Terrible The Trump Administration Has Done So Far” Omnibus</a>

Previously in U.S. Politics Megathreads: <a href="">No One Is Above the Law</a>

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Elsewhere in MetaFilter: On MeTa, <a href=>what Mefites are doing to improve things</a>; and on AskMe, <a href=>nonpolitical volunteering from home</a>.

As always, please consider <a href="">MeFi chat</a> and <a href="">the unofficial PoliticsFilter Slack</a> for hot-takes and live-blogging breaking news, the <a href=>current MetaTalk venting thread</a> for catharsis and sympathizing, and <a href=>funding the site</a> if you're able. Also, for the sake of the ever-helpful mods, please keep in mind the <a href=>MetaTalk on expectations about U.S. political discussion on MetaFilter</a>. U.S. Politics FPPs are generally collaborative, and a draft post can usually found on the <a href="">MeFi Wiki</a>.