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As of the infodump dated 2013-07-06, the counts are now:

MeFi:  118807 posts, 5041074 comments
AskMe: 235718 posts, 3374127 comments
MeTa:  21925 posts, 1038596 comments
Music: 6811 posts, 35218 comments

Total users:    61383
Total posts:    383261
Total comments: 9489015

Regarding terminology used here, please don't write "active users" when referring to this count. That implies that it is a count of the number of users who have contributed in some way, like commenting or posting, in some time period. These counts are the number of total user accounts, not active users. Many of those 62k have not interacted with the site in years.

As of the infodump dated 2010-08-07, the counts are now:

Total users: 48883
MeFi:  86922 posts, 3206502 comments
AskMe: 154170 posts, 2168925 comments
MeTa:  18854 posts, 745646 comments
Music: 4750 posts, 25137 comments
Total comments: 6146210

I will update the page accordingly, rounding each to 2 significant digits. Rhomboid 08:02, 13 August 2010 (UTC)

The numbers shown on the 'introduction' section are wildly incorrect. For example the user count (currently [2010-01-22] stated as 65,000) seems to be including accounts that were never activated which is not representative of the true number at all. According to the most recent [2010-01-17] infodump, here are the numbers:

Total users: 45852
MeFi:  81366 posts, 2890080 comments
AskMe: 136237 posts, 1906583 comments
MeTa:  17920 posts, 674482 comments
Music: 4114 posts, 21719 comments
Total comments: 5492864

I edited the section to reflect these numbers and changed the wording slightly to be more consistent, as well as to mention the music threads. I really hope that no one will say "45,000 users? it's way more than that, didn't we just hit 100k?" and try to edit the numbers without reading this discussion page. Rhomboid 06:43, 23 January 2010 (UTC)

I noticed that the the questions frequently asked on metafilter - QFAM page offers similar functions as the Collected AskMes (E.G.ReadMe)

The QFAMs have terse answers or links to questions, and some of these questions (in the collected AskMes) are also lapped over with QFAMs.

How about merging them ? Or, at the least, place the QFAM on the main wiki page, next to the collected askmes.

Fizzix 16:32, 21 March 2008 (UTC)