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U.S. Politics FPP Draft-Topic 3

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This is something I started working on a while back and never finished. It needs updated--there are more people running now, and some of these people have dropped out. I'm putting it up here to try to publicly shame myself into updating, and because someone else may think campaign merch is an interesting enough topic for an FPP--box

Post Title:

Description/Lede Paragraph:

There are 18 people running for the Democratic nomination for president. They have policies and biographies and slogans. But, more importantly, they have campaign merchandise. Here, ranked from worst to best, are the candidates' stores:

Extended Description/More Inside:

<a href="">Wayne Messam</a> If you don't have a shop, are you even really running?

<a href="">Cory Booker</a> Only five items, and the 'we rise' logo isn't great.

<a href="">Tulsi Gabbard</a> Five items, and one's sold out. She does, however, offer a womens t-shirt.

<a href="">Eric Swallwell</a> How do you manage to offer #SWALLWELLING shoelaces but not offer a yard sign or a onesie?

<a href="">Tim Ryan</a> A full line of products displays a certain optimism.

<a href="">Jay Inslee</a> I bet 'Elvis & the Elves: The Mystery of the Melting Snow' is a real downer of a children's book.

<a href="">John Hickenlooper</a> First appearance of a beanie.

<a href="">Amy Klobuchar</a> I appreciate the use of the word 'colorways.'

<a href="">Kamala Harris</a> Decent selection, and gets some points for offering sizes from toddler to 3XL.

<a href="">Pete Buttigieg</a> 'Pete's Got Heart' and 'Win the Era' are a little odd, slogan-wise, but he has a nice range of items.

<a href="">Beto O'Rourke</a> Black and white's a bold color scheme, but Beto seems like the candidate for people with strong opinions about typefaces.

<a href="">John Delaney</a> Stress grips? Golf balls? For a guy who's polling at less than the margin of error, he's certainly committed to the bit.

<a href="">Kirsten Gillibrand</a> Leans into pink, and offers an #EqualPayDay mug.

<a href="">Marianne Williamson</a> First appearance of a t-shirt from a named designer.

<a href="">Julian Castro</a> Small selection, but some great designs, including an 'El Presidente' loteria card.

<a href="">Bernie Sanders</a> The lack of kids sizes seems like an omission, but, still, he's good at this part.

<a href="">Andrew Yang</a> There's a cap that says 'MATH' on it.

<a href=""> I could tell you about the 'Consumer Watchdog' and 'Purr-Sist' pet collars, or the state-specific t-shirts, or the fact that she's the only candidate to offer a pint glass, but Warren has the best store because of five words: 'Impolite arrogant women make history.'

With the <a href="">Decommissioning of the Megathreads</a>, we're collaborating on topical uspolitics/potus45-related FPPs, and draft posts can be found <a href="">on the MeFi Wiki</a> • Thanks to TK for helping to create this post.