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Podcast 185 Transcript, Vosk

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A transcript for Episode 185: A very wearing my bathrobe all day day (2022-05-31).

Pronoiac passed the podcast to vosk for an automated transcription, using model vosk-model-en-us-aspire-0.2.


i'm still in my pajamas did you actually get dressed yes i i you know i haven't done not getting dressed in a long time are you kidding

yeah it's like i might not in a long time since early cove it or not in a long time since you were seven or somewhere between since you were fourteen since you were nineteen

well i guess i could say this is episode one hundred and eighty five of the medical podcast i i'm josh cortex the lard and i'm jessamyn and ah yeah we're we're wrapping up may here and ah yeah we're early on a on a stick which f

feels good hum maybe

i don't know i don't know to me feels fine

i feel ok

and reading

sorry i feel ok too but i'm reading the wikipedia page about the number one eighty five and it i got derailed by looking at the spiral of fear doris which i don't know whatever the fuck it is but it has something to do with this number and maybe some by role martyr living yours or don't actually know what that was can figure it out so it looks cool a

and conch shells sort of spirals yeah and it's got like a whole it's made up of a whole bunch of triangles sort of right

yeah yeah it's a yeah ok man reading about math on wikipedia is hard

a right or an adult concepts you take a right triangle and then you make another right triangle whose a longer street side is awesome news first and then you just keep capital looks like it's always the theaters okay good so i guess just look it up like what is the nature of theodore us number is what i need to understand

i am here a square root of seventeen and gave up with the ah

yeah this is good radio i'm reading about

a something

at a time radio good you know i i i won't worry about it too much i should just go to the wikipedia page and try and find the number one eighty five or so i can see where on the the spiral it is but it was the first four triangles have something to do with the number one eighty five and an ethics far as that might that might be that might be the

some of the angles of it or something like that yeah i bought like it looks like it could be like the first six prizes come up to a hundred and five degrees but would i know no no not you just like

yeah we talked about this i like mad but like too much mass is like you know how like you're scratching your cat and everything's great great great great great and then suddenly the cat attacks you as if they've been mad at you for your whole life

yeah matches like that for me i'm like yeah and that yeah and that yeah and that

no and

too much matt happens quick and like my sister has this thing where like

you can't really do math with her when it's too late in the day you know she gets like stressed and tired like we all do but like for me stressed and tired doesn't have anything to do with whether i want to do math in my head but like you know we're at a restaurant or something and we're calculating the tip in our in our weird ways i'll be like okay so it and she'll be like don't don't do math

that loud too late but mac out loud

okay all right okay good

but then sometimes we try and do math out loud at night just a bugger

that doug sites where did i order you about max out loud

ah you like it more the later it is what this this this this beautiful risk factors actually i want to say weak sauce a hundred eighty five right triangles in the theaters being fit within the first four turns with the spiral that hard to hear

okay that makes sense but like what the fuck like i it's okay if one eighty was just a shitty number with nothing going on but that's not that's nothing right it's like seventeen the number of marbles i can fit in my cheek

i've no idea about numbers ripe guess it depend the marble two and the kind of them having hum a cat find out on my itunes by accident and now it's opening and just not opening yeah i i i only ever click i tunes by accident but this boy had happening it's just loading loading loading what

why are there might be a hidden dialog box popped pop up or something that's waiting for a button to be pressed because an eye on goods from now is not the case however while i'm just closing that window and hopeless not going to be a problem if crush vigorous la la la


oh yeah

i'm so obviously we talk we should talk about the big news first which was that a bond cliff made some cow tools oh my god right

this amazing that in projects or is it on projects ranging news he put it on project oh there are none i used to do the lazy just press the button to make a medical are posting cause i i've never done that before somehow um and ah and yeah so it's got like you know two comments and ten favorites on projects

and i'm it's guts a ah

a couple of dozen comments may be a mythical drew the post i made about it and something like thirty thousand likes on twitter

yeah and he's got like occasional like things that blow up at least i feel like but this may be his blow it up and miss the i blow up thing as every month or so will bite people who don't even know him you know yeah

like having a a nice solid a

coherence but also deeply pop culture reference be being like this is just so it's it's good i'm so pleased with this gem you did a good job with your cow tools yes and and i saw him like when he was bending that piece of wood

earlier what the fuck it will say what they would but did i ask no i didn't ask i just know it was like i'll figure it out he'll he'll tell me will will know

yeah and i'm delighted kind of not to have tried to figure out what he's up to because like when i saw it was like oh my god that's a that's beautiful

and anyone who like doesn't know that far side is like what the fuck is everyone talking about which how how do you like a young people sometimes old people have in comprehensible a bullshit that we won't shut up about

i spend too much time on tick tock to pretend that i've got some sort of fuzzy and i use culture thing going on

but i am antics acts than i do which is zero time on tech tock and hadn't told you about jim jim my gems interaction with tick tock which is primarily looking at you tube compilations of take stock videos works

now and again he'll talk to me about something on tick tock and i'm like you remember the rules you have to tell me if you start using tick tock

usually you to just to where the content man

well yeah i'm

and the other news is that you're taking over ownership of of met a filter

sure which i appreciate

and i owe you some paperwork which is a predictor yeah once i got everything i need it for you a which took a while but it's now to finish now it you need stuff for me and ah maybe i'll just sit on it and see how it feels actually i'm just like i said it's been a week so yeah yeah i'll get on it when i'm back to my main

desk it's really weird like trying to do work at a place that's not your normal workplace yeah you're a person who always works at your work place you know yeah it's disorienting it's it doesn't have the same sort of natural oh this is what's happening now sort of feeling yeah and like working on my laptop as opposed to anything else but yes we should probably say like you and i

i talked about this a series of discussions but culminating in you don't march i guess and you were like i want to tell everybody right now and i'm like it's my sister's birthday don't you

to do this while i'm trying to have a nice time with my family you were like cool i'm and then we had to stick around dealing with paperwork and i had some conversations with loop just to make sure everybody was on the same page

but i'm cautiously optimistic i mean there's going to be some aggravating admin getting it actually up and running lee functional like currently use still are the guy with the name on the paper yeah i'm getting that stuff changes is going to be sort of annoying walkable for a little bit hum yeah group like that

nice thing about having loop dealing with the like as a primary person dealing with like the actual like administrative stuff and payroll stuff like that is all stuff that isn't dependent on that so they've been able just like get up to speed on that and take it off my hands so it's like yeah it's kind of the annoying stuff that you get to do but ah but there is less daily maintenance of that annoying so

if so you write well to me honestly like you know i i said in the thread and i'll i'll say here like that kind of admin crap i'm not particularly bad at and it just doesn't bother me it's like taking it as that you kind of know the answers to it's just fussy exactly i think we've talked about this before but like

in the u k k they have this concept of admin as a separate aspect of the thing you have to do right so like maybe you teach maybe teach a class right and like the class has it's own thing but then there's the admin part of it you don't like getting grades into the grading system or filling out the paperwork and

yeah hired and i think a lotta people i mean i don't think in the us it's it's as obvious that admin is a part of things and your relationship to adnan not you josh but like you anybody affects your relationship to whatever the thing is that has admin as a component

does that make sense like one of the many things that happened this week is i agreed to teach a a adjunct lecturer i agreed to be an adjunct lecturer at the university of hawaii again which i'm very excited about which will be here in vermont because i burn and hawaii

they don't want me to be there any more than i want to be there ah but one of the things about being an adjunct as it pays like x amount of dollars and the other thing is if you only work for a state university every two or three years there is an immense amount of paperwork

and and sometimes it involves like you've got to not only get a notary you've got to get a medallion signature like you know you got to go to a buddy with it a special box of stickers to put them on this thing that you then mail to hawaii and like

i don't mind stuff but i kind of hate that i can watch my hourly pay rate decline every time i need to get in the car to drive somewhere to get a special signature i should probably be less mercenary about it

maybe but

it's definitely a thing i think about a lot and i think in the u s it might help us with some of our relationships that things if we were more conscious about the admin aspects and how we were belt you know what i'm yeah yeah yeah i mean look look that's that's one of the things is is to like i i describe the stuff of knowing i don't really

