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Talk:U.S. Politics FPP Draft

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Good grief, the resultant FPP draft from culling links from the current mega-thread looks like a wall of URLs. In some respects, sifting through the Blue is easier than reviewing than my outside feeds, but that may introduce its own problem. In any case, this draft desperately needs a red-pencil pass to trim it down and could probably use a rewrite. All comments and collaborative edits are most appreciated.

Do we need the "Elsewhere on Metafilter" section? That stuff is already in the politics sidebar.

Most of the "Elsewhere" links aren't on the sidebar, and even when it's redundant, I think it can help keep the megathread focused on Potus45, serve as a reminder that there is an opportunity to spin off related posts for further discussion, and help with finding the related posts - LD