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Podcast 48 Transcript

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A transcript for Episode 48: Sitting or Standing (2010-01-14).

Pronoiac passed the podcast to


mathowie 0:07 Welcome to the Metafilter OD and she's calling the smoke welcome the podcast 4840 Fucking eight.

Cortex 0:38 That's the number that's four doesn't.

mathowie 0:40 That's for appropriately large podcast 48 This would be the last month mostly December some of January.

Jessamyn 0:49 The last one we recorded on December 11. And it was uploaded on the 17th.

mathowie 0:53 Alrighty, so this is the January 11. And I'll probably upload on the 17th Just for kicks. A lot of shits gone down. Jesus so much shit. Yes. Which it's gone down. Let me see. We had the outage on Friday, which was a bummer. Bummer to lose half a day's comments on AskMe Metafilter. But we've learned a shit ton of stuff from that. All sorts of new ways to do that in the future. Plus also a whole bunch of optimizations we stumbled onto while rebuilding everything. And you know, as scary as it seemed like, up until maybe as like recent as a year and a half ago, two years ago, there was no backup a meta filter. Like that works. It turns out, I thought there was one that worked, but it didn't actually work until we tested a couple years ago. So medical there could have imploded at any day for the last eight years. Like it was so crazy. I was seeing my pants. I didn't know what I was doing. And like, as I was pointing out to Paul, like, the StackOverflow guys trashed their entire database because their backup was bad. And they like you know, they never tested it. Like you know, those guys are they have 20 years of experience in the industry. And like this happens to all of us. So it was a good learning experience. I'm glad we put it off for over 10 years, and it wasn't too bad.

Jessamyn 2:21 We got a couple days off a lot of the comments we lost from people's cashes, which was really kind of cool. I mean, ultimately, I think we only lost a couple 100 comments.

mathowie 2:29 Yeah, I think we lost 1000 that we regained 650 or something like that. So it's not that Yeah. Yes. Couple people are like, bummed that they had these great rich, answered filled threads that they lost. And they might ask next week, I think that's okay, as a one time

Jessamyn 2:44 we're terribly sorry. Yeah, totally. Well,

mathowie 2:48 take that top banner off, I guess in a few days, maybe once a week.

Jessamyn 2:53 Yeah, yeah, exactly. And we did have a couple threads that were kind of like, stuff was happening, there was the guy who had the cat that was sick and didn't want to travel. And then it turned out the cat died. And I did an update for the anonymous thread. And then I had to re update it again. Because, you know, my update about the cat had gone away. And

Cortex 3:17 there was such a weird overall arc to that. Because yeah, he asked a question that a bunch of people come in with sort of like, well, here's things you could try to do to try and take care of your cat. And then he's sort of delayed by just real life being busy for related reasons. And so he doesn't get back as quick as he wants to. So that was essentially Hey, just before anybody spends any more time trying to help us with this particular aspect, here's the sad news about the cat. And, and then someone actually came along and like started composing. Before that comment went up a lengthy comments sort of trying to talk about, well, here's other things you could try for the cat. And so we make the update, then that person posts their comment. And then they're like, oh, shit, so I ended up deleting their big long comment, because I felt bad about the timing of saying, Well, you try these various things with your cat who is now dead. And and then that was all washed away. So it's like, yeah, it is a very complicated sort of lifecycle for that thread.

Jessamyn 4:13 And we had somebody who sent us some crazy hate mail because they thought I had deleted some of their stuff when in point of fact, I deleted nothing.

mathowie 4:22 That was the understatement of the year.

Jessamyn 4:24 I'm trying to be politic here,

Cortex 4:26 but yeah, yeah. Music.

Jessamyn 4:29 These were the songs that I liked. Two of them are songs and two of them are cover songs. All of which are pretty good. I don't know how you feel about the killers, but I sort of liked that song. Mr. Brightside even though and this is an acoustic one, all these music songs that I like I will for you spaghetti thinking about drinking Mr. Brightside? I sort of picked because they're not the usual favorites. They're not like the same people who we kind of know and love and music who always put out great stuff. Half those people are continuing to put out great stuff. But these are some lesser known musicians who are also putting out great stuff. decided to use it for any other stuff.

mathowie 5:11 Yeah, I don't have to insert interruptions. I can get them all in.

Jessamyn 5:17 Or you can just pick a couple. I mean, either way.

mathowie 5:21 Yeah, that's true. Music. You did the Christmas albums.

Cortex 5:28 Josh. Yeah. Yeah, I think I think the first episode of that was already, I don't know it was up or if it was just in progress when we recorded the last podcast, but beer ended up doing bottles that came up pretty well. Sponsoring good. I've been I've been totally failing to pay attention to music ever since. So it's a good thing. Jessamyn went through and picked some stuff out. But, but I'm gonna get back to that. So I can try and make the music podcast a regular thing again.

mathowie 5:55 Were our favorite projects.

Jessamyn 5:59 Or I felt like I didn't go all the way back through projects. Because I found too that I really, jobs is the same old stuff. Yeah, web developer, web developer, web developer deliver flowers to my sister.

mathowie 6:12 Library librarian.

Jessamyn 6:14 Yes, there's not even a librarian jobs. Although I happen to know that they're reopening the state assistant librarian position in Vermont in case anybody's curious.

mathowie 6:23 Was that yours?

Jessamyn 6:25 Yeah, like I was the state librarian. Yeah, I was the state librarian.

mathowie 6:29 You're changing from the inside?

Jessamyn 6:32 Uh, you know, I try, I try. Well, the two that got sort of elevated to metal filter, both of which were, I think, completely enjoyed was the fuck this weather project. Which was especially fun because the weather's been especially weird. And so I think there's been people especially commenting on the weather, and the slightly confusing, but totally awesome DIY, computational photography that hurt my brain. Well, I think it hurt a lot of people's brains. But you know, the pain is your brain making new little synapses, which are helpful for staying alive and thinking, which is a fake, a fake project fakes project, user fake, not a made up project, where he has like an array of cameras that can put basically more data into like a specific image so that you can change the depth of field and some other crap. Yep, from the image itself without taking another picture. And he's in the thread talking about how awesome it is. So go read how awesome it

mathowie 7:38 is photo of the camera array is like, astounding. The giant totally frame. It's the awesomest 16 cameras or something that's photos are like the skateboarder Oh, man, those are awesome.

Jessamyn 7:53 There's great totally, they're totally awesome. And you know, it's one of those things that like fakes kind of famous in his own right now for doing a DIY book scanner and so it's always kind of cool to see other stuff he does and still making its way back to metal filter because you know, we sort of like that metal filters own thing, and this is definitely one of those things like interests the hell out of our people. And at the same time is cool to the larger world of people at the same time.

mathowie 8:19 I like the baby's zoic name generator because it looks so like on the up and up and the the words it comes up with are like almost realistic enough to be trusted as a real thing. It's just kind of hilarious. You just clicked

Jessamyn 8:37 I clicked it it it says die. The baby name it gave me his di di e di what does that mean?

mathowie 8:45 Please I swear as having a kid and being on playgrounds, Lord knee I swear I've probably heard that you know Trisha, Lee Londa like feline all lattice money in Janina Rotary. Just sunny almost shut up. I swear I've heard these kids and it looks like a legit site.

