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MetaTalk (also referred to as MeTa) is a place to talk about what we talk about on MetaFilter. On a typical day you might see threads about:

  • changing some of the help or guideline information on the website
  • the appropriateness of a particular MeFi post or comment
  • writing a MeFi FAQ
  • organising real life Meet Ups
  • bugs in the system
  • various administrative issues that need the attention of moderators
  • I can haz moar ponies?

Occasionally you might see in the middle of a MeFi thread a comment that says simply 'MetaTalk'. This means that the poster of the comment has some issue with what's being said on the thread and wants to discuss it in further detail in MetaTalk, without disrupting the flow of the MeFi thread.

MetaTalk is not for idle chat and gossip; the mods have made this clear several times. Every few months there are suggestions that MetaFilter should have some kind of dedicated discussion forums, in order to provide a 'release valve' for all the pent-up chat that infects MetaFilter and MetaTalk threads, but the mods don't want to create forums. This is entirely reasonable since doing this would require a lot of work, bandwidth and webspace. Despite this, many MetaTalk threads have a lot of gossip and chatting.

There are some unofficial MetaFilter related discussion forums, such as MetaChat - see Related Websites.