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Podcast 185a Transcript, Vosk

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A transcript for 185a: V Rising and Severance (2022-06-14).

Pronoiac passed the podcast to vosk for an automated transcription, using model vosk-model-en-us-aspire-0.2.


please hold seems wrong place holder theme song plays soldier theme song yeah

let's talk about why we're talking in the middle of the month yeah it's a lot like i guess they won't know until we've posted but like at the moment it is june fourteenth

come tuesday four o nine pm pacific time seven no nine pm where i am yes we did you hear the train he just said i did not hear the train all

if i listened back to a podcast i would turn it up and listen but i'll leave it to readers to a a to report back hey hum readers yeah people read podcast sure

anyway yes what the fuck are we

this is a tentatively working title of episode one hundred and eighty five am to the metal filter monthly podcast the non monthly part of that podcast basically we're going to talk about a video game and a tv show and and maybe some more things if we get off track not us not us getting off

he had to have these conversations in the last podcast and both forgot yeah and there was one there was also we went for like you know upwards of an hour and a half in the last one but partly because like met a filter discussion stuff

much of it which is great that's seems like a good thing to use the monthly medical to broadcast for ah but yeah we did even less of our normal specific yeah bring about just things were personally excited about um and you have set a bunch of times like i've gone off about a video game he said you know this would this should just be a pod casts of like you know josh explains video games to me which

because i don't play almost any video games and cell it's always you know i placed the mantle and i think that's a video games so like it's definitely a game

yeah i mean it's a very it's a very stripped down word duty okay but i don't know it's a it's it's it's a digitally mediated game i say that's a video game every inclusive in what i will

that look at mar

are at a little bar as i do

face yeah i appreciate my but yeah my point being i like listening to you talk about video games because it's just not a world that i inhabit and not only do you inhabit it but you're very enthusiastic and happy about it and and one of your api places and so did on the lifelong a source of joy and entertainment

and interest in aesthetic enrichment and yeah video games a lot of video games are real good i'm so so i'm going to talk about a video games day and we're going to talk about the tv show today and that's not like the format for this whatever the fuck this turns out to be but like that's the format today and and that's all we know is that we want to talk about a couple of things

and we're going to do it for a while and here we are and won't that be delightful yeah and there will be spoilers for both this video game and this tv show so yes let's let's let's be clear about that up front probably anytime we were going to discuss like a entertainment property in this context we are just gonna fucking ticket on it so if you want to play right and i cut straight to

the ending and nine horrified shrieking and josh will probably talk about something out

well i guess maybe we should stop being quite the vein is the video game is the rising so you didn't write it i i

you wrote it that way to save space but it's really all vampire rising no no no it's just v rising which you know is is kind of fun cause like it's a little bit abstract even though deficit of east and her vampire it does i'll for fuck sake but you know i don't know there's a lot of other games of empire and the title just using v seems like it's stands out

oh but that's it

if you go search like van veen period rising or is it just v just capital v and on the title screen and i stylize weird sort of gothic be on palin looks cool yeah no does and eighteen shell is severance the one that if you'll remember from high caste fast i was confusing with succession which i had no doubt of info

five minutes and i stand by that so don't tell me to watch it and josh is like no really severance is good succession whatever yeah really tries offering session i've never watched succession the only thing i know about succession is that it is like grimm chuckles and people who enjoy watching people sort of be terrible people and not always succeed

doesn't tend to enjoy it like it is

how can kid isn't it who's no longer a little culkin canada

that's how i even knew it existed because i saw him on es in allen was like i could what's he been up to lately i shouldn't i shouldn't see

no i

for me my my impression is is it's kind of cringe drama is is what succession is like it's it's like dark comedy that is like arrested development level

intentionally sort of weird and she but also it also elevation and the very high concept very well directed very lots of actors that you know about and yeah yeah so yeah but but other than that i know nothing about and i'm not around to it and it's not high on my list so whatever but severance severance with adam scott

a direct course i to learn it and directed by ben stiller and are not tony should loop but john to turow

and other people who i'm forgetting

oh yeah pictures are catching it and some people who i don't particularly know but are great

yeah yeah the guy who played like his friends i went looking him up on i am d because he was so good and i was like how never seen that guy before like he can play guitar he is handsome and he's clearly a great actor what is going on but yeah i don't know that guy at all which is interesting

they at let let's do this let let's start with severance and because we should start with video games cause we're both into and it's like

josh explains things to jessamyn okay so like what like there will be a pay offer you having to sit and listen to me is like listening to you

start staring out the window if i've already talked about her thing i like to about the exact okay well then here we go i'm going to talk about the game called v rising that i've been playing and ah it is a game where you play as a vampire

and and you only play as a vampire are there other characters you can only play the vampire you play as a a sort of generic vampire you could use a little character designer to create your particular version of a sort of nuts for raw to looking vampires are there like boy vampires girls empires there's a vampire stairs are couple body types

selections and they're entirely abstract at no point does it say male or female you can have sort of like a bulkier character or a slender character and that's all and they don't care about it either way and there is no restriction on what kind of like hairstyle and clothes etc you can where you can definitely be a a sort of slender finger

her body shape can you be a bug found the they don't have a

just like well okay here's here's a thing like i i like i like the fact that they are just so that whatever pick a body type we don't make a fuck you are who you are you're a vampire

and also whether or not they're going to add more things to that in the long run i don't know this is a game that is in early access which i've probably talked oh okay before on them at filter podcast with early access to become a term of art in video games it's not just like okay well this is a game but like is sort of there's a thing going on with this