Jessamyn 9:09 Bobbin Yeah, this is this is awesome. I enjoy this. Did it get did it get a bump? Yeah. Yeah. Was that the one where they were having the Lamar Angelo?

mathowie 9:23 That would be the place to bring it up. Yep. Lemon jello. Or on jello? Yeah, people are posting their favorites.

Jessamyn 9:32 Their favorite made up like Latasha whether or not that name actually happened like A L L A? Hyphen a? It's like, yeah, that's a dash. What was the lady?

Cortex 9:43 It's a it's it's weird in a way that I like it's put together

Jessamyn 9:50 mitosis. So I said, you said Herman tonus Yeah, you're mad.

mathowie 10:00 Tone says

Jessamyn 10:02 her Mattoon says no

mathowie 10:05 retune says don't drive off the cliff.

Cortex 10:09 But enough about me. Yes, hermit ptosis and help I can't stop talking and put this together. It's I like the purity of the sort of, we're just doing a thing approach because it's basically a series of videos in a Tumblr blog without any explanation, just a series of photos and videos that thematically, they all have women in them. And that's about all the ladies lady. And that's about all they have going for them. As far as an obvious theme, and I, I just, I really, I really liked that sort of willfully, unhelpful, creative project. That's, you know, I think that's a

Jessamyn 10:54 thing you're like, What are these things all have in common? I have no idea.

Cortex 10:57 Yeah, exactly. You know, it's like, and I don't know that there's anything explicitly that they have in common other than being things that Herman ptosis didn't help I can't stop talking, think are good additions to that blog. And I think that's a that's a that's a nice way to go about a creative project. Sweet.

mathowie 11:15 There's this really cool, rural projects, rural Northwest development initiative,

Jessamyn 11:21 site that looks thing that is beautiful.

mathowie 11:25 It's like the most I mean, it looks like freakin Obama's, you know, election site, just beautiful, beautiful sight with like, all sorts of, you know, something I'm personally happy with to support is like, you know, you don't have to live in a big city anymore. And you can do anything on the web. And there's all sorts of ways we could teach people to do this. And I know, several people working in this field of trying to, you know, show high school kids, like, learn a little PHP. And you know, you can actually make things on the web and maybe make a business someday and stuff like that. And, you know, you don't have to be pumping gas in this rural town for the rest of your

Jessamyn 12:03 life. But you can live in the rural town and still get something that's useful.

mathowie 12:06 Yeah. Plus, it's cheap to get buy in rural towns and like, Tell me

Jessamyn 12:10 about it. I bought a pair of slippers for $1.25 this week. Use their new Yes. Sweet. Well yes, it's a beautiful website. I love it.

mathowie 12:23 Yeah. Okay, enough about projects.

Jessamyn 12:27 They were a great project. So it was totally fun looking at projects this time. Yeah,

mathowie 12:31 it was a Christmas holiday people had the holiday holiday people had lots of time to work on their projects that resilient projects. Let's try to be not mentioned Christmas holiday time. Yes, it's holiday time. It was the solstice New Years.

Jessamyn 12:46 I've got my master plan. Loves around that no good wandering man.

Unknown Speaker 13:00 21st walked out on me. I was busy feeling blue.

Unknown Speaker 13:07 Now my life is simple. There's just two things that I do

mathowie 13:15 that a filter.

Cortex 13:17 I like okay, the return of the how do you poop discussion? I was not even aware of thread turned just well. That is the return from from from previous discussions in the past came around again realize,

mathowie 13:32 Oh my God. I heard someone talking about this on Twitter the other day, I was like, isn't that a solved problem? It

Cortex 13:40 did. No it's not. There's a lot of there's a lot of eyes being opened in this thread. This was from like the middle of last month. And I didn't even notice the thread initially. Somebody pointed out to me I think maybe it was Jessamyn specific comment is where I came into it because it's bond Cliff talking about sort of his experience with China, his eyes being opened by how he thinks about things because of metal filter, specifically, how one time he went to wipe his ass after pooping. And then he thought

Jessamyn 14:09 about you and thought about you.

mathowie 14:11 Yeah. Did we make this on the sidebar? Because I've read this.

Jessamyn 14:15 Put it on the sidebar. Yeah.

mathowie 14:18 I couldn't remember forgotten the last podcast, but I guess that's the overlap with when we published it.

Jessamyn 14:23 Yeah, no, no, I didn't.

mathowie 14:27 How do you stand?

Cortex 14:30 It seems like but they don't stand stand. They just sort of squat. And that makes so much more sense than my initial image way back and forward. Yeah, they just sort of take their eyes off. They go like maybe 10 or 15 degree grade. You know, it's that's not standing. That's that's I think it may be a misnomer. But you know, nonetheless, even that is is a debate when people know what the deal is. So, so that's

Jessamyn 14:57 my, that was my best comment from that thread.

mathowie 15:00 It is pretty good.

Jessamyn 15:02 Bang cliffs is pretty good. Bank lift is very sincere Scott on the other hand is just a sort of a one man joke machine.

mathowie 15:13 Yeah. Yes incredulous that would

Jessamyn 15:22 go home and talk to their partners about you know, their bathroom habits and you know tours are we talking 15

mathowie 15:29 degrees from vertical or from horizontal horizontal Horizont? I

Cortex 15:32 think it's like it's like, it's like, that's like we're

mathowie 15:35 splitting hairs at this point versus you can't wipe it 90 degrees. I mean, like, it doesn't work. Really?

Cortex 15:42 That doesn't mean four year olds haven't tried

mathowie 15:49 it? Wow. Yeah. I think sitters. I think the lesson is in the end standards and standards aren't so different. After all, we're just talking 15 degrees here.

Jessamyn 15:58 Is it possible that ciders just have smaller butts? Possibly. I didn't want to sort of get into it in the thread. But that was my big question that I could not satisfy by talking to friends at home.

mathowie 16:08 Yeah. And also, sometimes houses have gigantic toilet seats. Like they're like a mile long and weird. And yeah, that always weirds me out. I don't know if they're made for large people that are tall people or what but

Jessamyn 16:24 the danger of international travel right?

mathowie 16:27 Oh, exactly. It does, despite this being like Pepsi blue filter. I like the real good cheer experiment just because the movies like so pro looking at the end.

Jessamyn 16:39 Oh, I read the comments and was like this seems totally irritating. So I didn't even click it. Tell me about it.

mathowie 16:45 Well, so this like hip? Was it? Is it blue dot like hip modern design company? Released 25 chairs into the wild just put them on the street of New York. But they put a

Jessamyn 16:58 freaking New York isn't the wild? Well, yeah,

mathowie 17:01 in Manhattan, not even New York proper. But they dropped in Manhattan with GPS receivers. And then they like monitor what happens and like it's all very candid camera, but super pro looking like Scorsese directed it except in the end, it's revealed that they told everyone on Twitter where the chairs would wind up because everyone who picks it up is like a hipster. And like, you know, appreciates good design? I'm a furniture designer. Yes, I picked it up. Like what are the chances? You know,

Jessamyn 17:32 I don't think the overlap between people who are really designing and people who steal furniture from the street is really that much at all. Yeah, and I think that's what a lot of people were saying, right? Like, what, what what's the what are the chances?

mathowie 17:45 Yeah, people are just like, why are they also hip in with it?

