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Podcast 95 Transcript

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A transcript for Episode 95: #dickmove (2014-08-02).

Pronoiac passed the podcast to


Cortex 0:00 Hey Matt how Jessamyn Welcome to the men of Bill to odd.

mathowie 0:11 Welcome to Episode 95 of the metal filter Podcast. I'm Matt Howie.

Jessamyn 0:16 I'm Jessamyn West.

Cortex 0:17 And I'm Josh Maillard, aka cortex.

mathowie 0:19 Sweet. And we are here. It's still it's the August podcast, though everything is

Jessamyn 0:26 technically July because we're extra on the ball. Yeah.

Cortex 0:29 Well, it's the podcast covering July. So the July podcast in a

Jessamyn 0:34 sense, sorry, suckers who posted in the end of July, we missed you thing.

mathowie 0:38 But we also started on July 7 on since we did the last one late. So this one's a little early. So yeah. Two and a half week podcast.

Jessamyn 0:48 We'll make it quick.

mathowie 0:49 Sweet. So are we

Unknown Speaker 0:50 making quick,

mathowie 0:52 quick? Brief 90 minutes later? Yeah,

Cortex 0:56 we'll try and keep it under two hours. You know?

mathowie 0:58 Yeah. That's a nice,

Cortex 0:59 concise, totally

mathowie 1:00 viable goal. Should we do

Jessamyn 1:05 our 95 Nine, the last member in the third triplet of distinct semi primes, 9394 and 95.

mathowie 1:12 What's a semi prime versus a prime?

Cortex 1:15 It's much lighter and has to use the right lane and go slower.

Jessamyn 1:19 Or it's a natural number that is the product of two prime numbers.

mathowie 1:24 And I forgot natural number we covered like five podcasts ago, right? I

Jessamyn 1:28 think natural number just means number.

mathowie 1:31 Not imaginary, I guess.

Jessamyn 1:34 So semi prime numbers have no composite factors other than themselves. So 26 is semi prime because it's factors are 123 and 26. Which leads me to the thing I totally wanted to talk about, which is that I just found out that my phone number is a semi prime. Whoa. Yeah. But now I don't know like our semi primes like our semi primes like this. Is that unusual? It seems like it's unusual to have a phone number that doesn't have any other factors besides two and this massive prime number, but maybe it's not.

mathowie 2:07 Did you just notice it one day or

Jessamyn 2:10 emailed me like a nut? Oh, hey, by the way, did you know because we

mathowie 2:13 had Yes, yeah, we made fun of a guy for saying that. Well,

Jessamyn 2:18 I guess I take that guy because guys,

mathowie 2:24 always have big beard. Stay away from guys with big beards.

Jessamyn 2:27 Are you kidding? They're my favorite guys.

mathowie 2:29 But they're good at math.

Jessamyn 2:30 I'm good at math. But I don't do that like noticing the wacky numbers stuff. I mean, I can't imagine what he was doing. So you're cuz he didn't notice it? And

mathowie 2:41 numbers, the square of like, 63,075 or something like that? What? What is your what numbers make up your phone number? Like, what? What are the primes that make up your phone number?

Jessamyn 2:53 It's literally like the phone number. And then it's two times, whatever. If I tell you the number, then everybody knows my phone number. Wow. Suffice to say it's a 10 digit prime number.

mathowie 3:06 That's nuts. Is it a real prime? Or is it semi prime? It's a real,

Jessamyn 3:12 my numbers are semi prime, which means that there's a real prime as part of it.

mathowie 3:17 I don't like the semi prime talk around even numbers because even means something's divisible always.

Jessamyn 3:23 Yeah, but I mean, when you get small. I mean, because my numbers even and semi prime. That makes sense. Because two is prime. Right? Yeah, sort of. This has nothing to do with metadata. But this

mathowie 3:40 95 is the year I got out of. I got my bachelor's degree. So that's good.

Cortex 3:45 95 is the year that Windows changed everything. Start

Jessamyn 3:49 reading the Wikipedia page. 295 is this giant highway? And I always like dog me 95 Those crazy filmmaker?

mathowie 3:57 Oh, right.

Cortex 3:59 Friend, was that Danish?

mathowie 4:01 I think so. I guess one of the Scandinavia's I saw some of

Jessamyn 4:05 the poems and they were poems now I'm reading Cummings, I saw some of the movies and they were really good.

mathowie 4:10 I could tell you everything coming. This guy could hear the lowercase.

Jessamyn 4:16 Actually uppercase on Wikipedia, and I want to die.

mathowie 4:18 Oh, that's not right. I think

Cortex 4:21 I think that might be in some ways, though. I think the affectation of it being lowercase is something that like he like riffed on, but my impression is that he wasn't like, I wasn't like, No, you have to spell it like that, if you like he did that sometimes. And he played with non punctuation and no capitalization at times. But then, like publishers, like you know, what's really weird, that poet who doesn't capitalize names, let's run with that. And he was like, guys, really?

Jessamyn 4:45 Let's see normal orthography is supported by scholarship and preferred by publishers today. Cummings used both,

mathowie 4:51 Paul I didn't know. Anyway,

Jessamyn 4:55 here's a link.

mathowie 4:58 Boom, Bing. and go, Wow, there's a whole page about capitalization.

Cortex 5:04 I think what actually happened is he he engineered the entire controversy about whether or not to capitalize or to not capitalize and so on to distract people from making jokes about the fact that his name is Cummings, which is just hilarious. Oh, yeah. Well, like Alan Cummings.

mathowie 5:21 Is it? Yeah,

Jessamyn 5:22 he totally has that perfume and totally is like, wink wink nudge nudge eyebrows. Dude.

mathowie 5:28 Wait, it was something nuts like glory kami. What the name is something horrible. What's the perfume? It's funny as hell but I am looking into this now. It's funny. I remember.

Jessamyn 5:41 Second Alan Coming. Coming.

mathowie 5:44 No Is

Jessamyn 5:45 it? One of them is I guess there must be other ones when the first

Cortex 5:49 was called coming. I don't know. I'm not I'm not totally sure. Yours. Also, I don't know for sure if this is actually something that exists or just was a good joke that Alan cutting run rat ran with but

Jessamyn 6:03 yeah, look at these pictures. I love this guy.

Cortex 6:05 Yeah, it's pretty great.

mathowie 6:06 I saw an interview with them somewhere and he was just like, I just it's funny. It is funny. He's like, it's just totally stupid. So I just go with it.

Jessamyn 6:16 Well, and it's a branding thing, right? I was just listening to a podcast but you know one of the mark Baron ones with Gabriel Iglesias, you know, that kind of heavyweight comic? And the fluffy thing. He's like, Oh, yeah, man, before I started being stand up, I worked at Macy's. And they're all like your brand, your brand, your brand your brand. So you know, I might want to wear something different, or I might not use that as a nickname. But like having the brand keeps people paying attention to the one thing and that's a lot easier for blah, blah, blah.

mathowie 6:42 His nickname is fluffy. Yeah, I never heard that. I know who he is. That's weird.

Jessamyn 6:48 If you listen to his riffs, you know, he's got these jokes like, well, you know, heavyweight, heavy people are like this, then kind of fat people are like this, but like, I'm so big, I'm fluffy. Because he was 400 pounds. He's slimmed down a little bit. And he's like, it made people uncomfortable. Like, he's like, Look, man, I'm diabetic. Like I had to drop some of the weight Get off my butt. But they're like, what's the problem? You're

mathowie 7:09 not fluffing them? Or blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah,

Jessamyn 7:13 it was interesting listening to him talk about it. But Alan coming I think doing the same thing.

mathowie 7:17 Sweet. Should we jump to jobs? Let's there's one really cool job.

Jessamyn 7:23 Bombs hippie utopia, unpaid internship.

mathowie 7:26 That's that one really like the description is worth it. It's pretty interesting and weird. That is

Cortex 7:33 the definition of like a job that needs a light person because like I look at that I'm like, there is no chance in hell. But at the same time, the life experience I'm looking for right now where it's for someone, maybe that's exactly what they need.

Jessamyn 7:45 Well, basically, here's the deal. You don't get paid, ever. But you get life experience improved karma a growing a growing class consciousness and a place to

mathowie 7:56 live. Here was my awesome rule of thumb in Nova Scotia

Jessamyn 7:59 and free internet. It reads as kind of

mathowie 8:03 hilarious and enticing and sounds like well, you know, that'd be their worst ways to spend the summer. But if you put this on Craigslist, you'd probably think murder. Don't go near this guy.

Jessamyn 8:15 The Craigslist murderer did exactly what they did.

mathowie 8:20 Right? He's got like pigs, right? He's got pigs eat the entrails after

Jessamyn 8:26 that. I mean, that was the thing like, you know, the guy who wherever he was, well, I mean, we talked about on the podcast six months ago, maybe wasn't

mathowie 8:33 in like, Abu debbe But like Dubai.

Jessamyn 8:37 No, not anymore. He moved to Canada and settled down and him and his wife and his two kids bought a house. I mean, I keep

mathowie 8:44 visiting this, right. This? Is this like a lot of land. There's a house. It's beautiful. Sounds like a farm though.

Jessamyn 8:53 It is a farm. I mean, it's a house with a barn and some livestock.

mathowie 8:57 Cool. Yeah, yeah. If I was 25 at the summer, nothing to do, I'd probably do it.

Jessamyn 9:04 The kitchen is non halal and non kosher and you will be at least indirectly in contact with pigs.

mathowie 9:11 And only the most unfussy and self organizing vegetarian would be comfortable with a menu.

Jessamyn 9:16 I think it's a really nice person and if somebody's looking for that kind of thing, that's probably a very good thing for that kind of thing. And honestly, it's our only job we have a meta filter with 420 in the tags just say

Cortex 9:31 it this way if the cops catch up with you meat bomb may consider that you know a bigger problem for him than for you. So you know if you need to hide I don't know. You know, I'm trying to come up with a good crime thriller angle on this but I was in the already positive you know, murder.

Jessamyn 9:48 so mad. I'm presuming you were talking about something else.

mathowie 9:51 Yeah, I'll tell you about the Director of Content community job from Scarab ik, famous for telling everyone perfectly how to display Because of dead body, in strangely specific terms he once worked at like, very popular startups. So I emailed them actually about this going like, Whoa, is that for? Are you still at with the thing? And it was like, No, I'm at a different I'm gonna, I've been at four different startups since then. And this is the latest one, and I'm hiring someone to do some fun stuff. And it sounds like a real big job.

Jessamyn 10:24 He pinged me about it. And I was like, I'm never moving to San Jose ever. But thank you for thinking of me. And it sounded kind of interesting.

mathowie 10:33 Yeah, I think it would, yeah, definitely sound like a real pig job, or you'd have to be there. So

Jessamyn 10:38 for people who are into sort of content and community and social media strategy, and whatever, it really looked like an interesting job and scared because a nice person.

mathowie 10:46 Yeah. And I know what the company is, and it's like, a typing in the chat. It's kind of a shell. I don't even remember the name of it. But I remember the subject matter isn't probably not what you think. But it's kind of in the chat. It's, I think, so popular. What I'm saying, right, yes,

Cortex 11:05 no, I understand the words that are coming out of your mouth. I want to say, hey, there's a customer service job, someone posted dire Carebear for piezo, which is may not sound like a super exciting job, per se. But they are a company that makes a role playing system called Pathfinder that was a spinoff from Dungeons and Dragons by some people who kind of wanted to say, Hey, okay, I think we can do this better than it's being done by actual Dungeons and Dragons at this point. So. So yeah, you'd be doing customer service for one of the big names in pen and paper role playing

mathowie 11:44 games. So it's a really

Cortex 11:47 actual job for an actual business thing. The business just to the business

mathowie 11:51 is a new version of Dungeons and Dragons.

Cortex 11:54 It's sort of It's a similar role playing game framework, they kind of my understanding is piezo came out of some people who had direct experience working at, you know, TSR, or Wizards of the Coast. Really, I guess. The direction that the end is going right now is not what we think would be the best way to do this. So let's put together our own system, and they started their own company. And so it's like they publish all these Pathfinder games. Yes, yeah.

mathowie 12:20 It's called the beginner box dude that's in my wheelhouse. I've never played beginners. I've never played d&d in my life. And I've always wanted to try and look to the whole beginner world nice.

Jessamyn 12:31 You just got to find some people who are good at being dungeon mastery people for beginners, like you know, you can even play with other people who aren't beginners, as long as they're nice.