as a whole like way of launching a video game before it has been completed

so it's like it's in beta or no yeah well well okay so here's the thing you used to have basically these were these were the ways you can get your hands on a video game you could buy at once it's out you could maybe get into a beta or even alpha test if the specific company was deciding to do that which you it buy a shocker

yeah or or you know like they would generally do closed and open betas is is and this still happens too depending on the game but basically closed beta you probably right and you know put your email in a hat and then eventually and start picking out of that and they'll use ten thousand people they'll give closed beta access and test it for a while and then go from there

or or an open beta were like it's basically hey yeah you can play it we're not promising anything cause it's you might broke broken years yeah your status might and and sorry who makes the rising ah i don't know some company had them get to it

ah i have it on steam hum name says you could find it on steam or used

you're in early access how did you get early access to it

so this is this is what i'm saying so you got closed beta as an open betas are traditional sort of the economy there and then also like just a demo which is a partial version of game that you could like read on load for free or given a discussion with your video game magazine

early access is

that's something i have no idea about twenty twenty two ah it certainly was a thing back in the day back when i ever used physical media for anything

but ah

but early access has become this thing that is like a formal way to just have beta testing early access you know exactly what it sounds like just be a normal lives thing that everybody can do cause like normally during the beta test was kind of an outlier thing you you sort of had to make an effort to do there and and communicate

think about it was like maybe a little bit of a one off complicated thing most games would not have a beta test i'm doing a beta test was often sort of like the product of a larger company to like and share resources to organize that sort of thing i'm an early access is just sort of like a proviso that steam includes or you know

other platforms might two but the fact that steam explicitly supports things being an early access is like a big sort of shift in the positioning of this idea in the games industry the point where most indie games you know would benefit from explicitly having people playing it before it's out and buy positioned as early access with the hey

it's still in progress we don't know i'm sure also has like forums and stuff so that people can like it's got a method for capturing feedback so that the company doesn't necessarily have to have all that infrastructure you can just sit in the forums use them i mean i can i i think battle royale was in early access or something

apple yeah yeah yeah i think it was when i wanted her to there were definitely adjusting it as it went

i'm so yeah i guess that's the thing about steam to begin with right is that you're just connecting to a platform and so theoretically the people that put the stuff on the platform could be changing that after they go right but i don't know that much about them but i'm just maybe more i ended up seem to automatically update or just men who have great but anyway yeah they can put up patches and you update your game

when you play the new version etc

look know that is like crazy impressive and stuff but those that has been formalized over the last several years as early access as sort of both a general common concept and a feature of steam is just it's kind of an interesting thing i don't like big platforms like steam seems the only one i know of but that's just i as i've said i'm really my my

my space like are there other bigger big platforms like that that are web based not like one's like i understand console systems but you know steam steam is the big one and the ah the the young gun coming out swinging at this point is epic which in the last couple of years has launched it's own game store

oh it's okay and epic you may or may not know of course sounds familiar to the last few years they were just kind of a studio that put out games and some of them are good and some are real good and some are okay and what it really looks like one of their big name games well their biggest name game as fortnight oh i haven't heard of that one yeah which is why there is an epic game store and why they are coming out soon

eating as a young gun because they have been so fucking successful with and it was still super popular oh yeah oh yeah it's still get along pretty well like i i don't track it it's not a game that i even play but like it is hugely out there and it's a huge it's big with the kids you know like but yeah here the middle east

it's a huge sort of like phenomena and social space and the huge source of revenue and and a sort of like weight to throw around on ethics part so they started me up a game store and that's kind of trying to catch up with steam in terms of features by spending a lot of money

and all and to get us a platform some cells are free right it's just ah yeah yeah it's just a way to access games from a number of different other companies exactly they're trying to be sort of like a likable usable platforms so like you know between sales and heavier your library organized in one place and value added features like forums and you know

what not right they are trying to be like the the most appealing place to like lock yourself into almost all of these games almost all the games you buy on steam or on an epic you can buy on both and you can also just by independently from the developer or you can get on a you know there's a site called g o g dot com which

used to at least done for good old games and really focused on like a retro games and they've kind of energy that come halloween is there like a three letter domain that's like a big deal like that that i have never heard i'm i don't know i mean like it's a video game thing like he would specific interested in in video games you don't humble humble bundle unfamiliar with them they they they're they're sort of

moved into doing more like directs i'm you know first party sales and stuff too it's probably better that i don't know about this i'm looking at a al and i could just do this for the rest of my life and the i like microsoft has the x box game pass which works for the x box but also for pc as a you pay a monthly fee and you get access

two bunch of games instead of like buying the games live

is it not work for the mac i'm i have no idea what works for the mac but like microsoft has a real vested interest in windows yeah yeah yeah now i get it and more to the point it's easier to make their games work on both x box and windows when they're both microsoft products but i'm but i don't i don't have a contemporary x box i don't have a can never us five so i don't really know what's going

yeah the odd yes to so i basically sit and play gallic act on it yeah you you could play the bouncer way

it was early launch title for the p s two as the first game i played the heck out of on the p s two and the faster yeah it was a beat him up it's ah i'm not sure i'm interested enough to make an episode but it could be another episode anyway that's a big fucking tangent but basically what it comes down to his be rising is a game that came out into early on

access in the last month or two mm hum maybe maybe just a month ago literally and it just sort of blew up like a lot of people like this is fun and i agree with those people is fun and what a talk to me about like what's fun about it and what makes you be like

