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Podcast 99 Transcript

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A transcript for Episode 99: HOW DID IT BE THE 2ND? (2014-12-02).

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Cortex 0:00 and gentlemen, welcome to the metal filter odd

mathowie 0:11 episode 99 of the metal filter podcast and I am Matt Howie,

Jessamyn 0:15 I'm Jessamyn West.

Cortex 0:17 I'm Josh Mullard, aka cortex

mathowie 0:20 sweet 9999 is

Jessamyn 0:23 an awesome number because it's a drum. Which I think is kind of bullshit calling something just with two letters of palindrome. Really,

Cortex 0:32 I think calling something with one letter, Palindrome is where we get real close. You see, like, like, like two letters is trivial, certainly, but but one,

Jessamyn 0:40 one letter actually isn't a palindrome, right? If you look up the number nine, I'm sure they don't say nine is a palindrome.

Cortex 0:45 I think I think they're just trying to avoid

mathowie 0:48 acknowledging how tough it is to say so palindromes and play the numbers is a little new to me.

Jessamyn 0:54 Yeah, yeah, totally. So 99. Besides being I think, as we've talked about before, the highest jersey number that you can have in major league sports. It's a lucky number, which has some crazy bullshit associated with it. But I like saying lucky number. But really, what's cool about 99 is it's the sum of the cubes of three consecutive integers two cubed plus three cubed plus four cubed. Gives you 99.

Unknown Speaker 1:20 Oh, man, I

Jessamyn 1:21 know, right? Sure. Wow. I mean, am I sure?

mathowie 1:26 No, I believe you. I'm just like that. Wow, that never remotely dawned on me.

Jessamyn 1:31 That's, I mean, why would it that's one of those things that like, nerds look at a number and they're like, oh, yeah, that's totally the blar blar blar blar. I mean, you know, for for, the less mathematically inclined, it's also the number of bottles of beer on the wall.

Cortex 1:45 Well, for given values of wall.

Jessamyn 1:50 I guess the English song is 10 green bottles, and then they turned it into a US folk song. And suddenly, you had 9.9 times as many there was someone from Texas,

mathowie 2:00 they were like, that'd be a manageable song. 10 items, but

Jessamyn 2:05 Right, well, and 99 was always you know, car trips, right? Yeah. Really, really long car trips.

mathowie 2:11 I don't think I've ever sung past 74 ish, even as a joke. I think it ended was a little kid.

Jessamyn 2:20 Cool. It's one of those things, there's not really a lot of value in remembering. I have no idea. But I remember we used to love to sing it. And my parents used to not love it. Not love to hear us singing it.

mathowie 2:32 That was Oh, boy. Yeah, yeah. Right to drive

Jessamyn 2:35 us parents crazy.

mathowie 2:37 Is there any other 99 facts when you do

Jessamyn 2:40 that off the top of my head, I like the idea of the lucky number. But um, you know, I kind of stopped once I hit

mathowie 2:49 it so divisible, that probably can't be a bunch of unique things about it seems like we have the most unique stories about the weird numbers that are hard to wrap digit,

Jessamyn 2:58 which I explained in some previous podcasts. And I still don't entirely understand and it's a capric card number, the representation of who's square and that base can be split into two parts that add up to the original number. So you square 99, and then you add up the digits of that number and you get 99. Which is fascinating. For some definitions of fascinating.

Cortex 3:24 It's also it's also the product of two palindromes, nine and 11. So

Jessamyn 3:28 nine isn't a palindrome Yes, it

Unknown Speaker 3:31 is. Around it's still nine. It's a palindrome. Well, a

Jessamyn 3:34 999 and 999 are all Capra card numbers. So that's kind of exciting in itself.

Cortex 3:42 Like 9999 does it carry on indefinitely? Or,

Jessamyn 3:45 you know, you've reached the limits of my knowledge? I guess. You gentlemen have a nice holiday. Oh, yes. Actually,

Cortex 3:55 I had two Thanksgiving dinners proper. And a Thanksgiving ish hanging out playing Sherlock Holmes with some some mefites and some friends of theirs. Sherlock Holmes is a game. Yeah, there's a board game called Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. There's not really a board. It's actually English language, but I don't know if it's like UK English or just generic English, but it's translated from French. And this is a little bit of trouble because what it is it's a game where you try and sort of keep up with Sherlock in terms of deducing what happened in a case you get a brief description and then you've got all of London that you can wander through and it's kind of a choose your own adventure thing was like, Well, I think we should go talk to the corner. Oh, I think we should go

Jessamyn 4:39 there's like a dungeon master like it's an RPG. No, it's

Cortex 4:43 there's no dungeon master directed. So you just some people will take turns reading. But maybe you're like, oh, we should go to we should go to the house of the parent of the victim. Let's so that's at 93 Southwest and then you look through the book and if entry for 93. Southwest.

Jessamyn 5:02 This adorable lady in her scene cats.

Cortex 5:05 Yeah, exactly. And you read and you'll get clues and leads or whatnot or not so much if you chose the wrong tree to markup. Figure out what happened. Well, yeah, that's sort of like, you sit and talk it through and try to decide where doing you try and figure out what happened with the least number of leads. Cuz Sherlock is gonna do it in like two, he's gonna be like, Oh, well, I noticed that his coat jacket was wrinkled. Therefore, you know, and so Sherlocks, I was a son of a bitch.

mathowie 5:36 This should be like an 80s 80s board game that came with a VHS tape where he would come up and go,

Cortex 5:44 could totally be terrible VHS game that you'd have to fast forward around a bunch for. But anyway, it's a lot of fun. It's a lot of fun. But it was translated from French. And in the process, there's the occasional typo and spelling error and mis translation that makes things slightly harder. And they also screwed up one of the cases like they literally changed the case, but didn't change the corresponding cues, clues. So you would like we got to the end, we were like so frustrate, because we really couldn't nail it down. And then we read like the ending and found out what the deal was. And we totally didn't get there. And I googled it and found out Oh, that's because it's literally broken. It literally, it's like someone taped the wrong final chapter on to an Agatha Christie novel. No, like, I didn't think the butler had anything to do. You know, it's like that sort of like, which is terrible. Because the whole game is about being like, you know, sherlocky deductive genius

Jessamyn 6:37 game with like one solution? Like it's? Or can you play it multiple times and get different things out of it?

Cortex 6:43 No, it's a fixed solution. For each one. It's basically 10 little stories. And each one you could spend, you know, a few hours on as a group sort of working your way through, if you sort of take it slow and cogitate. So it sort of builds up across 10 separate cases. But once you've played one, you can't really play it again, because you already know, but if you wanted to, I guess you could sort of do a DM

Jessamyn 7:04 just like give it away to somebody when you're done with it.

Cortex 7:06 I think probably you would. Yeah.

mathowie 7:07 10 of them sounds like but honestly, it's,

Cortex 7:10 I would say reasonably thick. It's like 50 hours of gameplay to get through it. So at that point, you probably fucking I hate you Sure. Like, I hate you. I want you to die with bed. That night. A bunch of food.

Jessamyn 7:24 Great. How about you played a bunch of pinball? Matt, you went to some Disney property? Oh, yeah.

Cortex 7:29 That was like pretty fun. Yeah, yeah. I sat at home for appetite.

mathowie 7:34 I was at home the whole time. It was the first year ever had we had a sprawling 10 million items for Thanksgiving in about 10 people over the first time. I didn't have seconds. I just said fuck it. I'm going one plate this year, and I'm not going to kill myself and I just ate a lot of Turkey. And again, I felt great. It's the first time I didn't feel

Jessamyn 7:56 awful and go to bed with a holiday baby. Right? Yeah. And

mathowie 8:00 there are four pies after the meal. So I knew I was had that ahead of me. So yeah, Colleen was one plate. That was the right move

Cortex 8:07 to add. I had so little pie. Me and Matt had lunch because he was in town yesterday and I made him go into a pie afterwards pie store and he was like I'm pied out. I'm like you It was nuts. It's it's a pipe lace. I mean, that's what they do. They make pie. It's fun, you know?

mathowie 8:27 Just sticks of like, all those pies all those ingredients. It was not. It wasn't good pie.

Jessamyn 8:33 Some pies aren't actually as much work as they seem like it. We actually had pie for dinner on Thanksgiving. Speaking of we had a French Canadian meat pie that we did not create. We actually purchased it and then cut it in half and then ate it. It's like ground meat in a little crust. And it's amazing.

mathowie 8:53 Is it like a chicken pot pie kinda like is it like gravy and vegetables? It's

Jessamyn 8:59 not really gravy. It's basically like you grind up like meat spices and like some bread and sometimes some vegetables and so it's like it's it's a meat consistency all the way through. And it's like slightly savory. Like there's nutmeg and cinnamon and mustard and stuff in it. I sent you guys a link to it on Wikipedia.

mathowie 9:19 Like, I guess it's like a hash, but also like, now we have like a bread pudding consistency.

Jessamyn 9:25 It's really dry. It's more like really dry ground beef.

mathowie 9:29 Oh, wow. That's from Quebec.

Jessamyn 9:33 I mean, it's not exclusive. It's like French Canadian. So it's French, I guess. But then so I was like yeah, meat pie and everyone on Twitter is like you mean a Torchiere and I'm like, I guess that's totally what I like. I don't know what the etiquette is and stuff like that. I'm like, Yeah, or as we call it in America meat pie. But either

mathowie 9:54 way, was delicious. I guess that's different than Australian meat pies and British meat pies which are more like hot. pockets but their

Jessamyn 10:02 Fall River and like that part of Massachusetts because I was down in Massachusetts we hung out at my dad's place just me and Jim, down in Fall River when you say meat pie, you actually have to distinguish because there's like Portuguese meat pies, Lebanese meat pies and these meat pies and they're all different that Lebanese ones are much more of what you're talking about, like pasty kind of things like you hold them in your hand. They're like little pockets. Yeah. Wow. Yeah, no, they're really good.

mathowie 10:26 Where do you buy it from like a fancy grocery store or restaurant? Do

Jessamyn 10:30 you consider Stop and Shop fancy? I mean, there's a lot of like, regional ethnic food at the big supermarkets. I mean, I suppose you could also go to like a fake you know, this whole? Bullshit. I just go to the supermarket and say what looks good. Yeah. Maybe I'll learn to make one. That's what I'd like to do next, but I just didn't I didn't feel like cooking. So we had a bunch of like leftover chicken and meat pies and eight kinds of squash. It was good. You guys work at meta filter which was I guess why you called me today

mathowie 11:06 I cannot believe how many

Jessamyn 11:08 jobs really I did not look at it.