Cortex 12:41 Actually just started playing a d&d game with the new d&d itself. It's just putting out its fifth edition. They haven't put out the whole rule set yet, but they put out a sort of starter kit. And so me and a bunch of other mefites Actually, my wife's playing curious, new is DMing. For us, he's done some RPG stuff in the past, but it's been a while for him and, and then saber ax and MIMO. And yeah, so we went and we've just done with one session so far, we're probably gonna do it every couple of weeks.

mathowie 13:14 Yeah, I was wondering, what's the time commitment? TTL. Five hours once a week is like ideal like thing? Yeah,

Cortex 13:20 I think we put like, I think we put probably four or five hours into it on the the first day and probably even like three to five hours in a given session is pretty normal. And can you remember, like two weeks for sure. What

mathowie 13:33 happened?

Cortex 13:34 Was it can you pick up a book that you were reading and sat down for two weeks? And then remember what

mathowie 13:37 time sometimes I

Cortex 13:38 do a page back? And yeah, generally speaking, like, oh, where were we or a little email in the meantime saying, Okay, well to bridge the gap from where we were to where we're going to start next week, so that you don't have to say, Okay, now we walk to the nearest town, we'll just say, well, and you made your way to town, and here's the opportunity thing to look at.

mathowie 13:57 Cool. So I was wondering, but doesn't say anything about what the company is just in Redmond, Washington. I was like, Is this a Microsoft role playing games should have looked up the domain, they should say right on top. You met it filters love the tabletop gaming come work for us.

Cortex 14:15 I mean, to some extent, they may be looking more for really solid customer service rep in in Redmond, rather than Hey, you like RPGs apply for this job. All right. Well, I don't have any customer service experience. But I do have a level 12 door

mathowie 14:34 thing sometimes to the interviewer and say, well, let's just roll to see if you get this job.

Cortex 14:39 Versus lousy resume. at a disadvantage. Yeah. Anyway. Hey, there were some jobs. Also, there's that Conrad Carney this So Donald O'Dell wanting someone to edit his father's funeral services, audio recording. I think I'll just check with him and see if anybody got back to him because if not, I could probably do that in an Our like without a problem and there's no reason for him to. So basically what I'm doing is I'm caught blocking the job from anybody who hasn't already gotten on

Jessamyn 15:11 the podcast is

Cortex 15:12 you have you have a day, give or take to happen to try and extract money from him before I do it for free. So oh my

mathowie 15:19 god, somebody could teach him over the phone how to do this in GarageBand. Like, here's

Jessamyn 15:24 how much fun it is to learn how to use a computer over the

mathowie 15:27 fucking awesome. That's amazing. Yeah, that is five minutes of work. Yeah,

Cortex 15:34 I think I'll just drop him a line.

mathowie 15:36 I'm one who's good at looking at waveforms too. So yes, yeah. Wow.

Jessamyn 15:40 Speaking of gaming, I had a big gaming day over at my house this month for the Metafilter 15th anniversary. Oh, it's a lot of people. Those are all with one exception. People on Metafilter. Excellent. Nice. Everybody. We're name tags. And they came over to my dad's place a little after one and we hung out until 10. And it was perfect because you could play games like the whole time. You could play a bunch of little games. You could play big games. You could play no games. We played Bochy in the yard and QUB it was it was great. I recommend gaming events as good good social activities. We have we had fun and toasted to metal filter, and barbecue. Yeah. And I did all the grilling.

Cortex 16:27 Jamie has really beard in that beard. Beard here than last time I saw it. I think it's

Jessamyn 16:32 well, I think last time you saw it, you know, he had gone to visit his parents and like went to get it trimmed to make his mom happy and has since stopped doing that because they live in Arizona. That's pretty beauty. I told him I trim it if you want it. And he said no. I said, Dad, it's great.

mathowie 16:49 Nobody cares at work that he's going full hobo. Harvard, it's

Jessamyn 16:53 the most amazing thing. It's amazing that he even wears like pants to work. Like they just either like get the work done. Don't embarrass us. We are just happy. That was

mathowie 17:04 off to the left. And the pictures that like the beach off the green stuff, or is that forest?

Jessamyn 17:09 No, no, it's just trees. There's a river beyond it, but the sun setting and so the young rope writer who is not in this picture, took the picture and wanted to try and get the sunset into it.

mathowie 17:19 Oh, yeah, that's impossible. But nice. Well,

Jessamyn 17:23 yeah, it's it's slightly slightly impossible. I

mathowie 17:27 taught someone on the street the other day in Portland, what HDR was, took an HDR photo of him and then like, sent him a link to download an HDR app. Because this guy was like, take a picture with the sunset and me sitting here and I'm like, that's impossible. Dude. Took it with his phone. I said, See, your this guy is blown out and you are not or vice versa in here. I'll take a nice photo and I'll text it to you. And he went, Whoa, explain.

Jessamyn 17:54 So that was on your phone. So you've got the HD if you turn HDR on, you can do it though, right? I'm just

mathowie 18:01 $3 app that it's like pro HDR, it's called. And it does. It takes two physical shots. It takes about 20 seconds and then does the magic and it looks really It looks like what your eye sees. It's great.

Jessamyn 18:13 So it's not like what HD HDR just iPhone camera setting. Yeah, it

mathowie 18:17 goes beyond this guy that's doing it a bit beyond that.

Jessamyn 18:21 That's good intel, because I didn't really know what that was until recently. And I've been very, very happy.

mathowie 18:26 But the hard part is slightly better pictures. Yeah, taking pictures of people's heart. You have to be like pretties for like eight to 10 seconds until I say it's okay not to move it all. It's a blurry because they were in two different shots. Right? But it's neat.

Cortex 18:42 Someone really gets to combine HDR with those panorama fail. Things that have been Oh yeah, the Crazy Dogs do super HDR panorama failed that. I think at that point, we'd be cleanly into like exalgo Lovecraft territory.

mathowie 18:59 I think I do that constantly. Let me look at my it's just people disappear. You hit ghosts? If you? Yeah, it's scary.

Jessamyn 19:09 You could totally goof on it, couldn't it? Like you could have somebody like to be in the first part of the picture. And then like hit the deck, and then they'd be shadowy, like you could have two people where one is kind of a shadow and the other is stays put, right?

mathowie 19:23 Yeah, here's what it looks like. I'll show you in the window thing. Like there's ghosts. Because they wrote out a frame. There it is. But that lady in the front doesn't. Or she maybe she's going slower? I don't know. Here's here's one like high speed and it was just using

Jessamyn 19:40 a dim section. Yeah, it could be

Cortex 19:43 that there's just not enough light coming through from the other exposure to this problem.

Jessamyn 19:47 I saw these pictures and I did not understand what was going on at all. The second

mathowie 19:50 one, I think I hit a bump and moved upon it.

Jessamyn 19:54 So you're on your bike. Yeah.

mathowie 19:56 Yeah, you should use a tripod to this too.

Jessamyn 20:00 I follow you on Instagram. That's crazy.

mathowie 20:03 I take lots of outdoorsy pictures, and mostly landscapes because landscapes don't have to sit still

Jessamyn 20:09 for and it's cool. So I follow you now.

mathowie 20:13 Oh, wow, my phone just told me that. Okay project.

Jessamyn 20:16 Josh, are you on Instagram?

Cortex 20:18 I am not on Instagram. I may technically have an account. I don't remember, but I never use it. So

Jessamyn 20:23 I just robot noise. Am I?

Cortex 20:27 Oh? Just a moment of reopening? Yes, no, I don't really use it. I see people's Instagram picture sometimes, but only when communicated via like Twitter or Facebook or something.

Jessamyn 20:41 I like it a lot better now that I've used IFTT to take everything from Instagram and put it on Facebook. So people on Facebook think I'm interacting on Facebook, which I do less and last but

mathowie 20:54 Yeah. Isn't that is that a built in thing? Or do you have to use IFT? T T?

Jessamyn 21:01 I don't know. I use IFTT.

mathowie 21:04 Right. They own both things. It should be possible and easy, right? But wait, who does Instagram those Facebook is on? Oh yeah, Facebook bought Instagram like a year ago? Okay, I forgot about that. Why aren't they like totally integrated with each other? So because the free

Jessamyn 21:19 market doesn't work actually to solve these problems for us.

mathowie 21:22 So weird. Okay, best projects here. Want me to you guys have your volumes up? No, don't hold us. It's just so great because it auto plays.

Jessamyn 21:38 Oh, okay. Why don't for the rest of us. Bird

mathowie 21:41 randoms. He does awesome. He's that spicy guy who did the comments. Remember, asked metta filter comments versus YouTube comments, you know, genius. Yeah, he does zillions genius little projects. And this one's just Hodor it's a big button. And it just says Hodor and you can click it 1000 times and just more Hodor it's so awesome.

Unknown Speaker 22:03 Which is don't get hung up. Oh, really? You

mathowie 22:06 can like forget everything. Great.

Jessamyn 22:09 So I can have it say other things. Maybe?

mathowie 22:12 Oh, got posted today. Wow. Why did someone not notice it for a couple of weeks. But that's good. It's a fun.

Cortex 22:20 Few people have very periodic passes through projects, like you know, yeah, come in and look every every week or every couple weeks or once a month or something like that, since it's so low volume comparatively?

mathowie 22:30 Yeah, so Hodor is awesome. Photo hoarder hoarder.

Cortex 22:35 I like but do not understand this project because I

Jessamyn 22:40 would fill everything in. Yeah. QQ ruiner.

Cortex 22:43 has posted. He's made a back Tang wizened Film text generation.

Jessamyn 22:49 That's a Markov generated title. What is that?

Cortex 22:53 Bakhtin wisened film?

Jessamyn 22:56 I those three people.

Cortex 22:59 You know, I was reading about it the other day, and I don't know anything about them previously, it's a type of a billion sandpile model. Model Yes. I'm guessing is named for someone named Abel originally, but I don't know. It turns out the the sandpile model it's based on isn't the sort of thing that creates interesting results when you drop random grains on this specific sort of special sort of rule set kind of like, in the same vicinity as the game of life, you know, with the you put the black and white dots and they grow and they die. And they move Conway's Life sort of territory of interesting things that happen when you keep changing little numbers on a grid. How this turns into the text generation he's doing. I still have not gotten that far in my reading. But, but it's a neat, it seems like it's a neat alternative approach to basically the same idea as a Markov chain. So instead of choosing a different format to decide what words to choose, but I haven't haven't nailed it down yet. So I'm kind of excited that I have no idea because that's to the layman. This is kind of like a random number generator. And here's another random number. Like

Jessamyn 24:16 he says it seems more lucid to him than Markov chain output.

mathowie 24:20 Okay. read the same text through both a standard Markov and this we

Jessamyn 24:26 would get different results corpus. Yes. I mean, I guess, right. Yeah,

mathowie 24:30 we ran the same tests, we get different results. But we might like these results better.

Cortex 24:33 Maybe. Yeah. I just, I feel like what I've saw of the sample output seems like it resembles what I would expect to come out of a very low order Markov model, which tend to sound sort of super incoherent. So compared to that, it versus I tend to like to run higher order Markov models that are a little bit less random, but come off as a little bit more coherent. And I'm kind of curious See whether this technique is sort of tweakable up in terms of its non chaoticness the way traditional, maybe, once I understand what's going on at all, but anyway, I'm, I'm excited. I always like it when people were making random text generation stuff. And I'm excited to learn about a new conceptual approach to the whole thing.

Jessamyn 25:19 Well, so here's a trifecta of projects on GitHub. The one that I was interested in is the library of emoji. So emoji I barely understand, but there are buttons on my phone that I can send my sister a picture of a hot dog. And you can also send Twitter a picture of a hot dog, except it's just one character. But this so there's new pictures, including chipmunks and a whole bunch of others that have been, you know, live long and prosper flying envelope, etcetera. And so a parish has basically programmed a twitter bot, that speculates a couple times a day on what new emoji might show up in the future. And it's just kind of sort of its own random generator random thing. But it's fun, and weird and kind of neat, and I enjoyed it. Like, I enjoyed lots of odd random Twitter things. And I just like saying emoji emoji emoji.

mathowie 26:22 Get Hub of it. Oh, there.

Jessamyn 26:25 Click on the link.

mathowie 26:26 I couldn't find which one was GitHub. There's eight links. Okay.