so this is it this is a game that is in sort of the survival craft them up like john road that there's a lot of stuff one around the territory basically it's the kind of game where you chop down trees and break rocks and build yourself a little like wood

and horrible and then you're like yeah but this could be better and you

unlock some technology and then you known how to make stone walls and you can actually a roof on your on your castle which is really good if you're a vampire because of the sun yeah no joke otherwise you're just living in a hall covering yourself with dirt every night right yeah exactly a sleeping on a shitty wouldn't coughing on the grass you know and hoping that you know you don't get out of it until the sun's down i'm so you're like

you go out in the end and you find fancier ways to carve up wood and you find harder kinds of rock 'n or you collect those those let you manufacture you know more advanced workstations new sort of like slowly literally build up

k get a few of them can love fancier production and make your castle bigger and and you know maybe you bring horses home and feed them water to keep them alive and maybe you start building prisons to put humans inside of and relate or them for blood and maybe you can really humans with servant commons to like go on errands for you and the

one of the things i love about this game like in terms of it's just attitude is it is a game where you're playing as a vampire but you're just playing as a vampire and that's it you're just a vampire and you're fine with that and your whole thing is you want to like get back in the swing of things and you know

get back into dominion over these pesky humans so many vampire games and this is not a bad thing that these other games do but so many vampire games take the concept of being a vampire from a narrative perspective as sort of like a journey for them this perspective of a human player where like a a lot of empire games start with you having

i'm just very recently become a vampire and then like you're learning about your powers and you're learning about the various downsides of being a vampire and you're struggling with the balance between and bracing your new powers and your immortality and your strength and retaining a sense of humanity and what it means to be a person and like really sort of like navigating that maybe having choices about how

how much you go one way or the other and think yeah yeah yeah etc etc etc be rising fuck you know you're a vampire humans suck kill humans build a grad big big castle there is no wrestling with it you're just like nope this is who i am all hire yeah you this the goal is to once again rise to power and subjugate humanity like you are

of empire rising not the vampire struggling with the moral question of the nature of being

how can you i get it

you can you can you have to sort of like a buildup technology to build fancy her outfits and all of the outfits are rat and vampire foppish

did this this is not a super high polish collection of like like outfit graphics like it's i would say like world of warcraft level sort of like kind of cartooning yeah aesthetic rather than like a like super polished aaa studio like photo realistic trench coat blah blah blah but as good like a

just was like you know so yeah you you go out and you build your castle and you deal with a local humans and you sort of track down i'm dangerous mini bosses who have special vampire blood or the blood or whatever it is and by killing them you learn new things and there's like vampire hunters out there

and mean big human like logging mill bosses and trolls living in the mountains and not just empires inhuman a whole bunch of different kinds right hair humans and other shit out there you know

as it happened in any particular place are you on earth are you in some maniac your earring of vague gothic setting a vague pre industrial gothic setting okay like there's not really any more to it than that you know like swords and axes and crossbows and a mean mean catholics

issue bins i'm seem to be the primary like ascending attack and taken this there's a big map you can wander around you could build castles in multiple places and different parts of the map are more dangerous than others so like you have to sort of work your way up to dealing with the farmland area where people are smart enough to put up garlic that causes you problems for

and there you have to work up to dealing with like they're cursed forest which is like and it had all just normal of empire trucks or they have like interesting new different pyre traps it's it's a mishmash of existing ones like they don't seem to be trying to like say actually no we've figured out what the real vampires situations where like hey you know garlic is a problem for you holy water

oh landscape and the heart that kind of thing yeah

it's interesting that is wholly radiation is what you run into when you go into a monastery

if it's wait a second what are your rights like it maybe maybe there's a little bit of a science fiction thing going on there was not so much like the power of god as it is like you know the hardest elemental nature of quote unquote holiness no no i'm i haven't spent that much time in in the monasteries because i don't have good resistance to holy damage

i can't fucking i can't do this yet

i'm sorry if you like sort of the crafting and like building up a base it's really good for that i'm enjoying that a lot you know people have talked about and that crafting it's like building a house and that kind of stuff yeah yeah like turn turn a bunch of logs into lumber use the lumber to build a workbench or walls for your for your

place use a stone grinder to grind stones into bricks that you use to build sturdy castle walls i'm used that and some cloth and a little bit of soul for you found to build a nice tile for for your alchemy tools in particular and then you get a nice bonus to you know how efficiently they work and i've got an excellent castle with a bunch of dedicated like workshop

brooms and i'm very happy with it

i'm i've got another fancy just like vanity castle that doesn't produce anything but i've been collecting high ranking members of the clergy military in the nearby town and abducting them and bring the act and converting them into vampire servants so there's just like

that means you bite and they become vampires and then they work for you basically you or they use you

they didn't like they and without putting a human in oppressing well you don't need the prison part that's actually just it's own useful thing but ah you do need to it's funny you have to like damage a human down to like thirty percent and then using enthrall power to sort of like make new i will control you sort of like eyes at them but you have to do that

just standing there and if there is any other humans around they aren't being enthralled the person you are in thrall and is it enthralled yet and all those people keep trying to kill you so becomes a process like okay sounds complicated there is those five guys over there one of them i really want to come work for me the other four gotta kill the guy to kill those without killing that guy cause i don't want him to die so i'm going to kill

