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Talk:FanFare Scheduling

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Could we list contacts in case people have questions, or need to quickly identify who the organizers are? For instance, I think it would be useful to list DirtyOldTown as an organizer of the Horror Movie Club, and myself, joseph conrad is fully awesome as the organizer of The Robin Williams Movie Club.

Suggest organizer is in bold as this makes it far easier to spot on the page; also, I like it.

I think there should be a list at the top of the page? A lot of Fan Fare seems like a jellyfish with no real organization nor anybody taking responsibility for it except of course mathowie who is sort of at the top and not responsible for maintaining the 'appendages' (the movie clubs) and I think identifying who is responsible for which body part (ew) would lead to less flakiness and dropping of balls (oo-er).

Time of posting: earlier rather than later

Would it be possible to ask posters to post to Fan Fare at least by 2 or 3 pm? I think it's a bit much setting a date for something to be posted, and then waiting until later that day, say, in the evening, or even later at night, to post your Fan Fare page.

It seems like a considerate thing to do, especially if people have marked the date and are looking forward to the discussion.

Movies: Upcoming changed

  • Changed Movies: Upcoming to Movies: Upcoming and Posted so we can retain a list of movies when they are posted. Is this cool?