Jessamyn 26:30 Just hover not work on your tool. I was

mathowie 26:33 getting through the seven previous

Jessamyn 26:36 don't think available under an open source license. Link is clear enough.

mathowie 26:40 Not really. I thought it'd be a GPL reading by Stallman we're not wearing

Jessamyn 26:45 more beard. Oh, no pads guys. Wandering around Cambridge

Cortex 26:50 to see the milkshake post of Stalin's health. I don't even know what he called it. His card. Yes, yeah. No, I

mathowie 26:59 didn't see that.

Cortex 27:00 I'll find it. Here's the RMS pleasure card.

mathowie 27:04 Which got to note that here we go. There we go. So I love this. Wait, let me load it.

Cortex 27:14 Sharing good books, good food and exotic music and dance. Tender embraces he hands us to people unusual sense of humor? Well, sure. Why not hear Richard Stallman? What's gonna happen?

mathowie 27:25 Oh, this is like his creepy card. This date me card. Wow. That's weird.

Jessamyn 27:31 Oh, wait. So there's a story that Sarah's put out that you can read under. I'll put this tweet about the time I ran into him. Right. Right.

mathowie 27:45 That's weird. Martin, Steve Martin edit famously had a card right. It said. It said something hilariously smug. Like, it was a pleasure hanging out with Steve Martin or something.

Jessamyn 27:58 People. I just finished reading his stand up autobiography was really

mathowie 28:02 good. That's good. It's kind of weird, huh?

Jessamyn 28:05 Well, this was his the the biography of him doing stand up. Yeah. Like, I think he's written a couple different periods of his life biography. But yeah, yeah. His father was a kid.

mathowie 28:16 Yeah,

Jessamyn 28:17 he worked at Disney.

mathowie 28:19 Yep. Magician magic shop.

Jessamyn 28:22 Yeah, no, I enjoy it. Why do you think it was that bitter? I think he was just kind of like, Yeah, well, whatever. I just had to do my own thing.

mathowie 28:29 It's weird. I guess he's writing about 3040 years ago, right? He writes about the 70s. He's almost as if he's writing. He's writing about the character you played on stage, which gets a little weird, where he's like, he didn't seem like he enjoyed that kind of fame. And the whole time, he was making fun of dumb comedy, sort of,

Jessamyn 28:48 well, and it seemed like it got really exhausting for him. But you just had to kind of do the thing over and over because people were like, just play the hits. Yep. Yep. And I just had to find a way to move out of that, which he finally did with acting

mathowie 28:58 comedy in the stadium is still insane. So I love this project, a little Nemo, phosphates, fizzes and frog days. A Tumblr blog. Oops, perhaps? Oh, sorry. I was Vietnam. traps on the West Coast. No, I don't even know what that is.

Jessamyn 29:14 It's a milkshake.

Cortex 29:15 Yeah, we just we just column shakes.

mathowie 29:18 So it's just like a Tumblr blog of ancient soda counter stuff and new stuff. And it's fun. Ice cream perfect name. Who even the glassware that crazy scallop glasses. Wow, it's like an ancient ads for it's cool.

Jessamyn 29:35 Yeah, it's a wonderful sort of combination of like drink recipes and old ads and soda fountain stuff. She did a great job and it's for people who are really into this. It's the perfect version of it. The picture of the old drugstore fountain I just My eyes keep returning to that like oh my god.

mathowie 29:54 What's the weird thing egg drops like went through like some creams and creams. That's it. I don't think Have you ever had one I've heard they're good but could go wrong.

Jessamyn 30:03 John MC took me out for an eye cream was, it's you know, it's like some kind of cream and soda and whatever. So yeah, it doesn't have eggs in it, which is what I was of course worried about.

mathowie 30:15 I thought that was the whole point of the word, egg.

Jessamyn 30:18 I don't remember. I think that was one of those things. Milk and soda water. And it's associated with Brooklyn, which was where it was invented and it's mostly a fountain drink. Yes, John MC took me out for a night cream one of the earliest Metafilter meetups I went to so people say people say it might be great a milk so it will be a a cream. Like John's like how Josh's egg

Cortex 30:43 egg correctly.

mathowie 30:48 I think at once at ice cream soda as a kid it was disgusting because it was tasted like Perrier and ice cream like an acquired taste as a kid flavor you want sweet, sweet, sweet and it was super sweet.

Jessamyn 31:02 Yeah, not just kind of like water. And then as a grown up, you have like Guinness with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it and you're like Where have you been all my life? Really good.

mathowie 31:16 And that was a good one.

Jessamyn 31:18 Those were all the ones that I loved in projects projects was you know, short.

mathowie 31:21 I had one more. Where's it? Oh, last? I think the last podcast I said we need more or two podcasts ago. We need more photographers making posts about their projects. And there's a cool just simple photo log of like street photos.

Jessamyn 31:37 From the Mad stork?

mathowie 31:39 Yes. And it's like f 5.6 which is a F stop. That's mid range, I think. And yeah, just like street photos are random stuff. And they're pretty cool.

Cortex 31:50 Well, I remember I was saying last podcast that we needed more deconstruction and reification of various rip offs of Bill Watterson in comic form ratio when it made pee in prey, which is a webcomic starring peeing Calvin and praying calculator. It's it's kind of great. It's an odd little template and he's really playing around with it. pretty entertaining Lee I think. So your job ratio.

mathowie 32:22 And I was gonna see the

Cortex 32:26 actual name is like rat IO and does research into like, you know, rodent. Neurology.

mathowie 32:35 So many episodes, now.

Cortex 32:41 It was in the 20s.

mathowie 32:42 Yes, it's almost a 30. Sweet. Keep going, man. Yep. Sweet.

Cortex 32:49 Hey, do you want to do a quick Metafilter music minute before pushing to other stuff so that it'll go up front and we can have references stuff before it plays in the podcast? See, I'm thinking for once I'm thinking that she probably

Jessamyn 33:00 mentioned too that flapjacks at midnight posted the thing in Yes.

Cortex 33:06 Don't forget, you can go back to 510 Eat well, we don't have 10 year old yet. But you know, you can go back to eight year old metal filter music threads and just comment on them. Just like it was yesterday. Yeah, it's been fun seeing a bunch of songs show up in my recent activity that were from three or five or seven years ago was it was like, hey, you know, I still fucking love this song. Someone answered my question about what Laurie Anderson orgy was that I asked him some questions. Someone made a reference to that, like seven years ago, and it's like, it's like a big Let's play 48 hours of Laurie Anderson on the on the radio or whatever. But uh, but yeah, it was kind of like really weird. Like, oh, yeah, belatedly, I know you asked seven years ago, but to answer your question, it was kind of nice.

Jessamyn 33:53 That seems like a pretty straightforward answer a pretty straightforward question.

Cortex 33:56 Yeah, no, I just I just liked the time lapse Question and Answer were neither particularly I'm not trying to sell them up or anything but anyway, there's a there's a bunch of good music. And I'm just gonna mention three things real quick. That I happen to like there's a song a cover of the song always on my mind by straining I want to say maybe I didn't reach you what is good shoe from made you feel second bad. Girl I'm sorry.

mathowie 34:44 I was blind. You're always on my mind. Rowing So

Cortex 35:05 it's it's funny because it's an old country song like he's got a sort of quote for Wikipedia of the history of it you know, it was written in like 72 started as a country song got covered by various people. And his take is a real simple guitar banjolele vocal thing. Oh, it's very charming. But it's funny because I know this song mostly because of the Pet Shop Boys cover that was itself used in a version of DDR I owned so I owned it as a DDR song by the Pet Shop Boys and so I'm hearing the like this nice Spartan sort of country is full take on it as like this bold new direction as I'm sure other people who are familiar with the song and a more wide ranging were like oh, that's a that's a nice take on the classic Yeah.

mathowie 35:52 Oh, yeah, the

Jessamyn 35:52 second Oh, sorry, Matt.

mathowie 35:54 No, no, I was great. They clipped that Wikipedia. I was gonna say like, gosh, I only noticed the Willie Nelson song and I'm sure older people as though Elvis Presley had the huge head of it I forgot about that. Yeah, I always thought Yeah, who really did it because I know Willie's been doing it forever

Cortex 36:13 by just move around a lot I could I should look up a Willie Nelson recording of that because I I like yeah,

Jessamyn 36:25 oh you Kate Smith it and ruin it

mathowie 36:30 I love Willie Nelson so much but he's not like an awesome crooner

Cortex 36:34 well he's just got he's got a great he's got a great voice his voice got another another thing that I couldn't not mention because hey, Twin Peaks. Ludwig bands band did a cover of the the theme falling from Twin Peaks, which is also aside from the theme music. This is sort of a cover of the Julie Cruz song as much as anything because she did a bunch of the music that showed up on there as bad stuff and she's She's the lady who's actually singing at one point in the Roadhouse cafe.

Cortex 37:40 But this is more uptempo, sort of almost dancey take on it, which is really interesting sort of shift from the much more laconic feel of the the original theme. So I thought that was pretty cool.

Jessamyn 37:52 And he said a band with a different name now.

Cortex 37:54 Yeah, it's been the resistors for a while is what he's been doing. And then one other ghost bikes, user ghost bikes posted a song called Slow seat I really, really like it's sort of slow build. And this is their first music poster. This is a not a brand new user anything but this is the first time in music not super active on the site. Most of us asked me a

mathowie 38:21 really good song. Yeah,

Cortex 38:22 it's just this nice, great, sort of slow rock thing and it just really builds on towards the end. And yeah, it's great.

Jessamyn 38:32 I mean, I don't

Cortex 38:34 know I'm not I guess you skate your shoes a lot and sway because I think

mathowie 38:39 tempo. Yeah, I think it's like

Jessamyn 38:41 a sub genre of alternative rock that emerged in the UK in the late 80s. It lasted there until the mid 90s with critical pinnacle. blar blar blar, typified by significant use of guitar effects indistinguishable vocal melodies that blend into the creative noise of the guitars.

mathowie 38:57 I was thinking of it as a more mainstream version of EMO eek. Like

Jessamyn 39:02 distortion, droning riffs, wall of sound like chips, My Bloody Valentine

mathowie 39:12 music sondors are funny.

Jessamyn 39:14 Well, and this clearly is something that means something to people, and I just don't know that much about it. So

mathowie 39:21 Twin Peaks Is that all you're done with music?

Cortex 39:24 That's a bunch of other stuff. Go listen, because it's great. Hey, there's still that music app that that guy put together. So yes.

mathowie 39:31 So speaking of Twin Peaks, people are rewatching Twin Peaks from episode one starting with a few days ago. So

Jessamyn 39:37 that is this creepiest banner image.

mathowie 39:40 I think I just picked one of the most popular ones on our movie database. What is it? I don't even know what they

Cortex 39:47 are. I think I can't even tell if that's like a shot of from the show. Or if it's a someone's like CGI recreation of the Black Lodge room in the show, but ya know, I've actually I've been the The other podcasts I've been doing one of them the one I'm doing with Purell, where we just drink beer and talk about stuff, we recorded my basement and I've been thinking about how to create a little bit of a more of a sound isolated room down there, because it's just a big open layout concrete, unfinished basement, there's a lot of potential room noise and echo that we don't really want for a podcast per se. And one thing to think about.

Jessamyn 40:23 Just put up, changed it.

Cortex 40:26 It'll be great. That'll really, that's gonna really that's gonna

mathowie 40:30 ruin your interior decorating tips.

Cortex 40:32 Well, I'm now gonna finish my anecdote about something that's no longer at all. Fitting. Room, one of the things I could do is use sort of, don't mind it, isolate, you know, nine feet square or something. I was like, I could use big heavy red velvet curtains, and then maybe paint that white and black zigzag on the floor to be podcasting from inside a walk in closet in the Black Lodge.

Jessamyn 40:59 And that's excited. Yeah. Besides, you should do that to the floor anyhow.

Cortex 41:03 Yeah, well, yeah. But it's tricky because the floor is kind of crappy. And do I want to paint and then just have to repaint it against

mathowie 41:09 your basement? Yeah. Is it dirt on the floor? No, it's

Cortex 41:12 concrete, but it's somewhat poorly poured. And there's occasional moisture leaking, like, not a big amount, but just enough that I think,

Jessamyn 41:20 is a pain in the ass, fortunately. So I think on top of it, maybe,

Cortex 41:24 maybe, yeah. Go with the new new header image you put up for the Twin Peaks entry, and I'm just gonna

Jessamyn 41:32 try getting a high res version of it. That one's kind

mathowie 41:34 of the strangest audio thing I should ask you about this happened when I was at the Oregon caves, right. So caves are going to be like limestone caverns. You know, there's lots of nooks and crannies, when people would get like, 10 feet away from me. Like, all the upper frequencies are gone. And it just, it was the weirdest you just heard like, verb like, all the rest of someone speaking was sucked up by all the nooks and crannies of the rocks. Like if they're in the next cave room. All you heard was the lower frequencies because I guess they have more energy and they travel more, but like it was really strange.