all those four carefully whittle him down but not too much so that he's like weak but not dead and then and then on to enthral him and then once he's in thrall i can't use my other spells until i'm done with that so then i need a kite him back to my house not let anybody else get angry at us in the mean time cause they'll attack him two and he's barely got hit points left cause i beat

them up so i could enthral him and then get him back to the castle and then put him into a serving cop and and let them bake for an hour and a half and then he'll turn inflates wait wait why you yeah it'll instead of like biting their neck and having a dramatic scene like that you put them in they serve and coughing which is they smell

they don't they get frank vampire like yeah okay i certainly didn't

yeah that's just what they call it i wasn't sure if i was hearing or surveying a cloth and servants surfing coughing servants sara yes see that i mean that style

thanks for a certain amount of time with him in the oven for you know three fifty on on you know for for an hour and a half and and then the then they're ready to be your servant and you can give them stuff and say hey go to this village and collect the wool they make there and you know and they'll go off and do that and they'll be back in like you know four hours or eight hours or would it be set of four and i'm

so yeah it's nice it does a lot of things well like it's it's not necessarily do anything in a super revolutionary way like everything it does is sort of as far as like survival and crafting and building stuff like other games do as well and there's a game that does each one of those things better to like basically none of those are doing is a vampire so that's one big plus

but it's collection of those things is all really good right now it's already got a really solid fun game to play in that sort of general vibe and like in my opinion all of the best of the games and the sort of survival craft genre it supports cooperative play with other people actually my next question whether you're just kind of doing their sign

heroin in the wilderness or whether there's other people potentially yeah you totally can play solo and i have some in and enjoyed it

a lot of the mini boss fights that you need to do and lock technology are a lot harder solo than with friends so there's a real strong mechanical incentive there to play with other people but you don't have to like you could in theory totally play the whole thing solo and if you like sort of like a solo survival craft grind i would say yeah check it out cause i think it's good enough by itself

ah but you can play with other people and you can do that by playing on random servers you find on the internet or you can do that by organizing a private server with friends or just hosting a game from your own computer if you don't want to like bother with it like dedicated server that how does that work considering the game is early access and it's on that platform like

so the

the fact that it's on steam doesn't matter they're lives and steam actually provide some nice features for like organizing like online play but any game that has like servers that multiple people can play on together just has to figure that out themselves like that just something you have to build a as the maker of the game that's just a thing you implement


and the early access part kind of doesn't matter one way or the other it's it's always a challenge for a game that wants to do cooperative play or online play if they're still in the development process because if you change something about how the game works it could be more complicated to fix that for online play than just for a single player game yeah yeah there's nothing inherently problematic they're like you know if you have

a decent plan and you're doing a good job of it like that just that's just part of the process you update the server stuff at the same time that you update to the core game and said hey you could share your castle with other vampires yes fang and vampires yeah and that's exactly what i've been doing for the most of the plane i'm doing is like me and some friends on the east coast

have a dedicated server up and you know five or six of us all have our own different castles on the map and uh were we we put each other we're all in the same clans so you can have like full access to each other stuff because like we're not playing competitively we just want to like build cool stuff and have red outfits

says so my castle in fact has become sort of like the local work castle for our whole crew because it's just inconvenient sort of middle of the map spot i'm so like everybody just sort of brings everything there that's more like everybody else has their own castle they do whatever they want with but like if you're gonna like find a new recipe or bring back up

pile of or from a local miner or something a lot of people just go into my castle and dumping it there and we've got a big pile of work machinery in there i'm my brother built a an elaborate prison for several prisoners so we could do experiments on how exactly the whole

is the most is the most absolutely outright evil vampires are better than humans sort of like a mechanic in the game as like you can literally build a prison feed them rats withdraw their blood you know it it's it's grim shadow

am like okay bad

you're cool outfit

the outfits are cool the the outfits it's mostly kinda like stepping up their technology levels so like as you learn more technologies and build fancy your outfits that provide you with better stats so it's right now it's fairly straightforward thing this is one of things that i hope they get more fancy with a as they continued development of the game because i won a lot of outfits i want to be like yeah right

really play band pyre dress up in a like just for it's own sake way whereas right now you're doing it for the sake of being able to take on harder bosses cause you've got better armor now on this new set of hollow fangs leather armor instead of the original like default leather armor that surpassed the what if it was before that it was

there's not as much yet but hum that is one of the things that feels like would be a natural thing for them to build out i'm but yeah it's a good it's a good vampire we survive survivor craft time like it's just it's it's nice and it's like twenty bucks i think i'm like finish reasonable i don't know these things things that seems reasonable retail

l aaa games right now are like sixty dollars maybe it's going to be more like seventy at this point because that just creeps up every few years because money so yeah like retail has for a long time been like sixty bucks you know if it's a triple a game it's going to be sixty bucks and then additional download content after that

like you know be like ten or fifteen bucks and they'll put out a few of those and maybe if you want to buy like the special edition at launch you pay like ninety bucks and you get like some bonus assets and maybe something physical in the mail

so twenty bucks was like that's that's cheap it's not the cheapest something that's like three bucks which i also like

early access is happening when they're done with the early access you lose access to no no no no no no no you can play the early access game forever yeah yeah like it's it's pretty much the opposite it's more like kick starting like it's it's like you are oftentimes going to get a slightly better deal for early access like if it's twenty bucks

when it hits i am asked to play something that changes or right right like you're you're accepting that it's going to be like a work in progress that it's not done yet