Jessamyn 17:50 Like this, it is, but I mean, if you leave

mathowie 17:53 free shit in the street, you know, anyone will pick it up. But anywho it's really cool. And it's a funny little video and it looks like amazing. I can appreciate the production. But I didn't know about the Twitter thing that's a little bit of rug pulled out from under a good idea. But also the creepiness of a GPS receiver go into their house and then they follow them to their home like couple days later and go hey, do you like that chair? Right. Which is like, it's candy. It's like Welcome to candid invasive camera. The new show on Fox? Well, that's

Jessamyn 18:25 it those crazy Yahoo bicycles. The problem with them was you know, you weren't supposed to turn them off and yet they were parked in your home and everybody could tell where that was. Oh, that's right. Yeah, not like I had a problem with it. But other people had, you know, I consider legitimate concerns about them.

mathowie 18:40 Yeah, you spell stop when you get like a block away. The speaking of that the Obama you know, writing through Manhattan spelling out Obama in the streets. That was last year. Yeah, that was amazing. Very cool. Very cool. Very cool. Find the GPS.

Jessamyn 18:58 Here's what I think was very favorited. But I think a lot of people wouldn't have even clicked on it if they didn't know what it was. It's a stupid sexy Flanders post about this guy, Harry Dubin. And they went to take color pictures of people, which in the 1940s was like kinda cool, doing different jobs, but what they did was Harry Dubin, who's the dad convinced these people to change clothes with him. Like people would have to go into an alley and like change their clothes. And then he would put on like the milkman costume. And then go take a picture of him at the milkman. You know, as the milkman and there's a whole bunch of just delightful photography of the guy as a cab driver of the guy as you know, man, a mailman. I mean, you know the kind of professions of the time guy, the

mathowie 19:50 central park like horse guy, and he's dressed in a tux, like, pulling a rich man around like it's ridiculous.

Jessamyn 19:57 Yeah, well, people still do that. Actually. If you go to New York Oculus Yes, he fancy dressed up people doing that kind of stuff. But it's like,

mathowie 20:04 oh, oh no, I didn't miss it because I saw like, you know, old photos and that's like crack to me. Right? And that was the thing

Jessamyn 20:12 that's so cool to me is it's like night, their color photographs really nice ones, but they're from like, 1940. So like, you look at the milk truck and you're like, oh my god, like 1940 When my you know, when my parents were just about born was like, This guy was how people dressed. And he's a frickin milkman. It was really, really, it was really, really cool.

mathowie 20:33 I love that.

Jessamyn 20:35 And it came from monkey monkey filter, which was kind of interesting,

mathowie 20:37 huh? No, no, that's still around. People still talk about stuff. Josh anything.

Cortex 20:46 This is dumb, but I was amused by the Tumblr blog for oh my god, that was Nicolas Cage as everybody where they just photoshopped. Oh, actually, it's a Blogspot blog. My bad. They went in and Photoshop Nicolas Cage's face on to

mathowie 21:07 it just it like, at first. It's funny. That's dumb. And that becomes funny again, and he just keep clicking. You're like, no. Why? Nick Cage is Marty McFly as disturbing

Jessamyn 21:19 picture of Prince Charles is actually Prince Charles. No, no,

Cortex 21:23 that's they stuck NIC Cage's face into the middle of it.

Jessamyn 21:29 I like him as the California raisin Gilligan This is amazing. Yep, I did not see this. Actually, I did not think it would be that interesting.

mathowie 21:39 Vanilla Ice. Oh my God, that's the best. With the eyebrow. Man. That's what you call digital Doritos. Like just snack on those all day long.

Cortex 21:59 So yeah, that was that that was pretty good.

Jessamyn 22:01 I like this one, which, you know, it's one of those kinds of history based metal filter threads. That was done by liegt, who's a user I don't know super much about but she's, you know, old school user. And basically, there was a photograph of this old school, Shah that people looked at and kind of took it apart and figured out how to how to make it and create a knitting pattern out of it. And the whole thing just came upon came about through this sort of forum where people sort of discussed it, like, how do you make that pattern using a knitting machine, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And you know, at the end of it, there's just kind of the link to the blog post that's like, this is this is what happens. So there's a blog post, the blog post itself has some cool pictures and some links, and then liegt kind of worked it into a really cool meta filter post that kind of summarized it and talk. Oh, cool. I

mathowie 22:56 was wondering if it came from Ravelry. And it looks like it did. That's yeah.

Jessamyn 23:01 But this sort of Blogspot post really sort of talks a lot about it and has some sort of original, original letters, and you know, didn't have a ton of favorites. And it's one of those posts that had as many comments as favorites. But yeah, I thought it was very, I thought it was really neat and kind of had a lot of interesting history stuff.

Cortex 23:20 This is I feel like I do this at least once every podcast, but this is a post that I totally haven't read. But I just support the concept so thoroughly that I wanted to mention it as the the chessboxing posts, and I'm pretty sure it's not even the first chessboxing post we've had on meta filter. Yeah, but

Jessamyn 23:36 but chessboxing chessboxing

Cortex 23:38 the way it works is it's it's I think it's sort of a cosmic joke is my impression, but I may have just never paid enough attention to find out.

mathowie 23:49 I think I've seen a skit from like mr. show from like, 9095 or something where like the coaches throwing chairs and stuff. Take the rock like in a gymnasium, and then they're punching but yeah,

Cortex 24:04 but yes, the whole concept of Chess Boxing, is it it's alternating rounds of chess and boxing. And I think that's it. Yes. Yeah. You got to be able to both box

Jessamyn 24:15 get these shorts. This is the light for So yeah, if

mathowie 24:19 you land enough good punches. You can't think anymore to exactly.

Cortex 24:23 It's a classic, you know, two factor you know, sort of microeconomic theory thing. You know what, with bleeding, possibly what

mathowie 24:34 ends what ends the match? I don't know. Or checkmate,

Cortex 24:40 I presume. I presume there could be problems on either but I don't know, maybe maybe a clock violation on your chest

Jessamyn 24:46 sets during the chess match.

Cortex 24:48 I have no idea. I didn't read the post. Oh, I'm just I'm trying to be straight up here. It's it's, it's what I favorited it. I'll get back to it eventually. But for now, I just want everybody Take a look at it. And maybe they can explain it to me.

Jessamyn 25:02 I did enjoy the photographs very, very much.

mathowie 25:06 It's funny. sad about it. The most popular thing on metal filter was the two gentlemen of Lebowski.

Cortex 25:16 That was surprisingly good. I was inspired. Yeah. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do the Big Lebowski in Shakespearean style, you kind of expect it to be shitty. You know, you expect it to be like, they've got like, like, like maybe a sonnets worth of good material, and then it just sort of peters out. But

mathowie 25:36 what you expect it to be like a McSweeney's piece with like, four paragraphs. Yeah, we can all move on. Yeah, you expect them to go long

Cortex 25:44 grip. Yeah. And it's just it's really sort of, yeah, it's done with a lot of care. And it's so shockingly good effort in what could have probably been a perfectly serviceable meme even it was done sort of shitting and half baked.

mathowie 25:58 Yeah, the whole Donie are out of your element stuff at the bowling alley is amazing. Shakespeare speak. I can't find it. Where is it? Just the whole like, you know, you are butter child and amazing stuff. It was good. It's worth it. If you like that dumb movie. It's pretty polarized here. Yeah, that's

Jessamyn 26:21 true. Do people really not like The Big Lebowski?

