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Politics Slack

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Mefites are extremely welcome to join the unofficial PolticsFilter Slack.

You may find it easier to use the native desktop or mobile clients instead of the web browser interface. Questions about anything Slack-related? Ask away in #slackhelp.


The Slack is an entirely unofficial community space that does not and can not offer the same type of moderation as MetaFilter. However, it is important to make clear that the same guidelines that apply to MetaFilter apply to the Slack space, especially the prohibition of racist and otherwise hateful comments: "This specifically includes misgendering and ironic racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia; people who sarcastically put on a racist voice to make a point about racism, or who make "She was asking for it" jokes (assuming everyone should know they are joking) cause thread derails and make discussion difficult." The MetaFilter Microaggressions and making space page similarly applies here. Questions or concerns? Problems? Feel free to contact zachlipton using a Direct Message.

Please be mindful that channels are a shared space. Try to move lengthy sub-discussions into threads and off-topic digressions into an appropriate channel.

A few key channels

  • #slackhelp - Any and all questions about using Slack
  • #politics-usa - US political discussion
  • #politics-uk - UK political discussion
  • #2020-us - 2020 elections
  • #live - Live chat around hearings, debates, and other events
  • #news - News
  • #climate-change - The planet
  • #boundless-void - For when you need to scream into a boundless void
  • #random - Stuff and whatnot

Other channels can be found in the channel directory, found by clicking on the “Channels” title at the top of the channels list in the sidebar.

Privacy note

The email address associated with your Slack account is not public, but is technically accessible through Slack's administrator controls. Feel free to use (or change to) a pseudonymous email address if you wish to do so.