describe it as hard cause i don't think it is hard in principle so but what you do it josh but but well that's the thing like was one of the recognized about myself and thinking about what what i've been doing lots of years and what i want to do the future is like you know i know that for me that shit is more of a burden than that

academically speaking needs to be sure and then idol actually you know it to be right look i know it's like you there's never been an issue was like oh man i can't imagine how anyone can do this was like no i'm trying to figure out why i'm not getting a good fucking done despite the fact that it will actually end

you know yeah like why aren't i making that phone call i don't phone calls i'm bad at phone i just have a thing i don't understand it fully

yeah that is weird but that was something i used to have like a real thing about and i've gotten better about it and public or stop using the phone for fucking everything unless i do yeah that brought down the frequency but like you know i had a i had a fucking outgoing call market research call center job you oh my god i didn't know that yeah it or i forgot if i knew of

i i i i i was already done with it before like when i started hanging out more aggressively on medical during like two thousand five who were already out on industry and scanning paper work well no no i i was it was because i got laid off along with like everyone else left out that office in the shittiest way and suddenly i unemployment and

and that was a very wearing my bathroom all day sort of period but i was sort of medical

there are a lot more and that's sort of what i started like getting more actively involved rather than it just being sort of you know amusement reading and whatnot and ah so yeah it was already sort of

the by god at that point but yeah noticed like it was for a gartner research firm that when they aren't bill did outbound research like that like we were a primary research center which means we actually talks to people and rand shitty polls and surveys with them and i think especially gardner was like you know what fuck

fuck this noise this isn't profitable level just go back to buying other people's research results in creating second tier executive reports on it and blah blah blah and i i can't emphasize how not interested i ever was in anything about

shit you looked like i'd prefer to have a job yeah it's it's it's like the same thing with the insurance imaging job i had like there was nothing interesting about that job i was excited to leave that to work full time with her back it'd be thousand eight because like you know it's like it's the job that was there and i learn stuff about it and so i can find myself talking about the things i learned in it and other violence

i don't even care about this stuff i just i had to put it in my brain so yeah fuck it but like you know do work and research for a few years like outbound calls it's just you are going to either get over a general disinclination to use the phone or you are going to get over having that job because it's one or the other like you don't have a choice you're making calls

whole day right hum and at that point i think i got pretty in nerd to a lot of the things that previously had been like ah i don't want to use the phone and yeah so it's that's backed off a bit over time like i've got a little bit more of the one that can make a phone call thing going on but it doesn't really bugged me the way that it did at what point in the way

like it does bug a lot of people and not super incoherent like why is my brain this way sort of way right like it's not like it's not like oh i was you know my parents were killed by a telephone in a dark alley after a screening of zero you know it's like no it's just like it just sucks who wants to be on the phone right but like for some lose all the etiquette that i understand it doesn't work on me

the phone a lot of times because people are coming at it at cross purposes for whatever reason

yeah i mean i i could list the reasons but none of it's a real for me at least

like there's some other reason that i don't fully understand and partly i'm a grown ass lady you get to make choices and that's my choice

but it's weird because when i come up against people who are making a similar choice with email yet

now i'm like what the fuck you don't use fucking email what like and but i think that is you know if you use email for a job the presumption is you're actually using that email you know whereas i know a lot of people like you can just email them at their job and you'll just never hear from them

him and that strikes me as odd but you know more people i work with a drop in time and the more people i see who has inbox is you know with ten thousand emails in them and they just kind of read things and then maybe do something and then their inbox fills up some more like they don't file they don't you know i can i can totally understand it even if i don't


grasp it kind of yeah

there should be some universal a middle man service that like all kinds of communication can go into your email josh well yeah but you know yeah but i didn't like right now you can pretty much move anything from one to the other and get your email on your phone you can

get you're slacking you're you know email blah blah blah i mean it's one of the great things about what you get like a black box middle men think like it's what i'm thinking like you just have the box and you put whatever you put into it and then you send to whoever it's going to send send two in the box just automatically in the way they want whatever they want exactly you know yeah

yeah i liked that idea sort of an accessibility tool for dinner a divergent and one of the things i've been really interested in working with loop right because loop is in a different a communication style to me and you know i just asked them at one point like

okay what works for you i can't hang out in the slack all day because then it just tells me they're seventeen thousand things i needed to get out because most of my slack is just idle bull shitting with friends and when i'm busy i don't do any of it but if i'm if i need to do something for work i maybe need to not hop into a slack

and a loop was just like oh you know what's up works great for me and i've never used it before just never had a reason and that works great and it's been really nice because you know loop was just like this is what works for me and i'm like i can figure that out and it actually is what works for them so great

yeah i know this this is a thing that like a i have been it's disorienting in a pleasant way to not necessarily know the details of any of that stuff oh god that was so funny when we made the announcement at you and acts because you wanted to make sure everything will be clear to me which was so sweet of you

those are raising ten minutes yes this was this was with a site update on wednesday where it was announced that the judgment is going to be taking over ownership which like lupin i had planned and like i was busy all day and so we had literally planned it down to like the half an hour kind of okay it'll happen about here here's the draft of what we are going to

say how is that is the transition a team okay with it blah blah blah like we stuff yeah you you do the stuff you set it up and and yeah like there was no reason i needed to know about that because like we already knew about it but i had been making a point

two probably everybody's annoyance at this point of not talking about it until it was decided to talk about it as far as your involvement and i was worried that there had been some sort of cross wire ah that had gotten it in there that like had been include without you knowing it which case to be like what the fuck

yeah but that was not the case everything was in order and i just like oh i didn't i didn't need to know this this is okay but i didn't have to be involved in this at all how nice yeah this is great good luck i'm so yeah i had to either charge my laptop to use it the other day because i hadn't charged it or used it in a while and i realized that was one

of those oh you don't realize that the headache is gone until you realize has gone sort of thing where right i didn't have any rate i don't have to have it charged at all times so i can do with a coffee shop if i have yeah yeah the ate up or even just on the couch like you know keep an eye on the site on a slow night while watching some tv with angela and i haven't had to do that like like oh

oh shit that's neat that's pretty cool right

also i reflexively started chewing on a a a dried cranberry there and apologize if any that chewing came through a handy chilling get good although i'm a lucky person in that like chilling sounds don't really bug me like i i know there are many people like that and that must be really hard

yeah but if i heard you chewing i'd just be like a slightly rude but whatever

i think i avoided the noises but it was real i didn't hear it acting like diction a little bit as i sort of tried to talk around the cranberry

cranberries of trouble i'm yeah

yeah yeah boy it's weird it's weird and it's nice and it's weird and it's nice

this whole this whole thing it's like it's yeah i mean we'll see there's certainly a lot of unknowns i mean i think you know right now we've got the transition team i and loosely paying attention to that but not you know i'd i'd had a lot of nice chats with new pattern a lot of nice shots with brandon who you know is bringing black who somebody i

you know normally get along with and speak with and i i i'm not sure exactly and i don't i don't need to which is great i'm how how when when the transition team becomes the steering committee but you know the real hope is that we can

and get more of the decisions that are made about the community made by the community yeah you know i'm you know up to and including like i'm happy being the owner but if if somebody else

feels like i need to not be the owner or a large group of somebody elses let's put it that way like you know maybe that changes right like like you know you don't want a steering committee like going off half cocked and being like we're firing all the admin teams and blah blah blah but they should have input into


words and members have been able to in any way other than sort of met a talk in the email and that's really what we're hoping and it's challenging right because

you have to figure out how to do that without putting more work on the people who are already disadvantaged by having more work put on them by society so

we'll be figuring some things out for sure but i mean it's it's it's a complicated project like this is this is one of the things like i am i'm excited to see what happens and i think it was going to be a good long term sort of like movement and change for metal filter ah but like it's going to be work it's gonna be it's gonna be complicated good

take figuring stuff out and it's going to take

it's going to take something more than having someone who just has to make the call every time and like the other like the one upside of ah having sort of the more traditional benevolent dictator thing that you started with matt is like you know if there is one person who was like the buck stops here person just making all those calls you know

how do you recall me to lick that person just does it

and those gotta lotta that what we call work in the raft right where like people direct all their attention and energy towards the buck stops here person and and don't maybe you know engage in good faith with the rest of the community there like that says it's ok so or whatever yeah and don't you know there's there's lots of problems there too there there's also the problem if that person becomes maybe