Cortex 26:23 There's people don't like the Big Lebowski. I'm starting to. Maybe that's one of them. No, okay. Love it for sure. I was just trying to read your tone there that. I love it.

mathowie 26:34 I'm surrounded by people that don't see the point even though like I've practically gone to the Loski fast. But I you know, it's like when Napoleon Dynamite I think the effect that had on Netflix. It's like people either love it or hate it.

Cortex 26:48 Yeah, that weird sort of how do you characterize someone's likelihood of preferring this movie or not? Yeah,

mathowie 26:54 I guess I read a lot of Raymond Chandler wacky stuff in like high school. So I just like the I like the Coen Brothers, how there's no point to any other movies. It's just the story. It's just the journey. Even though nothing's nothing gets satisfied. You're just like, Oh, we're gonna do wacky adventures and we're gonna be drunk and it's gonna be crazy. And stuffs gonna happen. Oh,

Cortex 27:14 and I watch that again. Actually, for the first time in a while I watched it with with Angela and and I have started drinking white Russians ever since

Jessamyn 27:23 then. Well, I just what white collusion milk.

Cortex 27:27 Yeah, milk, half and half. And clue in vodka. In rough in roughly even proportions. Funny ways. It sounds like it's sweet. And it's like, it's like, it's a happy middle ground between, you know, drinking, you know, rye, which I like at this point now to end drinking. You know, fuzzy navels, you know, it's it occupies this middle ground.

Jessamyn 27:48 It's halfway between drinking scotch and Kool Aid, you know, or whatever.

mathowie 27:53 It was introduced to me, I'm like, a total weakling on drinking. And I was drinking them already. And then the movie came out and gave me a legitimate reason to ask for him. Because there's nothing worse than asking a bartender for wine and they go, Fuck. I need some fucking milk. I'll be back in five minutes. Like, look at the bar. Lots of bars are like, Dude, we serve real drinks. It's that's before the basky that's the kind of attitude I got. But it was introduced to me it like, you know, 20 or 25 is like here. It's like chocolate milk with a little bit of kick, like, you know,

Cortex 28:28 handle that was introduced in college, you know, when I was introduced to every other drink on the planet, too. And I got turned off from sweet drinks pretty quickly, just from bad experiences with drinking too much in college. And so like, for a long time, a White Russian was just like, No, not gonna go there. And then it turns out, they're pretty good.

mathowie 28:47 And you're halfway to pancake recipe. Yeah. A little flower. We Yes, let's do AskMe Metafilter.

Jessamyn 28:58 Wait, I had one more what? It's just it's self explanatory. It's images from the history of medicine. From the History of Medicine Division of the US National Library of Medicine. 70,000 images online about health. The moral thermometer,

Cortex 29:14 I'm not totally clear on what we're talking about. Can you

Unknown Speaker 29:18 I hate you, Madison. Wow.

Jessamyn 29:25 Links before I even started talking about it, you know,

mathowie 29:29 or my mouse wheel zooms the pictures accidentally. How creepy What is this thing? Creepy. Wow, this is weird.

Jessamyn 29:40 It's awesome is what it is.

mathowie 29:42 Keep it up and ah, you're doing good. So no explanation really.

Jessamyn 29:52 I was just 30,000 awesome pictures in the history of medicine awesomely presented.

Cortex 29:58 I was kidding about the explanation thing from was worth just in case I

mathowie 30:02 think I think your moral thermometers at peevish Jessamyn

Jessamyn 30:07 that's not a morality

mathowie 30:11 you're at flurried before we push you to peevish path

Jessamyn 30:18 evolve soul bad men, bad men. It's cool anyhow. Yeah, with discerning tastes will appreciate it.

mathowie 30:25 It should be on flickers commons area and Java thing. Wow,

Jessamyn 30:31 that's what happened. Right. George left and now flickers, you know, not not getting the good stuff as much anymore. As much as I love them very much. So over to AskMe Metafilter.

mathowie 30:45 Yeah. Oh my god, I love this one. Because I just wanted to revenge fantasy here. As this is, this is kind of its kind of relationship, the filter sorted but not too bad. This was anonymous. Good. It was anonymous, smart, young woman who is met a bunch of guys online and at bars, and then what, like, 30 minutes into a date or something? Yeah, a guy will drop a fucking turd from the goddamn seduction community, everyone who's a part of that I think should die horrible death. But it's just predatory behavior towards women seeing women as like, conquest, it's the worst of the worst to in my eyes. The opposite of being a decent human being much.

Jessamyn 31:34 So part of the technique is, you know, you're talking to a girl and you kind of put her down while at the same time implying that you still like her. So the example that the woman used is that book your readings pretty silly. It's a good thing. You're cute. And she's like, you know, I fucking had it. Like, do I need to tell these guys off and tell them their pickup artist techniques are transparent? Or should I just walk away? And, you know,

mathowie 31:58 and it's unfortunate. I think it's huge in the like, community where guys just are, you know, have social anxiety about meeting women. So they go, oh,

Jessamyn 32:07 I want to play book. Yeah, they

mathowie 32:09 go, Oh, it's just like Python. I learn a little syntax. And then I get a woman in my bed. That's the output, you know, like, so. I think, unfortunately, it snares a lot of geeks and like, oh, I would I just wanted like to be there to hear her. Like, I would just love her to be like, you know, you just read that out of a book off a stupid website, you know, goodbye.

Jessamyn 32:34 And what a lot of people were saying is that, like, there's people who are doing it totally aboveboard, like, I'm a skeevy guy who just wants to like, hit on 101 minute until one goes home with me. But then there's other dudes who are like, I have no idea what they're doing what I'm doing. I don't know how to interact with people. This is something that people say works, I don't even know. And so people's responses are based on whether they think everybody who does this stuff is a total sleazebag, by definition, or whether you should really be like, you know, you seem like a nice guy. But you should know that smart women don't respond to that. And it's creepy. Like, you know, Are you nice to the guy? Or are you not nice to the guy and in fact, cortex, and I had kind of a back and forth with some users at the end of it. Really couldn't kinda keep it in check. Well, it's

Cortex 33:24 such I mean, you really kind of hit the core of the controversy there. And what Matt said about it sort of snagging, in nerds, I think is right on, you know, it's like you have people who just really, they see the appeal of there being a system, not because they're thinking, Aha, I can exploit people, but because they're thinking, Aha, I can exploit some sort of construct that will let me make up for what I see as a deficiency in my own, you know, socializing abilities. And you know, at a core level, you can kind of see where perfectly well meaning people are coming from. And those people, they don't want to be told that everybody who does this thing is, you know, a terrible person because they're not a terrible person. They're just someone who's, you know, a little confused and trying to get along and

Jessamyn 34:12 rapist, you know, yeah, exactly. Yeah.

Cortex 34:13 You know, it's like you the people who are well meaning don't want to be told they're, they're essentially date rapists, that people who don't want to deal with skeezy date rapist. Motherfuckers don't want to be told that they're not being nice enough. You know, there's women who

Jessamyn 34:29 don't want to be insulted, wind up being left in this. I mean, in that thread anyhow, in this weird quandary where people are like, well, you should be nice to the guy anyhow. And they're like, he just totally insulted me as a way of thinking he was macking on me, you know, Shouldn't that be addressed? Exactly. God so there was a really lively conversation in that thread, I thought. Yes. Yeah.

mathowie 34:54 I thought it was a teaching moment. I thought that was the best takeaway that you could Yeah, you could tell these guys but part of me wanted like the revenge fantasy of like you paid money did you go to like a hotel? There for 500 bucks learning this bullshit. Like,

Jessamyn 35:10 did they tell you that girls can pick up on it? Did they tell you that part?

mathowie 35:14 Yeah, that we have brains and we don't like to be put down and like we're not we're Oh, I drives me crazy. Easy to talk about you're married? No, no, it just reminds me of every asshole dude. You know, I rolled with in college in high school are the ones that are around me that like, purposely cut down. Women cut down men to to like, just be superior to them and just the people that fall for that. Tolerable stuff.