Jessamyn 42:13 Further, right, because they can get through more.

mathowie 42:17 Yeah, I guess. I mean, I guess it's basically it's just the low frequencies passing through rock to get to I mean, they would be 10 feet ahead of me and I couldn't hear it like all you could hear was the subtle low rumblings of when they spoke. It was so weird. It was It was strange,

Jessamyn 42:34 are you caves are really cool.

mathowie 42:36 It's pretty fun. Is there any other cool stuff and fanfare should

Jessamyn 42:43 mention that you guys launched fanfare talk this morning? So that's happened.

Cortex 42:46 I think that's happened since the last podcast? I think so.

Jessamyn 42:49 Yeah, totally. It happened. It

mathowie 42:50 happened the middle of the month. And that's where Twin Peaks was started. And yeah, that's it's good for organizers. And

Jessamyn 42:57 it was actually asking if there was going to be a schedule for the Twin Peaks thing. So for people listening, saying, Ooh, Twin Peaks go there.

mathowie 43:06 And I decided to skip fanfare talk later, start posting Orphan Black. I started watching last night for the first time and I was like, Hey, this is really kind of a dick move is

Jessamyn 43:18 trying to work on my manners. But yeah, this kind of move actually.

mathowie 43:22 Well, why did they cover the Live episodes that finished last year, but I was like, it's, it's, you know, so popular. Everyone's we won't stop talking about it. So finally, let's see. I can make

Cortex 43:33 a talk post. That's, you know, it's, it's it'll help people know, there's like a plan. And yeah,

Jessamyn 43:40 and if you do it by the time the podcast launches, then nobody can give you a hard time for it. Because you already handled it.

mathowie 43:46 And I'll edit out the dick move.

Jessamyn 43:48 Don't you? Dare, don't you dare I always listen to this podcast to see if you edit out the stuff that I Why do you think I listen to the podcast? Oh, did that edit out that thing? I said,

mathowie 43:58 Oh, sometimes we go too long, or someone's phone rings or something. This

Cortex 44:02 is this is why I have a firm no edit policy on my own podcast because like, I just want to keep myself honest. I want to simplify the workload. It's like no, you know, if I said it, I said it. If I can't figure out how not to say things I regret on a podcast. I'll just not do a podcast,

mathowie 44:16 a ski that you're doing. You drink while you're recording right

Jessamyn 44:19 now. On it, I would on it. It's nice to be a philosophy, Outlook difference.

mathowie 44:27 Oh, it's very minor. I rarely do it. But yeah, it's

Jessamyn 44:35 actually, it's my next thing coming up after I finished House of Cards, but I watched the first two episodes just to see if I would like it. And I'm like, oh, that's gonna be great.

mathowie 44:43 It's super interesting. The storytelling is great. The whole like revealing bits. It's like Inception. And all I heard was it's amazing sci fi amazing sci fi and

Jessamyn 44:54 loves it. What is it?

mathowie 44:55 I'm like, am I watching the wrong show? Because this seems like a gritty sort. A British thing yeah oh they're in Canada. That's the other thing I couldn't like that is not New York. Well that is not London

Cortex 45:06 but it's not New York possibly

mathowie 45:11 it turns out it's London Ontario or something like that but yeah.

Jessamyn 45:15 Oh no that that wandered over there because I will go participate once I'm finished with House of Cards any day now.

mathowie 45:22 Oh, yeah. No set aside 700 hours. I know. I'm still not done with the second season. I think I got tired of brittleness

Jessamyn 45:35 brutal and kinda like nothing ever happens. But then I just saw Robin Wright dancing with Jimmy Fallon. And now I'm back into seeing more of her and I'll ignore all the rest of the people.

mathowie 45:45 Oh my god. I saw a picture of that Robin Wright on balance. And she looks like Mary Stuart Masterson from like, 1988 and fried green tomatoes or something. My hair cut is a little odd, but she's actually wearing like a black vest over a white shirt as if someone's like, is she cosplaying suddenly? Like that looks like an 80s movie person.

Jessamyn 46:04 Yeah, no, it totally is. I don't totally understand. Maybe that's coming back style wise. I you know, fashion it again, always lost on me. But I thought she looked good. So whatever.

mathowie 46:17 Yeah. But as you wish, yes. As you wish. That's her. Okay. How about metal filter?

Jessamyn 46:25 metal, metal filter posts.

mathowie 46:27 They're doing great.

Jessamyn 46:29 They're doing great. We should probably mention, July by women is wrapping up. And there was a post in meta talk about how much it passed. Its goal. vigor, 100

mathowie 46:41 ish posts, probably. What? What's it up to now? Probably 400.

Jessamyn 46:46 I think over 400 Maybe, I'm not even sure. But basically, they were hoping to get like 100 Extra posts by women. And it completely surpassed that goal. And so there's just been a lot of, it's funny, like, I've really thought because I don't know what my problem is that there was going to be a lot more like women issue posts. But that totally, totally, I was super wrong. Like it's just a bunch more women posting about the things they are interested in just like anybody else. So it was awesome.

mathowie 47:14 Well, 412 Yeah, remember last podcast that was just getting off. And I was like, 90, that seems like a lot for her to

Jessamyn 47:21 really think about the volume of Metafilter so much anymore, because I check in when I check in and I don't want I don't I don't think about I don't think about it the same way I do when I'm looking at it every single day for five hours a day. So it was interesting just to have this be a different entry into. Yeah, 412.

mathowie 47:39 Yeah. And I think our fear was too many, I don't know, women issue posts, or too many low bar posts, but that didn't really come to be they're just

Jessamyn 47:48 saying they were concerned that it was going to open the floodgates to crappy posts, which completely didn't happen and is kind of a ridiculously shitty thing.

Cortex 47:59 Yeah, let's just let women drive.

mathowie 48:04 Now, it's more like if you force yourself to make a post, you don't really make a great post. It's hard though. You know, it's some Zen thing. It's best not to try to post and wait to the post find you

Cortex 48:17 this moment. 412 posts tagged.

Jessamyn 48:20 You're now the third person who said that number

mathowie 48:25 412 people to say,

Jessamyn 48:27 can we go to the record? Yes,

mathowie 48:29 I said it. I said it also

Cortex 48:31 bad. Can you go and edit it so that none of this makes any sense? Not to hide my error just edited at random to make burrows in cut up technique to the podcast I think we do to go

Jessamyn 48:46 Oh, hey, it's my sound gate.

mathowie 48:50 That will be the name of the album.

Jessamyn 48:53 Well, so I don't even know if some of these people who are posting are women or doing this post by women. But um oh, man, did you want to talk about

mathowie 49:05 No, no, I'm saying on board. Like half of my posts are probably from the July by women pile.

Jessamyn 49:10 Yeah. So one of the most random interesting I never would have even thought about this. And I mostly was just an observer. I don't think I posted in the thread at all. I don't think most people posted in this thread was a user Gwyneth Vieri made a post about metal by Finnish Finnish metal bands not even finished Scandinavian I guess. Well, I don't know. It's Finland and Scandinavia. Yeah, yes. Yep. So basically like metal bands from sort of that part of the world and some other ones actually. So like Hungary, England, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, the Faroe Islands. So it's it's folk metal on traditional Estonian instruments, at least some of it but she links to a bunch of different YouTube videos of specifically very good stuff and the people in the threadwork kind of split between. Oh my god, I totally know about this. Here's some more links and other people being like, wow, I had no idea. And there was a comment by Pyro Genesis being like, Hey, I was a founding member of that band and I played the drums

mathowie 50:19 that's crazy.

Jessamyn 50:20 And you never like how would you there were 15 comments like 30 favorites, 15 comments. And that one guy just being like, oh, yeah, that's the Faroe Islands,

mathowie 50:33 you know, like this incredibly obscure place with incredibly obscure music. That's crazy.

Jessamyn 50:39 Silver rocks. I don't know he could tell us how to pronounce his name. But I thought that was great. And you know, viking metal folk metal, I don't know I was.

mathowie 50:47 Every time I think of Scandinavian metal, I think of our friend Aaron Schmidt, who went to Finland and they took a picture in like the downtown library conference or something he walked out and the City Park had it was a cemetery as well. And he went that is so metal, he like walk out to a city park. And there's tombstones, like next to benches. These like so metal. And so that's I always think of Josh explained to me that the guy we featured last month, who explained how what was it algorithms work did a post on how Markov chains work. Did you see

Cortex 51:26 I completely missed this.

mathowie 51:29 This is the exact blog have the you know,

Jessamyn 51:32 so it's on vacation, Josh.

Cortex 51:34 So that's probably Yeah, this this could have been the lake timer. So

mathowie 51:37 here is a you know, really cool visualizations of how Markov chains work and I still don't understand.

Cortex 51:43 This is great. This is great. It's the same.

Jessamyn 51:46 Well, the dudes in the comments are with a thumbs up thumbs down stuff. Is that some sort of joke?

mathowie 51:51 I don't even know. Oh, ways. For me now. Stop loading. It's yeah, it's too smart for its own good. Where loads as you scroll. The worst, but then sometimes you can't scroll. Yes. I have no idea. I have no idea what the thumbs up is. Yeah. Some dumb thing in someone's poker game. Perhaps their spam comments. But it's cool. I thought this is in your wheelhouse.

Cortex 52:19 Yeah, that's a that's That's seems like a neat approach to trying to sort of paint a picture what's going on? Well, and

Jessamyn 52:26 the visualizations are just beautiful. Like, it clearly has like a total handle on visual description of stuff in addition to just understanding this cool stuff. So yeah, yeah. Neat. The whole websites amazing. Oh, Josh, thanks for the postcard. Oh,

Cortex 52:43 yeah. I'm glad it got there. Yes. So I think that's the only Steakhouse. I've been to that that tries to get you to write postcards. That's awesome. Yeah, it was up in Montana. And there's this steakhouse called Lundy's, where there's a whole there's a whole family history story of like familial conflict with Linda's family because of use of the lake. But in any case, there's a lake house or Lakeside steakhouse that actually makes really good steak and we went there and got some steak and they have postcards that you can just ask them for a postcard and fill it out and they'll stick a stamp on that mailer for you so and I

Jessamyn 53:18 told Josh like hey, send me a postcard and he's like, yeah, probably won't because whatever like getting the stamp and go to the post office for a lot of people if they're in the middle of nowhere it's just not gonna happen

Cortex 53:28 sometimes, but I did thank God and there we go. Well, thank

Jessamyn 53:32 you I appreciate it. I was like steakhouse what? Sort of spam

Cortex 53:39 know you'll be so moved that you'll drive to Montana or Minnesota wherever there are other steak houses and buy estate clearly.

Jessamyn 53:45 Usually in Minnesota. Well, there you go. Montana. Lessa yeah.

mathowie 53:50 Nice place. Nice guy. My favorite post of the month is done on displays. flag post I love like

Jessamyn 54:01 as I mentioned it, but I told him I would see if someone else mentioned it first. I just

mathowie 54:05 love that the word to describe flag design is so overly complex Vex vaxcel logical is allergy infectious. Like why is it well flag ology it'd be too obvious I guess. But yes. The most vaccine examples in victimology.

Cortex 54:25 Matt, you're officially in charge of naming everything if he if 10 year olds take over the world,

Jessamyn 54:30 from the word vexillum meaning flag and the Greek suffix lo Jia so it's kind of weird because it's like a Latin Greek smushing. But it is I mean, it is flag ology. It's just

mathowie 54:43 so I learned about this a couple of months ago, I had drinks with them. Roman Mars, the 19% visible guy and he's working on a show. I hope this isn't leaking it but there's supposed to be a show on bike design. I don't think it happened yet, but it probably will happen in the next couple of He explained he, yes, he had a whole five basic principles that are linked here. We were talking about this how, you know, the goods and the bads of like design? I think he had done blog posts about city flags. You know, some North American cities have their own flag Chicago was

Jessamyn 55:16 a lot of them do that sort of where a lot of the flags from bad flags come?

mathowie 55:20 Yes, because 99% of them are terrible. They're, they're like seals with lots of small words and small symbols. You can't see them from a car, it's 60 miles an hour. And like, you think of the famous ones that are great, or like Chicago, it's like, was it four stars on sky blue, it's beautiful, and totally iconic. And that's what people should go for. But yeah,

Cortex 55:45 I feel like, like, like cities and counties and states, having shitty flags is a little bit more defensible, though, because when you talk about being able to like, he'll really tell what a flag is under duress. We're basically talking about like, naval combat. So I figure if, if, like,

Jessamyn 56:02 sea level, I mean, that stuff is just, I mean, everybody's like paying attention to sigils and Game of Thrones. I realized that was the thing like partway through the last season and I was like, Oh, I get it now the played man. Yep.

mathowie 56:16 All played and shit. I mean, part yeah. If you know your city's flag that might be like knowing what your state bird is or your whatever official flower

Jessamyn 56:25 doubt with the state bird go Cardinal.

mathowie 56:29 Cardinal shaped at least as most more because

Jessamyn 56:31 the Cardinals are most of the state birds Cardinal ours is the hermit thrush. You guys know your state bird?