but you're getting access sooner and usually for cheaper too and you're sort of like speculatively putting your dollars down there and this is one of the things with early access is like what it means for any given game to be in early access really depends on the game like it is a broad concept and i have friends who basically have strict no early access rules look for themselves

i'm not going to buy a game in early access like a dealer few times i got burnt i'm not going to do it and i know people who like just will don't even think twice about it and i'm a little bit in between like

you can usually tell like one of the nice things is like the fact that things are in early access a lot has been so normalized that people talk about the state of games with that in mind right to the point where like ok i know when v rising came out it had this stuff in place that has this stuff that hasn't done yet it has these kind of bugs

runs about this well people are saying right the level of expectation for early access is a thing that is beyond the normal normal sort of do you do your own like like little bit of research by reading reviews or whatever to figure out like whether it's far enough along for you cause there's there's really two things are with with early access one is is the game in rough shape

because it's still in progress check which is a legitimate problem sometimes i'm v rising sea mine sent me the email probably mind more than others to write him well and depending on like that's that's one of the subject of things like how much you love it is going to be a big difference to whether or not you care if it's junkie if i if if i love a game it can be tricky as hell and

i have no problem with i think i'll complain when it crashes but then i'll like just restart it and get back to playing it because i'm fucking loving whatever that is where it's where i'm just like so so on something things like rough edges and bugs are gonna have like really gets in the way so yeah like you kind of have to just decide how much of a risk you want to take and how much you care

but yeah so you have that like that's one downside to playing early access is bugs and roughness and things are just junkie and mentally eventually it just gets polished up tipping finally aim right sure yeah and eventually eventually we'll probably get finished like you know there's always the possibility that they'll just like to say this isn't working

or i got hit by a bus or whatever contractual obligation that they finish the game but you know probably will and maybe the game will get a lot better over the course of that or maybe it'll be about as good as it was when it hit early access you know like you never know it's going to depend on whoever is making it hum

but aside from like dealing with it being sort of junkie or early on the other kind of risk with early access is and this really depends on the kind of game like maybe you'll have kind of already gotten most of what you're going to get out of it by the time it comes out and it was like okay now the polished version comes out this like the ideal playing experience that i already know how to plan lead or whenever

tired of this i yeah i did this i i'm you know i don't need to i don't need to play this all again you know i think that's more a problem with games are like really heavy heavily narrative check if you're really gonna invest in a stare like i know all these stories yeah yeah i know all of this narrative beats you're already have no i've read most of this dialogue and i know they added some stuff but you know whereas if a if it's again did you just like playing you liked

doing this stuff in it then doing it again leaders usually not a problem and i think the rising is more like that like i like chopping down trees and build castle hit you know like honestly chopping down trees i like chopping down trees in video games it's a very good thing like minecraft like the first thing you ever did in minecraft when you start the game as you go

go up to a tree and you punch it to get some wood out of it and i have ever since then thought of these games as like like tree punching games

because like that's the thing like yeah no let me let me chop down trees let me like corey a mind let me let me dig out resources i can really chill out in bliss out to just doing you know some some resource gathering for a while and it it it's just like i'm doing fake labor in a universe that doesn't exist it

it doesn't make sense as a pastime necessarily but i enjoy it like i have mine so much for in so many video games are chopped down so many days i have strong opinions about which survivor craft games have the best tree chopping the answer at the moment by the way is it that game i can totally talked about again

i'm it's just got a great like every step of chopping down the tree that the the swing your ax feels good the way it breaks at the trump the way you break apart the individual pieces of the resulting fallen tree knocking off the branches and cutting the law

primo just the best reach op and i've ever had

on the tree shopping and be rising it's totally fine but it's not really as much of an endgame it's not it's not a focus

did early access forums and talk about how they should chill

shopping again you're not that guy actually i i don't do that almost every with anything because people on the internet are annoying is a big part of it really hum

yeah no yeah yeah yeah yeah believe it or not

you know gamers in particular or something or a mixed bag there's a lot of thirteen year olds out there and a lot of just asshole twenty somethings hum and that's not to say that like you can't have a positive experience doing that sort of thing that i rarely feel the motivation to like find out like i don't really want to dig into steam forums so we talked about they have discussion boards built in steam yet they're great because you can usually

find like an answer if there's like a bug in a game like if there's a layer

it's a game to add a whole bunch of yeah or something

yeah yeah exactly an early access games often have fairly poor tutorials and fairly poor documentation because that's the kind of thing you tend to polish up towards the end once all the features are settled right so yeah like being able to go on to the steam discussion board and say okay i'm having this thing i can't figure out where to find x or there's this bug i could probably find

opposed post if anyone else was experiencing that like on the first page or two of the steam forums along with so much dumb fucking bullshit yeah it's really bad it's really the most entitled like why didn't you make the game perfect stuff and you know that's when you're lucky and it's not like people being weirdly racist about some shit or whatever fact the accent on eighth eighth whatever

the staff has yeah they're fucking forums on the internet for people who are not necessarily motivated by anything more in common than liking the same video game fat so it's

yeah so not me no not not not me particularly okay i'm that's not to say that doesn't happen and isn't very useful like that's part of the thing with early access is when it works well especially it's because developers are getting a ton of good feedback from players and incorporating that into the changes they make and how they push for on development so

excuse me

yeah i don't know that's be rising i could see potentially the idea of playing v rising with a bunch of other medical to people because we could set up like a filter server and just like everybody has a castle