Jessamyn 35:42 Horrible. It's bad for culture.

mathowie 35:44 Yeah, bad for communities.

Cortex 35:48 I have a thread that I like. It's a

Jessamyn 35:52 I gotta go delete something. Hold on

Jessamyn 36:00 something called bacon or beer cans. And we're back. Okay.

Cortex 36:05 So I found this I found this a this asked me that

Jessamyn 36:08 I like, oh, this was my favorite tool. This is one of my favorites as well.

Cortex 36:11 Yeah, it's a what you dying about Willis was the title, which I thought was cute. But basically asking, you know, what are the what are the most depressing sitcom episodes ever? You know? So asking people

Jessamyn 36:21 suddenly not depressing. Sick? Exactly. Yeah, it was the most important Yeah,

Cortex 36:25 basically a collection of very special episodes. Yeah, actually, that's how they describe in the post too. But yeah, just like episodes that are like the huge fucking downer from like, the series or, or the season for any given random, funny show. And they're such iconic episodes if you're a fan of a given show, and they're such sort of weird things to tune into if you just catch a random episode of a show. But the idea of having all this material I mean, this is this is someone's thesis paper right here, if they decided to sit down and do it is like, you know, examine, you know, the way in which, you know, sitcoms subvert their standard, you know, structural tropes in order to deal with a downer of a very special episode. And I just, yeah, I love having this collection of all these different sort of takes on that put in one place. So, so awesome question.

Jessamyn 37:16 Yeah, and everybody, lots of what,

mathowie 37:19 do not try and sit and watch more than three of these in a row without calling a friend. Without a friend without a friend. rid of all your bedsheets. Like, you know, this guy actually watched

Jessamyn 37:31 one of them like the episode and Roseanne were like, and I never watched Roseanne that much but like when Roseanne and Dan get in a fight and like instead of making up at the end, there's just this like closing credits roll over this completely destroyed house, where like, they've been like throwing shit at each other and broke the TV and you just kind of sit there like, oh, like that's really upsetting. And a whole bunch of people in the thread or a couple people in the thread were like, Yeah, anybody who's grown up in kind of a shitty family will be like, ah, totally creepy. I remembered bad episodes of mash that was

mathowie 38:05 I remember well, when I read this thread, the first time I thought more about like the huge departures from the normal instead of just basically the sad special episode. Because, you know, the comedy shows going serious was just disturbing on its, you know, in concept. Well, and you know, I think a lot of these are just sad episodes. Yeah,

Cortex 38:27 there's such a range because I mean, one of the first comments in there is actually Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I mean, Buffy was never straight up sitcom. And they had a lot of drama built in the show, but you know, still tended to have a lot of funny stuff. But that was the body that's the one where Buffy comes home and finds that her mother is dead. And the entire episode is seriously just really totally different tone. There's no Let's go kill some vampires subplot. You know, it's not like Buffy is dealing with her mom being dead. And so she said the whole thing is basically Buffy just going through the shock of coming home and finding her mom dead on the couch and her friends coming over and the paramedics coming and so you know it's it's it's absolutely fucking gutting of an episode, especially for anybody who's sitting there like relating to that their own experience of someone dying. You know, it's it's, yeah, so yeah, that's that's definitely the extreme sort of example of just saying, you know, fuck it. We're not even going to make the show this week. We're going to make this instead. You know,

Jessamyn 39:26 characters Yeah,

mathowie 39:27 yeah.

Cortex 39:28 I need to see if anyone

mathowie 39:30 so admittance to Firefly episodes. What were there six of them. Eight of them you can't depart from not enough data.

Jessamyn 39:39 Shut up. They were sad.

mathowie 39:40 I know. But you need like, you know, 37 episodes 40 Count outlier.

Jessamyn 39:47 Firefly episodes.

mathowie 39:51 was on TV still. I love to love love net neutrality for dummies. Explain it to me way to sixth grader.

Jessamyn 40:03 You hardly even need to say any more about it. In fact, jacket law had one of the best. Yeah, in fact, he had the favorited most favorited response in that thread, which I can tell because there's a little heart next to it because I'm using that Greasemonkey script.

mathowie 40:16 I had that script. It's

Jessamyn 40:19 available on userscripts

mathowie 40:21 I'm in Chrome now. That's why I'm shiny.

Jessamyn 40:26 Is that the sticker they sent you? Is that what it says?

mathowie 40:29 I was joking. It's a Google Chrome.

Jessamyn 40:32 I know.

mathowie 40:35 It works so good. It's so much faster than Firefox I'll never use Firefox again. But

Jessamyn 40:41 no, you miss the grease monkey and the grease monkey will bring you back my submit submit button is a unicorn it's a unicorn with a rainbow mane and my preview button is a narwhal. Can I make it coming to work every day? Every issue could give it to everybody

mathowie 41:00 right? Yeah. narwhal

Jessamyn 41:03 everyone needs more narwhal everyone needs a narwhal

Cortex 41:06 I smell a April one. Redesign coming on

Jessamyn 41:11 to good idea.

mathowie 41:13 Cool and contemporary chick bands.

Jessamyn 41:17 Where are you? What?

mathowie 41:19 I was looking through my ask me five favorites. Oh, tell me some cool awesome contemporary girl bands all girl bands for a mixtape. And there's lots of suggestions.

Jessamyn 41:33 Oh, good songs to write girl band songs. Yeah. The Argo summer fun band. They're my favorite. Just

mathowie 41:44 very good stuff.

Jessamyn 41:45 Good. I really liked the Why don't you ever pick up your phone thread because it was basically 100 plus mefites talking about why they hate the telephone helping one me fight who my suspicion is gets harassed by her mother about not having a phone to why she doesn't have a phone.

mathowie 42:05 Wow. She's one of us. The phone is so high bandwidth. Like in the last week, I've used it a couple times and the powerful shit like I got shit done in 30 seconds by invading someone's space, you know, and making a make a decision in five seconds. That's too much pressure. You shouldn't be I prefer the last 15 years of like being vague over email.

Cortex 42:33 I kind of I like the phone. But then I don't like to use it for anything high stack stakes or, or for just like random chatting like I use the phone is sort of like a low stakes utility thing. If I need to organize something with someone, the phone might be the way to do it. And I've got friends who have like, really, they've gone full over to texting, like texting is how they deal with every conversation. And they probably text faster than me, but I know they don't text faster than they talk. And so it's like, I've got this like, you know, instead of sending a second reply, I'm just gonna fucking call you. you text me. I'll text you back. You text me back with another question. That's That's it. That's as far as we're gonna go with that. You're picking up the fucking phone. And I don't know, it may I don't know if it's stodginess on my part of it's my failure to just like get good at dealing with texting, but I just

mathowie 43:23 Well, I think calling friends and loved ones is okay. It's the like, the phone versus email for like, you know, telling HR you have a problem with some thing. You know, the phone is like a knife blade, you know, it gets right to the problem. But like, on the flip side, I can't stand having to wait for phone calls from people. Cuz it's horrible. Ya know, I can't leave the room. I can't take a shower. I've got phone calls come in. I can't do anything. Anybody like it sucks.