Cortex 11:10 Tell me. Recovery in progress. Yeah, it's crucial. Yeah, if you scroll down through November got fired. I guess that could be.

mathowie 11:18 If you scroll down through November, there's nearly a dozen jobs. And usually we see two or three in there. All kinds of fun, tiny things help test an iOS app for toddlers. Sounds fun. There's like a real real there's a couple real like, cuz it's like a professorship position like webby. webby jobs. Yeah. Lots of web jobs. Where was the one? The Squarespace thing is so tiny. So we can do that in 10 minutes. It's like hide some CSS. Hopefully someone got that. But yeah, oh, I like this one. The helped me with my devices and chords.

Jessamyn 11:53 That's Claudia centers. Yeah.

mathowie 11:55 Yeah. It's great. Because it's like one thing I have to do once a year is like, reboot all cables. Like, I know, there's a lot going on back here behind the TV like, and this is so easy for someone who's like into it like this would be, you know, an hour's work. I'd actually like to do someone else's TV instead of mine. Because I know minds all like that.

Jessamyn 12:14 You come visit, because I totally will do it in my own house. Like usually what happens is the landladies dog comes over and I notice he's like digging it things under the desk. And I'm like, God, there's probably food down there. I should probably fix that. But like at my dad's house, I'm totally afraid to touch anything. Because I'm afraid I don't understand what's actually going on. And I can't put it back. But I suspect 75% of those courts don't do anything.

mathowie 12:38 Yeah, and things are getting easier with like HDMI, like it's getting to the point where you can check all the crazy cables we used to have and just ATM

Cortex 12:46 is actually a nice thing it's my stereo is less of a pain in the ass. And it was a few years ago since I've

mathowie 12:51 except the problem is there's like never enough HDMI, anything ever, you know, cuz enough cable you mean? Never enough inputs, right? Because suddenly, it's like, oh, I have a Roku box. Oh, I got Netflix on my Apple TV. Oh, I've gotten suddenly I've got like six HDMI devices. And it's actually hard to find, like a, like a home theater unit that has more than four or five. Yeah, and some will top out at like eight and sometimes you're paying almost $1,000 Just to get that extra HDMI slot. And it's it's getting It's silly and silly. They should be my empathy wall with you. Right now there should be like $100 box that lets you plug in five or six things. It's just everything comes with HDMI now. But it does. Yeah. Makes it easy. But yeah,

Jessamyn 13:39 okay. But yeah, we should all take turns like helping each other with cables. And my dad, the guy who hooked it up originally, like got it all working and then zip tied everything together. So the first thing you have to do is take all the zip ties off and everything explodes with cabling and dust and dust. And you know, I feel one of these days I'll want to do it. But that day just never comes.

mathowie 14:02 Some some home theater things come with like Velcro loops and stuff to spell, you still have to put you have to take everything apart, put it all back together. It's kind of the outcome of pain. But at the end

Jessamyn 14:13 of it all you have is the same thing you had before, to not like installing a new fun thing.

mathowie 14:18 Yeah. And sometimes you still end up with like four remotes and you have to do two pages of instructions for the babysitter to how to turn on the TV, which is lame.

Jessamyn 14:26 Oh yeah, we have a manual. Not only that Steve champion came to visit me. And like he was in the house for a couple hours before I got there. And I got there and he's like, I figured out a faster way to do the remotes thing and I'm like, Oh my God, you didn't change anything. Did you please God tell me and he hadn't but like I was so terrified that he had like reverted The Nerdery that I finally learned after three years. I think

mathowie 14:51 I was I had to go out and get something really quick some food on Thanksgiving. I think it came back and a friend had like the TV on the wrong input. It was Telling and he had turned on like a Google Chromecast and I don't know where the football game is. I'm like you're like, so far from the correct answer at this point. Like he just did

Jessamyn 15:12 watch the football game. That was good.

mathowie 15:14 Yeah.

Cortex 15:17 Football game was the football game. There were like three,

Jessamyn 15:19 I think. Yeah, the Seahawks playing that the Kaepernick team.

mathowie 15:23 40. Niners. Yeah, that was pretty good that they trounced him so yeah, lots of jobs felt to corrode Jax,

Jessamyn 15:35 Jax projects. This time around, I tried to like actually check into it slightly earlier in the month and like kind of keep an eye on it over time, whatever. I had kind of one nerdy one and one just sort of regular sweet one. The regular sweet one was Buddha in a bucket who lost his his best friend and pet cat and just made a really kind of sweet medium thing with really nice pictures of his cat and it's just super nice.

mathowie 16:08 Where is that but that in the machine? I

Jessamyn 16:11 did put it in the machine. Oh policy. I just sent it to the Internet Archive by mistake. Sake

Cortex 16:24 This is why it's important to me to just never use Skype for anything. Because that way I can't accidentally misuse it for anything.

Jessamyn 16:32 But it's just it's got some beautiful pictures of his photo of his friend Hobbs the cat and it's just a sweet essay about his sweet cat and

mathowie 16:42 sweet cat cats photo. There's a picture of the cat on the bed of the 20 and $100 Bill there's a Twitter I don't know I guess it's a joke account I follow called Cash cat so I guess at cat cat says nothing about like one photo a day of cats like sitting on top of piles of other people's cats. Yeah, it's so dumb. And sometimes people will like put guns like to be all gangsta you know, and they'll put silly messages from the cats like I run this fucking town, you know? Good.

Jessamyn 17:14 So there's cash cats dot biz. There's cash, cats on Instagram. There's at cats and money. On Twitter. There's cats. This is something new. I did actually not know about this instant mat.

Cortex 17:29 Filter. I think

mathowie 17:30 two weeks ago a friend like to retweeted one of the cash cats. And it's like a cat bathing in the $100 bills that goes in the you know, the goofy macro message and impacts it. Yeah, I know. gwoc is extra. I was like, I'm on board. I Subscribe. Subscribe.

Jessamyn 17:50 That is the pinned tweet on top of the ad cats and money accounts. The best

mathowie 17:54 one over there a couple of good ones about meta filter tools one by n DeVore. Good. That was like a bunch of Grease Monkey stuff.

Cortex 18:06 Historically, so yeah, I went through

mathowie 18:07 and then yeah, updated everything. And then Joseph Conrad is fully awesome is doing like a flag, like sort of like a best Dev Blog on Twitter of the best metal filter bits. And also put it up on projects, which is cool. Yeah.

Cortex 18:23 Yeah, just just sort of like an extra channel of someone who feels like doing Oh, yeah. No, I think this stuff is great. It's It's neat to see it popping up in my Twitter dragnet. Yeah,

Jessamyn 18:31 it's like it's Mikey thing is really good. Because if you had a script that wasn't working, or you need to find an old script and divorce, really tried to kind of put them all together. So you can find them and they're tested with the redesign, which is important. And yeah, I gotta make sure that unicorn, narwhal and the hedgehog pointer up there. But that reminds me to put that on my to do list.

Cortex 18:56 It's been a month of sort of, like meta filter, or tweet projects, really, because there's Joseph Conrad's. And then there's also the thing Jessamyn just pasted in the deletion reasons. twitter bot that Song Dog made

Jessamyn 19:10 by Song Dog.

mathowie 19:12 There was a little bit of chatter of like, they're out of cons

Jessamyn 19:20 which is hilarious. And they're almost never mean you guys are the least mean people in the world.

mathowie 19:29 Someone pointed one out. That sounded terrible. And I went oh, yeah, maybe it should at least link to I don't know. Oh, this sorry, Eric, you're done. I think that was my first ever.

Jessamyn 19:43 Wait, what was that? Oh, it was like a self link or something?

mathowie 19:46 Yeah. Oh, no, I think it was some guy. It was like in the very very early days of metal filter was just always harping on me. Like, you know, just someone ankle biting me like, every day and like posted some, you know, the post was just screaming about Metafilter sucks and it's a cabal. And

Jessamyn 20:05 Eric, your time here is done. I see it.

mathowie 20:06 I think I was sick

Jessamyn 20:08 of these aren't these are just randomly generated? They're not like sequential.

mathowie 20:12 I don't think so because there would be. That's old, right? Yeah. Hmm.

Cortex 20:18 Speaking of Twitter bots, generated things randomly segway. There's also this great project from a parish called eventually bots. That, in his words, is a twitter bot that generates short films in GIF format source from threads of random YouTube clips. And it's great. It just it literally just grabs a few clips and sticks title cards in between them. And you get this completely data, little short film. And it's fantastic. And I love it. Oh, someone

mathowie 20:49 retweeted one of these the other day and I was just like, What are they trying to say? And this also points out that Twitter converts all animated GIFs to mp4 movies. Now, I don't know when that happened. Someone said was a while ago, but it's annoying. You don't get a GIF out of it. You can't right click. I am because content owners. I don't know. I made a funny GIF this week. That was like favorited retweet over 1000 times. And basically my my mentioned stream is just people going yo man can have the gift. And I'm like, you totally can you totally can. I want everyone to have this. Like, what was it? The soccer ball droid from the new Star Wars trailer.