sort of a bottle crazy

hey i'm so yeah like i don't know it's it it's fascinating and i look forward to seeing what happens and i'm really glad that you are like involved with this and also i'm glad that you are like feeling like you are obliged to spearhead and pick on every bit of it like changing everything up and redistributing it was like it's a complicated prop

direct it will probably be messy and confusing at times and some stuff will have to be tried that doesn't end up working out very well but that's fucking okay i mean like that's the history of medical through to it's just like where the touch points on trying things and how they will not work out well you know that has changed that will change but you know it's

it's a whole it's a whole process so i'm i'm curious to see how it goes and yeah i mean but that's the part that i'm the most concerned about only because sometimes when things are messy and you have to try things out again sometimes you wind up you know either harming or

creating s

strife for the people who you're trying to help in trying to try things out and you know i'm hoping we can get some of that right i'm hoping we can get people from the groups who feel like a filter hasn't maybe been there for them to see how that could be better armed but i also know it's a big ask great i've seen a lot of people on social media

be like oh you know judgments in charge maybe i'll come back and i'm like i'm not i mean cool like a lot of them are people i would love to see you know sort of back around but i also feel like i don't want to set people up for disappointment because again i'm not running the entire

world of modeling i'm you know i have input but you know loop is nominally in charge of the mobs but the mobs are also kind of in charge of themselves like they always have been and you know we're listening for input i i i encourage anybody who hasn't taken them better filter user survey which is linked in the banner on the site to

go do that i'm even if you're not a current medical a filter user although if you're not i don't know why you'd be listening to this but um and yeah i feel like it's gonna kind of be a long process and we kind of hope that you know community support holds out so that we can keep trying things and you know

know that we're that we're prepared a little bit for the different ways things could go right yeah that's that's one of the things that i like about having a broader structure of having like the transition team and eventually lives during team and having having sort of martin's liberal bit more um is like having more people involved broadens the

sort of interface for people who do have like wants and needs and concerns yeah and it becomes less of because this is yeah this is this is like the biggest concern i had in putting its you to take over ownership is like it's hard to really get away entirely from like figurehead effects even when they aren't you know coach

herron and meaningful in terms of how you think about the site like it's not your job to make sure everything goes right all the time i met a filter in fact we've talked about boundaries it's not your job to make sure everything goes right most of the time and most contracts like you then ownership stuff not moderation not mediation like it's not your job to satisfy everyone's wants and desires which i think most

people get but like it's hard to get away from that sense that like well i'm dissatisfied i'm taking this to the top so the top is the reason i'm dissatisfied and so on so well it it doesn't mean people aren't going to try regardless of what my racial role is right but i've definitely gotten some email like oh now that you're in maybe you can fix this and i'm like

you know airing committee would be great for that but you know loop and i are also working on kind of a i'm a list of like people who have offered to help in what their skill sets are you know and and hopefully that also be like what their knowledge bases are like i know that there are some you know groups of people that

feel that met a filter does better or worse by people like them and

you know it it it's not your job to educate us about that kind of stuff but sometimes just knowing that there are people who have a background in this that or the other mean that you know we can draw on their experience so you know reinventing the wheel is not a necessary thing yeah and i i think that the notion of finding a way to

get people in a place where where you can match up their desire to help with a an angle in which it's actually practical for them to provide help like that and concrete project maybe yeah yeah and it's a tricky thing to do but it's like it's great when you can pull it off it i think more focus on that i mean that's kind of the thing with the transition team in the first

places like you know that came together partly still talking to people like who who do i who do i know or who other people know or who do people who just who like have a skill set that is good for this rather than just like a vague desire to help medical doctor who has like right on experience and sensibility and like how can we get a group of people together who have you know the virus variety

different vectors into that and ah and that

works a lot better than just saying hey first but six people to lift you know raise your hands because the skills that you want should be tied to the project you're working on not just too and i've known generally impressed with the work of the transition team to the extent that i had been involved with it which to be fair has not been much needed

hasn't a really good job and have been really communicative and i'm you know kind of there for people to kind of explain stuff so that that's not always you are that's not always lose that has to be doing that yeah exactly you know take some of the load off of the mud team but it also distribute the load among people taking it on there so like yeah like

it doesn't have to be something where like brandon has to answer every question or mocha because the answer of course like people can tackle what they are available that can hand it off it can spread it around and but it lightens the fucking load you know i mean this this this goes all the way back to like when it was you and me and met and like we managed to deal with the busy

and at times in kohut met a filter between the three of us in a very messy way but like you were a big advocate for like bringing on more people and turning it into like a team with actual ships right hum and that's that was great cause it it it helps you know all those aside just by bringing in more

the brains and spreading the workout boat like and it was it was a huge improvement to the overall sort of like a everybody works all the time except that who doesn't work on weekends yeah the the early days were not like a a a a healthy balance you know it's easy for me to look back on them fondly because like it was all news

and exciting and it was a it was a hugely positive change from like my shitty insurance job in the shitty market research job before that and ah you know i don't i don't regret that and i don't regret that it was like the mess it was but i i recognize that like it could have been less of a mess from the get go and probably been like a better situation for everybody

the hum so moving towards that overtime was good and sort of doing that same thing at this point with the transition team and and new ideas feels like a replication of the good of that sort of change that we already did more on the internal professional paid moderation side years ago so i think

one of the tricky parts like it's coming up soon it's going to be how we can receive help from people who will need some level of access to the site more than they do now

loops and i'm working with fumble on you know more granular levels of access and control but what i'm saying is you know we can have somebody who's in charge of like doing a reality check on the f a a queue or updating all the places where it says car tax and replace it

whatever those things are because people are already emailing us like ads and and i respect that people are doing but you know it's one thing to bring nothing to the attention it's another thing to be able to complete the thing and some of that skin to mean access and some of that's gonna mean you know worked for fumble who is you know

already doing stuff yeah and that is something that like you know some of those aspects of stuff i talked with verbal about i'm earlier this year or last year about thinking about that approach like thinking about a good framework for trying to develop sort of more granular access to things so i think that's something that's

i'm has at least had some thought put into it i don't know how ready to assist stuff is and i don't have to know right i'm a little bit oddly checking in regularly and and you know i think one of the main things i'm hoping to be able to be the person for as being like hey that thing you said you do last month is that done if not that needs to be done by next

you do you do have a you have a better capacity for just sort of doing that than i've ever felt like i did

so i think that will be i think that will be a positive thing

cool i think i've always had sort of a a a you know but you know no no worries about sort of like a instinct to my planning an organizational oh god and i am exactly opposite and i have to like smooths those edges but being like you said it was going to be done it's not done therefore we're enemies until you finish

work on it's just how my brain works and you know needs to be slightly different it's it's you know it's a it's a process of adaptation

are you notice these things if they go yeah i'm somebody that you were about to say hey i guess i mean yeah all this libel know always spent so long talking about i mean i'm assuming there are people out there who are interested in kind of greedy about governance but then i'm assuming there are other people who are not i feel like i feel like hitting both is like a good nine

out of the eleven people that listen to this podcast are probably at least tolerant of this level if yeah exactly exactly and the other two were less

alright guys get it i'm


let's talk about medical stuff

you know what you let's yeah what what what's been on projects already talked about cow tools ah what else has been on projects i'm j k robin did this kind of interesting news brief daily brief how do you know what's going on in the news without

having to deal with a whole bunch of different spin doctors thing and so you know it's kind of a subscription based kind of

eh get get the headlines and you know does have like kind of a word cloud on top which i feel kind of weird about but it does give you an idea of really what's happening in a number of kind of major areas you know who died what are the big things people are talking about a little more specifics

about some of the things that are that are really the big things and i'm you know this is basically been a thing that's been around at some level since the nineteen nineties and now they've turned it into a thing for the twenty twenty choose and it's kinda really nice to look at

and kind of straightforward i'd definitely subscribe to some of these things that were similar but not as broad um and ah you know i like the way this looks we'll see yeah

it that's nice

yeah i think it is and the other thing that i really liked it i saw on projects was a foods did this yoga where you can look at the stuff you've bought on amazon if you're an amazon person because amazon let you export your shopping history and commentary that values but this thing lets you