Cortex 43:57 Yeah, no, I really I really liked the asynchronous nature of of email as my primary form of communication, partly just because of that have been able to get away from having to deal with things being time sensitive, just because you know, you both have to do a handshake on the communication medium or whatever.

Jessamyn 44:14 Well, and I think this thread sort of came about because, you know, there are certain people who feel that they should be on your friends and loved ones list who maybe aren't. And so they're like, why don't you call me and you're like, I don't like to and me, right, right. It's me. And so this gave a lot of sort of, you know, answers to the it's not you. It's me, but I'm still not going to call you a question, which I thought was useful.

mathowie 44:45 I hit the email of like, Hey, can I call you now? Okay, and then the call, and then the phone rings 30 seconds later and you're like, what greeting do I use here? Like, hello, I know exactly who it is. And we're awkwardly You know, talking,

Jessamyn 45:01 although to be fair, my dad does that because he only wants to call me when I'm home. Not when I'm like in the car walking somewhere or doing something. Oh, yeah. So like, on the one hand, yes, it's weird. On the other hand, I'm like, okay, you know, like, I'm actually at home, I'm on my phone couch waiting for your call, and I make my call, get off my phone couch, and we're all good. I sort of liked this. Eat Pong. It's theoretical, or however you sort of pronounce it lunchbox asking why is fruit much so much more nutritious than candy when both are mostly sugar? Which is a question that I think for a lot of people are like, Well, duh, but you know, but what is the answer? And you know, there's no fiber. There's some other things

mathowie 45:47 simple sugars and apples is completely different than the crazy horrible refined shitness Snickers bar right

Jessamyn 45:53 like fructose fructose. And so that was kind of the question. Natty gave a really good answer and to be did you even know that Brandon Blatter basically gave the Apple versus Snickers bar, comment, like, in fact, that's exactly what he said, you know, here is a Snickers bar compared to an apple. And, you know, talking about it from a diabetic perspective, blah, blah, blah. But I just sort of liked it, because a lot of people actually thought slightly outside the box to, you know, explain it to somebody who was like, I'm not really getting it. And I thought they did a good job. I remember

mathowie 46:30 kind of get married who asked me like a cousin or something like a like 14 old cousin or something asked me, I was like, finishing my master's in soil chemistry. thought I knew everything about science. And they boggled my mind with a simple like, out of left field question, which was this. The sun is hot right? distances on matters, right? Yeah. Why are the mountains the hottest spots and the deserts covered in snow? If it's closest to and I had to like, wow, I never thought of it that way. But well, so we have atmosphere and pressure and wow, why isn't it that way?

Jessamyn 47:08 Well, why's Why is it close? Close? Why is it colder in the winter than in the summer? Is this the same?

mathowie 47:15 Well, we have like a oval path, but I think we are closer in the woods. Yeah.

Jessamyn 47:20 Right now, and it's 16 degrees goddamnit?

mathowie 47:24 Why does that make no sense? And it took me like an hour to explain it. And I don't think I did a good job. But oh, those are fun questions. They can be they seem obvious. But yeah. Anything else and asked me if I land?

Jessamyn 47:41 Only one that you would sort of expect me to like? Which is how can I become more of a closet dirty hippie.

mathowie 47:52 This is squarely in your wheelhouse.

Jessamyn 47:56 It's not exactly what you would think. But it's basically this guy who's kind of doing a kind of simplify your life. There's a lot of people on that a filter, especially people with curly hair, who I am not who are like, hey, guess what, you don't actually need to wash your hair, if you pay attention to it and treat it well. And whatever. You can do this kind of routine instead of using shampoo, and maybe it's better for your hair, whatever. And so some people really like run with that. And they're like, shampoo isn't necessary. You're just a tool of the man if you use shampoo kind of stuff, which is to be fair, not I think what this poster is saying, but he's sort of like, okay, so I'm paying more attention to my diet. I'm not using deodorant. I've stopped using shampoo, like what other things are in that? Yeah. And then of course, everybody fights because, you know, they're like, shut up, I totally do need to use shampoo or like, stop taking a dump. And then you don't have to eat anymore, and you're all sad, you know, and et cetera, et cetera. But I personally enjoyed the thread very much. With lots of, you know, kind of simple living type of advice, blah.

mathowie 48:59 There's also the, if you ever travel anywhere, and then you come back to America, you know, like, there is a grand canyon between the amount of stuff and things used by someone on the other side of the world versus what every single person in America uses and does every day like well, even if you travel

Jessamyn 49:19 and yeah, like share a hotel room with somebody from a different country. And like, you know, the American tends to, you know, unpack their giant toiletry kit and whatever and you know, the other person's got like a toothbrush and a razor and,

mathowie 49:31 and like, people that have like, one set of wool clothes for an entire trip, because wool doesn't really get dirty or wear out like cotton, right? Like, you're like, oh my god, you overdo it all the time. And then, you know, being a crazy hippie following all this advice, you're still like over using a zillion resources compared to most people around the world. Oh, we have crazy lives. was the most the most popular thing last 30 days was the 30 bucks a week blog of how to cook cheaply.

Jessamyn 50:09 Oh, and AskMe Metafilter? Yeah, I think I actually skipped that one.

mathowie 50:13 Yeah, I think that stuff, it's obsessive. And it comes up so often, where people just, they have it like coupon hunting, I can't really get behind because there's so much time that goes into it. And you don't always get to pick the most good food.

Jessamyn 50:28 Right? A lot of it's good if you eat sort of like super brand name stuff, and you can save on the brand name stuff, but you can say the same thing if you buy the generic stuff.

mathowie 50:37 Yeah. And I want like the raw material kind of food. You know, where do you save money by going back to just flour and water and an egg?

Jessamyn 50:46 Lentil soup?

mathowie 50:47 Yeah,

Jessamyn 50:48 that's what I eat all the time. You know, the diets are easy if you eat the don't mind eating the same thing every day of your life. Yeah, you know, I don't, but I wouldn't suggest that somebody else would enjoy that.

mathowie 51:00 Who I love to help improve my spaghetti. That was awesome. Because that's a staple food. I think right after you know, you can make your own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, making your own spaghetti and then how can you kick it up a notch then so there's like, you know, drop a little wine in it you some nice olive oil. There's all sorts of little tricks. How to write this

Jessamyn 51:21 was great because it was like help me find tricks about not that don't involve extra preparation. And I believe I answered right after Postlets Kessler, it's how

Cortex 51:32 do you pronounce his lips, I think

Jessamyn 51:34 has like a 10 step. You know, here's how to toast your own. I don't even toast his tomato paste. I mean, it looks amazing. And like totally delicious. And yet I'm like, I don't think that answers the question. But it's a great answer to a different question. And it was awesome.

mathowie 51:57 We Oh, my God that's involved.

Jessamyn 52:02 It's a little involved.

mathowie 52:05 Josh, any favorites?

Cortex 52:07 I actually came up with an AskMe Metafilter thread earlier. That's that's a that's an improvement for me. Baby steps. You know, I'm just you know, I don't know what it is somehow.

Jessamyn 52:19 In your defense.

Cortex 52:21 Every podcast we discuss in small scale, my inability to pay thorough attention to ask me I don't know. Okay.

mathowie 52:28 What was the craziest anonymous question of the month?