Jessamyn 21:29 I missed this new Star Wars trailer I'm saving it for

mathowie 21:35 there's a there's yeah, there's a silly there's a silly I think it was cool. I liked the whole trailer as a whole and there's a goofy moment in it. And I It works good as you're familiar milkshakes, you know that. The later shitlords mean? It's like I just wrote later shitlords on like a droid running. And it's funny. Oh, I

Jessamyn 21:54 saw that actually was adorable. I didn't understand what I was looking at. But yes,

mathowie 21:59 right. It makes sense in the context of the thing, but and then someone even suggested, oh, it's funnier if you say later Sith Lords. Right. You just rearranged to letters. Dang, yes. And I made that. And I made that as a gift. And so people could download it. And yeah, that's on milkshake. But, man, I don't. Why does it convert to MP fours? It used to just be plain all the whole point of an animated GIF is to share it with people. No, it's

Jessamyn 22:22 super bullshit. I just linked to stuff on milkshake and send the link to milkshake instead of uploading anything to Twitter

mathowie 22:27 pretty much hard to image. Because like, I've asked Andre, can you like do the Twitter card so people can see it? And he's like, I don't want to lose traffic. Like, you know,

Jessamyn 22:40 I lose traffic by doing Twitter cards.

mathowie 22:43 Yeah, I mean, that's why Instagram stopped doing it, you know, Instagram used to display them in line, people never like, you know, less than 1% Click through to Instagram. So they basically got rid of it. And like, you know, 90% of people click through to Instagram now because they can't see the photo, you know. So it's kind of a, you know, tough thing.

Cortex 23:07 You got any other projects,

mathowie 23:08 whereas my other two that I had voted for, oh, the People's podcast sounded good, because it's so shorten and digestible. So does Zig does. EGA is making a new podcast or like I'm an editor. I'm going to interview people for six to nine minutes that you've never heard of that they're cool people. And they're like little SoundCloud. You know, you could just do one every couple of weeks. You know, quick interviews with people that seem like a cool project if there just be a long line of people I've never heard of. They're interesting. And I'm getting a weird Oh, my browser's out of I'm getting awesome glitch. On the blog. If you load this people's podcasts and you scroll the crazy glitches or am I having like a weird low memory? It's glitching out in the most beautiful way right now.

Cortex 24:00 I'm getting no glitches down glitches so.

mathowie 24:04 I'm gonna show you what this looks like. It's freaking art.

Cortex 24:09 Savor the moment. favorited

mathowie 24:11 it's pretty cool. Yeah.

Jessamyn 24:17 No, I'm not getting that at all.

mathowie 24:20 Oh, the hacked led menorah got posted metal filter. Wow. Made out of Hass. Did you see that?

Jessamyn 24:28 When it just went up, but I haven't even looked at it yet seem to get

mathowie 24:31 promoted to metal filter. But yeah, that's pretty sweet. Making a menorah out of dozens of LEDs in their heads.

Jessamyn 24:40 Come on. That's adorable. And Ionic is late this year, as opposed to last year. So you could actually put this thing together.

mathowie 24:48 Oh, yeah, it'll link in right around Christmas. It does. But yeah, that's convenient. This is

Jessamyn 24:55 probably not the cheapest, fastest, coolest or best way to build a post menorah.

mathowie 25:02 So you won't understand my Hanukkah themed Star Wars joke. Guys, you got to watch the thing, that trailer. Why? Because there's a moment where like, a new lightsaber is revealed and heard all about the new state. Why do I have to watch it? Every nerd flipped out? So I made a menorah out of it because it had extra blades that it was I saw that. Yeah, so it makes sense if you got it. It's a minute and 32 seconds. This trailer

Jessamyn 25:27 is yeah, that's that many that much of it in gifts already.

mathowie 25:31 You probably seen there's only like eight scenes or something with long, long black pauses between it like to try and make it heavy or something longer. You've probably seen the whole thing really?

Jessamyn 25:46 Yeah, so there's like a cross shaped.

mathowie 25:49 Like hilts. kind of you know, it's got a hammer. Yeah, I guess can guards? Yeah, nerds flipped out over that. Why is this new?

Jessamyn 25:59 It's not because there wasn't a lot going on?

mathowie 26:01 Yeah. Do you want to move to metal filter? Are there any other little I think we usually moved a metal filter after projects I can

Jessamyn 26:08 never remember I do rely on you to tell me

Cortex 26:11 that is the flow by which we

mathowie 26:12 go so wheat. Oh my God, my favorite post of many months. The living new deal that was so cool post by a lot cuz about all the things in the new that were WPA projects during the New Deal that are still standing today. And you can like click in your zip code or your state. And it's like there's a whole page of Oregon things. And every time I'm on the Oregon coast, I go, all the bridges are like Gothic and create you know, they look like St. Johns bridge. Like there's overly dramatic and beautiful and you go. I've always went like I think that Newport bridge is like it's got to be WPA because there's just way too much.

Jessamyn 26:50 He knows what in my town. Yeah, he put up a picture.

mathowie 26:54 I was so satisfied. They learned. I learned all the like decorative bridges on the coasts were in fact WPA projects. I was so happy to feel like I always suspected and they tell you who built it. And yeah, and some people on Twitter, I think I posted on Twitter and people loved it. And someone said like, their dad was in construction. And he was saying that, like in Oregon, like the campgrounds and stuff, the WPA bill are basically still standing. And he's like, you know, there's 20 year old campgrounds that have been wrecked and rebuilt. And these things are like 50 plus years old. Geez, they're seven years old now and 80 years old. And it's like they're all made out of concrete and steel and they're awesome.

Jessamyn 27:41 library that I used to work at.

mathowie 27:43 If you search for your state, there's a I mean, that is like a to do list for every weekend for the next year. Like go visit these things. It's

Jessamyn 27:51 not really there's only 33 in mine. Like four of them are in the same town.

mathowie 27:56 Oh, mine's like, you know Oregon's like eight pages of stuff. But it's a lot of bridges law schools.

Jessamyn 28:05 Wow. Yeah, one of these was the library I worked in one of them is a little park in my town. That's that's super cool. What a really good what a really good post and a thing to learn about. I

mathowie 28:15 wonder what they used as the data source. I mean, how long did it take him to build it? Because it's so one, it's just wonderful. It's like, you know, especially when you meet someone, it's just like, my style soup. Socialism is horrible. And like, we should let old people die, penniless, and go like, you know, the New Deal is pretty freakin awesome. Like, I had uncles and stuff that were artists that like, got to do plays and got to paint murals, and like, they did the best work of their lives. Well, they're paid by the government to go make culture and build things. And it's like, it's crazy to even imagine anyone like proposing it today, you know, in today's weirdo politics, but it's so great to just point the list and you're like, let's be freaking awesome things are in your state. You know, like so many awesome things. At one we have 81 awesome things that's pretty

Jessamyn 29:07 good. Well, you have a really big state to like I could probably get to all mine and that week

mathowie 29:12 in New Hampshire the one next door to you they have 113

Jessamyn 29:16 Whoa New Hampshire's got a much bigger population. Or maybe they're just better at getting government money for things Yeah,

mathowie 29:24 Don't tread on me but give us your free money and work.

Cortex 29:28 It's actually a strong bread on me. Is this bread bring on the money dropped? Don't ya? See I changed the words from something that they originally said two different words that sound similar but have different meanings.

mathowie 29:46 Doesn't work. Yeah.

Jessamyn 29:49 Do different. Like a snake. It's like that internet bird. Proper rights bird?

Cortex 29:56 Yes. Yes. In fact,

Jessamyn 29:58 that bird is probably all already said that

Cortex 30:01 probably dropped bread on me. Bread on me. Somebody told me cross stitch that and send it to their headquarters.

Jessamyn 30:09 That's a good idea.

Cortex 30:12 To go in a different direction, something we kind of have to talk about is too many cooks.

mathowie 30:17 Oh my God too. Why

Jessamyn 30:18 do we have to talk about it?

Cortex 30:20 Because it's amazing. Have you watched it?

Jessamyn 30:22 Are you kidding?

Cortex 30:23 No, I'm not kidding. I actually am asking.

Jessamyn 30:25 I have seen nothing this month except for old issues. Episodes of Trailer Park Boys and renown or Brooklyn nine, nine. Okay, I

Cortex 30:35 kind of feel like I feel like what we should do is table discussing this until like, watch it in the meantime, but in the meantime, too many cooks is wonderful to me. I

Jessamyn 30:43 can watch it. In the meantime, why are you doing

mathowie 30:46 13 minutes long? I'm

Cortex 30:47 saying it's worth it's worth your 13 minutes to sit down and watch some tries. And then we can joyously discuss it.

mathowie 30:55 It's pretty it's absolutely the most absurd thing you've ever said. If I don't

Jessamyn 30:59 like it, or we not friends.

Cortex 31:03 Discuss what you dislike about it. If you're

Jessamyn 31:05 not likable, Is this me watching a bunch of awful people be awful? I don't like

mathowie 31:10 Oh, it's 80s here it is. And here it is in five seconds. It's like an 80s show intro montage parody gone.

Jessamyn 31:22 seconds. Like it just

mathowie 31:24 keeps going. Alright, 13 minutes.

Cortex 31:27 That's a wonderful, whole odd surreal thing.

Jessamyn 31:29 My life is not so precious that I can't spare 13 minutes on good advice from my friends, but I have not seen it yet. So

mathowie 31:35 I quit after two minutes. I went this this really go for 13. And then a friend said, Oh, it gets better. And then I don't know if it did but it

Jessamyn 31:46 was like a flurry of posts about it on milkshake. And I did but then I forgot about it. And then I never saw it.

Cortex 31:52 Yeah, and waxy was super excited about it too. And right.

mathowie 31:55 To remember the theme song, but yeah. Oh, can you know my words? I don't remember the melody. Like there's

Cortex 32:03 too many cooks too many.