Cortex 56:38 Yes, I do. And it is western meadowlark parallel. That's never exciting. It's a cute little bird.

Jessamyn 56:46 They're cute looking. They make great noises.

mathowie 56:49 They're cool. The funny part of the bad flags blog is they sometimes draw suggested one and they're usually funny. Like, I

Jessamyn 56:56 thought that was a fun post. It was a great post for med filter, because people could be like, rah, rah, I'd like like, talk to each other about it. But there's nothing you know, nobody's got any skin in the game. And so it was

mathowie 57:08 just gonna get into a fight. Like a sports team. Like who cares, right?

Jessamyn 57:12 For the most part? No, but people make funny jokes. And I learned some things about some places.

mathowie 57:20 They say flags Jason.

Jessamyn 57:23 Legs. I've heard John. Jason.

Cortex 57:26 I want to cook junk legs. On both of my bag, just me and my dragon.

Jessamyn 57:37 But we do have to look at the Nunavut flag briefly because it's got a fucking Norwell on it.

mathowie 57:44 Oh, wow, what characters on the bottom of that? That's,

Jessamyn 57:48 I think it's one of the local languages. Oh, wow.

mathowie 57:51 I've never seen it almost looks like part Thai. But then also, Egyptian.

Cortex 57:57 It's part the guy flexing his muscles. In your Twitter avatar.

Jessamyn 58:02 It says Our strength is what the motto is. What country is that from? Well, Nunavut is up northern to Northern Territory in Canada. Okay, Canada.

Cortex 58:14 To the north. Wait, so it's not New York and it's not England. I

mathowie 58:17 don't know what it is. That crown supposed to be a reference to like the British crown because the

Jessamyn 58:23 queen is the queen. Queen is the queen. So it's in it's in. To syllabary is what the motto is written in. And it's our land our strength, basically. So you can look at all the complicated syllables,

mathowie 58:42 but it's awesome. That a plate of beans looks like a plate of beans on the flag to play those scenes where the plate in the middle of the yellow part. Oh, what is that looks like a plate of red beans next to some runes or something. And an igloo like an actual like child's cartoon drawing of an igloo up above.

Jessamyn 59:02 It's definitely an igloo stone lamp and yeah, it's a lamp.

mathowie 59:12 Oh, this was the light not being

Jessamyn 59:14 the land chief representation the midnight sun Northstar, a stone lamp representing the work of home and community and a stone monument serving as a guidepost. Yep. So it's a lamp. Cool. And I loved it.

mathowie 59:29 Any other posts? You guys like? Ron, I'm

Jessamyn 59:32 glad you asked. This was my favorite like made me smile post for a number of reasons. It was by hippy bear. And it's about the Anthro con conference, which was a large kind of furry fandom convention. And the thing that is the awesomest about it. Well, two things really. One is the amazing group shot of everybody in their outfits. The fact that the thread was great, and it was a whole bunch of people just being interested in the thing, and not weird her fairy stuff.

mathowie 1:00:13 Wow, that's a big room even to take that photo in that's like a blip hanger. convention hall. It's totally the entire thing.

Jessamyn 1:00:23 It's so great. And my favorite part of it, if that wasn't enough, was clavicle was like, I was hoping someone would make this post. So I could link to this the awesome funniest library outreach I have seen in recent memory, where somebody dressed up like a library card from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Cortex 1:00:45 Context. Yeah.

Jessamyn 1:00:48 A whole bunch of people, I think found it from there. Well, great is your job where you get to dress up as a library card and go to the furry convention. I mean, I guess it depends, right.

mathowie 1:00:58 Considered as furry suit, sort of.

Jessamyn 1:01:02 I mean, I don't think I mean, I don't know, you could ask hippie bear who clearly actually knows about this

mathowie 1:01:06 right? That's good, though. That was a hilarious. Yeah, I think you retweeted I was like, was the context for this to make sense.

Jessamyn 1:01:15 It was confusing. I wasn't totally sure how to do it. But hippie bears clearly into it, and made like a really nice post about it. So there's, you know, there was a fursuit dance competition, DJ sets for the rave parties and a whole bunch of people talking about how these things are complicated to have in the summer because those

mathowie 1:01:34 Oh, god, yeah. Can you make a hotel crank it down like 60? Fahrenheit? That would be?

Jessamyn 1:01:41 Well, usually there's cool off rooms where you can go a headless lounge that set up with fans and water. Oh, just loved the thread made me super happy. Not only the topic, but just the short conversation that was in there. It was cool. Sweet.

Cortex 1:01:55 There's a post I liked. I almost made this and then they beat me to it room 641 dash a made a post about data bending photos, which I had seen. You did? Not specifically I mean, it's kind of in the same spirit as a couple things that I fiddled with a while back, but this is this is this is this is taking the really specific idea of saying let's take a photograph, and then let's run an audio filter on it. Let's tell let's try and tell audacity essentially, is a noise. Yeah, that's what this is a WAV file and have it process it accordingly. Let's have it throw an echo effect on it throw recently.

mathowie 1:02:36 It's archive do this like four or five years ago, I think somewhat the archive was doing this. I wouldn't

Cortex 1:02:42 be surprised. Yeah, it's it's an idea that I hadn't thought specifically to do this. But once I read it, I was like, Oh, shit. Yeah, you should. Yeah.

mathowie 1:02:49 Wow. The bass and treble are beautiful. On this castle.

Cortex 1:02:52 Yeah, it's really neat looking at the photos that came out. Because it's interesting, because I think just going in and doing it for the hell of it, even without any specific experience with audio stuff would be satisfying, because it's just this crazy thing to play around with. But then it's really interesting, being really familiar with his stuff as audio effects to look at it and say, oh, okay, I can sort of see why that would happen. moving data around so it's a really cool thing, you know, not a bad thing, but really cool images and a neat idea.

mathowie 1:03:19 super neat. Yeah, I think some of the archive like five years ago was feeding gifts into it going like they're just files of ones and zeros just like an audio files, the files, ones and zeros. Let's just see what happens. And yeah, weird stuff. Like glitch art basically came out with glitch art. That was beautiful. Yeah, accidentally beautiful.

Cortex 1:03:37 I'd be really interested to see this done to actual movie, file data, but I think he would have to do some pre processing because move file data that's compressed stores data way differently than a still image and so you'd have to sort of uncompress it first.

Jessamyn 1:03:52 Yeah.

mathowie 1:03:53 Didn't that guy do that glitch episode of The Simpsons that way? Wasn't that some sort of like, like put it through some weird filter that wasn't designed for video? I think like we mentioned on the podcast like six months

Cortex 1:04:06 ago, I don't remember what the specifics were I'd have to go back and look it up.

mathowie 1:04:10 I like this. Did you see this person covering Lourdes Royals with just like a red cup and acapella like it's cool because like something you could spend a Saturday doing is super hard when you think about it because it opens with all the screw ups which is great.

Jessamyn 1:04:29 I fumble who I think is female. So this is another Jul by women post

mathowie 1:04:34 didn't add the tag.

Jessamyn 1:04:36 I'm adding the tag. No,

Cortex 1:04:39 that's just I think go for it. Should I not? I think you should send them a Mefi email telling them to add the tag.

Jessamyn 1:04:48 I'm never turning my family on again.

Cortex 1:04:50 Well, I do follow your heart here. I I feel like it's a slightly it's not like political but it's a very slightly political I take choice to make in the sense that Michelle is political Josh well yeah but we one of the things which I by women as we were saying no one has to feel obliged to do it so like you know if for whatever reason for him it was like you know, I don't want to then that should be okay and then if it's good or bad words it's a little weird i don't know I'm overthinking it I think massively but I'm gonna go

Jessamyn 1:05:19 through and find every single female me fight for July Dory stuff yeah

mathowie 1:05:25 activists tagging

Jessamyn 1:05:27 I'm gonna let you guys take the heat for it because I think that would be fair

Jessamyn 1:05:34 I think gotta be the name of the podcast.

mathowie 1:05:42 I think it is hang it

Cortex 1:05:46 lets you edit out all the references to pick those scribbled made a nice comment in the thread to rounding up various other existing metal filter posts about Royals covers oh it's fun to listen to also there's the mentioned

mathowie 1:06:01 weird out one foil

Cortex 1:06:04 watched it I haven't which is insane because I love weird now but I

mathowie 1:06:09 weird does a lot of weird out ones.

Jessamyn 1:06:11 eight and eight was that his album was me if

mathowie 1:06:16 I posted about one of the first one I did a round up

Cortex 1:06:20 we may got have gotten to the point where we actually deleted one or two that were like, Oh, hey, there's no videos like yeah, we know. Put it in the threads about the video and then maybe do a roundup at the end. Because it just can't do Hey.

Jessamyn 1:06:34 Mostly FBI. So did a post about it halfway through the month. Alonzo Mosley FBI does a lot of good posts.

mathowie 1:06:46 yells back to you guys.

Cortex 1:06:49 I was I was I was gonna milk that dead air for as long as possible. Matt had to go and say something. And

mathowie 1:06:55 today. It's another weird Elephone he's 54 years old. Half of them. What? He's 54 years old. Wow. Wow.

Cortex 1:07:07 I did technically grow up on his music. So he has to be a certain amount older than me. But

Jessamyn 1:07:12 yeah, I mean, we used to listen to a lot. Dr. Demento. In elementary, elementary school, high school. Yeah. I think it was an eighth

mathowie 1:07:19 grade, I would record it. So my mom would know, because it's so subversive like and you look at it now. It's like, it's a bunch of guys making fart jokes.

Cortex 1:07:29 I stole my dad's copy of weird Alan 3d adopted indefinitely his cassette tape. So I had a very different upbringing.

mathowie 1:07:39 I had became at the Hard Rock station in LA it was the only one played on Sunday nights and it seems so you know, like a, like a crazy thing to do. Yeah, wow.

Jessamyn 1:07:54 I actually recorded one of my old Dr. Demento mixtapes that I made when I was in high school, and the digital file online. I even had the little numbers from the counter so I would know when the different songs started.

mathowie 1:08:08 Whoa. Did you send that to they're doing a documentary documentary? I think they did a Kickstarter last year.

Cortex 1:08:15 So are they calling

mathowie 1:08:18 it's no something smog berries is something of the smart like the dance of the smog berries or something. I have no idea what that title has to do with anything but yeah, they I funded it. So I get wackadoodle emails like once every three months that Dr. Demento is Dr. Demento still 12 It's hilarious as an adult you're like, Oh, that's a guy No Hawaiian shirt with a lot of fun.

Jessamyn 1:08:44 He's still hilarious. You get older you realize that he's a super nerd where he seems like more of like a hero you kind of larger than life dude. And you're like, oh, wow, he's really nerdy. Like you guys have you guys saw or heard the interview he did with Frank Zappa, which just didn't. It was just weird. super weird. Like, oh, he's really weird. He's a weird dude. That Frank Zappa, like Dr. Demento also in his own way

mathowie 1:09:10 No, I did not that's what

Cortex 1:09:12 I really liked the the tape Jasmine because that was totally how I was exposed to Dr. DE to grown up like I didn't catch him on the radio. But you know, I had a my sister had a friend who would tape his shows. And so we had like three or four, essentially, Dr. Demento bootlegs that Yeah, it's like, oh, where's the one with no, the long version of Star Trek and the one that keeps going with uh, you know, and it was like they were objects of lore because there was no way to do this to my

Jessamyn 1:09:39 friends. I had like one friend whose parents were mad at me because the tape had this song called Making love in a Subaru on it, which was just like goofy Assam but her parents drove a Subaru so I thought they would think it was funny and they did not and I don't even know.

mathowie 1:09:56 What do you want to bet that the download link will operate I'm sure Trying to get the Dr. Demento download work you'd upload to a really weird place like a zillion years ago. divshare Yeah, actually, it took 30 It took 30 seconds of ads blaring at me and things kind of tricked me into clicking things. There's seven buttons on the page that none of them actually download anything. Yeah, it's

Jessamyn 1:10:20 Oh, they got worse.