Jessamyn 52:31 Come on, don't ask me questions like

mathowie 52:35 crazy, crazy, good, crazy, bad, crazy different. We don't want to like harp on drama. But like,

Jessamyn 52:41 yeah, I tried. Let me find the list. There are

mathowie 52:44 so many around Christmas, like we normally get like one or two a day, right? And there were like, 10 a day.

Jessamyn 52:51 It was really a problem. There was a lot of people who had a lot of questions, and half of

mathowie 52:56 them were like, I'm going to see family for the holidays. How do I avoid my crazy cousin or something like,

Jessamyn 53:03 here's, here's one of these questions that like you couldn't really easily ask your librarian and yet 20 People immediately knew the answer to it who had been through this particular experience.

mathowie 53:14 Jesus, I saw that yesterday. What was the answer?

Jessamyn 53:17 IUD strength? Ooh, the question is what in her vagina is scraping my penis it could really pretty much until like, everybody who's been there, which was not me, but I've talked to other people who have were like, Oh, easy, and everyone else was like the word. And you know her after vagina dentata jokes. But you know, then everybody knew it. And so yay, problem solved. Easy.

mathowie 53:40 Wow. I thought IUDs were like miles away. And this could never happen.

Jessamyn 53:45 They are but they've got little strings that come out only they call them strings, but they're really kind of weird little pieces of plastic. String. Yeah, it's a long story. There's

mathowie 53:56 two Ds anymore. Like I thought banned from the market for

Jessamyn 54:02 the old Dean, the old kinds, there's still a couple kinds that people still use, and they're actually fairly safe. Okay, so basically, if you've got a partner who's just like, No, I will not wear condoms. That's the next best most intelligent.

mathowie 54:17 Well, there's also take the bullets out of the gun. Like, right, right. Yeah. Other obvious thing?

Jessamyn 54:25 Great. Yeah, I'm a fan of that plan. But you know, whatever. Like everybody does their own things. I was surprised that people still use them. But it seems like lots and lots of people do. Yeah, I'm reading through all the

mathowie 54:39 I like the end of decade one about I didn't have a good decade. How do I say fuck you to it? And so there's lots of like, you know, print something out and buried it a lot of burning a lot of a lot of fire and start a bonfire of your old junk you don't like and, but then there's a lot of positives, sort of like oh, Uh, you know, January 1, you start a new hobby and stuff like that. It was a good ride around. Oh, it was posted on Christmas of all things. Yeah, it's just like a good end of year let's recharge. Reassess priorities kind of thing. Anonymously. We should have a regular feature. Why is anonymous so crazy?

Jessamyn 55:27 Well, yes, because this time it was a totally because it's holiday time and everybody is spending way too much time with their family. Yeah. Yeah, know, I enjoyed this. I mean, from another like, anonymous question I thought was interesting. The, what do I have to think about if I decided to become an osteopath instead of an MD, which was not a lot of people marked it as a favorite. It didn't get a whole bunch of traffic. But I think for people who have a choice, like I do hear about seeing an osteopath, or, you know, somebody with an MD or for somebody who's thinking about, like, what's it gonna be like, if I go this path or the other path? There was a couple of the local doctors that sort of chimed in, which was cool, because, you know, there's sometimes you know, they feel weird chiming in on like, what's this rash on my elbow? But you know, that kind of thing is like perfect for like, doctors can give really great advice and not have it turned into some sketchy kind of thing. What's the

mathowie 56:24 difference? Again? I mean, there's med school, but like, what's the functional difference between the two? Yet?

Jessamyn 56:32 Once a deal and once NMD. It's a different kind of being a doctor. Basically, the Osteopath is supposed to be kind of more holistic looks at your sort of whole thing. And not just kind of, I mean, it's more of a technique than anything else. But they didn't go to medical school, they took a different set of classes to get their degree.

mathowie 56:53 Faster to write and less expensive, I would guess.

Jessamyn 56:56 Yeah. And so people talked in the thread about like, Well, is it better to like, go to the Virgin Islands and get a medical school like an MD from there? Or is it better to get a do from, you know, something in the States, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera? It was, it was interesting. But yeah, you know, I don't I sort of don't remember all of the anonymous asked Metafilter questions. And so it's kind of hard for me to, to think of one specifically, I think part of what I do with Anonymous, asked Metafilter questions is approve them, and then forget about them immediately. Sometimes I approve them, and then comment in them, and then forget about them immediately. But

Cortex 57:33 yeah, I tend to I tend to not I end up dealing with asked me threads in in moderation capacity, even if I'm not particularly interested in the threat itself. And so yeah, that tends to sort of be out of sight out of mind. But one thing that happens to me fairly frequently, that makes me feel a little bit crazy until I remember what's going on is I'll go in and add like an anonymous update for someone or leave a sort of, Hey, cut it out, comment and ask me thread. And that'll be like, my entire interaction with a thread. And so then I forget about it. And then it starts showing up in recent activity. And I'm like, you're like

Jessamyn 58:07 did I? I don't know what scratched your dick. I have no idea.

Cortex 58:11 Exactly. You know, and it's Yeah, so it's, there was a foot fetish one recent Oh, that one kept coming back. I was like, man, flip finish one. I suppose someone was I think someone was like they were getting involved with someone who had a foot or a shoe fetish.

Jessamyn 58:27 That was a decent thread. Yeah. But like, I'm involved with somebody who I think may have a foot fetish. What are things that I could do without talking to him directly that he would maybe like? Yeah, exactly.

Cortex 58:37 But it was it was confusing to have come around the first couple times after I'd like, posted their update and walked away. It's like, oh, yeah, right. Because

Jessamyn 58:45 you're like, I'm Josh, I still don't know. I still I don't know. I don't know.

Cortex 58:52 So there was some stuff in meta talk.

Jessamyn 58:54 And go on. Go on.

Cortex 58:56 There was a lot of stuff I'm gonna talk about the things I have to mention aren't. Hopefully anything that's too controversial. For the most part, there was we should probably mention, just for the sake of it, the new Recent Activity View that PB went and worked on recent activity, so it's a bit slicker and also you can see both posts you've commented in and posts you've made on one

Jessamyn 59:18 made a post and did not comment in the comments in that post will show up in your recent activity.

mathowie 59:24 This is how it should have been on day one. We just didn't have the technical chops. Yeah, yes. Power. So

Cortex 59:30 and I'm super happy that happened. So are a bunch of other people so fucking a. There was this post about Clark Estonians daughter. Yeah, there was just a sort of huge follow up to really sort of awful situation. Earlier in the year. I thought that was cool. Lots of happiness, an outpouring of good wishes.

Jessamyn 59:57 And the upshot is lots of people were very happy to hear that. axonius daughter was doing much better. And one of the things that she wanted to do was help raise some money for libraries in China. She went on a trip to China and was very well regarded not treated as that broken back girl, and met a bunch of people and learned a bunch of things. And it was awesome. And so Metafilter people were helping to chip in for her fundraising for the Chinese library project.

Cortex 1:00:23 There was also Matt's update post or the post updating about Matt's pituitary tumor adventure

Jessamyn 1:00:32 portal Matt, I'm so sorry. People are in your business.