slice and dice as as they say how you've spent stuff by ear by category by item blah and you know you can kind of learn things about your about your shopping and the coach open source so you can just grab it ah it doesn't that doesn't phone home

or tell anybody anything about you i'm and i'm yeah foods put it together and i am interested to take a look at it and see how it does it was great

i'm just delighted by this project from secret dark called every dark horse domain

they say is a simple website which lists every dot worst donate all of them in one place it is not alphabet look awful dies because horses are not alphabetized i mean

wow butter whole yes breed of horse silly horse american red dot worse brake horse griff tourists griffin tars

where is that i got to figure out what that is suck course

pickles the horse stir pour ce

what is the rental for somewhere and help it says don't look a gift horse in the mouth and hosts a weekly podcast

no it's a weekly podcast about the comedic side of flim flam cons and gripped


i mean that actually makes sense why it's fat i don't know national show jumping championships that horse feels like they didn't understand that you shouldn't probably actually be using the dot horse domain and i feel like they were trying but i don't know jazz question of you appoints to tee shirts you can buy with a jazz horse on it

well i mean to a girl like what portion of these seemed to be actual people who were like finally a domain p o d for me versus a dot hordes

like do you think you shouldn't have done horse domain if you're like at serious sports person

i don't know like i it seems like it seems like it would make sense to have one right and yet

it's such a joke that you know what i expect to see is stuff like uh oh man

ah i was just looking at cow dot horse but hole

he thought horse

i'm sure

okay here's cow dot horse now is it's a it's a it's a dumb little website and i love it but also if forwards to a different domain your domain is cao dark horse you're clearly maintaining because it forwards why is it not why you're not keeping it that

well does have something better know it it it it forwards to ah what is it just like moment those dot com slash mu which you know what let's see what else is on momentum step above whole pleasures didn't resolve to anything away i

pooping a horse

well maybe nobody knows if someone's like slick looking i'm like design a professional website and meadows dot

com slash mu is a graphic web design is my passion joke with terrible drawings and terrible web this item that's perfect man most of us are just place holders yeah i think those those that are some of them may be a woman point where something that sounds like you don't i don't actually care about my fucking joke you die

of course

the site and we'll let the thing i mean levels of just seen parked like they bought them because maybe there was a sale and then kicked a horse

page cannot be displayed good anyway super dark also has an explanatory blog posts on their blog both dot horse so if you want more information check that out as well i'm

ah yeah

i love cats

i think it's fantastic hours of pleasure

yeah i'm otherwise not up to speed on on projects at all i'm there's some other stuff we recorded like late april so

i don't remember exactly where are they now i question early may or it just came out in early may and yeah yeah late april with an early may release okay so i'm going to tell you like if we're doing the podcast looking at the website is still your job oh sure no no no i just i haven't been okay projects in detail we you know we we we killed easily are

ex talking time already talking about sided ministration stuff so it better ship just i'm just saying i have no further links on projects at this time your honor well and there's not much going on and projects right now also so that's fine i just wanted to make sure we had our expectations last yes no i like

the end of the pie chest and i don't i don't hear it anymore yeah i i i still like it here i still hang out

what is it this is one of the things was like i don't approve any products anymore now i find out about projects by remembering to go to projects so it's like literally oh i got to visit the website says proves them like all good

for everybody on the mod team can like and it's been that way for a while so i was already only doing it some of the time but in the process of going and doing it i would still end up looking at projects accidents more often a no need to get back to like doing it on purpose more of i'm looking forward to but shall we move on medical or proper share

i have to remember why i put to some of my favorites list all doing real quick while you figure it out okay a there is a post from just ah yesterday i'm from cosmic owl and it is the site dark patterns duck games note not dark patterns don't horse

i mean maybe that redirects to it you don't know who knows it's a it's it's a a web site that reviews mobile games based on the presence or lack of shitty psychological bullshit that goes into game design so like yeah we i'm sure we've talked about dark patterns before but for anyone who

doesn't know that term dark i on as a way of just describing a a sort of design decision that is intentionally negative or manipulative

essentially exploitation of in some sense so yeah all right lateral wants you to sign up an address or phone number which actually isn't technically required but it says skip for now in tiny text at the bottom because what they want you to do is think it's required as an ip yeah yeah or or or like you know a gentler side of this will

gentler as a civics me but like things are like you know hey do you want to sign up for a subscription ah yes i'd love to know i hate learning like it was just a very you know just bluntly stupid way to do it but like that sound like dan bees thanks for confirming shaming yeah yeah yeah there was a whole hurricane for him shaming dot i'm going to go look that up well yeah i'm any

so this was lifted that and this is the thing those close to my heart because there is a lot of shitty design exploitation in mobile games partly cause it's really hard to sell a mobile game it's a very self reinforcing pattern where people associate mobile games with being cheap to free focus on free charging for a game is the best way to like cut down the number of

what you get by an order of magnitude at least which is insane because it costs money to make good games and like five bucks is cheap for a game someone had to make but it's very expensive for a mobile game so you have people making games and putting the free okay it's free how do i make money off as well i could put ads on it and people do that i could sell in app purchases and people do that

i could sell an in app purchase that let you make the ads go away you know for five dollars and you write that that one's not bad like honestly if you put out a good game for free and i'm enjoying it playing it enough that i'm kind of annoyed at the presence of ads and then expect to be playing it yeah of fucking pay you five bucks to make it go away it is rare that i find a game where that price point is good

and the game is worth it which is frustrating yeah hum but anyway so this this idea of like reviewing this stuff and cataloguing it based on how well it avoids these things is beautiful to me because like i just download shit off the app store from the game section now and then and it's like it's such a crapshoot at like nine out of ten of them are just bad ran out of time

and we're eight out of ten other but we're not even what you're expecting great like well i thought this game was going to do this but it does this stupid thing that i didn't want but i thought i was yeah sure and there's a lot of that like there's

we've probably talked about this two before but like there is the the tendency to advertise mobile games by showing off a non core component of the game that they jammed into it just because it looks like the kinds of things people download games because they saw so like the weird little can you solve this trivial logic puzzle that the video is completely fucking up over and over again and you're screaming at the screen

hey download our game you're like okay i kind of like logic puzzles all download and that i won't be an idiot with it and then find out oh this is an unrelated game that has this mini game we plastered on it so like right and i'm not even sure how to get to it but that and i wanted to do and i wind up giving something else yeah but that unlike you know games like really working around disposable in game kerr

and so you like spend ninety nine bucks on a pack of gems that you will use for throwaway boosts and then be out of real fast it's like that as a standard fucking model and that's a man senate i think you mean the ninety know a lot i mean and ninety nine but it is prevalent if you play a lot of these games and look at their like in app purchases for like the gems are the

coins or whether currencies you will see packs starting from like two dollars for a pack of fifty up through ninety nine ninety nine really serious if i haven't

hundred bucks like there's some i think it's just because the same reason gas prices are in nine tenths of a cent is like ninety nine is less than a hundred okay hum i don't think there's any other logic to it just that it feels very slightly less fucked up if you keep it to two digits but no there's like and people spend money on this shit because like whatever people are weird creatures and have

you know disposable income and or gambling addicts or you know the whole idea of exploiting whales in this space is a huge part of the business model for a lot of things which is to say you don't need ten thousand people to pay five bucks for a movie as on the games you need five people to spend like a thousand dollars each

ah on your fucking currency because that's the decision they are making with their money and their life you know and it's like so yeah anyway

there is a lot of other more detailed things going on but that just whole general thing a piss me off and be is a fascinating portrait of all the weird nukes and crannies of this emergent design market and mobile gaming is such a fucking trash heap of people figuring out how to make bad exploitive exploitation of design decisions that having a website that i can sell

into the app store and get well oriented so that other people well yeah oh yeah yeah you know it it's easy to get well reviewed if there's like a financial incentive to create shitty a good reviews for any fucking game right if you see a game with a four point nine it might be a piece of shit if you see a game with a four point three it's almost certainly a giant piece of shit because otherwise you don't have to fight

so hard right there is no just saying every game with like at three braiding yeah yeah so yes so a site like this is great because of saying hey let's actually talk about games in terms of how well they do the stuff rather than rely on the absolutely fucking unreliable market itself certainly if games and just being nominally met a filter ah you remember