Cortex 1:10:21 Yeah, this point is like you know, the pages on most of these is just plastered with fake download buttons and find the real one.

Jessamyn 1:10:29 So it's basically blank download

mathowie 1:10:34 I need to speed up my Mac I need like there's so many buttons on

Jessamyn 1:10:38 this block turned off. That's kind of charming that

mathowie 1:10:41 Oh, I never loaded it ever. I can't that's that's weird to like, make money off advertising and not suffer advertising yourself. See what I just don't run it because I want to like know the state of things like

Cortex 1:10:55 and if a site is actually shitty enough, because of its ads, I don't want to go there. I just don't go there. Like there's never been anything that was like, but I really really have to use this terrible terrible ad laden fucker fuckery

Jessamyn 1:11:08 got in the habit with like Yahoo mail. Because I was using it because I don't remember like that was my work. Not not like work for you guys. But like work. I don't remember like people emailed me there. And I was like, this is awful. They had those like, Mama bat with like, 50 baby bats suckling on our little bat teats, and I was like, no against the rules. I never seen this ad block, and then I just sort of forgotten. It just keeps running.

mathowie 1:11:34 I think it's hard. I always felt it was impossible to do customer service, right? If you don't see the web as they everyone sees it. So that's why

Cortex 1:11:42 that's my main thing. Like what you know, and then if someone is not seeing something or having it not work, right, because they've changed something in the browser? Well, there's not much I can do about that. But at least for the default, I know what's going on.

Jessamyn 1:11:53 Do you have that problem, an Open Library, like there's some handshake II stuff that has to happen between open library and the Internet Archive, and certain people have certain blockers. And if one can't send cookies to the other, I don't even know exactly what the thing is. But like there's a fail mechanism. That is you need to turn your ad blocker off. And people are like, what, and we're like, we don't use ads, like just

mathowie 1:12:15 Oh, anything that remotely seems ad like sometimes gets blocked parts of the

Jessamyn 1:12:20 party cookies and stuff like that a lot of times so like Internet Archive might be putting a cookie for Open Library webpage and that, you know, sets off alarms and I don't know

mathowie 1:12:30 barbells alarm bells. It was a good post about Maria Bamford. That was just everyone loving Maria Bamford, who's a great stand up comedian. And she's fun. And it's a single week post that's like, check out this awesome profile in the New York Times. And it was great.

Jessamyn 1:12:47 It was his female probably, but

mathowie 1:12:50 yes. But yes, it's pretty much 50 People saying I love Maria Bamford, which is great.

Jessamyn 1:12:58 Lauren could be a dude. Yeah, or lady

Cortex 1:13:03 will just change the hashtag to have a question July by women. And then you can just post it on every post you want to.

mathowie 1:13:09 There's 412 July women in one July by women

Cortex 1:13:12 speaking of posts, made in July by women, and he only made a post about the Portland Oregon disaster relief trials.

mathowie 1:13:21 Someone racing in the car bike race. Tell me Tell me more team.

Cortex 1:13:25 This is a this is a thing where as sort of like, combination of a fun thing and sort of a proof of concept thing. Various people have to make a complicated sorting through the city with a usually a bike and a bunch of cargo and they have to transport all this stuff across this complicated route that involves various things, including, like literally lifting it up over a barrier, so you're able to transport it, you know, you have to carry among other things. A full size wooden pallet, which becomes sort of like a packing challenge. Yeah, so a bunch of people did this thing. It's got a bunch of great photos. One guy did the whole thing on a skateboard. He attached a trailer to a skateboard and manage the skateboard this whole complicated

mathowie 1:14:15 five miles or whatever it is on the skateboard.

Cortex 1:14:20 In parts Yeah, and I am imagining that he may have gotten off and walked spots where

mathowie 1:14:28 I knew Mark Ginsberg who's on the blue big feets the giant box bike and lifting that bike weighs 150 pounds or something like it's monstrous the pallet fits on top of the front half of his bike. So I think this is kind of like hurricane Sandy practice run kind of is the idea.

Cortex 1:14:46 The idea is if if power is out Oh, and they have to do all the navigation with paper maps because like if there's a disaster situation, you know what your your iPhone is probably not going to be helping you out much so yeah. So So yeah, that's it. it anyway, neat thing. I had missed this actually. And Angela pointed out to Cory

Jessamyn 1:15:04 pool that's not exactly a skateboard. It's still pretty awesome though.

mathowie 1:15:09 Wow, even dirt parts, like go down at dirt hill. It's gotta be rough.

Jessamyn 1:15:15 And there's like pedicab people and people with like, their homemade things. And it's wonderful. This is great. It's cool.

mathowie 1:15:23 And it doesn't have doomsday prepper stuff all over

Cortex 1:15:28 to open carry people or whatever. Yeah, right.

mathowie 1:15:31 Right, does it Yeah, it comes off as like a, like a silly fun, but also beneficial to humanity. Kind of, you know, yeah, thing, design challenge more than anything else. You ran this in it. Yeah, you get Doomsday Preppers. At some point, oh, they had a kid's version of it. They had an indoor track. It looks like the kids. Cute. Cool.

Jessamyn 1:15:54 Is this where I mentioned my own post? Do it, do it. I made a couple posts this month. But this was my favorite one. It was basically the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in order to do a big statewide project to work on their highways send a dude out by bicycle, because that's my segue here on this, and they did a report of the Commission to improve the highways of the Commonwealth because Massachusetts is not a state. And they basically took photos, several 100 photos of 600 miles of Massachusetts highway between 1892 and 1893.

mathowie 1:16:30 By the way, this is kind of like the things where you take a picture of the pothole and you hashtag it today and then the city replies and says we'll fix it, but this is that version and at 93 That's

Jessamyn 1:16:40 like what passed for a highway in that picture. Matt, you can see the guy's bike off to the right. So it's like a little teeny bike basically with a Canberra.

mathowie 1:16:49 Yeah, 1890s stuff is rough. It's like fixed gear, single speed, no

Jessamyn 1:16:54 brakes, you're just not roads. They are they are ruts. And to be fair, most of it is you know, horse carts and whatever. There's not really cars yet.

mathowie 1:17:04 Oh, Sandy and I thought it'd be I guess that's near rivers. It's the

Jessamyn 1:17:08 beach. Yeah, so it was just cool. So basically Lulla Lulla the Massachusetts State Library put all these pictures up in a set on Flickr and then I found the report on the Internet Archive put together Powell Massachusetts wow it's one of those things and Flickr finish redesigning did we talk about this last month

mathowie 1:17:37 but like there's exhausting but yeah, I guess it's a little shorter than it was

Jessamyn 1:17:40 and now it seems slightly less shitty? Yeah. I remember no say fired that designer like what happens

mathowie 1:17:48 in southern Washington I remember reading the loops road was one of the first paved roads west of the Mississippi and it was in like 1920 or so it's like way later than I thought that asphalt I thought asphalt was a popular thing before it but maybe not. So I guess there's some roads before that or something but yeah, yeah, roads are gnarly around the turn of the century. I guess it's cars that had to have you know, smoother and smoother stuff to be cars delivery

Jessamyn 1:18:15 trucks. Yeah, because with a horse cart you know, you can dig it out and the horse can drag it out and whatever the horse is kind of the original all while wheel drive.

Cortex 1:18:25 Probably the bigger radius wheels probably made it less of a problem too. I would guess like cars probably moved towards smaller radius and so you had to Oh, that's

Jessamyn 1:18:35 interesting. That's what would actually just be horrible for them. But like there's some pictures of this you know of the town I went to high school and it was interesting just looking at them being like what the wow

mathowie 1:18:50 that's a weird gig like they the guy spent like two years riding around the state taking photos. But the giant camera with the whole silver plates and all the crazy in the poof and yeah, yeah,

Jessamyn 1:19:03 I would love to read a story about what having that job would be like and it wasn't in the report that I read.

mathowie 1:19:09 How long does it take to take a shot even like setup and takedown and taking the shot like is it an hour or something? Do you just get to do like 10 a day and that's it right like this is not

Jessamyn 1:19:21 pictures of him you know taking the pictures in some of the pictures Yeah. But I just you know, when you're somewhere with broadband you can just go click click

mathowie 1:19:31 click so much a turn this turn this into Street View that you can like quarrel

Cortex 1:19:37 startup like a competing Street View Product now we're all just like ride around on my bike taking pictures with my iPhone and then Josh view. Anybody who wants anybody who wants access to it can pay me $5 a month. Crafted local artisanal

mathowie 1:19:55 like frames,

Cortex 1:19:58 a piece or whatever Do

Jessamyn 1:20:00 you live in person?

mathowie 1:20:01 Yeah yeah I'll never fly stuff people hate that stuff

Cortex 1:20:08 was was was the bike you took these pictures from sourced from local parts because

Jessamyn 1:20:16 not exploitative or fully exploitative depending on how you look at it. for damn sure

mathowie 1:20:21 conflict free steel made for this

Cortex 1:20:25 smelter this melted by a collective of squirrels in

Jessamyn 1:20:29 my favorite cheese guys and like bowler hats on the beach.

mathowie 1:20:33 Nice nice. They're not they're bathing costumes.

Jessamyn 1:20:37 They may be in their bathing costumes. I think

mathowie 1:20:39 the mustache comes with the bowler hat. Yeah.

Cortex 1:20:43 It's actually hanging from the brim of the hat. Transparent straight. We can't see because they're so old. But I wanted to mention, I think I probably mentioned a roguelike there probably was, but I don't have any if

Jessamyn 1:20:59 Josh was on vacation briefly, this is what happens. I wasn't

Cortex 1:21:03 sure that I stayed on vacation. Like, you know, I took a vacation from for me. No, I there's a sequels who I probably mentioned a couple of podcasts ago. A mash up of sounds that was basically taking the thesis that

Jessamyn 1:21:20 we forgot to announce in the meantime. Yeah. Yeah,

mathowie 1:21:27 whatever it

Cortex 1:21:29 does is good. Yes. And silence is the new one. He's calling it a prequel. Whereas mouth sounds it's a prequel to mouth sounds even though the songs sourcing it don't work with a timeline of mouth sounds if you say that, but his answer is that mouth silence takes place in an alternate universe, where Smash Mouth never recorded all star. And anyway, it's amazing.

Jessamyn 1:21:52 It's I don't even know what I am looking at.

Cortex 1:21:54 It's it's, it's just a it's an amazing mash about midnight. I fucking love it. And so I just wanted to mention it because it's insane. And it's great.

Jessamyn 1:22:06 God is strange interlude, good production

Cortex 1:22:09 qualities. Also, Ingress came out on iOS. And Matt doesn't know what ingress is. And then we didn't

Jessamyn 1:22:16 tell you. Where did the ingress know, like, like the

Cortex 1:22:19 Google Labs project, comm alternate reality game, that everybody with Android phones has always been super annoying and public by hacking invisible stuff in the middle of conversations. And now iPhone, users can be just as annoying,

Jessamyn 1:22:36 annoying hating swarm. Is that good enough?

mathowie 1:22:40 I don't think I know any Android users that are serious about it.

Jessamyn 1:22:43 I have a lot of Android users in my neighborhood.

mathowie 1:22:46 I'm saying like personal friends. Like no one's ever mentioned Ingress.

Cortex 1:22:50 That's weird. I would have assumed like I would have assumed you as sort of a techie person and device a person that Well, I don't think it's I mean, you can do annoying social media stuff. But I kind of think to some extent, the nature of the game and the nature of the sort of selfish, hey, I got this little note in my neighborhood thing. It's something that you kind of are less inclined to be like, Hey, everybody, I just did a thing. You should go break it. So maybe people aren't so much tweeting it anyway.

mathowie 1:23:17 It's more game. Foursquare, like you. It's about

Cortex 1:23:21 as gaming as Foursquare, but it's designed to look more like an actual game basically. Is

Jessamyn 1:23:25 it anything I can use in Vermont? Or is it just like, sorry, you're in Neosho?

mathowie 1:23:31 Give me the king of Vermont, though.