Jessamyn 32:07 Actually, it's just a long, long intro for a non show.

mathowie 32:12 Yeah, and adults a one off it's not a thing.

Cortex 32:14 It's just a one off shorts.

mathowie 32:17 Behind the music's on it took a year to make or something. It's crazy, because it's just a dumb joke. And I guess they spent a year on it. Internet people on their internet money, right? Well, Adult Swim in their Cartoon Network money, I guess.

Jessamyn 32:33 advertiser money? Yeah. All right. Let's table it. We'll talk about it next month. I'm sorry that you know, it's okay.

mathowie 32:40 It's okay. We the other another giant story is we landed on a fucking comment. That was pretty nuts.

Jessamyn 32:47 Like that was about that comment?

mathowie 32:49 I kind of watched it live on meta filter. And that was pretty good. I cannot believe how much math was involved with the whole thing is crazy. You know, like you're trying to meet a parabola years into the future like, oh, man, the whole thing is so crazy. It's kind of amazing. We did it.

Jessamyn 33:08 I love this. The post in that thread by Benito Strauss, which is all the different languages that say we landed on a comet No way. Which I just think is adorable.

mathowie 33:22 Oh, it actually the official Twitter account tweeted in 18 languages. That's awesome. Touchdown. That's awesome. Yeah, that was that was just like spectacular. Yeah, math is all I could think about the whole thing. Yeah,

Jessamyn 33:37 I thought that was I thought that was pretty cool. Because I am a lady on the internet, I was very interested in Renner rocks, very short one off a list of resources on how to scrub a lot of personal information off the internet, which kind of tells you what the steps are to go through stuff like white pages, websites and people dot whatever it is, and like removing your information from data brokers and I have to say I tried to get started with some of this stuff. It's hard. And it's impossible. Like you have to like get shit in the mail and mail it back and send people copies of your driver's license. In fact, I went through a step where they had to like mail me a card that I had to mail back and then they spelled my fucking name wrong. And so I was like, this isn't even gonna end. I

mathowie 34:27 will. I'll have a business model of exploiting you. So they make it like I used to pay Verizon, four bucks a month not to list my phone number when I had a home phone when you had a landline? Yeah, and I was like, That's fucking absurd. It's extortion. Yeah, it's horrible. This doesn't even go into the hole. Like if you read the like, there's a guy who wrote a great book on like, you know, me, I think Doomsday Preppers probably love this guy. But all the crazy shit you can do to maximize your privacy and one of them is Like, every car you buy, is going to be owned by an LLC in New Mexico that's not even remotely attached to your name. And you'll always have new mexico plates and like it's an LLC you make up online like the whole it's crazy, but like this guy just he's like a board lawyer

Jessamyn 35:19 who steps you through

mathowie 35:21 how to and you're like, I feel I feel like it's kind of fascinating.

Cortex 35:26 Slightly counterproductive to like privacy and being off the off the grid to be the only person in Oregon with New Mexico plates. Or though

mathowie 35:35 every time I see in New Mexico flight I go better that person read that crazy guys.

Jessamyn 35:40 What's the benefit of have all these

mathowie 35:42 crazy laws that like like Nevada and New Mexico and like one other state like totally you cannot, whether they call it pierce the curtain, corporate curtain or some Oh,

Jessamyn 35:51 they've got privacy laws, so it's not that they have like any Jackass can register a car here. It's just if you register a car there, other people can't steal all your info,

mathowie 36:01 right? Like nothing is revealed to anybody, you know, without like a grand jury or something before you don't even know who owns a company. Like there's really good privacy laws for some reason in New Mexico. And so, yeah, it's, and it can imagine being a crackpot who arrives at a car dealer and is like, oh, okay, so my fake company is going to purchase this vehicle and, and the guy like, steps you through all the paperwork, but it's nuts and, but these are all the horrible, like, look up shit on people for five bucks sites.

Jessamyn 36:31 Right. And, you know, I gave it the college try. I mean, to be fair, like, I'm an elected official. So I think my private information is probably I don't have private information about that. But like, you know, it's really challenging. And I'm really good at the Internet. You know what I mean? Like, very good at clicking and pointing and not getting distracted by, you know, random buttons, and I couldn't get this done. Basically,

mathowie 36:56 I once tried to dox myself on one of those, like, when I was doing research on something and I paid five bucks to look up something was chasing down I think it was when I was looking for Casey Nicole, the remember the like the I was trying to find her I thought it'd be like not, you know, whatever, the fake woman who everyone thought was casing the call. I was like, it'd be cool. Do you like it? 10 years later, Hey, what's up, she does not want to be contacted. Like, I remember when you talked about that? Yeah. And I dug it. So you pay five bucks and get like 24 hours access to look up. So I like looked up George Bush and you get all his like weird DUIs and stuff from the 70s. And I looked at myself, and it's like, there are thanks to public utilities, you know, because I pay the gas bill, once you can figure out my I've done my best to try to hide my home address, mostly online. And there are ways where it leaks out. But I think

Jessamyn 37:44 when people can email me and I'll be like, here's this number. But when

mathowie 37:51 people get really Doc's it's always like social security numbers revealed in that, like, that's, that's like, there's some illegal layer that somebody has access to, like, where did they do that? I mean, I know a few people that are basically in the deep bowels of Usenet is their social security number because some guy doxxed him and did it on Usenet knowing it'll never go away. And I'm always like, where,

Jessamyn 38:13 like, a lot of this stuff is just stupid shit that gets I remember when, you know VTC our local community college had a file that happened to be world readable on their server that had everybody's SSN Zina. So somebody found out because they were googling themselves and they were like, um, or, but you know, once it winds up in Google's cache, it can wind up kind of everywhere and it's really a lot of work to take it away like even at the Internet Archive like we comply with takedown requests but you've got to know that your shits they're to be taken down in the first place.

mathowie 38:45 Yeah. Wow. Yeah. And these are all those gross sites and I can imagine them being total jerks about it.

Jessamyn 38:54 Yeah, I should do a big article on like, how I tried to get my information off those

mathowie 39:00 great gravy get like meta automate it to you know, put in your full name once and we'll go out for

Jessamyn 39:07 well, and especially because there's literally only two living Jessamyn West's in the United States. One of them is me and one of them is the other lady and I can tell which of us is which it's not like you know, there's made are there extra Matt, how you guys must there

Cortex 39:23 are a number of judgment cards for a while there in the mid aughts. I was in a real cage match with a few of them over. But at this point, I basically destroyed them all apparently nice

Jessamyn 39:33 ball. I told you. There's like a Jessamyn Duke who's a MMA fighter and she's got all my Google juice now.

mathowie 39:39 Whoa. No, that's cool. It's cool. Every time I meet someone, I have to share the name Jessamyn they freak out. You need any more Jessamyn out there in the world. Like people want to call you Jasmine when they read it. So weird.

Jessamyn 39:56 Yeah, I don't really understand it. But the thread itself well It's not that there wasn't a lot going on in it. But I just I found the link really useful and helpful to me personally,

mathowie 40:07 I saw that come over the wire yesterday and I was like, come back. I hope that's useful. Yeah, cuz it's weird. And it's horrible what's happening in the whole game gates GamerGate. Garbage,

Cortex 40:19 speaking of GamerGate and trying stuff from the internet segue

Jessamyn 40:27 to have segues,

Cortex 40:28 it's never a good time that we had a there was a post about a woman named Randy Harper, who put together a Gamergate, block list generation script that heuristically identifies likely GamerGate people and adds them to a block list, which is great because it means you don't have to do it manually. And I think what it mostly does is primary looks to see who a Twitter account is following and if it's following people, well, yeah, if it's reading a critical mass of likely Gamergate, Bhargavi, blog outlets, then it's like, oh, this is likely to be some kind of just Bayesian filtering for GamerGate or tendencies. And so it creates it, there's like 18,000, or something, I want to say accounts on this at this point. So she made this as a post about it, there's some good sort of roundup of the background. And then the FreeBSD girl on Twitter and people tweeted about it saying, Oh, hey, by the way, your things on metal filters is like, Oh, that's very exciting. What's meant I ended up sending her a gift account, she signed up.

mathowie 41:45 She fell in love with murder. She's like, What are you believe? This is like a bunch of smart people from two internets ago. Oh, my God. Sweet. The funniest part is I signed up for the gamer Gator blocker in the first days of GamerGate when she launched it just because I was tired of friends retweeting garbage to like show. Hey, look, everyone look at human garbage, this whole point laugh and I was like, you know, it's best I just don't even know. So the funny part is, I think I signed onto it like a month ago, and I forgot. And then one of my friends. Oh, no, like Patton. Oswald was yelling at Adam Baldwin on Twitter. Oh, my god sakes. I was like, What is he talking about? When I click into it? I couldn't even see it. I couldn't. I was like, Oh, that's right. I signed on that thing a month ago. This is so great. It just keeps paying off. Like yeah, so I don't have to see awful GamerGate human garbage. It's good. Nice. Because Twitter's been weird and kind of crappy about

Jessamyn 42:44 not even weird. They've just been absolutely shittily not handling this. Yeah, that's not even weird. It's completely sadly typically shitty.

mathowie 42:53 I mean, I guess the only thing I could say in their defense is it's hard to move such a big company's policies to you know, maybe put some teeth into their blocking and abuse report. I

Jessamyn 43:05 mean, they're not enforcing the

mathowie 43:09 death threat someone you should get kicked off the system. And if you come back on the same IP should be kicked off like they can do more.

