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U.S. Politics FPP Draft-Topic 4

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Post Title: Celebrity Endorsement Primary

Description/Lede Paragraph:

538's <a href="">Endorsement Primary</a> tool is great, but it doesn't have a category for <a href="">Megan Rapinoe</a>, <a href="">Ariana Grande</a>, and Michael Chiklis. Luckily, the <a href="">LA Times</a> and <a href="">Elle</a> magazine have this beat covered.

Extended Description/More Inside:

Here's a fun game--match the celebrity to their preferred candidate <a href="" title="1-c, 2-a, 3-e, 4-f, 5-g, 6-b, 7-d">(mouseover for answers)</a>:

a. Joe Biden b. Cory Booker c. Pete Buttigieg d. Kamala Harris e. Bernie Sanders f. Elizabeth Warren g. Andrew Yang

1. Seth MacFarlane 2. George R.R. Martin 3. Ariana Grande 4. Roxane Gay 5. Nicolas Cage 6. Jon Bon Jovi 7. Lance Bass

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