Cortex 1:23:33 Yeah, it's probably gonna be pretty sparse. But you know, that you can take over Randolph probably as far as it goes. I've pretty much already done that. Yeah. So there's probably like three portals in Randolph, and you can just hack them all.

mathowie 1:23:44 What was the city named after the horse that did you live in? Or did you used to live in center Randolph horse like a horse breed? That my thinking of? There's a horse right that was named after town, you

Jessamyn 1:23:57 lifted the Morgan horse. What is he talking about?

mathowie 1:24:02 Remember, the center of town at this big thing about a horse like was invented

Jessamyn 1:24:05 Morgan horse it wasn't.

mathowie 1:24:09 The Oregon horse was just really nice

Jessamyn 1:24:12 claims to fame. But Justin Morgan, the Morgan of The Morgan horse was from here. That was it. And so that's kind of a big deal. Even though there's a lot of different and the Morgan horses kind of an interesting, United States it in breed of horse. Oh, and in the United States, one of the earliest.

mathowie 1:24:31 It's our jazz of horses.

Jessamyn 1:24:34 It is our jazz of horses. Exactly.

mathowie 1:24:37 This doesn't look like a game this looks like I mean, this looks like output from a heads up display of a like an airplane simulator from 30 years ago.

Cortex 1:24:46 It's very going for the cyberpunk thing. It's funny. It seems like something that should really I'm kind of curious anybody who is like a Google Glass person if there's good integration with Google Glass and this because it seems like kind of a perfect combination. All these 80s lasers over everything you're looking at. And instead of instead of constantly looking down at your phone, you just sort of go right in the corner your glasses, right? So probably

mathowie 1:25:09 brown PA is a big glass user. Oh, yeah. I think he plays ingress too. Yeah. Like, on ironically loves glass and he posts glass photos.

Jessamyn 1:25:19 was super into Second Life too. Oh, right. Yeah,

mathowie 1:25:22 right. Yeah, I guess that's an angle. It's like Second Life coming to life in real life. Well, I

Jessamyn 1:25:28 think augmented reality makes a lot more sense to people than virtual reality because virtual reality just doesn't get real enough. Yeah, true. Augmented reality can work. Yeah. Filter team enjoyed it. But I there was so much good stuff. I only wanted to pull out a couple highlights. Because really, it was just so much good stuff.

mathowie 1:25:52 Everything was yeah, like, yeah, everything was 80% good or something. Everything was at a high level. Like it's like contest month, we can't pick a winner. It's impossible because everything's awesome.

Cortex 1:26:05 Let's do ask,

mathowie 1:26:06 let's ask, ask medfit That.

Jessamyn 1:26:11 Enjoy the answers to this question about sports because I am not very knowledgeable about sports. And so I'm interested to hear. So this was by me fight. Karen, Karen Kern, Cairn, whatever, basically saying, Are there any sports you can start doing at 30 and become world class on? And they were saying the only possibilities I can think of are lawn bowls and shooting, maybe racecar driving. Can you tell me blah, more ones? And so people were like, yeah, and one of the people sanka their mother qualified for the 96 Olympics in Atlanta in archery and are moving. Yeah, hadn't touched a low until her mid 40s When she did it a deer hunter well in a lot of people know about Gina Davis, who picked up archery in her 40s and then almost qualified for the Olympic team.

mathowie 1:27:01 There was a maximum fun person from the Jesse Thorn universe. Yeah, someone who went to max fun cons and stuff who just went like, picked up Wikipedia one day and just said, What can I go to the Olympics in like five years doing? Like, what is probably the most obscure sport so I'd have the least competition and what could I do? And it turned out to be like, I think it was women's have tafel on had strange things like horse riding and archery and it's not like track sports. Maybe it's not heptathlon. But there's some Olympic event where you have to do a horse part of it and she was like, I'm gonna horses and I can run and and she, like qualify for

Jessamyn 1:27:44 the Olympics. Triathlon is not it. So

mathowie 1:27:48 it is some sort of amalgamation of five or six sports and it was and she like went to the last Olympics in London for Yeah, and she actually competed and stuff and I remembered it was one of the events was something to do with like, like a steeplechase. Maybe that's part of it. But the cool aspect of it is you don't bring your horse you show up and get a horse. I think there's 20 horses in a pit and you draw straws to pick a horse, and it's a horse you've never written and again, you do something insanely dangerous

Jessamyn 1:28:16 Mitt Romney's horse, and it might kill you,

mathowie 1:28:19 you know, you falling a horse can't make it over a four foot wall can kill you, you know, like, Sure and I went like that is pretty ballsy of a sport to not to put that much unpredictability into the sport, but I loved it.

Jessamyn 1:28:33 Wow. Dressage eventing Jumping, yeah, dressage dressage, eventing, eventing, jumping and jumping.

mathowie 1:28:42 I don't think you take up rowing in late age, right? Although I guess there is some older rowers that do it. That seems like a young man sport.

Jessamyn 1:28:49 Well, I think you you have to kind of be lightweight, but there is like,

mathowie 1:28:54 I think all women

Jessamyn 1:28:57 Oh, God, I don't know. So at any rate, there was just sort of interesting responses. I wouldn't have thought about it. I don't really know.

mathowie 1:29:05 Earlene seems like bowling, which seems like not doesn't matter if you're 18 or 80. Kinda.

Jessamyn 1:29:11 Yeah, well, I mean, you've got to have a certain amount of force with bowling but not too much. Most like sailing. Yeah, motorcycle racing.

mathowie 1:29:21 Someone said car racing. But car racing is now like, those dudes are super young and super fit because they want to be as late as possible. Like

Jessamyn 1:29:29 they're really good reflexes, which you know, just whatever you do they get slower with age. Wow. Yeah. So fun, fun thread. Interesting, interesting answers.

mathowie 1:29:41 Fencing, right Josh wasn't there fencing

Cortex 1:29:44 their neighborhood fencing it's like a fencing school. There's a there's an actual you can learn to fence in St. John's up here in the peninsula, North Portland and they shouldn't

mathowie 1:29:54 really call themselves like Arrow Flynn's

Cortex 1:29:58 I think they're just more about, hey, you know, learn to fence and go to the Olympics.

mathowie 1:30:03 Me and Josh are driving around we saw I saw a sign it said like fencing. I was like, is that like silver stuff you put around the property or oils and the cool shoes and the masks?

Cortex 1:30:15 No, no, it's it. No, it's fencing. Really clear that. Yes, Matt came up for his quarterly visit to the actual city of Portland and St. John had lunch in my neighborhood and it was

mathowie 1:30:27 nice. The Commonwealth of St. John's.

Cortex 1:30:32 I loved

mathowie 1:30:34 Oh,

Cortex 1:30:35 I started talking versus real quick one. So covered Puget Sound the most misleading question ever, title ever, but it's a town of cat saying can you recommend songs about Washington or Seattle that portray the non negative life because like they could only think of a couple of Seattle songs. They were like bummers, and they're just

Jessamyn 1:30:53 terrible songs about the area. Yeah, these

mathowie 1:30:56 are all pro Seattle songs for someone that like moved from the Bay Area to Seattle and wanted something to celebrate it. I sent it to a friend who moved from Seattle to the Bay Area and misses Seattle so badly hoping she would drop some knowledge.

Cortex 1:31:11 Just pay music. Yep,

Jessamyn 1:31:14 that reminds me, I've got to upload the happy star song Olympia. The first line is I've been wearing the same shirt for four days. It's not really about Seattle. But it's about Olympia and it's hilarious. Yeah,

Cortex 1:31:30 I think it's fair enough.

mathowie 1:31:32 I remember Listen, Sir Mix A Lot. As mentioned a couple times I remember I love to remix Vox albums and A's and then I was in Seattle maybe three years ago and being like, holy shit. I'm on Broadway and my posse is on Broadway right now. Like street names are in his rhymes all over the place. Like all sorts of rapping about a Seattle I think in most of the old albums and Seattle, West Seattle. No, South South is kind of rough. I think it's like the southern

Jessamyn 1:32:01 rough. It's just diverse. Yeah, he thinks a Baby Got Back with the the couple months ago, I don't know if you saw that video. It was awesome.

mathowie 1:32:16 I think it was on Metafilter.

Jessamyn 1:32:17 He got a ton of women up on stage and now like, shook their butt around. It was very funny.

Cortex 1:32:22 I didn't I think that's great. I

mathowie 1:32:23 think it was on medical tech couple months ago. It's funny because people are talking about the the

Jessamyn 1:32:28 he's got an orchestra last month. In fact, the middle 1023

mathowie 1:32:32 the questionable nature of middle aged torquing. That was what people are. Like, should we celebrate a four year old woman torquing? Or is that a weird thing? I don't know. It's yeah, gives me strange feelings is like a lot of the comments.

Jessamyn 1:32:48 But those are the same people who are like, I don't want to see that in a bathing suit. And I'm like, well shut your eyes, then for God's sakes. It's so judgy I think if you can still talk it, whatever your age is. Go nuts.

mathowie 1:33:00 Maybe torquing is an Olympic sport that people can pick up late in life.

Jessamyn 1:33:05 That's a great idea.

mathowie 1:33:07 This is a great post by Doug de de Dougie Diddy, Diddy the devil Deezer for upgrade to Amazon Prime Garth. Fine. So like, what gourmet foods can I buy only through Amazon Prime? And I was like Jesus Christ. handtools. But

Jessamyn 1:33:25 Jacqueline was like, bam, bam, bam.

mathowie 1:33:28 I mean, when I saw the title, I just went like, God's can be nothing like what can you send? That's actually good food. Like, and there's like 50 Good things that people are saying.

Jessamyn 1:33:40 Sugar Cubes, cocktail bitters, vanilla bean paste, dill, pollen. A can of

mathowie 1:33:46 grape leaf like dolmas in a can are actually tasty when you open them up and

Jessamyn 1:33:52 have an emergency dollar scan at my house. In the winter, yeah,

mathowie 1:33:57 I used to have a Greek I've always lived near a Greek deli, so I always get them kind of fresh ish. So I never thought that would be as good but

Cortex 1:34:06 I don't I don't for whatever reason, it just, it doesn't work for me. My wife likely was fine, but I don't know. dama there's a lot of fancy. No, it's not it's I think it may just be sort of the pickly thing I slow progress on some some pickled stuff

Jessamyn 1:34:22 like almost pickled anything and I liked them because they got raised in the middle. Yeah,

Cortex 1:34:27 the idea seems good I just It doesn't click I don't know. I just about how I feel about dullness apparently. I'm listening stop the show. I'm just gonna next handle its dullness

mathowie 1:34:39 tases somewhere like oh God, how could you not like it? I like I like the grape leaves like break down because of the pickling juice. So they just sort of like fall apart and then the rice is good. So good. And I don't like that many pickled things either. Like those. So yeah,

Jessamyn 1:34:57 in Romania too. They call them Somali. And I liked them.

mathowie 1:35:02 There's a lot of like bitters and different weird salts in the socket licorice, that stuff with travel. Well, I was just I was skeptical of the things in a can that are usually delicious fresh if they

Jessamyn 1:35:14 lemons. Well, you know it shouldn't be in a jar because I'll just put it in a giant box and fill it with paper shreds. You

mathowie 1:35:21 can buy rendered duck fat in a jar. Wow,

Jessamyn 1:35:26 we're I should not know that. I don't know that.

mathowie 1:35:30 That'd be cool for like making eggs like using instead of butter. I guess everywhere. He says you're fat. That'd be nice. Well,

Jessamyn 1:35:37 there's a lot of places. We have a place here that makes french fries fried up in duck fat. They're really good. But fries are good. You probably do terrible things to your cholesterol. Terrible thing.

mathowie 1:35:48 Oh, probably. Anything else?

Cortex 1:35:51 Wonderful things. One cute one that I'll just mention real quick. And then just we can talk about something substantive the birthday and celebratory gifts question. Pineapple heart was like I'm the lady the officer sends out the everyone please wish happy birthday to x emails. She wanted some funny celebratory gifts. It's a thread full of him just go click on some gifts. And

Jessamyn 1:36:10 he

mathowie 1:36:13 oh two, that would be awesome. These are like hilarious Tumblr images from movies and stuff. I thought they'd be cutesy little like,

Jessamyn 1:36:21 a whole bunch of total rows.

mathowie 1:36:23 Yeah, these are great.

Cortex 1:36:25 It's a whole it's a whole mix of things. It's great.

mathowie 1:36:27 I look forward to emails to feature these gifts.