Jessamyn 43:16 Oh, that's the thing I've always loved about metta filter, right is like, you know, on the back end, you guys were always like, what are the problems we need to solve? What are the tools we need to build and Twitter's big enough and homegrown enough? It's not like they're just using movable type or something like they can do this. And they dedicate resources elsewhere and fuck them? Because it's it's this GamerGate would have been nothing. If it weren't for Twitter, basically, kind of refusing to backup their own policies. Yeah.

mathowie 43:44 They said today, they're rolling out different policy things because they were shamed into

Jessamyn 43:49 it from the Women's Action, you know, coalition, basically,

mathowie 43:53 I mean, we are dealing with 50,000 people, they're dealing with 250 million active accounts. So

Jessamyn 43:58 it's a choice. It's a choice. You made a choice to have a manageable amount of people in your community. Yeah. lifestyle business,

mathowie 44:06 she had to make a game Renee blocker that didn't get her banned from Twitter. Like apparently that was

Cortex 44:12 the problem is like, just depending on how you do it, you could be violating the terms of services by trying to not deal with shit, which

Jessamyn 44:20 automated Lee block stuff. Well,

mathowie 44:22 I think you have to API stuff to check in to the what who people are following what and I know your API calls are severely capped. So I'm amazed

Jessamyn 44:31 work. That's why there's so many fewer clients nowadays, right? Yeah,

mathowie 44:35 yeah, that's Yeah, crazy. Well, In lighter news, happier news.

Jessamyn 44:41 This let's talk about

mathowie 44:43 horrible murders. Now. This is

Jessamyn 44:46 Lindsay Lohan.

mathowie 44:48 Oh, yeah. I guess there's a movie about twins. I don't know what that reference is for but this is nuts. It is the most. This is like straight up. You know, this is more Here's more Lifetime movie of the week. It's pretty cheesy. It's just like someone said, you know, oh, yeah, so this is like French fashion designer. And some of our friends go, Oh, hey, there's this minor character. I mean, it's minor actress in movies in America has that looks kind of like you. And she's like, What? Okay, and then so she's

Jessamyn 45:20 like, whatever, like, I'm Korean. So maybe you're just racist. And

mathowie 45:24 they both write until she found out they're both Korean adoptees and she's like, Oh, well, maybe there's something there. You know, maybe my friends aren't just all race. So she sent a thing on Facebook to her and then they sort of touch base and they came from the same town and they're the same age. She's like,

Jessamyn 45:42 whoa, a friend the same day. Yeah,

mathowie 45:45 in from the same hospital, I think they could remember back but one was brought up in America, one was brought up in France. And so they had a Skype call me recorded the Skype call. And because one of them's an actress in Hollywood, like I guess this has already been optioned for a movie or something. Or there's a documentary they're working on, they did a Kickstarter, like they're making a big documentary about, but you can watch like, there's a really touchy feely like, they must have good video editor friends, like Sorry, YouTube video of them meeting for the first time. And then Ali Khan, this show cuts of the Skype thing. They're just they're both blown away. Like they're staring into a mirror for the first time in their life that they did not know they had a twin, you know, like 20 years into their life. It's pretty awesome. It's really sweet. And so you watch, they even watch the documentary that's going to be on the way and they think they had a fully funded Kickstarter. And it's really nice.

Cortex 46:36 That reminds me of a similar older documentary with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. About

mathowie 46:44 it's not a tumor.

Cortex 46:47 Twin didn't know. They were a Momma

mathowie 46:49 from the Train twin. Wait, it was Schwarzenegger is pregnant? Oh, wait,

Jessamyn 46:57 they did a lot of movies as a kindergarten teacher

Cortex 47:00 to do a lot of just trying to enjoy some some pop culture.

Jessamyn 47:05 This last time, I'm sorry.

Cortex 47:08 Well, here, here's here's a game. I'm skipping. I'll tell you I'll throw this in and we can go back to the one. This is just a dumb little game that I really liked. Because it's so simple. It's a orbital mechanics game where it's just a one button game you left click to add some more thrust to your ship. And again, it's not a clicker game. No. I looked at it because I was because it had clicking the title.

Jessamyn 47:37 What's happening, but all those little spaceships are called fuck.

Cortex 47:42 I want to say as a major disclaimer, the people playing this are people on the internet and there's no gating which means sometimes people are just like, the only terrible thing you could do in this game is pick a shitty name. And so not pick shitty names. Like you know, it's happening. Very, very 4chan shit going on sometimes, but other times not so much. And it's just a real simple little chill out game. It was if you read the thread on it, there was a sort of critical mass of Metafilter people for a couple of days. Sort of playing together. I wish there was like a private server mode for it because I would love to have this like constantly running just as a meta filter only place to pop in and, and fly your rocket ship around. But

Jessamyn 48:26 without having to deal with everybody else's offensive rockets.

Cortex 48:29 I'll figure out oh, look, you came up with a Unicode for swastikas. That's That's wonderful.

mathowie 48:36 It's 11.

Cortex 48:37 I'd say it's weird. I hate to have to say also be a word that everybody's terrible. But, but it's just, I want to see someone iterate on this because I think this idea is so simple and so nice that I think it could really turn into a thing but it's kind of a nice little zoned out game. I'll play it every once awhile just to

mathowie 48:52 I didn't I couldn't tell what I did. Once you

Cortex 48:55 once you started to get good at you can get a nice big outside orbit that will take like several minutes to the case. So sometimes if I'm doing chores, I'll like get myself in a great big hole. That's how the outer rim and then I'll just walk away and do chores I'll come back and either I will have crashed or I won't. You know and I it's it's hard to say which is kind of everything. I don't even know what to call

mathowie 49:13 it because it's like contracts like IO is the

Cortex 49:18 URL. And I don't know if it has a title. It's just it's just that game where you orbit. It's it's such a it's just such a weird little unmarketable, unpolished, non product of a weird little internet game and I kind of love that so terrible. Yeah.

Jessamyn 49:38 So I just wanted to pull out that long essay slash interview with Chris Rock that route 317 posted it's just a really long interview with him talking about America. And it's super interesting, super good. Chris Rock is really thoughtful and especially because he's a black man living as a rich guy in New Jersey. You know, when He talks about kind of the different world he's his daughters are growing up in versus kind of what he grew up in and talks a lot about class and it's really long and really worth it. Yeah, that's really good. People pull out some of the some of the good stuff in it in the actual meta filter thread. But I just wanted

mathowie 50:17 100 People in Twitter shared it, and they all pick different quotes. And

Jessamyn 50:22 it's got so much interesting good stuff in it that yeah, it's it's very,

mathowie 50:27 a lot of the takeaway that's disturbing was like, things are slowly getting better. But mostly because white people are being less Juric. Slightly slowly.

Jessamyn 50:36 That's what he's talking about. He's like, look, this stuff, it's getting better. A lot of it's just victories for white people being less uncomfortable, and it doesn't actually solve the black experience issue in America at all. So way to congratulate yourself white people, but let's actually talk about structural inequality and deal with that. And that'll actually help more black people, not just the PR problem, also that you have.

mathowie 50:58 Yeah, and the coolest things is daughter was four when

Jessamyn 51:02 Obama was president. And so she's like, there's always been little black girls in the White House.

mathowie 51:09 You feel a lot less out there. I would say if like that White House. Yeah, that's awesome.

Cortex 51:15 Also, hopefully, we won't all be incredibly regretting every white person quoting this 10 years from now, like we were time he blew white people.

mathowie 51:25 Only thing was he didn't come down hard on Bill Cosby, he probably should have.

Jessamyn 51:31 Well, I think he was just, I mean, he was basically talking about it from a contextual point. Like I hope he didn't do it, but that did seem to sort of express a bit of naivete, but you can kind of see it if you were growing up. And Bill Cosby was your hero.

mathowie 51:44 Well, it's kind of like a tsunami not appear, but like, yeah, yeah, it was like a hero to him. And he's just like, I hope it's not true. But it's like probably yes. Right. But

Jessamyn 51:53 it probably is. Yeah, exactly. And we should talk about that like what everybody else has been busy dropping Bill Cosby like he's on fire. Yeah,

mathowie 52:01 yeah. Chris is like ah, I hope it's not true because I still liked Bill Cosby. Right? Like he was a smart funny guy, but also awful and human. horribleness like, oh, like you can't even imagine but like maybe it was a great chalk it up to his maybe it was the first time he thought about it. I don't know. Like he had like a

Jessamyn 52:24 statement about it. Yeah, well, the thing that was so weird to me about that Bill Cosby stuff to just generally is how like Hannibal Burrell getting a bunch of shit from people seem to be what actually amplified the signal enough to turn it into a thing like women have been saying the Cosby's, a rapist for 20 or 30 years.

mathowie 52:41 It's been really in the public for at least 10 years. 1050 Hannibal Burris right, like Sproul Burris I think he's kind of like you know he's up there Louie CK is probably in like you know, top three favorite guys you know, so I think and you know, like, also black dude you know, kind of tearing down Cosby the funny part is the way he went about making a joke out of it because it's so disturbing is that Cosby was shaking his finger at people for the last 20 years saying like, you know, pull your pants you know all this stuff and when you can contrast it with that is actual personal probably behavior it's it's horrible. It's like the worst kind of hypocrisy Did you see this post about the guy who invented his own area code? What it is, like, so great, so just click on the first link to see you'll just see net banana. Yeah, and you'll click the first link just to see the guy's page because it's 1999 was the last time it was updated

Jessamyn 53:48 and let's tml Writers Guild Yes.

mathowie 53:51 Everything about this is nerd heaven. It's like a guy he wanted a phone number of he lived in Florida Cape Canaveral and he wanted a phone number of three to one lift off he wanted to tell friends hey call me on the phone three to one lift off because I live in Cape Canaveral. So use that as a hook. And he like convinced all his local like when he talks like like state representatives and went up the chain torlys said three to one should be the area code for this part of Florida where all these lift offs happen. And it was it's amazing. It's just as long story of how he had to go through all these Public Service Commission's to like you know, in the end you couldn't even get the number because I'm commercial entity own the default one that makes a special carve out for him that they would forward it forever and he had a right of contract. The whole thing is crazy. But it's just so like ham radio nerdy. It's amazing. That is

Cortex 54:48 totally did not say that.