i would not want to moderate it it's not my job

be in charge of the server theoretically

cut spending one i pray it yeah yeah or yeah or it could be like a fanfare video game club special or or something heavy


i like it i think it's great and i think it is very worth playing if the kind of things i'm talking about are things you like and that's the rising that's that's one of the things i've really been enjoying in the last month


kim part two of this type cast

suggested that i watch said france and once i cleared up that you are not talking about succession

i watched it out real fast


asked you specifically after i watched the first maybe episode and a half

like it's just kind of constant weird eat we never figure out what the fuck is going on and you were like really

right now actually there's more there's more to it than that and so i stuck with it because that was kind of my problem with lost where

pardon me i've read some stuff where it became fairly clear that there was actually a narrative arc were just throwing shit at the wall to see what stat kind of thing and i decided i wasn't investing if they weren't fasting you know and you were like no no no there's there's some there there

until i stuck with it

so happy that i get

but now i kind of i think expecting

that whole season ended on a ridiculous

read class

i mean don't get me wrong like i'm not mad like there is a second season right or there will be there will be yeah there isn't one now but there will be

yeah because it was like you know i was watching a flight means death

two ago and part of that is as don't bet on a cliffhanger not the same kind of cliffhanger but definitely we asked we just finished watching that last night and ah i i had assumed it was going to wrap it up with more of a bow

instead everybody is miserable

leaving it open but i guess like a couple days ago they

yeah so that's great yeah and oh my god it was so much fun being on social media such as all that happy people that there is going to be a second season of are fragments that and i hadn't been like in the same place in terms of severance you know cause i just i just by the time i was done watching it i already knew there was

gonna be a second season so the fact that it was

gillis cliffhanger i'm lizzie let's let let let them back up and show other than like as we said earlier we're we're gonna spoil this yeah if you want no severance spoilers a stop letting you know stop now

hum but also like for the sake of people who aren't as worried about that but don't know anything about the show ah let's let's talk a little bit of like what basically the show is

it's one of those shows where like you're kind of dropped right into it and you know there's a guy it's adam scott he's got a job in a weird office that's what we know at first and it appears to be like a very he's crying on his way to work you don't know why he gets so

work and he kinda

straighten this shit out he changes all his clothes you're very confused he gets to his office which is a very like

oh wait or does it start with highly actually starts it starts with halle but like i say you use other minute you entered into the highly highly part and then my partner then

hum yeah no it actually opens with a woman like seemingly unconscious on like a conference room table and then she wakes up to the sound of someone saying basically ah hello

all right enron she's not injured she just who knows why she wasn't awake gob yeah she's absolutely disoriented and doesn't know why she's there and barely know her neighbor who is like friendly you know asking her to answer some seemingly inane questions without explaining things and like what's the difference of eight names or can remember

or or think i kind of like weird questions yeah and this is like the cold open of the show it was like that like why is who is this woman wise you understand yeah and it's gym

there's nothing in it she's kind of dressed in a kind of generic office close the the speaker that she's getting spoken to through is a very like seventies era ca

sixties era weird speaker like so so you're not sure like even what

what space and time here and like you're clearly probably in america but other than that you have no idea what's going on

so she has a little confusing adventure with her and then you know and then we got adam scott

character crying in his car and then go to work and being chill and turns out he's the one who was talking to her and yeah he goes up the elevator and like something happens to like like that so weird thing that i am actually i was interested that like so you know when when they go up in the elevator

there's a weird vision visual effect and i don't exactly know what it is it's a loom i love with all these what's to a dolly zoom is this great thing where okay ah well you you you you know what both parts are i know what a dolly is and i know what that yes yeah it was always just like you know cart that the

you know and put it on wheels and you can move the camera around on it to go smooth shot when shooting something and as the doom obviously is like getting closer or further from it and usually using a zoom lens that you can twist to yeah changes in adult who is when you use the dalai to move toward something and use the zoom lens to do

i'm away from some tank you okay or vice versa and you get like that great weird fucking perspective especially if you've got a good camera operator and a good deli operator

you're out what i was watching yeah like they're clearly something going on but i was like is this like a yeah good thank you

the classic classic cinema truck like the i think the classic american and i'm a dolly zoom is roy scheider in jaws having a like holy fuck moment and it was zoom in on him on the beach was always with on them in a beach where everything goes wall around him while he's going whoa right right well your

looking at him but yeah it gets used a lot in the horror the horror or horror movies love a whore directors love camera tricks of the dollars zoom was a great one and it's yeah it's just unsettling it's unsettling and weird and it's not something that you have to do a weird cd i think because it's like one of the things that's really interesting about adam scott and i think he's really used to his full potential

in this show is weird looking dude like his head is a little too big his chin is funny like his nose is sideways his eyes are too far apart like like he's not conventionally your your usual actor and i think the fact that he's a little off looking

and i also kind of conventionally attractive sort of

air or not he's not like tom cruise like he's he he would be a weird off model tom cruise in terms of like that sort of like star

it factor on how of his fucking face looks i guess

and as a result he p both looks more like what i would perceive of as like a normal person but also he's also clearly like an actor person you know it was clothes fit well blah blah blah all that stuff and he's supposed to be a little bit of a i feel like a little bit of an ingenue and this whole thing right because like he clearly

bought into oh and i i mean i guess if we're going to kind of move forward yeah let's let it let's give explicit about like what's going on there cause i think this is an interesting aspect of what he does so well in this show hum yeah but the reason the show is called sufferance is you know there's this spooky creepy workplace that we learn more about is the show