our discussion about snow mantle which i think was last month but it might have been yeah yeah absolutely every month for four months now i don't remember nathan i feel like we talk about a life


by a company and you know kind of i meant it on nov alice deejay like a get out no shit on on that decision and the company it is actually they seem ok you know they slapped an ad on it and get a couple of other things but they've made also some improvements but as someone who is in that reddit

some mental just because sometimes you go there for hints and it's it's a nice little you know low friction community like the people who made the game actually showed up in the group to be like hey where are the people that end we've got some changes in the works but if you have things you want to know about and

they have made some changes to it

like whatever that i don't personally like because they're trying to you know make one site that looks good on desktop and mobile of having a responsive style sheet that switches they just have kind of one that is like looks good on both hum but it's been interesting watching them kind of inter eight

no date day at one point one of their designs had a whole bunch of them modi like that went along with that response responses you know like oh you did this well you get a fire mode you or whatever and everyone's like

don't stop and they were like okay and

so it's been interesting watching that as someone who's know kind of involved but it did occur to me like you know they made a couple of style decisions i didn't really agree with and like i like it

a little less and it's weird because i would not have thought that would have been how i would have felt about it yeah but that that weird little cheapo power up vibe you get from doing it well feels different if it's given to you in a different look and feel and i don't like this one it's much and it's it's just been interesting to kind of think about moving far

word you know

yeah the i feel like part is like the simpler the design is in the first place the bigger the impact you're going to have for any even kind of subtle change in a way that wouldn't be the same if it was something that was kinda busy to start with yeah yeah yeah exactly it was very slim down and slender

actually fairly well thought out i'm you know what i gave them some feedback like hey i noticed you added a thing to the essay q but like everything else in the essay q was a question and you added a scent and

it was question and maybe they

changed it but yeah you know i i think people don't always think about how much thought goes into some of the stuff or some people are just lucky and good at good design right off the bat i don't know which one you know david turner is but it was a great it was a great design and now it's

still pretty good design but no longer great i think

yeah yeah ah i liked this post by devils rancher i'm which is about mechanical watches and it's essentially like a really long very clear blog post about how the inside of a mechanical

go watch works with like just amazing diagrams that kind of let you explode the different parts of the watch so that you can see what is what is happening and how it works like yours you know i think i think watches are kind of having a

come back in a funny way because now that there's a lot of people wearing smart watches there are now i feel like more people wearing on smart watches just because more people are wearing watches nowadays are fitness bands or whatever the stuff is i'm so it's been nice to see more people wearing watches i've personally enjoyed wearing my

my wristwatch is more over the last couple of years and this is just a beautiful long essay about how mechanical watch works i immediately wondered if this was the same site as one i made a post about

oh no or a girl and it is like yeah borders are going to fuck up his name but you now ski ski um yeah this is like if you if you look at the archives of the blog like there's a whole bunch of these yeah the thing i posted was like a internal combustion engine so was about this time last year most of them

i'm an that's the same thing to be excellent excellent animated diagrams and three abusing the stuff that like really get down into like the nitty gritty of the parts in a way that is much easier to look at like just sort of like draw diagrams i'm i look forward to actually reading through this one i think i was just talking with a friend

huh who had been getting into like getting interested in mechanical watch stuff i think maybe this was the impetus was was she saw this on the the site early man and it was like oh hey well and i don't know if i mentioned it to you at all but like when i went to pass over last month ah i wound up sitting

you know they had like and you sit here and you sit over here and i'm like why are their assigned seats at passover this is weird

but i wound up sitting next to you like the eldest daughter's boyfriend and then the eldest daughter was on the other side and i know her and i like her and her boyfriends like kind of a adorable nerdy guy and he has like a watch collection and so he and i got to sit around and talk about wristwatches and it was just great i was like oh this was actually a very smart

seeding decision that's the end it was cool to see you know young people because he's got to be twenty ah you know interested in kind of old tech and this thread i met a filter is neat because you know i think one of the things that a filter filters kind of the best that or the thing i enjoy the most they're you know after

been a community that i've been involved in for twenty years is that kind of like missed algebra and also into the present stuff you know like i remember my first watch for like this is what i use the watch for now blah blah blah kind of thing i'm and it's nifty so there's a lot of different people posting links to a whole bunch of cool stuff

in the yeah if it's nice when those sort of like collective continuity on a subject comes out from the folks participating the way you can get that like

good long stretch of like you know

twenty plus years of like talking about that based on people's life experiences and and what not of the becomes more of a more of a whole sort of timeline of a thing rather than just like the single moment of it

that's great

i'm speaking of my friend who was looking at a watch is she also was talking to me about ridiculed of things jim have you seen the loves or tactile and i find it on like i'm gonna bearable

i still need to try playing it ah well you live know it just it literally a dream up in conversation the other day and oh yeah well i should try that up so i i know i know what it is i just haven't played it but yeah it's like if you're trying to figure out what wikipedia article know that i'm from like their top ten thousand or whatever yeah there are ten thousand vital article sucks

and basically start with almost everything redacted except for like stop words like you know articles and and and pronouns i'm

and then like you on redacted step by step and you try and get as quickly as you gas words and it'll then if that word is in the article it will on redacted that word and then you keep going and the object is to figure out the title of the article in the fewest gases yeah yeah but anyway

this weirdly good at it

and i to me if they win anything with it if you bring the right sort of structural thinking about like what would go into with wikipedia article and what language abused and sort of a twenty questions narrowing process it seems like you could probably like break things down pretty quick so yeah and i think he's just yeah got got an approach and

the approach works well so yes oh and that's a fun thread to cause you know then people can be like oh this is how i did oh this is how i did

oh this is what's weird about it

oh there's jim's comment yeah i got today thousand five hundred and fifty six gases and i still felt like a fucking champion

i'm let's see well i have a one ups are and that's the same link hold on

christ's sake oh just pace we'll talk about it again

let me too

hey so this is a post by gym that i really liked because it was based on a scene that he was reading in my bathroom so um it's basically these um i think there and i guess i'm not a hundred percent sure i'm but basically they set up these like

public pay phones but that are actually connected to leg via kind of

like some networks are sponsored by some network so it it's as if like you had a house you had a public wi fi network you put a pay phone out in front of your house and through software and voice over i p machinations that pay phone was able to just make free phone calls and so this group

ooh tell fixes up public telephone booths and then puts them into public spaces as free phone call locations and it's there it's an interesting idea and you know i think for most younger people the idea of having like a pay phone where you can put in a

then call anywhere in the country just seems weird boat that you would pay anything but also that anybody could use these phones and that they were just ubiquitous yeah and they aren't any more in fact i think there was big news when the last public pay phone got taken out of new york city i think this month

and you know people talk about you know public phones is like an equity issue ah so that you know people have access to them but then other people pardon me other people are like nah nah they're just used by drug dealers and for arbor at you know to which i say who cares and i doubt it but i'm you

the whole idea of

phone calling or the ability or the right to have a phone call being considered like a social usefulness or so so good like it's interesting working at a public library right because we have a phone the library as public tactically that phone could be available to

people it isn't in like almost every case except if you're a kid calling for a ride home will usually let kids use the phone there and like nobody else and it's just that it's an interesting way we think about that aspect of you know social communication right yeah

yeah that's fascinating

yes threads not particularly long but there's a couple of people and there talking about stuff and you know i a highly a thumbs up the in that i bought because i'm just interested in to lessen any ah that the food tell people a cell for cheap i knew you were understood to vote i'm also tell her phonics

it's going for telepathy joke there too that doesn't really when i'm

or do you think so mm maybe i can tell i don't know i'm running as fast as i can from this bit

that if i liked this post from wayne about a subtle effort and how absolute shit it is what i'm and so you know how there's a mate should have said yes so so so pseudo ever dream as the pseudo ephedrine or whatever you know what i'm talking about is the thing that makes to

and i did get to see a lot bigger than sudafed during yeah yeah it's it's it's the thing that is chemically closely related to methamphetamine and that's why people can use

sudafed to make a mess and that's why it's fucking a pain in the ass you know to varying degrees to just buy some fucking sudafed ah but not if you buy the stuff that is just sitting out on the shelves because instead of pseudo ever dream has got a lot of shit in it which just doesn't fucking work i'm which i guess anybody

