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There is a Metafilter Community Spotify account made by divabat with login details shared by a handful of other Mefites. Feel free to message divabat to log in or to send them your own Spotify playlists to be copied over to MefiSpotify.

Existing Spotify Playlists Based On Site Threads

Some of them may need updates!

Ask Metafilter: I've been thinking about our fortune (Playlist)

Ask Metafilter: Even if things end up a bit too heavy we'll all float on alright (Playlist)

Ask Metafilter: Music to help combat season affective disorder (Playlist) (Playlist)

Ask Metafilter: Hero, come and get your love: The Playlist (Playlist)

Ask Metafilter: Need Songs for Eclipse Playlist (Playlist)

Ask Metafilter: A soundtrack for Crone Island (work edition) (Playlist)

Ask Metafilter: Sexy-Creepy Songs (Playlist)

Ask Metafilter: I Will Face God and Walk Backwards into Hell: The Soundtrack (Playlist)

Ask Metafilter: Aesthetic: 80s cannibal eater (Playlist)

Ask Metafilter: "As long as I gaze on Waterloo sunset, I am in paradise..." (Playlist)

Metafilter: We go down to the indie disco every Thursday night (Playlist)

Ask Metafilter: Country music songs with catfish in them? (Playlist)

Ask Metafilter: "So long"/"Farewell"/"Goodbye" songs? (Playlist)

Ask Metafilter: Come now Metafilter, help me compile a playlist of the best R&B Summer Jams from the years 1986 to 1991, which are similar in radness to the two featured inside this post... (Playlist)

Add Thisismyjam to the social profile widget thingie, please? (Playlist)

Ask Metafilter: Need some great Summer 2013 songs for a playlist (Playlist)

Ask Metafilter: time can heal, but this won't: the playlist ( (Playlist)]

Ask Metafilter: Contemporary music featuring heavy Scottish accents? (Playlist)

Ask MetaFilter: What are your very favorite songs - songs you can listen to over and over again? (Playlist)

Ask Metafilter: Indie/Twee Playlist for a when you've been DTMFA'd? (Playlist)

Playlist by librarina Ask Metafilter: Grrrl Power Playlist (Playlist)

Playlist Metafilter: Ladies and Gentlemen and all 68 other genders... Royal Blood! (Playlist)

Metafilter: Crone Island/“Where’s My Cut?”: On Unpaid Emotional Labor (Playlist)

Playlist by tofu_crouton Ask Metafilter: More spooky, ethereal (desert) rock to write to? (Playlist)

Metafilter: Straight Masterpiece & Metafilter: A look back (Playlist)

Metafilter: A list with more records by women than the KGB (Playlist)

Ask Metafilter: Songs with queer lyrics? (Playlist)

Threads That Need Spotify Playlists

Instead of cluttering this page with hundreds of links, divabat has made a working spreadsheet to add posts in need of playlists as they go through the site!