goes but the the general conceit is you get something done to your head when you get a job at this place so that your home life is your home and then when you come to work and you go up and down elevator some things switches and your work life is your work life and those two people those two

two states of being in your mind or as if they are two separate people neither one has access to the other one's thoughts memories understanding like it's all very yeah

and we're separate consciousness is an and the ones who go to work at this place their whole life is just their work yeah their first day of work is their first day of their life essential you yeah you know it's as you know they they don't really get into why that doesn't make them a functionally newborn baby clearly there some degree of like it's

going off memory rather than walling off the entirety of your your required human expression he still know how to yeah but either way functionally yeah the people at work just existed working with and they only know the people at work they don't know anybody that exists outside the job and you know as you kind of get to know characters

you kind of get to know why people might have chosen this you know the adam scott's character had a wife that he thought died in a car accident and he was raft and just didn't you know how to kind of a teaching job couldn't deal with it

but i have like eight nine hours a day where i just didn't have to think about this because i it's two payer yeah yeah

and an average looking at it this way when goes we have questions about that and you know

it all it all gets very weird but it's all like you know stuff is gradually revealed to you the viewer so this isn't all just kind of fed to you you have to kind of watch what's happening and be like wait a second and like the bosses do not have this we don't think yeah look at that that's a

real interesting thing this sort of they play with a lot of things really well in the show like i really like the way they handled like various reveals in bits and pieces throughout this the season because like it's very satisfying to kind of be wondering like

you bought him to call adam scott been cause i keep it can write while and parks know so do i but but but but adam scott like his character is like real world character lives next toward next to a lady played by pressure cut

who's who's just looking very good show too yeah she's great

and then at work his boss is also patricia arquette with a completely different name an entirely different personality and you don't know if she severs employee or not because he's weird both both characters are weird and different kind of ways starkly different ways and the yeah and so you're left wondering are

they suffered or is she just playing a role playing two roles i suppose or is going to turn out there is fucking like twins or you know right it's it's a it's a weird enough set of mysteries going on situation with a show that you really have a chance of like come up with some harebrained stuff if you really want to come up with theories yeah and everything in the office there's not that many

the other people around there there's very there's no other characters in this show other than the actors who have the lines and stuff it there is no random be roll people walking down hallways there is no cafeteria like the whole workplace is incredibly stark and do you know where it actually takes place like that's a real campus somewhere and

what collar type of no do you feel like it's an it's an actual kind of weird building in it's own in it's own right but it's a burger yeah it's a very strange white walled lab rat there's too much bass in everywhere you know the four of them work in an office in a room that could hold like ten times as many people all

technology is old

in a weird way we dated like not not not even consistently or what not but it's definitely not like he and jeffries ancient trackballs i'm you know they use a film camera when he when when being taken when they play music it's on a record player and these are all like deliberate directorial choice

he says that are unremarked upon by you know everybody's clothes are no particular style very generic

now i'm office close yeah but off clothes that could have been anytime in the last forty years fifty years i'm and and and so there's there's a sense of unease introduced just buy a lot of these choices right there's no ambient noises all the all the there's too much space that the the building is weird

third i'm you don't meet other ancillary characters there are none there are only the main characters i mean i guess when you're on the outside there's a little bit more kind of generic people around and here he's got a sister the adam scott character he's got a sister who he is very close to i'm who's pregnant

and she has oh my god can i just say her husband rick in

i fell in love with this actor while i was watching the patriots because he's like the gun to her head brother in that show and he plays it to perfection and he's a completely different character year but like kind of the new a jewish faith ugly yeah he's a self

help guru sky and it's oh it's so good kind of a mutt but his sister seems like a really nice person and they have a very close relationship in fact it's probably one of the only legit close relationships in the entire cause everybody else i mean she gets along with her husband obviously but everybody else is weird

i'm way that seems to affect their way to be intimate with other there's such a wonderful fast moving parallel that everyone in the office is like clearly weirdly sort of under socialized you know like shit like they have personalities but they are also like they don't

have enough people to test those personalities against and so just everybody's like the way they are and adam scott is like weirdly strangely optimistic and you know

to get fact that he's fair and that's okay to talk to charles character is like a very company man you know he's very into the methodology of the company and the rules of the company

like the the whole company founder like there's like the company founder and on up through the generations of members of the family running this company i'm at it all has sort of like a sort of like more money that family of an arm and five yeah and there's like halls of you know statues of the founders and there

spraying that you're supposed to kind of look up to in these weird ways that like the people there think it's a little creepy but the viewer thinks is exceptionally creepy

it reminds me to an extent of portal two and the cave johnson character played by j k simmons was the voice actor for it to them j case and wonderful yeah he was great and there was a very funny game and there was like great writing but it had this whole thing of like he had started it was like a carpet salesman or something and and

then found his way into like you know boobs are applied physics materials science and and so you get like decades of him sort of talking about stuff in weird j k simmons like inspirational speeches and musings and a dictaphone somewhat not they're ready to be a little bit of that i'm in a way

that would make sense to people who i guess both watch the show and have played portal two

yeah it's fine it's not

any episodes

the music is creepy and weird and well done

the the other character i don't know his i don't know the real name of the actor but he is also really good kind of weird fully all like kind of a awkward lumpy guy who has kind of a

attitude but he's also a high performer kind of and so he's saying

and so self conscious bro dude kind of the whole reason that you know this woman is kind of brought into this kind of work group of four is because petey who is kind of the adam scott characters work buddy