he was expecting it to work after using normal sudafed like has had that experience and the same thing as intake will and a couple of other things but the part of the post is like it's it's a it's a blog post by derek lowe who has this long running column called in the pipeline up doubts chemistry he's a you know pharmaceutical chemist and ah his blog i have is on my list of things that i can just sort of

read if i'm my hands are busy ah and i need to read something for five minutes that i won't necessarily totally understand because i don't really know chemistry that well but i picked up a little bit and he's an entertaining blogger when he's writing his short blog posts about chemistry so him writing about how fennel effort is just shit or is it an it's a

i'm pretty and read to see it like no no you

in the spec and i've never had a doctor talked to me about state sudafed you know like if you're having real bad sinus problems which in fact this week now they're wonderful joel a about this fucking week and you know i've been living i like sudafed sudafed or rather in iraq

sharks or sudafed yeah oh sudafed

so yeah anyway if you want if you want to read in detail about like the lack of any fucking clinical support for bothering putting this shit on the shelves ah it's it's a it's a nice and satisfying read and like you know brings up the question like well then why is it even the shells because you wanted people to sell people something well and if you're going to need up

when they were in their head like some people need actual prescriptions to get sudafed and not the u s but other place yeah well and it's you know it's it's mixed around i think i can technically buy sudafed over the counter like by going in and show an id and going into the i promise i'm not a meth dealer database but

the only times i've actually used to defend last few years it's been cause of doctor has said hey let me write you a subscription for a couple of weeks of sudafed and

don't use even nearly that much because it works but it's also not it's not fun sudafed is like you know

by itself it's just luck i i feel shitty and wired and and dried out and it it's effective for attacking bad sign of stuff so sometimes it can be worth it for that but like it's you know

i don't find myself thinking you know i think we're just like papa sudafed chill out i'm not the yeah it's not a

i mean i'll be honest sudafed really helps me focus yes

i mean that feeling but i feel like part of it is just that i don't feel terrible anymore and if it is you know i've probably got some level of like you know eh

nine clinical level eighty de that it

knocks out a little bit yeah i mean there's there can totally be an i i've had that actually with sudafed once or twice where it's like sort of recognize that aspect of it where like you know i might have been wired but i was able to productively wired in a way that was you know handy in the moment but ah but there's probably better ways to do that so anyway but yeah anyway i i

pretty you to that and i've made me feel pumped my fist righteously in there though it'd be a fucking eyebrows hesitate to comment and they there yeah does everybody like it's like i know right


i'm i've got a couple more men to filter things i think i have a couple of my i'm trying to look at the things that i've commented in real quick

well i won't mention a horror show while you're doing that ah that is like you know shot and forty horror show but if you want to read about a whole big pile of dung fucking crypto currency going badly and it's been a bad time lately for crypto currency her ray i'm there's a post that a chef and that made a about to collapse

of luna which is the partner currency to taro which also a had a bad time because they are tied together and ah yeah it's i'm not even to try and sum it up it's crypto currency horse shit it's people trying to reinvent the wheel financially and finding out the reasons why the wheel was designed and regularly the way

it has gotten to be over the last several hundred years ah but it's kind of fascinating and it's kinda of on friday and then yeah

so yeah that's a thing if you want that sort of thing go check out that thread

i you know in the you know right up my street post i don't think we mentioned this last month was this post by box a noted that filter a librarian i'm basically there's this library advocacy group called every library they tried to help libraries who are dealing with a like

funding challenges and dave's created this thing that they called the banned book store which is essentially a place where you can find and purchase all of the banned and challenged books in the us because oh my gosh like there have been a long just sort of the rise of white supremacy and and

a whole bunch of anti woman anti a g o b t staff i'm there's also a just been a lot of weird attempts at taking over what kids should be able to read it

months now and i feel it it it may well come up now and in sort of a perennial horse shitty thing like this post wouldn't have been up but

yeah when did we required to buy guess late april okay so yeah this post wouldn't have come up so it's just a it's one look at this end of course it's a conversation by people just talking about the influx and how to deal with it if there is somebody in your jurisdiction who is a young person who would like access to these books and maybe you

don't or can't buy them a brooklyn public library is offering a library cards to hum teens in places where ah

there are

where there is library censorship so i left a comment in the thread just letting people know that i like every library but i have sometimes mixed feelings about them because they're not because you're eating as asian so some of the money that you pay to them just goes to pay their staff and their sap are great but i don't know it's hard right i don't know i don't know what they era

ah what their rating is on hum

what's that


what's the ratings site for like you know non profit in like do get or organizations why can't oh ah well maybe i i think i like i'd say at any rate it's i v vi i'm amelia think of that fucking old and duke ship so that was not to give well

suck in

ah man like real sort of player in the space now and every time i'm around them i just get live it live may maybe they're doing great now maybe later they grew on fucking but for anyone who doesn't know if the dog about years ago a

charity start up sites they need called a give will ah spam the ass medical they're pretending to talk to itself about how great giveaway i was and how their competitors are yeah they're hating on them that a filter wiki that i am dropping a link into when did this happen two thousand and seven

that chew thousand eight

yeah i was i was brand new

right at the at the job and man that yeah that whole fucking anyway but not them that's not that you were talking yeah and me go called the call button me top ho on them

yeah but yeah when my god that was so that whole fucking thing which was on regularly amateur hour our while and i don't know if it still dead and you know more power to whoever did the bulk of the work on the mi fight with to here because this is a nice summary of that thing yeah man that would be one thing

that i would love like one of the things you know like sometimes when i'm just like lying in bed trying to fall asleep and not think about whatever i'm trying not to think about and like would i love to see on that filter if it could like be there and be functional and i'd love to see jobs expanded to include like community jobs you know like things

that you could do for met a filter only you can find them on jobs and most of them probably don't pay but maybe sometimes they would end like somebody who could really you know give the wiki some love would be nice cause i used to be that person for a while haven't really been in a while we had a lot of users many of whom we don't have any more that

we're very assiduous with the wiki i'm and it would be neat to see you know some some some newer members or more different kinds of members a sort of get involved with it because it was a way the community can remember it's stuff besides just deep linking to you

i'll threat it maybe need some context to be understood yeah it it seemed like the sort of thing that like especially if like a couple of specific maintenance projects are really called out of things to start with it like that could be kick started for the mother talks read and sort of get some people into the into the flow and find out who currently is like oh yeah that's that's my jam

yeah but it'd be nice

oh i liked this post ah another secret dark things secret dark having a good podcast is a post about a site called secret kinda like what i mentioned a project of theirs earlier i think i'm just i mean i think so i think so i think

and if i'm wrong then this doesn't make any sense if i'm right then who cares

anyway my own

oh yeah they did the horse demand and i just kind of lost by her username site is dark

the most about a typeface called occlusion grotesk which is a typeface that is developing a new variations year by year based on the carving of i think it was just helvetica into the bark of a tree and then letting it grow and change

year by year which is fantastic

ah it's it's edited really is not file it's really nice and i like there is good documentation on the blog post about it and a nice picture in some videos and i really i i like the concept i liked the result and i like how much it ties to sort of ideas up doubts you know gene better metric manipulation of service

this is like anybody who's she was like you know a outline or expand selection thing a in photo shop or whatever has seen similar blobby result of times but yeah similar in some ways not in others yeah like i really like the m the the movement you get on the m in the sort of constricting and narrowing of the central ah

leg of it even as the rate we also when you live in fact necessary yeah yeah and i mean this is the sort of thing that i like to do with like pe lottery ship want to do more work on myself as far as like generative art so like using a treated do it it's like a nice very slow way to go and the threats interesting there's i'd like

i don't want to just argue my side of a thread extensively on the pod guess but there is some concern that comes about doing mean things to trees that i feels like

trees are pretty hearty and this is not a

this is not the kind of damage the trees surfers even incidentally a lot of the time so i think that's probably over worrying about it but at the same time you know if you're someone who's like hey i see people do shitty things to plants than you i can see it bother you so how many with a visual result is great i just finished reading the mars trilogy i can't stand ah no i have not


get out of it when you mention this is because there's a part of you know it's three books long it's got to be over two thousand pages and it was good i liked it

