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All the threads that have exposed the shocking practices of our fellow Metafilterians.

In The Bathroom


Sitting vs. Standing - do you wipe your butt from a seated or a standing position?
Flushing tampons - yes or no? Sometimes?
Holy wars about toilet paper
The flap is for peeing through, yes or no?


Peeing in the Shower - OK, OK sometimes, or never OK?
Which way do you face in the shower?
Washing your legs? People do that?
Do you dry your feet before exiting the shower?


What is the Proper Way to Prepare a Toothbrush to Brush Your Teeth?


how and where do you cut your toenails?

In the Bedroom

Top Sheet vs. No Top Sheet - do you use sheets and blankets or a duvet cover only?
Underwear + pajamas - do you wear underwear under pjs? Do you sleep in your bra? Do you wear socks to bed?
Sheets on the bed - do you sleep with them tucked in?
Cleaning up after sex, how does that work exactly?
Which bedding do you wash between guests?

In the Laundry

Washing newly bought fabric stuff - necessary, sometimes necessary, never?
Washing towels or bras? How often?

In the Kitchen

What goes in the fridge - things like eggs? butter? what?
Loading the dishwasher. We all know how that goes, right? No?
Sandwiches, discuss. Pizza? Burrito?
Is cereal soup?
Is quiche pie?
Is stale water a thing?
How much is half a deviled egg?
How clean do you pick your bones? #CleanBone vs #SloppyBoner

In Your Car

Passing in the slow lane?
Merging. What is the deal with merging?
Parking - front or back?

What is time anyway?

"The 5 o'clock meeting has been pushed forward 1 hour," When is the meeting?
What exactly do you mean by "next weekend"?
Do you see a calendar in your head?

What (Not) to Wear

Shoes on or Off in the House - do you wear shoes in the house, do you require guests to be shoes off in your house?
Hats! Is it rude to wear them indoors still?
Shoes and socks - when you put them on, is it sock-shoe-sock-shoe or something else?
Afterpants - this is a thing, or not?

General Etiquette

Money gifts at weddings? Yes, no, sometimes?
Dog poop in a baggie. OK to toss in others' garbage?
Grocery store lines. Can you save your place with your cart when you go get one more thing?


Get to the airport early, or just in time?

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