isn't there anymore and we're not sure why yes

and here the atmosphere that i was talking to you about earlier like god what a great or that guy has i do now recall him and other stuff no i i looked at kind of his his i am to be and i didn't recognize him for anything but he's just clearly he's got a really great presence

yeah it's it's fantastic it's just really good because they do such a good job with a tone of it and with the pacing of reveals and yeah the finale is oh my fucking god like everything in the finale is amazing

hum at all of it like drops off the moment before you want to find out like like you know having a cliffhanger in a finale makes sense sure but having like seven of them that are all like i'm genuinely invested simultaneously nested so that they all yeah like any one of those would have been like sufficient to like leave the season

on him instead they're like okay there's this there's this there's this there's this there's this ah it's fantastic it's so good yeah i just i just found i was really appreciating you know the attention to kind of stylistic detail because again a lot of times when you watch that kind of like prestige tv

it's a plot line that i do not care for it you know what i mean like it's cops and robbers or it's you know game of thrones or like you know something like that and this seemed like it was kind of an interesting set of plots that was interesting to someone like me while at the same time you know also being high

concept television which i'm not yeah yeah i i i care it's very well polished and also i really care about both the characters in the story like genuinely i'm like invested in a way that like i don't even need to be to enjoy a show like they are going to be a show where i'm like okay to plus a little bit trope be you know a car i think i know where they're going and check okay

it was sort of but also like it's it's really well done and the catholic was great and so like yeah watch the show but like sanford's on like every thing every fucking thing i'm like yes well i like i just watch christopher walken in this ah u k comedy series which was called like the outlaws or something like that and it's staff

suddenly comedy stephen merchant kind of vehicle but christopher walken is and it's like u k but like chris rock and for some reason inexplicably isn't it and so it was really interesting and i just finished that right before i started watching several answers not know about this and i well i think i think you'd like it it's funny it's a little bit more predictable kind of end it is

it's a little bit more it ends on kind of an normal cliffhanger

but i also has crossed her walk into it so i'm like soul is really lousy was her walk and he's great in it and so it was interesting for me to compare and contrast christopher walken in that show which was a little bit more what you would expect from christopher walken and christopher walken and they show which was a little bit

more like

i mean he's clearly chris rock and because he can kind of play one thing but like but like also you know i mean you had told me like this

tiny office romance level thing happening it was not the one to

you know and and i appreciated that about the yeah right

yeah no i it speaks it speaks to how good this show is that like i have said almost nothing about chris rock and begin to ah despite being like a like instant fail for me and generals to turtle also ray leonard

he was great too if you don't

we we we watched severance and then we watch the new batman which he has a role in it as like ah the big mob boss oh interesting okay and he's got the same sort of like older john to tour kind of salt and pepper thing although he's like you know a street wise mob boss rather than they you know sort of weird company man sets that character the tutorials but like it was hard not to like

it's hard not to think about his severance character while watching him be conniving mob boss right versus rubber pens and so that was that was an odd for a while and especially like it's much later in the whole scheme of things that you learn more about anybody but the adam scott character whole new life and to turtle

his home life is wild and not what you're expecting

you know you know like you'd think you know him from how he is and the office and then you find out you know he's at home listening to motor head and blah blah blah blah blah and that's kind of a own and weird meeting he's a painter and yeah maybe like a grizzled ex marine

yeah no that that ends up being kind of thing with all the characters like there's this big disconnect and this is like this is one of the things i really liked about the show and i hope they can sort of continue to do good things with cars as well as ings it could be hard to keep up pressure but like you it is i i saw someone on a

on twitter a medical or someone somewhere said something about like severance is ah the good place but for a theory of mind instead of ethics right hum which feels like a good way to put a general like look this is a show that is actively playing around with complex ideas that would normally just be

the background in a story if it's there at all and like you know a good place did a great job of saying okay let's think about

how people are and what like morality and ethics and the concept of living a good life are and

and like did stuff with that beyond just like you know making a joke now and then about the concept of like others like it wasn't just saying who died and made you know

i'm going to fuck up the line but like eleanor at some point and and the good places like who who died and made ah socrates you know tina philosophy and and choose like play doh doh do that you know it's just

i'd probably have those backwards but anyway ah

you know it's smart about it and smart and it seems invested in it and severance feels very invested in this idea of not just say oh what if it turned out you had a second person in your brain who had a day job that you didn't know the it so it's like no if i hadn't found out that it was just saying you know kind of snarky things about jobs

you know what i mean like for the first part of the for the first part of the first show i was like oh well sure but like we know that kind of and at but then yeah it gets a lot more complex it gets a lot more into the nature of kind of what we remember versus who we are and i'm

yeah i appreciated kind of going on that journey and normally i'm not that kind of person about i show you know yeah

yeah there's a yeah it's it's yeah so what i'm saying josh joshua thank you for ah suggesting that i can and will like i i am so glad i'm so glad you enjoyed it cause it's it's a darn good show and i think a lot of people enjoy it

but here's two of us who did so there we go i know that's what we we we've hit about an hour this feels like a good sort of like hey we talked about a couple of things i might go have some dinner and a kind of wrap up my day cause it's getting a little late here and ah but this was the conversation i was hoping that with you and hope we didn't have to push out a bunch of benefits

scenario odd that which is probably good people and listen to it great if not great it's also cool

all right well cool are we did it will do thing and i'll i'll post was at some point i'll talk to you in a couple of weeks other them after this

fucking awesome