but one of the kind of essential conflict is the terraform mars versus the essentially non terraform farmers we want to be the scientists that study bars and it's pristine state and of course the argument becomes like well if you're on mars you're fucking up it's pristine state simply by existing

and blah blah blah blah blah but

you know when you're eating like a really long cause again along a trilogy sometimes it's difficult to

determine exactly what it set out like i can sometimes get impatient for the ending because i feel like when you see how it wraps up then you'll understand what the author thought the book was about you know like what conflict gets wrapped up who gets the final word that kind of thing and it

it's really interesting in that you know there's lots of fights that happen all the way through this book but essentially the ultimate conflict was perceived to be you know tara farmers versus

mars you know don't don't touch mars and they why did a kind of coming together in this way that you you wouldn't expect i guess i'm which was you know was interesting to read but i i think about it and assorted same way right like there's a tree know any of this i and i don't know i mean i take my

the best answer is i don't know probably some people have done some science on it i am not that person

and another thing i just thought was useful to know xenon did a post about hockey who has lowered user number than me

who is taking some time off from this after twenty four years cause you need a break and i'm

good for sabbatical everybody deserves a sabbatical he's been doing cocky more than half his life and he has had family is this marriage split up like a whole bunch of things happen he's gonna take some time

just off off off no guest editor nothing he's maybe get a little bit more active and it's to graham and good on him really yeah fucking do the thing i mean i follow him on a

you know i follow him on twitter he definitely gave a shout out to matt in the ah in the sort of bottom of it and hey there's little law there's a little blood role at the bottom if you're looking for a other people other people to pay attention to

let's see i think i think that's everything i'm going to do for me to filter you want to do some asked sure

where we're an hour and eighteen it

there is so it's very important and part early pre roll

all right i needed to get the discussion of coke tools taken care of very important hum here's a quick one ah when is this movie streaming it is streaming on june when the of this movie started streaming it will start streaming on june seventh

after that hazard

yes and then you know people are know this is a person who cannot go to a movie theater for reasons and then of course they get maybe you should go to a movie theater answers which is all we're absolutely aggravating to see i totally appreciate why people do

do that but oh my gosh i'm so yeah the o peace response to a deleted comment still stands that's probably

probably pretty important okay are you

huh i'd have to map asks actually a one is the one that i posted last night a couple of beers and i'm saying hey how should i learn linear algebra because i was talking to a friend while drinking said beer and was like you know what you're still haven't really learned linear algebra

algebra just like what is that major sees i guess is a good short answer no can you use a few more words are not really cause i haven't studied linear algebra it's well like how's it different from algebra

i'm on the unrelated this fall my god

well i mean they're not this is this is going to drive fucking every math person like who knows just yelling and

green eyed you but but here's in literature it's it's it's it's own thing i learned a little bit of it back in college because i had to end up on wikipedia well just to like do a three d programming stuff that i was doing there was a is a prerequisite for a class i took an i talked my way out of the prerequisite and then i had like i dunno fuck to do this major things they want me

either do oh like linear equation so like a x plus b squared equals c kind of things shirt so i you know i never have i didn't i didn't do linear equations or or differential equations are there's a bunch of math that i didn't do for someone who's so enthusiastic about math and study computer science but that's where i am anyway

the people had a bunch of suggestions already so all all dip and stuff it sounds like maybe this professor string of stuff that people are suggesting would be a good fit for me but i've got several evidence produce or things everybody went through so far

and my one other one is there was a question from a who's a telling allies saying hey how do i express a sort of polygon as a set of triangles that you know drop it up to a bunch of triangles like they're working on something oh like is there are there are equations all

ready that explains

yeah and the answers are yes there's there's lots of ways to do it and depending on what you want to do and how you want to do it you might do to things and people have had recommendations for that and ah yeah so i don't know very very mathy twenty four hours on medical term for me cool

am but that's all got there so now it's all you got oh the thing i wanted to mention before that i forgot was hum the trees and the font and the have a guy i actually got a point maybe two points on trivia for knowing the name of the font helvetica based on us you know eight a quiz

slash clue i'm doing you know medium wretched but at least i'm in the middle of my run dull on trivia did it was presented in contrast to aerial or and i'm curious about the oh whatever it was talking about how it's like named after a i'm i don't remember it was like it used in some like it

on the most ubiquitous ponce blah blah blah named after the swiss town of you know that blah blah blah blah blah so you know it was like that or geneva basically yeah yeah and i was like yes and and you know there's the fucking movie but apparently the movie is not as well known as you would think

it is perfectly nice little documentary a little documentary i thought like exactly the right light which i so rare to say about documentaries i watched documentary about a buyer rest and ah this weekend and it was great but i wanted it to be like twice as long because i had many questions that could have been answered in a longer documentary

oh okay saxon king asked this question i'm which was hey dad passed away recently there's a whole bunch of fine art objects his mom was left with a very quick them check realize

do do do ok don't know a saxon king ah you know here's some inventory i kind of need to figure out how to find an appraiser and here's some questions about that process and also i'm in texas if you have advice

and i'm actually there are some really good early i'm comments including one from rabbit bookworm i work in fine art insurance and i recommend art appraisers every day and then a a long i'm comment for more to adams who also recommends a different people who could be

in different societies and then there's just one more comment from still surfer who just finished this process etc etc so i'm yeah it's kinda nice because i mean one of the things i think i'm definitely feeling in my cohort lately is

so many of us are getting in to the age where our parents are either needing help or dying and there's a lot more

you know helped me deal with my elderly parent or helped me deal with you know the estate of my parent or helped me deal with my weird feelings after my terrible parent died or whatever that thing is i just yeah maybe all those questions were there before and i just didn't see them come they didn't seem as relevant to me man i see them all the time now and i'm like oh

yeah okay and this was a this was one of them and and i felt like it was they got really good answers by white people to give those answers it's a specific complicated and the like if someone knows their shit but it's boom that's that's what you hope or go up over yeah i know jim ah

jim's leases probably not going to be renewed which he is pretty you know bummed about cause he kinda likes where he lives but he does hate us upstairs neighbors which is probably why his lease isn't going to be rejected i lived there for twenty years and you know just have very specific that they blow up the landlord's phone whenever there's some like low

level conflict which isn't really a conflict you know and i'm so you know one of the things he's really worried about is like cleaning the apartment after he leaves because the landlord is always down on him for the police not being clean enough and i think it's probably clean but cluttered you know what i mean but yeah but i don't know i haven't been there in a while and

and so you know he asked on ask them to filter like how much is it going to cost me to get a deep clean of a apartment after i move out i live in the boston area and got a bunch of people i don't even have a link for the sorry ah got a bunch of people i'm

just you know who are like i live in that area this is

this is what it costs kind of i don't know if you can hear the dog snoring behind me no history of this was another adult met a filter question i don't need to get into but it was what not one of the things i mentioned earlier a showering sons a you know had alcoholic father died and trying to deal with conflicting emotions and ah

you know there are thirty eight and ah

no i'm pretty sure my alcoholic father died when i was forty one and i was like well like i'm florida i have information for you on this but i have information for you on this and you know it felt good to be helpful and also you know it feels good to have some shitty thing that you went through

maybe being useful for someone else you know what i mean

ah let me think of i don't even have a link to the you know jim jim clean out question i'm i like this thread i'm only because ah came up with many radically different answers it's from wesley see a

there's like school

or scene in the late odds early two thousands you know and they were sprayed helpers and hitchhiker hitchhikers and scenes and blah

what happened

and you know there's basically two kinds of answers one of which is like well this kind of thing happened and the other which a is like you grew up and those scenes are still there you're just not in those scenes on him

and i liked it only because you know there's people with more information than me i mean i mentioned genes earlier today and i still read them but i was never deep end of that scene and i continue to not be but i have friends who are or at least are sort of seen adjacent and ah you know it was it was good to see what other people say


you know in other parts of ah in other in other parts of the country


this one was interesting to me because it was one of those things that never would have occurred to me if i hadn't seen a whole bunch of people talking about it this is a thread by dressed to kill i'm

asking about the phrase i'm so proud of you

so you know

they always feel weird saying i'm so proud of you to anyone who's basically not a child and they're kind of not sure like is it normal is it not is it patronizing to say to a grown do you tell your partner or somebody who's like your social equal that you're proudest like it

