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What Sites Would You Like To See on the "Also On" MeFi Feature?

The "Also On" feature is a way to share your activity on other social sites ("Hey everyone, I'm also mathowie at Flickr and here's a link to my profile!). The social app icons on your MeFi user page link to your public user account page on other systems. Here are some quick rules for submitting a Social App for consideration:

  • The service must be a social network where other MetaFilter members can join and connect with you.
  • The service must have a page that is a close approximation of "you" in the system. A profile page or a stream of your output is required.
    • Please include a working link to a profile/output page when you add a suggestion.
  • The service and linked page must be human-readable (no RSS) and available to the public without a login.

Social App Suggestions

Add your suggestions here.

Needs Clarification

Past Suggestions

Current Active List

MetaFilter Social Explorer - the page to search what MeFites are on a particular site

2018 Cruft Cleanout Project

A March 2018 metatalk prompted a clean out of social profile dead wood- sites that have shut down or otherwise become defunct. A Metatalk post announcing the changes swiftly followed.

Here's the process we used: Please check the sites in the first list. If they're still up and running, move them to the 2018 Live list. If there's positive confirmation that they're no more, move them to 2018 Dead. If it's just down, 2018 Questionable.


2018 Live

2018 Dead

2018 Questionable

  • Degree Confluence Project Seems to be down at the moment. Back up now? --frimble
  • Pinboard bought it in 2017, and it's now read only.
  • Glitch This is a living site but different from the previous Glitch; should they be differentiated in the list to both memorialize the old site and avoid confusion?
  • OpenHatch No longer responds on www, but is still there. The single Mefite profile does not resolve.
  • PlayStation Looks like it's fragmented into new sites. Needs somebody with a Playstation Plus or Now account to verify.
  • Storify Site is archived but old accounts are still accessible.
  • This Is My Jam Site is archived but old accounts are still accessible.

I'm going to leave read only accounts alone. I've removed Playstation and we should see about the new glitch replacing the old one. :(