Jessamyn 54:51 I see it either. And Dana banana is from that part of Danna banana sorry, is from some part of Florida.

mathowie 54:59 It's just Such a great goofball internet story that's been sitting there since 1999. The paid says last updated 1999 html Writers Guild, like it's so good, so good.

Cortex 55:11 Speaking of bizarre things that involve spaceship launches a video

Jessamyn 55:22 don't even understand this post my last whatever you're going to

Cortex 55:26 talk about this is this is this is like pure distilled like mean nutrients jammed into a YouTube video. It's a it's a video. That's a crazy dubstep weirdo parody montage about Kerbal Space Program which itself quirky little independent game about a spacecraft The problem is all about building and launching spacecraft in the space and going to the moon and going to other planets and so on. Kerbel is

Jessamyn 55:55 one these kind of recursive things where you have to know the thing and then the thing about the thing and then

Cortex 56:01 you certainly do to make total sense. I think it's interesting. I feel like it's worth watching but it's worth watching with the sound turned up sometimes just for the weirdness of it, but it is like it's intentionally a hole. Like there's nothing sincere about any of it. It's just taking a game that's a very friendly, sedate little sort of space exploration simulator and going fucking nuts with it. And it comes up that in a thread that, you know, this is not a new format for video, there was a post about oh gosh, where's my Here we go. Here's an older post in the same style about farming simulator that we had a couple years ago.

mathowie 56:47 Bob Marley featured in these things as a random

Cortex 56:51 smoke weed every day, man. That's like smoke could do some

mathowie 56:56 everyday. Was that a real picture of the International Space Station with Chris what's his name holding a big bag of weed?

Cortex 57:02 I'm gonna say no, I'm gonna say probably it is real,

mathowie 57:06 they have no space.

Cortex 57:08 Why would you have to ask? Oh my god, it

mathowie 57:10 really looks like a picture of that

Cortex 57:13 thing called Photoshop now but if you examine the pixel

mathowie 57:18 it's really fast.

Jessamyn 57:19 It's real. If you examine the pixels

mathowie 57:23 they're flying by

mathowie 57:31 talk with our resident gullible people.

Jessamyn 57:38 Chris Hadfield

mathowie 57:40 Yeah, that was that guy. Everything's flashing by really fast. I did put

Cortex 57:47 you in a mental mentally vulnerable state thereby making you watch that video.

mathowie 57:51 Right? I can't tell if things were

Jessamyn 57:53 like once we'd becomes legal where you are suddenly you forget that it's still wickety legal most or many other places in the US.

mathowie 58:01 What is the legal jurisdiction of space?

Jessamyn 58:05 Interesting question. Right?

mathowie 58:07 You think legal because there's no I don't know. I have no idea. Wow. That's That's refreshing. About AskMe Metafilter.

Cortex 58:19 Sure, but I want to enter one more little. Okay, cool. This is if you're looking for a puzzle game, there's a nice post about a game called Oh, hi. That is a puzzle that I guess had existed before. There's some weird way. Yeah, it's like zero h h one. Oh. But it's a nice little puzzle game. If you're looking for puzzle game. Go check that out.

Jessamyn 58:41 It's very beautiful website. Yes.

mathowie 58:44 Neat. It's almost like threes are 2048. But it's neat, neat looking.

Cortex 58:53 So AskMe Metafilter

mathowie 58:54 AskMe edit filter.

Jessamyn 58:56 Filter.

mathowie 58:58 Oh my god, the

Jessamyn 58:59 poop filter was great. This this time around.

mathowie 59:02 We didn't discuss this in the last podcast, the poop and fart muscles being separate.

Jessamyn 59:08 The best answer in that thread?

mathowie 59:10 I think you did. This thread is peak metal filter. When did we record now? Impossible. I feel like I talked about it with you guys. But wow, I thought I talked about Jessamyn Wow, you

Jessamyn 59:24 did not talk about poops in parts.

mathowie 59:25 I mean, we talked about on Twitter. Maybe I just said this is the greatest weird. Like, this says someone going like hey, when I feel like I have to poop and after fart it feels like I have two different muscles. Is that a thing? Or I came like is this

Jessamyn 59:40 a dangerous delusion? Actually what 256

mathowie 59:43 Yeah. And like is this something you lose control over? Yeah. And you had the best and there's sort of like it goes through like there's some anatomy things and there's some muscle things and like a billion people are tweeting about like health funny. I guess this wasn't informative at the same time. I thought we discussed it. But it's impossible. No, I'm

Jessamyn 1:00:01 trying to think when we might have talked about. We swapped email over the month. I don't know,

mathowie 1:00:07 November 4 is when we recorded so we could not have covered it. But I guess maybe I was talking to people on Twitter about it. So I feel like I

Jessamyn 1:00:14 talked it out already. Maybe we talked about in the podcast, right? I do not know. It's very funny. It's not only your best answer, but the best answer within three minutes.

mathowie 1:00:24 Right at the top setting the tone? You know me? Yeah. Awesome. Yeah, so that was good.

Jessamyn 1:00:31 The other asked Metafilter question that I got a best answer within several minutes, but that I really had wished other people had answers for was Joe chip is working on an article about the deep web, you know, like, crap, you can't get to except by using like, Tor, like onion sites or whatever. And he was wondering, you know, what kind of stuff lives in those, you know, dark net areas, and there just wasn't? People People didn't really have answers, because like Silk Road was this big thing where you could buy like weapons or heroin or whoever knows, with Bitcoin and blar. But other than like, real high profile, stuff like that. I was, I was personally curious what stuff people found.

mathowie 1:01:17 I feel the same way. Like I was talking to friends and like a private email list. And they were thrown around darkweb. Like it was a daily thing in their lives. And like, what do you like, that's the one part about the Silk Road breakdown, that they're like, you know, you hear Gizmodo talking about this entire vast, dark web? And I'm like, How did I miss this? I don't know what you're talking about. And so my friends, you know, like, you know, bloggers, you've probably heard of, we're mostly like, oh, it's what we're doing right now. Like we're trading, you know, like pirate bay links. And here's the new album, this leaked a month early. And, you know, maybe guardians of galaxy, a crappy copy from Singapore is here. And I'm like, is that dark web, they make the dark web sound like this. The Dark Web?

Cortex 1:02:01 Directory after dark?

mathowie 1:02:06 cool glasses on every list? No. trench coats to make Dark Web sound like there's social networks. There's forums, there's downloads, there's no I'm like, I don't know what those things are. I don't know. I've never heard of any of these, like Silk Road. I only heard about it. You know, I mean, I heard, hey, you can get hair when there. It's like, I'm not gonna look into that. But I heard about when it was broken up mostly?

Jessamyn 1:02:27 Well, and all the stuff that I know about. This sort of underground D is actually available through the regular web, you just can't find it on Google, which is different

mathowie 1:02:37 than like, I guess I'm part of a secret, you know, Usenet file. You're really bad

Cortex 1:02:43 at secret about these

mathowie 1:02:46 dark wood net guess I mean, if you go to their website, there's a lot of famous torrent sites, right, that are famous in like the music industry.

Jessamyn 1:02:54 And like, invite only Yeah, no, it's even worse if you go to

Cortex 1:02:57 the Danny Torrance fan club site for, like the kid from The Shining, if you

mathowie 1:03:02 will, here's the best part of these Bayless Torah thing. If you go to blah, blah,, where they're hosted. It's like Joe Blows washing machine repair. There's a fake website in front of BitTorrent communication, get there? Yeah. Which is hilarious. So the one

Jessamyn 1:03:16 I use to awesome, that idea

mathowie 1:03:19 and the one, there's like a five page brochure website, and you don't click anything, you just have to know what URL to construct to get behind it. And the one I go to, I think it's a blank white page, if you go to, you know, and then you have to know that where the login is located, which is slash login or something simple, but yeah, it's funny. I don't know what a dark web really, it's hard to define. Because I don't know what I'm in some

Jessamyn 1:03:46 other people explaining what they found there. Because, you know, I've been there once or twice. And there were people like swapping, like I said, like, great, like IOL articles, but that was it. And that wasn't even that out there. You know,

mathowie 1:03:59 I changed my IP to Belgium to watch weird European bike races sometimes because they're on YouTube. If you're not in America, it's not dark web in Belgium. It's silly, but there's apparently websites that only work if you're on tour. Like I've never even heard of this. Yeah, yeah. I would love to hear a list but I guess they're kind of

Jessamyn 1:04:18 hoping that there was more there and there wasn't more big hand

mathowie 1:04:21 wavy, there's I hope someone listens to this and goes in and piece is vague in hand wavy, because I don't I feel like I feel like totally out of touch person. When dark web stuff started get thrown around. Like why? Like, what are you guys talking about? Like nobody can define it to me? Speaking of being old and out of touch, there's amazing guy zero asked Where does the X in the streets Why and the sheets originate from and it's like a 2000 for a rap song. I had no idea that there was like a single it's an usher hit from 2004 lady in the street freaking the sheets, you know, and there's a billion jokes and Twitter bots that just Bill and

Jessamyn 1:05:00 somebody mentioned at the end that Coco Taylor's version I am the broom mentioned the Koko Taylor version may predate ushers,

mathowie 1:05:06 right? Yeah. I just didn't know there was even sort of a source because it just it's like a ubiquitous running joke at this point. But right, right, right, right. At least I was like, oh, at least I can put my finger on a meme sort of. That's useful.

Jessamyn 1:05:21 I had a couple of one offs, including lips. That's the same one, including, where's my cat hiding in the house? Spoiler alert, they found the cat. But it's just interesting listening to people who make huge lists of where cats could have possibly been. This cat was hiding in the basement ceiling.

mathowie 1:05:41 Wow. Like a drop ceiling somehow. No, you can read it. That's hard to do.