being proud if somebody implying


you know that they don't even understand the last part of it but at any rate you know like basically being like look when somebody does something cool i tell them i'm happy for them but i feel like if i tell them i'm proud of them it either implies i had something to do with it or it implies i'm in a superior position relative to them and if you look at the

answers in the thread and i didn't i haven't done the analysis but there's definitely people on both sides many people being like yes it's patronizing as fuck and other people being like no i say that all the time i just think it's a nice thing to say to people and i'm somebody who falls on the

i always felt weird about it but i've tried to say it more because i like it when people say it to me i'm

but you know but it's clear that many people don't see it that way like whenever jim says he's proud of me for something i always feel great about it and so i tried to say that more to him

but i'd be cautious seeing it to somebody else because i wouldn't want them to think i was infant title is in in fact of life and yeah i'm them by saying that or saying i had something to do with it and i wonder how much of it has to do with pride being like like a sin

you know if you believe in sins

yeah i got it i i i feel like i should read through the answers on this because i think it'd be really interesting to see the specific spectrum of things that come up cause i couldn't imagine a breath of answers to this depending on people's specific experiences i imagine a lot of people who prep specifically new negative

the feelings of others also have had a negative experience would be with someone who was just being kind of shitty i would really poisoned the welder like i don't i don't tell people that i'm proud of them very often but i do every once in a while it was because i'm actually really proud of them and it's usually like it's i think it tends to be probably something that when i

i use it as like a fairly intimate thing like if it's if someone who i don't have a real close relationship tells me about something they did that was cool or hard that's fucking greater that's cool that's awesome you know but like if it's someone who i know well and they did something that i know is a thing that was may be hard for them to do like like a big deal

for them to like you know what go if i have a friend who look makes falls ruin a hard like they're they're they're trying to work through a difficult breakup and it's hard to go either way and they've been holding off and then they finally make the decision even though it's really difficult and painful that is something that i will tell them i'm proud of them for because that's more than just like

oh hey you just need to but you do the thing that i know and you have told me is hard for you and really requires an effort and like when you do that you deserve to be told you know the it's not just you and your head like feeling right you're going need it

you know so that i think for me like because of that because i don't really encountered another context either like i have generally positive feeling about it but it's also yards because of a lack of those absolutely plausible rhetorically should be cases where it would suck so right yeah yeah yeah

don't you know that's right let's really interesting it's one thing to feel like in the end the answer is not about the phrase i'm proud of you it's about everything contextualize been about braves though it's it's gonna be different from person to person because those contacts are gonna be so different from person to person right yeah ah and then i think the last one

i have is this a late in april but i'm pretty sure we didn't mention it last month is it wrong for him corpse in the library is it wrong to use these antique postcards as postcards so basically corpse in the library has a ton of antique postcards

and but they're old like is it ok to just put them in may and they she basically is like oh and i have some from massachusetts and i was like what message said

hey listen and i feel like she mentioned in the thread maybe not like i thought she had some from like dozens which is like camp devon switcher it's like wait

two towns over from where i grew up in massachusetts and yeah it doesn't live on the east coast i'm going to a local i yeah your local issue and so i was like oh

like i always like number one son them number two and she did it

what good outcome it was cool so thanks for the postcard and ah i just think more people should send more mail so i re put stuff in the mail i'm i'm i'm i'm a bit behind on my patron rewards of like monthly art postcards really yeah can you believe it now especially the last couple of months now i'm

but ah but i enjoy sending them and i like i've i've turned out to enjoy more than i had thought about ahead of time to process some sort of involving the us p s in like art making by like creating something and putting in the mail and it's going to get like you know stamps and bar codes on it and that's now part of the peace by the time it gets whoever is going to right right it's fun it's it's

long the i'm time but you can choose like cool stamps depending on kind of what you're sending and yeah although i've not been thoughtful enough to bother with that's the fucker

this damn but i have on my wall right now

whatever spending that is fine so i had one not to talk to our dimension okay which was just i really liked this up paperwork and body work a idea from brain wayne which is about hum you know do you have paperwork or some light exercise you

i've been putting off why don't we do a community call where we can do that stuff either you know and the idea is like you turn on a zoom and then you're with other people but you're mostly like working on your own shit and you're you kinda become an accountability group a and they have a regular schedule for the ease and if it's a thing that

you think would be helpful


you know sign up

yeah no it seems it seems like a really nice idea i like i like that sort of like low stakes not like a social event not like an obligation which is sort of like a social like space that exists on you know so you can sort of like be with people that having to feel like you to do anything

but it's a good said i just thought it was cool

um there are a couple other merger talks worth mentioning i'm we talked about the ah transition order shipped news and that was talked about in the most recent updates so read out for more detailed i'm there was a nice little piece that the provided a little bit of contact for but it was you know

started without me to just wanted some common for me as well ah about medical journal

because it was in the middle of kind of i was still mad at you because i hadn't heard from you and i was like i don't want to hear they used been talking to other people i yeah the other guy just me and i was like oh really i knew a male did have a back yard

that was one of the days where i was answering good this is

like you not wrong i know i doubt it

if ah this is part of why get the fuck out is because like i don't want that arbitrary failure to do basic things that i know are entirely doable through a good noise yet so yeah um but yeah like to thank you again for your you a below was my option part of it ah i mean you could have been like yeah you know what fuck it and i'm glad you that

in my head thank you well and that's that's the right place to do it that's where it that's where i've done a lot of things have moved on to do the correct thing so you know it's like a it's it's in the it's in the job

anyway it's a nice piece of it if you were happy with how it came out

yeah yeah and it was a good it's a nice little reading them some positive come again a certain amount of time to early nineties emerges for the most part yeah

and er and then maybe like most importantly as far as like thing happening right now is the medical user survey what you mentioned up at the top and we have linked literally at the top of the page and the site better in the sidebar but ah it's this is a transition team but put together to gather more information about sort of where people within the medical community are at in terms of wine

and needs and their thoughts about this site and if you can take the time to go do it even if you're a casual met fight even if you just sort of work he go do it like more information is held and out sell it out yeah i i still need to do

hey i don't know any of them

plus i guarantee you like the one person the transition team already knows

aside from his me like they they couldn't get away from it i'm in the process of getting this started but yes go go go do it if you know other fights who ah would be inclined to do it but might not be paying attention pass it on to them more information is useful this is a good way to get information that doesn't just come through the kind of complicated mediation of a a talks

read where you know you don't get the same sort of broad take you get fairly focused and ah often very subject specific that takes on stuff i'm so yeah get get it out there to help the transition team get some more data to work with and ah helped design the future of the community to support the community that's the whole fucking fantastic

i'm and yeah and that's that that's i think that's basically it and this is you know this is the thing we're talked to the early on to how i need to steal like be reading the site and can't just show up at the park was like oh you had already been filter a i don't have to read met talk i might not talk about men talk this is this is the thing i could be like you know hey just been what was happening around that great

although i have to mention i don't have to read it

i'm drew well you know but what we can do enjoy them tucked house yeah i always about the rest of the site i find that it's good to participate in those sort of community building exercises if you don't participate in the other stuff although for you personally i'll give the same advice that i gave matt like fuck off for a month or two

just to like remember what yeah did with your time before well and i will say i am i i am already at this point it's like enough of the transition stuff has gotten done and i managed to relax enough about enough stuff that i really am finding myself having a better time just enjoying my time on medical

elder cause it's a like please i'd like to go and that's great already and being able to like not feel an obligation to keep up is also great but like for now it's like oh it's nice it's nice now i'm just i'm reading this thread because i want to i don't want to read that thread so i'm not going to what a what a great set up what an excellent block good i'm so happy for you yeah no

it's good while not being unhappy for me so that's a good yeah yeah i'm glad it's not zero then

alright if a podcast we did it we went one forty this is our new recent record i'm well maybe it'll be shorter after editing i don't know

but yes ah all get this stuff off dead vote against you and another adult say that when it gets hard to that think you and yeah the will or will in a month or whatever else so i don't know things stuff the the don't advocate see on the site

we could clarify cause it was pre roll that this is because you're house sitting and not because you've suddenly realize your house is full of hope not i should no no you know everything cool