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Third MetaFilter Interactive Fiction Contest

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Thanks go to the quidnunc kid for the copy.

Do you DARE to enter the Third Metafilter Interactive Fiction Contest???

The Third Metafilter Interactive Fiction Contest, a.k.a. the Garden Show of Forking Paths - is an interactive fiction contest in which YOU are, or at least have the potential to be, the HERO.

The contest was announced in MetaTalk, and is being organised primarily by griphus with the assistance of his highly-trained team of interactive ferrets (hereinafter, the "Organisers").

Any Metafilter member can enter by creating an original work of interactive fiction. Interactive fiction includes, without limitation, e.g. z-machine games, Choose-Your-Own-Adventures, visual novels, and anything else that is interactive and fictiony (and in the case of doubt contact griphus for an authoritative ruling on the matter).

A Beginner's Guide to Interactive Fiction and a number of online IF engines are available via the links in MetaTalk thread 23065. Note that IF-works in any form (e.g. text files/PDF/word document for Choose-Your-Own-Adventures) are perfectly acceptable, so long as they are playable without any significant assembly by the reader.

Entrants have from from February 1 to February 28 to write and submit an entry. Entries should either hosted somewhere on the internet, with the relevant link emailed to griphus, or the file(s) emailed to griphus for him to host - in either case by February 28, 2014. On or about March 1, 2014, griphus will post a MetaTalk thread with links to all the entries.

Various prizes are offered by various MeFi members. Please add your own prize to this page of the wiki if you are so inclined, and set out the criteria for that prize. Also, feel free to give the prize a silly name.

Prize-winners may be decided by the person offering same or be put to a popular vote, at the option of the person offering the prize. We suggest a "maximum-one-prize-per-entrant" rule, unless the number of prizes is greater than the number of entries.

For voting, the polls will open date of the March MetaTalk thread and will stay open for 2-3 weeks. Votes should be made by email or memail to griphus.

We suggest that all prizes (including those picked by those who have sponsored the prize) are announced at the same time, and another MetaTalk thread will be created for that purpose (i.e. in late March or early April).

IF, then Prizes

  1. The Organisers offer the Fourchette d'Or player's choice award, as chosen by popular vote (with voting open to anyone, even contributors). Note: not an actual golden fork. That is just a silly name for the prize. The prize is the recognition of the community and whatever prize anyone sees fit to offer up.
  2. griphus offers the griphus prize for excellence in entertaining griphus (as chosen by griphus), The prize is a vintage copy of any three interactive fiction/Choose Your Own Adventure books of your choice, assuming they reasonably priced and locatable.
  3. corb offers the corb award for for best first-time contributor (as chosen by corb). The prize is a $50 in an Amazon gift certificate (or format of winnr's choice.)
  4. The quidnunc kid offers (a) the quidnunc medal for best NPC in an IF game; and (b) the quark cup for best location or setting for an IF game (both chosen by popular vote). Each prize is a $25 Amazon voucher, rather than an actual medal or cup. Again with the silly names.