Jessamyn 1:05:49 And why am I getting shocked by my MacBook Pro? Which does not I believe have an update. But it does appear to not be the laptop but probably something else. But it's somebody who uses like metal shelving units, and basically has when their MacBook is plugged in. It gives them little electric shocks.

mathowie 1:06:13 Have you ever gotten that weird like vibrating? Subtle, not shock. I you know, we're like if you rub your finger across the metal top of sometimes you feel like a buzz

Jessamyn 1:06:27 from like a hot water faucet. Yeah, like from any of my laptops. Definitely.

mathowie 1:06:32 Like every MacBook I've owned under certain circumstances, you can get sort of a buzz if you run your finger across it in like, it's got to be not grounded in a certain kind of outlet in it. I'm in the mountains and static electricity or something like there's times where I've just I just go like, whoa, whoa, that's really happening. Like, whoa, it's not stopping. But yeah, wow. I will read this one. Crazy.

Jessamyn 1:07:00 And then the other very short one that I had was unusual wall calendars of 2015 which is specifically useful for the oh, now I'm trying to figure

mathowie 1:07:12 out and pictures are weird.

Jessamyn 1:07:14 Organizations that they want weird pictures now. Chickens, cattle priests of the Vatican. Look at that guy.

mathowie 1:07:27 Wow. Like what do you how do you work out in the Vatican?

Jessamyn 1:07:32 What do you mean? How do you not work out in the Vatican? Like tons of time?

mathowie 1:07:35 It's true. All you do is work on Sunday, right? Under social justice cats neat. Little Kittens that says fuck your privilege above them. That's pretty cool. Breeze. I like the crazy. Chicken one. Just crazy chicken extraordinary chickens calendar.

Jessamyn 1:07:57 But yeah, it's that time of year. So I don't know if you guys have put the dancing Santa's up on the asking question.

Cortex 1:08:03 But it's it's the first I guess we got to make it happen. Oh my God again. How did it be the second How did it be this? That's your sentence of the day. That's that's our podcast idol.

Jessamyn 1:08:14 How did it be the second?

mathowie 1:08:21 There's a weird heavy, I don't know, difficult thread about how do you teach like consent and body awareness and boundaries for kids of all ages and stages? Like what do you teach about private parts to a four year old and stuff? Like, and so there's a pretty good list as like,

Cortex 1:08:39 we're not still on the calendar. Calendar

mathowie 1:08:46 list of like, you know, stuff aimed at five to nine year old kids that are like online courses and materials and books and stuff. And like, it's pretty good. Like, this is a weird difficult thing. I'm having to like, think about and do it. But yeah,

Jessamyn 1:09:01 right. Because by definition, it's talking to your kid about what to do when they're not around you. So you can't just be there and be like, oh, yeah, that's cool. Oh, yeah. That's not cool.

mathowie 1:09:10 Right? Yeah. And you kind of come with boundaries. I always thought was weird. I had I guess an uncle cousin or something that like had kids, you know, 10 years before me. And they used to play the stranger game all the time, which was weird, which was like they roleplay as if I've kidnapped like, he role played as if he had kidnapped his daughter. Like, they would do this, like walk into the park. They're like, Hey, you want some candy? She goes, No, I don't want some candy. Hey, well, your friends in my van. Can you get it? We'll give you a ride home. Like no, I'm not gonna they would like practice what she would do in those situations. And I was like, wow, that's really disturbing and weird. And you know, but they're, they're constantly doing this. And so yeah, as I'd have a kid now I'm thinking we don't do things like that. But we have to talk about things like that, like, you know, boundaries and stuff.

Jessamyn 1:10:00 Well, and we talked about stuff like that just in terms of like with my family, like who can pick you up at school who can't pick you up at school, I would never tell a stranger to give you a ride home, blah, blah, blah. But not, we didn't get into sort of more than that just because small town and it didn't really come up. But nowadays, I think people who are trying to be mindful, go further along that road with kids, especially because kids may or may not be interacting with people on the internet and a whole bunch of stuff.

mathowie 1:10:27 Schools are very nuts and bolts. And so his role playing was always like, if a guide just slows the car down next to you in the street, where the rules are, you know, ambiguous. And when I remember listening to this going like, Fuck, he's really good at this. Like God, I would have fell for like half of these like, Oh, something happened to my mom. I should jump in. Yeah, I probably should. Like I should trust this stranger like, yeah, it was.

Jessamyn 1:10:53 Right. This is an emergency. And my parents taught me blah, about emergency, right,

mathowie 1:10:56 like rules go out the window, and something big happens. And that sounds pretty big. You know, my mom collapsed somewhere. Okay, sir. You know, like, I'm that guy, Kevin, that your mom or dad talks about? Like, I think they do have a friend named Kevin like, yeah, he was really good at it. And it was frightening to me and disturbing, but yeah. Oh, yeah.

Cortex 1:11:18 Like, I really kidnap a kid.

mathowie 1:11:21 Because really good. There was someone point I don't know how I found maybe was on Twitter, someone pointed out a really old thread on AskMe Metafilter. From April 2013. By read David, going Kinos infinite scrolling sites, like sometimes like Instagram, Instagram doesn't automatically infinitely scroll, but like Twitter, you know, load mossback tweets,

Cortex 1:11:45 a lot of Tumblr themes will do it. Yeah. And if you go put a footer at the bottom of the fucking page, because

Jessamyn 1:11:51 that is supposed to work.

mathowie 1:11:53 This is kind of cool.

Jessamyn 1:11:54 Get to that footer. If I want

mathowie 1:11:55 to get to the 1,000th post on something, can you give me a little bit of code that I can just run in a tab and I'll hide the tab. And in 10 minutes, we'll come back to it and show me the 1000s post. And someone writes a tiny little like one line JavaScript, Tyler, Kara's whiskey post this like one line thing you can put into Google Chrome's like JavaScript console. And it will like, was it every second 10 times a second Oh, page down. And then you just adjust one number in the formula for how many seconds you want to keep running this for. And it could, you know, go on forever. And the person's like perfectly wins. It worked, you know, works exactly as you wanted to. It's like a one step thing just copy and paste this. And auto scroll a tab and i was like i Someday I'm going to need this. And yeah, we're I'm just hate when you're going through some history on someone's social site. And you're trying to find something from two years ago, and it's just scroll

Jessamyn 1:12:54 scroll. And you know, you've got to scroll times

mathowie 1:12:57 scroll, wait, scroll, wait, scroll loads, girl. Yeah, really, like, this is what computers are for, you know, do it for me. Right? So that was I don't know, where I found that someone referenced it somewhere on meta talk, I think and I was like, Damn, that's useful.

Jessamyn 1:13:12 I enjoyed this home hacking thread by V Guard, 10. Baker, 10 Blah. I'm gonna go with

mathowie 1:13:21 Edge art. And the plus

Jessamyn 1:13:25 club adventure team. I don't know, at any rate, she just asked kind of a complicated question. Like, look, I buy a pair of shoes that I like, but then I either wear them out and I don't have those shoes anymore. Or I buy a second pair of shoes, but then they just sit there. And then it turns out I have another pair of shoes. I like more. And then I've got these shoes left. And then Allah, you know, how do you balance basically buying copies of things that you really like against the fact that you might decide that's only your second or third favorite thing by the time you get around to using it. And you know, of course, the metal filter crowd, people have a lot of different suggestions of how you make that system work.

mathowie 1:14:09 Kind of depends how much stored space you have. But how long it takes you to wear something out

Jessamyn 1:14:15 and understanding your own mind. You know, if you're going to change your mind frequently, that's going to be different than if you're not going to change your mind frequently.

mathowie 1:14:22 I don't think I've ever bought the same pair of shoes a second time.

Jessamyn 1:14:27 Maybe Oh man, I always do.

mathowie 1:14:28 I know. I feel like I should do that more often. But I think like I'm not wearing shoes out that fast anymore. Like you take six months to a year for me to walk the hell out of a pair. So I go think textiles are changed brown leather isn't so great anymore. I'll go athletic. But then I've got 30 pairs of shoes too. So it takes a long time to wear something out

Jessamyn 1:14:50 right I mean, I think this person has like I wear one pair of shoes all the time and then I change to another pair of shoes but at any rate it was an interesting like different people. Everyone's got a system or at least everyone in that thread had a system so it was interesting to watch them. You know, try and explain it say how it worked.

Cortex 1:15:06 I think die system is just to keep buying more, more rollerball pens and everything else will take care of itself. I just

Jessamyn 1:15:14 as it worked out for it pretty good.

Cortex 1:15:15 It works out okay. They're like fucking guitar picks, I can buy a 12 pack and I don't know where half of them are a week later. Like, eventually we're going to find out that the entire like, you know, sub basement layer of our house is composed of Uniball pens that I can't find your cats are just like, you know, it's like a ton of them a literal 2000 pounds of them have squirreled away over the years. Wow, this

mathowie 1:15:36 one thread I've marked every single answer is favorited or whatever bested. This was a great handy, how to guide for straight males to be better partners. I think it was, hey, the long term relationship what are small gestures your husband does do that remind you that they're not taking you for granted constantly read from XM. And some of them are so I mean, it's not just taught it's mostly aimed at like out of it men, you know, in a relationship, but some of them are like, Oh, my wife does this one thing. It's one of those one little things that people do to like, remind you that they like you in the summer like dishes, a lot of them are dishes, like do the dishes, and we're cool. And then some are like, Oh, we always hug Oh, you know, we always do this stuff. But

Jessamyn 1:16:23 it's like check in at a certain time every night, whatever the thing is.

mathowie 1:16:26 Yeah, always thanks me. Whenever whoever bought the meal, even after 14 years, there's a lot of things like they're all very little things, you know that? You know that ring true for this couple? And it's good. It's like a lot of things right? Oh my god. I didn't think to do that. But that's awesome.