Cortex 1:00:36 I love you're doing better. Definitely.

mathowie 1:00:42 One joke on Twitter to back up your friends that is based in reality and people are measuring your dick size and

Cortex 1:00:51 I kind of want to someday I will fuck you all. Thanks t shirt. I gotta. I gotta be honest.

mathowie 1:00:56 I think that was Oh my god. I was just feeling loopy, like two in the morning because I can't sleep on some of these meds and like, everyone Yeah, well, it was I can't remember what prompted it. But yeah, people were feeling the love and then I made a joke that would fuck you all it got flagged immediately is like offensive. Oh, shit. Like wow was last time I got flagged as being offensive ask you get away with it. Yeah, I had I had to go in I thought breaking characters funny. You know?

Cortex 1:01:26 He's got like, 240 Something favorites on it now. So yeah, it was it was well received.

mathowie 1:01:31 I had to go in and yeah, explain. No, really? Here's the serious answer. It's like we're playing match game. That was my joke answer. And here's my real answer. Oh, god. Yeah. That was Yeah. So yeah. And the greeting card was lovely.

Cortex 1:01:46 Yeah, that was that was funny stuff.

mathowie 1:01:49 And unfortunately, we lost. We lost like two or three members probably in the last

Jessamyn 1:01:54 two. To that we know of Andrew and Brad Andrew who was but Gina whose wife posted a meta filter thread, which we then move to meta talk. And he had a very pretty, very short obituary that actually mentioned meta filter in it, which was, which was unbelievably sweet.

mathowie 1:02:12 Did she keep using his account, or she did

Jessamyn 1:02:15 briefly, but I talked to her on Facebook, and now she's got her own account, and I just closed the but Gina account this morning, actually. And our friend Brad, which I just can't even talk about because I'm still sad.

mathowie 1:02:27 Yeah, that's just a bummer. Just weird natural causes. One night thing is he's my age. It's horrible. I know. Same with the CS. He's exactly case age two, she was

Jessamyn 1:02:40 my age. Right? Yeah. Horrible.

mathowie 1:02:43 The way are raising money for memorial at his at his rep. The theater where he was. The rep said he loved he's been there for almost 10 years. And it looks like we're over $5,000 already. So

Jessamyn 1:02:55 between metal filter and sort of a side website. There'll be

mathowie 1:02:59 you know something at the at the St. Louis rep about that.

Jessamyn 1:03:03 Yeah, thanks to Judas for kicking off a decent thread. And man, people came out of the woodwork people who have not logged into Medicare in eight or nine years,

mathowie 1:03:13 I spent an entire night texted 14 people's eight year old passwords. I had to fix things like you know, for the first three months on NFL tear, I didn't know how to prevent that username collisions. I like did not write that software yet. So oh man help new Jeremy with old Jeremy and new John with old John. Like everyone came back out of the woodwork with their username 36 and username 128. And like how to try and log in and I figured out like I found three or four that night.

Cortex 1:03:46 Yeah, I ended up doing a few of those. It was kind of funny, because I was telling someone I didn't really know Brad at all. You know, he was a guy on the website, but I had one guy on the website. Well, yeah, no, I knew him well as as a presence. But but I'd never met him. And I wasn't part of the whole sort of early blogosphere thing because I was busy, you know, playing Counter Strike in college. But I was telling someone I felt sort of like, you know, resetting people's passwords and stuff. I was like, taking people's coats at awake, you know, it's like doing whatever

Jessamyn 1:04:22 it takes. Yeah, appreciate it. Thank you. Thanks for coming.

Cortex 1:04:29 Yeah, that was my entire story. I

Jessamyn 1:04:31 actually found out about Brad because cold Chef, thank God. I had read about it or heard about it on Twitter or somewhere else and actually emailed me directly so that maybe I'd hear about it from a friend instead of from Twitter, which I thought was incredibly sweet of him.

mathowie 1:04:49 Yeah, that was that was actually the moment I heard about it was like, dangerously checking my email while I was driving home. Oh, gosh. I was like,

Jessamyn 1:05:00 no doubt about you, you need to stay alive.

mathowie 1:05:05 I have this nice mouth just right next to my steering wheel. My hands are still on the steering wheel. He just hit the little Mail icon. I was just like, what and I pulled over and yeah, then talk to a few people. It's like, oh my god, that was nuts. Anything else happened in meta talk, Josh.

Cortex 1:05:23 That was well it was fine. All sorts of things happen but yeah, there's been there's been a bunch of contentious threads but you know, I think part of that is the pros of the holiday system and whatnot. Yeah, or holiday season rather and

Jessamyn 1:05:36 it gives the system hope. Holiday capitalist system.

Cortex 1:05:40 The holiday industrial complex complex

Jessamyn 1:05:43 no shit right?

mathowie 1:05:45 It's closest to the Sun the solar flares come in and piss everyone off

Cortex 1:05:48 and God help you if you're up on a mountain because it's extra hot. Hey, there's

mathowie 1:05:52 a Randolph Vermont meet up what the hell? It's in my house you dork. Sweet I didn't see that before.

Jessamyn 1:05:59 Don't admit that you don't read meta talk anymore? No,

mathowie 1:06:02 I don't keep track of every single meetup city and location.

Jessamyn 1:06:07 Yes, basically we're having a meet up because kutools and little e are driving through Vermont and staying with Turpin and turtle girl and we were looking for a place that could maybe get people you know from Montpelier and whatever to come to. And not undisplaced coming up from Boston and blah blah blah. And I was like, you know, fuck it. Let's just have it at my house and then people can hang out we'll eat pizza and drink beer and eat. Yeah.

mathowie 1:06:31 Go harass the sheep or whatever.

Jessamyn 1:06:35 terrapins and the llamas sheep.

mathowie 1:06:38 Yeah. Wow in Orlando, Florida meetup that's was there to do besides the Disneyland complex.

Jessamyn 1:06:45 Well, we had a meet up in Anaheim and it was pretty much at the Disneyland complex

mathowie 1:06:50 Yeah, that's like it's like a virus spreading across that city now

Jessamyn 1:06:53 and my credit card got skimmed and I had to fight with my bank about it never go to Disney again Never

mathowie 1:07:00 place on earth card scam All right I think that's good for episode 48 totally great did awesome

Unknown Speaker 1:07:10 rock and roll I will will like I'll just sit back just sit watch given watch given I will create a will for you like you will will sky's the limit skies will be given to me

Unknown Speaker 1:07:45 you are always in my darkest frosted I once said I will just sit back and watch what's given to me I will you

Unknown Speaker 1:08:20 like it will bite you will die sky's the limit if you give it to me

Unknown Speaker 1:08:30 you were always proud when I was so down way that Phil brown. Now live a cloud some time and slight in half sleeve. You don't understand? That's when I turn around and say Why will my life because you're the man

Unknown Speaker 1:09:15 we'll we'll build on just sit back. Backwards given what's given will will will will disguises the limit the sky's the limit if you give it the meaning given to me

Unknown Speaker 1:09:38 you were always there in my dark despair across cross that I want spare and set me swear

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00 For some time a slide can have its way with you with ways you can understand that's when I turn around and say Why will my life to you because you're the man I will, uh will likely will likely will. I'll just sit back, just sit down what's given me what's given to me. I will preview I will like and will like you will be the sky's the limit sky's the limit Give me Give it to be given to me. You are always drowned when I was so down you took around now I'm a clown. I will for you. I will. I will. I will. I will tell you, I will. I will. I will. I will. I will. I will. I will. I will. I will. I will. I will