Jessamyn 1:36:32 Well, I think that's the whole point, right? I mean, you guys, you guys know bucket, right? That's just like, Ethan whatever his name is. His favorite gifts. He just does a thing that takes Yeah, so all the good gifts basically.

mathowie 1:36:50 A I

Jessamyn 1:36:51 think that him just as part of like, Oh, here's a friend of a friend and he's a gift Somali a that's how he describes himself.

mathowie 1:37:03 He invented responsive web design.

Jessamyn 1:37:07 He's the guy that invented responsive web design. I had no idea. Yeah, he's amazing.

mathowie 1:37:12 Yeah, he's awesome. I had to hang out with them in New Zealand when I went to that car. Nice. So him and his wife are awesome people.

Jessamyn 1:37:18 Yes, I didn't spend enough time with them. But it was

mathowie 1:37:21 good. That's fun. Enjoyed. Oh, did

Jessamyn 1:37:24 you have a special No you go. I liked this just because it's smalti Oh Snapdragon. Basically, it's a mixtape thread about long term developed love so like, you know, hey, we've been together a really long time and I just feel really great about you still blah so like not jokey. Not tongue in cheek not ironic. Just nice threads about nice songs about people who have been together for a long time.

mathowie 1:37:55 Iron and wine naked as we came isn't about dying or something. And death Well

Cortex 1:38:02 yeah, but it's about eventually die. And yeah, I don't really cheerful song, but it is a song about longterm

Jessamyn 1:38:14 fish in that video.

mathowie 1:38:17 Sinatra's September my years and that the end of his life? I don't know.

Jessamyn 1:38:22 Sometimes. I mean, I think maybe that's how it comes up. Right? Like you're looking back on your life and you're like, hey, we've had a good run.

mathowie 1:38:31 There's no songs about like maybe starting a second mortgage together because you're really trustworthy. No

Cortex 1:38:41 nothing rhymes with mortgage. So true.

Jessamyn 1:38:45 Thank you Portage.

mathowie 1:38:47 All of me. That's, that seems like a that's like a current r&b song. That's about like getting a new girlfriend. Right. All right.

Cortex 1:38:57 Standard. Now let me Why not take all of me.

Jessamyn 1:39:02 There you go. Kate Smith in it up again.

mathowie 1:39:04 Clang, Clang, clang goes your trolley. Who's Kate Smith. I love Taz, asked the question about food difficulty level high because it's like, what can I do with one overripe banana? But hey, wait a minute. Let me stop you there. I do not want to make banana bread.

Jessamyn 1:39:25 Like it's too complicated. Freezer rules no idea.

mathowie 1:39:32 I said banana bread? Or that banana ice cream thing you do and you just whip up a frozen banana or wait Oh, bananas foster God she said no to all those so I was like, what is there gonna be any answers and then people had good

Jessamyn 1:39:44 I did a shout out to the deleted comment by the user who will remain nameless who says just throw it right in the sea finally understand why you deleted it but Oh Good gracious is funny. That's funny.

mathowie 1:39:59 Is pancakes oh my god, we had pancakes with really carmelize the bananas and banana pancakes that

Jessamyn 1:40:06 are made banana oatmeal.

mathowie 1:40:09 That's difficult, difficulty level high when you can't do banana bread because that's the classic brown bananas thing to do in my house

Jessamyn 1:40:19 or throw them into the sea in my house. Like I mean that in the sea, but like, you know, I can do a thing where if I have the fruit far enough from my top stairs, it just winds up in the woods. So I take care you go skunks, and

mathowie 1:40:35 anything else on AskMe edit filter? Well,

Jessamyn 1:40:38 I always like the how do I move to the middle of nowhere, threads. So this is by user Death March. Basically, like I work and live in New York City, I can't find my own place here. But I've kind of thinking about going somewhere in a rural environment. And they grew up in a rural environment. So they're like, I know what I'm getting into. Where do I Where do I go? How do I do that. And a lot of times when people do this, you see this, like, you know must be an hour away from an airport or must not have an outhouse or must have broadband. But this is slightly different. And so there's just a lot of people giving sort of interesting, where's a nice place to be? Blah, including including the Oh, yeah, sorry. All the comments I like have been deleted. So.

mathowie 1:41:28 So funny jokes are not helpful. They don't help answer anyone's questions. But they're funny,

Jessamyn 1:41:34 and I'm glad I still get to read them. So yes, I that was a really interesting thread for me, because, you know, I kind of did that. And so I'm always looking like, did I do that wrong? Is there a better way to do that? Like, I don't know. I just enjoyed.

mathowie 1:41:48 I saw that question I've been thinking about constantly since I was in Southern Oregon, like a week and a half ago. And it was like me weighed down by the California border and then getting close to the Idaho border. And it is total middle of nowheres Ville. I know, I ran Yelp and there are six restaurants within 100 Miles six to choose from and like to have them or a gas stations. Like there was literally

Jessamyn 1:42:12 one. It's really out there. I mean, we have six in town and I think that's a hardship.

mathowie 1:42:17 Yeah, this is like drive 30 minutes to a terrible place to eat. And like, yeah, imagine like looking at a house cost here like $50,000 Maybe because it's like, I don't know where it's supermarket or even gasoline is everything.

Jessamyn 1:42:34 Southern Oregon has real winter too, right? I mean, I don't know.

mathowie 1:42:37 Yeah, yeah, we were next to a lake the head like snow zones and stuff. And I was surprised.

Jessamyn 1:42:43 So that's harder to have a place like any place with a fringed a freeze thaw cycle is complicated. Yeah,

mathowie 1:42:49 it's gonna break in his property tax. I think they do. Yeah. You pay it? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. And we have personal income tax, but no sales tax. So we

Cortex 1:43:00 sort of have like the jacked up property tax instead of sales tax. Okay, which

Jessamyn 1:43:06 is a place with no property tax. Like I always figure if I'm forced to retire somewhere else. Like I go to Alabama or something like that.

mathowie 1:43:13 Right. And that's come up in asked medical debt before about mobile homes that like try and buy a piece of land and then put your mobile home on. And you could basically live for free ish on your own thing. Because every mobile home park charges like 600 bucks a month, and it's almost like rent,

Jessamyn 1:43:32 electricity and a bunch of other stuff. And you've got neighbors, which is I think the most difficult, they can

mathowie 1:43:36 jam up the prices of things to you at any time. And you can be at and suddenly, you know, $1,000 a month at age 80 Kind of sucks. And right now

Jessamyn 1:43:46 it's a nightmare. Maintaining your old mobile home your old mobile home is a little tricky, too. So everything's everything's got a downside.

mathowie 1:43:54 We know Oh, sure.

Jessamyn 1:43:56 I want to do that, like buy a plot of land in Seattle that super cheap and then like put a year on it or something? And they're like, no, no, no, you can't put your ads on plots of land in Seattle for reasons.

mathowie 1:44:07 Do lines from rich people or something? Yeah, I hope there's a like update in two years that like yes, I ended up in the middle of nowhere, and it was great. You know,

Jessamyn 1:44:17 that's a good question. I should go through AskMe Metafilter and do kind of a run through there and be like all you people who are gonna go move to the middle of nowhere. Did you had that go? What happened? At work?

mathowie 1:44:29 I would think that's such a hard change that might not have happened.

Jessamyn 1:44:33 Yeah, who knows? I would also like to mention that I am going to be in London next week. So I'm going to bother all the Metafilter people there for having some sort of a meet up nice because I'm going to the wiki mania conference.

mathowie 1:44:48 Citation Needed.

Jessamyn 1:44:49 Yeah, we'll see. We'll see. I'm hoping it'll be fun. I'm working in the press room. They've got me doing a like a little volunteer gig. So did you

mathowie 1:44:58 did you ask on asked metadata about Things that in London are is that on Twitter, you're asking on Facebook, Facebook,

Jessamyn 1:45:04 did a really good job. Like I was afraid if I did it on AskMe Metafilter. Like everybody was gonna give me these essays of stuff to do. And I get I feel kind of that makes me all anxious, you know, like, Well, I'm not going to do all that stuff I want like one thing you like that you think I would like? So Facebook was better? Because it's people that know me. And, theoretically, and so the

mathowie 1:45:23 question so far?

Jessamyn 1:45:25 Yeah. Somebody who I know from, I don't even know. But they're basically like, hey, on Thursday, there's a museum and libraries tour in London from 10 to noon, you want to go with me? And then we'll go get lunch. I was like, perfect. Perfect. Yeah. And so a couple of librarians have reached out to me to give me little, little tours of their library, and I'm at the Barbican Centre. So I'm kind of walking distance from a number of places I might like to go. But there are a couple like funky bookstores that might be interesting. Or, oh, you know, this radical bookstore you should probably go to or this little walk is interesting. This or That nonsense is free. I literally haven't looked at it yet. Because like I'm marrying some friends on Saturday. So that's the next thing on my list. And then Monday, I leave and then yeah, so next weekend, probably meetup.

mathowie 1:46:13 Can you walk into a verse? Well, what kind of bookstore was not? bookstores? Oh, can you go into radical bookstore and go on the anarchists librarian and they are like, oh, a celebrity? Or maybe, maybe they might know who you are from that title, right?

Jessamyn 1:46:29 Maybe? Never know. Because like when you're inside it, you have no idea how it is on the outside to other people. I like to think so. But

mathowie 1:46:39 I think that's all I had, I had a really old question I marked as a favorite. Well, we

Cortex 1:46:44 have to wrap up real quick here anyway, since I have to like go on the clock and wish. Jeremy Wait for me. I

mathowie 1:46:54 did half assed job of

Cortex 1:46:57 I had I had a doughnut with Zippy users. Zippy was in town for OS con, the open source conference. And he called he called him Friday morning donut meetup downtown. And so serverless went down. And it was the two of you. No, no. So it's actually a decent size meetup. We had probably eight people altogether, crowded into blue star donuts. And yeah, so that was nice. And I met him and he's super nice. So there you

Jessamyn 1:47:20 go. People should look at the meetups, because this month was the 15th anniversary. And so people should look at the tons and tons and tons of fun meetup photos if that's your thing, because there were a lot of meetups this month and they seem to mostly be neat. I've been clicking around looking at them and they always make me smile ministers are

Cortex 1:47:37 flew down to New Orleans for like an overnight meetup visit basically. And that wasn't pretty.

Jessamyn 1:47:48 Still young, you can get away with that. I was like thinking of going down there. And I'm like, these guys are gonna stay up all night and party. I don't party. What am I doing? Like I had a great time when I went last time. But yeah,

mathowie 1:47:59 can you guys start at 5pm? And at 930? Like, that's me partying,

Jessamyn 1:48:03 right? Well, I'll stay up late, but I won't be drinking that much. And after a while you and all the drinkers kind of diverge in what you want to do with your extra time.

mathowie 1:48:13 I had perhaps the most meta filtery night the other night when I went and saw Shawn Michaels, who's mark key on meta filter, who runs the said the gramophone music blog, which I've always loved because they always do a year end wrap up. That's my favorite thing in the world. They do like, here's a gigabyte of all the best songs, you know, 100 songs with really detailed reviews of every single song. He wrote a book about a novel about the greatest Theremin player in the world and then did a reading and then there's a therapy concert by like some guy OMSI, who builds his own Thurman's did a few. Wonderful. Awesome. Yeah. And he's been way into Thurman's. And then he wanted to write fiction for the first time. So he wrote this fictional account of this. I think it's a husband wife who become kings of Theramin. music world. And yeah, so he's publishing his first book, and he was on a book tour. And it was fun. And there was live Theramin music, which I didn't know what their bins were so hard to play. Like, your hand has to go in a certain spot to get,

Cortex 1:49:18 like playing the ghost of a trombone. You know? It's a very odd thing.

mathowie 1:49:25 And apparently, it takes a lot of practice to get like the perfect E is right here. And a perfect F is out here. And yeah, it was good. It was surprisingly good. I thought their admins would be fun for 30 seconds, but apparently, four or five songs have their admins are still good. So that was fun. That sounds

Jessamyn 1:49:44 like a good time. And he's in Montreal, which is near me, so I should look him up next time. I'm up that way. And Jim, who enjoyed very much playing the Theramin at the Musical Instrument Museum is heading up to Montreal and they should actually hang out

mathowie 1:49:59 here Have good bagels together.

Jessamyn 1:50:03 Up there so good.

mathowie 1:50:07 Is there anything else left? Are we all done? We got got everything

Cortex 1:50:11 covered the bases.

Jessamyn 1:50:12 Three minutes left. You guys are all wonderful.

mathowie 1:50:16 Thanks.

Cortex 1:50:18 Excellent talking with you

Jessamyn 1:50:19 pass this move