Jessamyn 1:16:46 I enjoyed this. Why did pioneers think it was a good idea to settle in Buffalo after buffalo? Record breaking ridiculous snow, for a lot of people had a lot of really good answers of why Buffalo was and is except for sometimes a completely reasonable place to live.

mathowie 1:17:05 I had this exact question. The first time I ever went to Boston, it was during a blizzard in February. And then I immediately went to was March, I had meetings right before South by Southwest. And then I had to go, I had to go from MIT to South by Southwest. And it was like from, you know, 20 degrees and four feet of snow to like 80 degrees. And follow me and and I was like, I was thinking to the like formation the United States, right? The 13 colonies includes Massachusetts, and it goes almost, you know, goes down to Georgia and Florida where it's like nice and warm.

Jessamyn 1:17:35 Like why I don't think Florida is one of the original 13 colonies. But if

mathowie 1:17:39 you knew those places existed, why would you move down and before the age of heaters and

Jessamyn 1:17:44 bugs man? Oh, yeah. And because it's actually easier to heat things than it was to cool things was one of the very simple things that people pointed out.

Cortex 1:17:56 But you can't start a Frigidaire. I

mathowie 1:17:58 just watched the Stephen Berlin Johnson PBS show and they did a whole show. He did a whole like hour on coldness. And it's really recent, and he did the whole, his whole, you know, air conditioning that we know it today was invented in Brooklyn in like 1910. Popularized until like, 2030 years later, and he talked about how inhospitable the summers in the South were. And then when cheap air conditioning got there in the 50s 60s 70s 80s, suddenly you had people moving down there for the first time. And they said, like Ronald Reagan became president because of air conditioning, basically. Bass sounds sounds ridiculous, but it took him 40 minutes to get there. And you were like, right on board. If

Jessamyn 1:18:44 you watch it, for like one of those connections episodes.

mathowie 1:18:48 He totally made jamesburg connections rip off show for PBS. That's fantastic. called How did we get to now? And yeah, it goes back 500 years and comes up to now with all the steps and yeah, he goes to the 40 steps and you're like, yep, that's why Reagan is Reagan. It's very good. That's cool. Yeah. So yeah, when I went to Boston, I was like, oh, man, Boston winters. Yeah,

Jessamyn 1:19:12 but you just dress for it. And then you know, the summers are amazing. And, you know, the farther north you get up here, where the winters are super punishing, but the summers are amazing and empty. Like, can you imagine living in a place without traffic? I live in a place without traffic.

mathowie 1:19:28 It would have been hard to be mobile, you know, 250 years ago, but not really,

Jessamyn 1:19:33 because you had a horse in a sled, which was actually easier to get places than a car in the snow.

mathowie 1:19:39 Oh, I just meant like, if you lived in Vermont in the summer, could you move to the winter in, you know, North Carolina?

Jessamyn 1:19:47 I mean, you could take the train, but people

mathowie 1:19:51 hundreds, no trains, right.

Jessamyn 1:19:53 Right. Could Yeah, and you just didn't want people. But yeah, no, you wouldn't. I mean, you wouldn't do it. You have to You know if especially if you're a farmer which many are most people were in the agrarian society you can't really just leave

mathowie 1:20:05 right through the lands land. Very cool. Now they're asked me faiz

Jessamyn 1:20:11 that was it you guys should probably mention the best post contest Yes,

Cortex 1:20:17 yes. Yes, that's post contest does

mathowie 1:20:21 many December's we will be doing good posts, and every week, we'll be highlighting their favorites. And people have put up a whole bunch on the wiki of very specific things they're looking for.

Jessamyn 1:20:33 Yeah, you you user can actually, you know, offer a theme prize, if you want to,

mathowie 1:20:41 you can say, I will give, you know, I don't know, a beaker to the best science posts of the month that I like, and you can if you want to do that, and it's

Jessamyn 1:20:51 all so you can participate in many ways. One making really good posts to offering prizes, three being supportive of how good the good posts are, and mentioning in the meta talk thread and everything else. Yeah.

mathowie 1:21:02 And in the past, we've done this in August is in December's when things are kind of quieter, busy. And we had some great posts. And yeah, we'll do a recap show next month, have our favorites and talk about the other favorites. And we'll be posting on the best of blog all month, so yeah. Cool.

Cortex 1:21:22 There's a bunch of nice music on the site on Music dot meta If you'd like a quick roundup of some music, sure. All right, well, here's some music. It's all round and up. There's, there's just a ton of stuff. But a few things I really liked. There's a cover, I guess a fairy tale in New York, which I guess was originally a pug song. This is by a little Nemo. And it's really nice, big arrangement. So that's kind of your your Christmas music from the set. But it's it's just, it's really pretty, it's really nicely done. Also pretty nicely done. There's a guitar arrangement by Gorbachev of A, he basically took a class on arranging and wrote an arrangement for acoustic guitar, and then this is playing that. And it's really nice. It's it's sort of self conscious in the post about it, you know, having hesitations in it, but actually, it sounds really nice. And then with this, particularly, sort of, you know, it's a tune that works well with some expression in the timing. So it's just really neat. There's completely fantastic song called I want tacos. by Eric Grande. It's about wanting tacos, and I love it. And that's all I have to say about that one.

Jessamyn 1:22:53 I love your comment. Ha now I want tacos and the They Might Be Giants thing that's just continuing.

Cortex 1:23:00 That's like six weeks out yet until we're actually at the deadline for it. So people are still working on their stuff. There's a self referential song called headphones by varous which is about you know about making music. So it's kind of great, and I love it doesn't go left right a lot. I didn't notice any significant stereo panning, but I should revisit it just to see if I was charmed enough by the lyrics that I wasn't paying as much attention as I could have to the details of the mix, I guess. But then one last one. I think this is this is my favorite of them all. This is a song called I know it's you parentheses, Jeff. It's Roger, where Jeff XL took a bunch of voicemail greetings from his brother over a period of several years and turn them into a song and and it's better than you are imagining even if you're imagining it's good. I love this. One great idea. It's just a it's a wonderful, wonderful little piece of work that he did as a birthday gift for his his brother. So

mathowie 1:24:09 wow, that is really good. Jeff, it's Roger kerf with Toronto. That's awesome.

Cortex 1:24:18 And there's your music and there's a bunch of other stuff too, but I don't want to talk for 10 minutes about it so sweet.

Jessamyn 1:24:24 Cool. Well, there's a whole bunch of like random holiday stuff going on in meta talk including the cookie swap which is painting in this year and I think there's something of the secret quants our stuff has been

mathowie 1:24:37 mostly done I would say by now. I got I gave out my present and got a present and it was super a mystery and I want to know who it was it was so nice they got me a nice gift

Jessamyn 1:24:52 and you don't know who it was no they

mathowie 1:24:53 totally it's totally no I mean I guess maybe I should God Mode was it called God view and fig You're out whether home addresses or something, but yeah, I don't know. It's good.

Jessamyn 1:25:04 Yeah. So there's a thank you thread for you know, I did you posted that?

mathowie 1:25:09 No, not yet. But yeah, I got a nice, a nice photography related thing, because I knew I liked photography. It was very good.

Jessamyn 1:25:15 That's awesome. It wasn't a Gorillapod was it?

mathowie 1:25:18 No, no, it was a book. Like, I think a museum put out a, you know, photography book of some, you know, big show they did a few years ago. So this is sort of the, you know, schwag that went with it. And the person worked on it, which is really cool. amassed some of the Yeah, it was very nice. And then I, because the person I was paired up with, they want something off Amazon. So they know, you know, there's I mean, with gift stuff. You can't hide who the from is. So I was like, Ah, I can't

Jessamyn 1:25:51 see. You can't, you can't hide the from I don't think

mathowie 1:25:55 I think you have to go to great lengths to do it. I remember there was a way to do it like 10 years ago, but I don't think there is a way to do it now. So the personal email is like oh, hey, thanks. Yeah, welcome. That's what you wanted. So you got what you wanted. So yeah, that was good. All right. Nice.

Cortex 1:26:18 I'm gonna get together and watch Jurassic Park. Probably Probably the 20 like,

mathowie 1:26:25 three weeks or something to you but yep. Because Jurassic Park trailer that is Oh, Jurassic World clean a lame look. Oh, God. I

Jessamyn 1:26:34 saw that before. What I was watching, but I saw it. It was just like,

mathowie 1:26:39 oh, during the footballs,

Jessamyn 1:26:42 I saw it. Oh, maybe that was where I saw it.

mathowie 1:26:45 We I think some network also played the original Jurassic Park. And we watched about 10 minutes of it during like football, commercial breaks, here and there. And we're like, the dinosaurs were so cutting edge for back then. And you look at it now we used to like Pixar freakin sub hair lighting. You know, like, that's great anymore. And so they, I mean, the new one will look amazing, but

Jessamyn 1:27:08 there's like a dinosaur theme park and then I don't even know what happens. They escape or they're gonna escape or something bad happens. I'm just amazed they can keep going with this franchise.

mathowie 1:27:19 I want to see just to see the effects. I know it'd be a terrible story. But yeah.

Cortex 1:27:24 I mean, Chris Pratt is entertaining. So

Jessamyn 1:27:27 he's Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend, too. And that was a fun Chris Pratt movie. Yep, yep.

mathowie 1:27:32 Proudly prep prep the best. See you guys next month. All right. No stacking

Unknown Speaker 1:27:52 man, yeah, brother. Sensitive. And I got your message. And now I got a question. No, it's you bro. Anytime a day. So and yet draw me alive. You use a jump. Shot. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Stage. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. No jump. was Roger. Roger. Roger. Jeff it's Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger. Roger was calling me And then there's caller ID I know it's Euro I know it's you. Yep. Thanks Roger. Green in my call again. Give me a single