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Podcast 161 Transcript

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A transcript for Episode 161: Change Your Ding-Dang Clocks (2020-03-06).

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Cortex 0:00 A couple of things you

Yeah, so like, I had the trip to Tucson.

Jessamyn 0:27 Right. And that seemed like that was kind of cool. At least I enjoyed watching it through urine Angeles. Yeah.

Cortex 0:32 No, it was a nice trip. We drove down to Tucson, we spent three days driving down three days driving back there for five days in the middle, is because the Mineral Museum that Angela is the current interim curator at has. They always show off a case down at the Tucson mineral show, which is like the biggest mineral show in the world, apparently, right, like somebody else

Jessamyn 0:55 I knew on the internet was there. Yeah, I was just our at least was looking at beautiful rocks in Tucson. And I'm like, they've got to be in the same place that.

Cortex 1:05 Well, there's the convention. And then there's a ton of mineral dealers all over and like you're just right, right. Like, it's ridiculous. It's humongous. You can't throw a cryo site without anyway. But yeah, so you're down there. And I was basically not working that whole stretch, you know, you helped cover some stuff other than cover. And so I kind of wasn't looking at the Internet, a whole lot in general. And I was, you know, just looking at Tucson or driving or working on art stuff. And it was it was good. It was nice. Mostly vacation. So I wasn't really looking to filter. During that very much. It was like, hey, what if I try and actually take some brain time off. But on either end of that, it's also just been kind of a busy month with other stuff. And it's been a month full of fucking us primary stress.

Jessamyn 2:04 The worst? Yeah,

Cortex 2:05 so a lot of the time,

Jessamyn 2:07 except for the actual election, we'll probably get worse than that. That's worse, it's not,

Cortex 2:11 it's not a great time, to be moderating in general. And, and I've sort of done some ketchup on either side, because I knew it's gonna be gone for, you know, a week and a half. And as a result, I really just, there are there are months where I look at a lot of stuff I enjoy on Metafilter. And there's months, not so much. And I just like, my, my list of stuff from this month is so small, like I just really haven't made or found or had that like, leisure time. So like, check. I know, I've approved a bunch of projects, but sometimes I like really take some time and look at each project comes through this time. I really don't know how many projects I approved this month alone what they've done, were you know, it's like, yeah, I know, there were some posts I liked on the blue, and I can probably track it down. But like, you know, it's, it's very weird having such an absence of like, write stuff that I know, immediately I could talk about. And I mean, we're talking about me, I realize if we keep going, I could probably talk for 90 minutes, but it doesn't feel like it's there. And I'm feeling I feel I feel self conscious in a very real way. Right about that going into a podcast that we have historically structured into very much marching through of all these different subsets of the site. So right was kind of a kind of a headspace thing.

Jessamyn 3:25 Good. I mean, for me, because I was helping out around the site, like in a kind of a routine way, like Sundays on Mondays six hours. And also with primary stuff. You know, I've been getting the emails that I normally don't get when I just hang out for a day, you know, or help out for a day. Yeah. And so one of the things that's been really interesting for me is seeing the topics just come through, like they don't come through my inbox, they get filtered, but I look at them when I look at like moderator email, like, I see the titles. And I'm like, Oh, that looks interesting. Or like, Oh, I bet that's a great site, or like, I need to go yell at somebody about that. Like, whatever the thing is, I've actually been more engaged with Metafilter not as a result of moderating. I mean, obviously, I've been engaged as a result of that, but because I've seen because I, like a lot of times, I just kind of don't go to the blue for recreation, like the green is my spot, right? And I'll check in on metal filter, if there's a funder of discussion that I think could use some help. But like the blue, I just add, I don't know what the thing is, but when seeing the titles, and being like, Oh, this thread on Wikipedia, oh, I'd like kinda like to talk about that, oh, there's a thread on this. Like, it's actually gotten me more engaged than I would otherwise because like, last month, I think part of the thing was, I hadn't really been on the site that much either, you know, whereas this month, I spend more time there and, you know, fuck us politics, but like other than that, other than that, you know, I found I found stuff to enjoy there and to Have conversations. And so that's actually been kind of fun.

Cortex 5:03 Well, you may be doing most of the loading of the links, then, hey, I guess we should say, Hey, welcome to episode 161 of the Metafilter monthly podcast. I am Josh cortex Mullard.

Jessamyn 5:17 And I'm Jessamyn. And here

Cortex 5:18 we are. Yeah. Wow. That was that was a long run up to an intro. Now that goes up. But

Jessamyn 5:27 now, you're in the soup. Yep. Yeah. So you were talking about projects? And I'm actually quite surprised. There's just not that many. This. Remember, February short, but it's not that short. You know, especially this February, which was a little longer.

Cortex 5:45 Maybe everybody had Leap Day plans, they really had to work on that instead of other stuff.

Jessamyn 5:49 Yeah, maybe. I mean, I think we could essentially basically mentioned pretty much every project. And, and it's interesting, this one, because I of course, we were talking about reading the titles, and I like read the title. And then I was like, I hope that's about this thing. And it turned out to be about something else. But essentially, this is the brand new project, well, brand new, brand new, but you're not there. And it's all about making one of those funny alignment charts. You know, the alignment, alignment charts about like, what kinds of greens people eat, and it's just kind of a beautiful, one sheet, neat looking thing. But what I thought it was gonna be was about like, different colors of green. You know, because Jim has a green car now a new to him green car without a name. And so you know, cars need names. I think it's fine if your car doesn't have a name, but

Cortex 6:50 I think it's good for a car to have a name. I don't think it's necessary. It's same thing with cars. Like I haven't named any of my guitars, but like, you know, I fly that people name their guitars.

Jessamyn 7:00 I mean, if you feel like your car has a personality, children,

Cortex 7:02 I've never named any of my

Jessamyn 7:06 cats have names. Yeah, I always worry about like, I have friends who have a cat named Kitty. And that kind of weirds me out because that's not really a name. You know?

Cortex 7:14 It's I mean, there's something about this space that pets occupy where they kind of like, you get a cat because you want a cat not because you want a Ferdinand you know, like the lake. So the Katniss of the cat is, especially if it's a single cat.

Jessamyn 7:31 Yeah, I just feel like given them a name is a kind of a dignity level, which is how you know, they're just not a backyard animal.

Cortex 7:38 Well, sure, but I guess, is Kitty the name or as kitty the thing. They referred to it because they refuse to accept the idea that would have a name kinda like

Jessamyn 7:47 that. Like, it just kind of showed up in their house at one point. And they kind of were referring to it as the kitty. And then when it moved all the way into the house. Its name was kitty.

Cortex 7:58 Well, I mean, that feels like that feels like a meaningful distinction and also feels a little bit more justifiable if it just sort of like watered the fucking

Jessamyn 8:05 UI.

Cortex 8:06 I think your friends maybe, maybe.

Jessamyn 8:10 Oh, well. Fortunately, people I met a filter have opinions about cats. And we can see maybe Kenny's a totally normal name. I think it's a weird non name. It's like calling your car car.

Cortex 8:23 Hugs alert. Weird, you know, middle space school. That's the thing. Yeah.

Jessamyn 8:27 Yeah. Truck, Tonka. So anyway, Jim's got a green car. And we've been kind of like looking at different kinds of greens to think about, like what you might want to call your green car. You know, like, find something he wants to call it Moss and I'm kind of like, that's kind of my thing. Like I felt really weird about it, right? Because it's just a color. It's a color he likes I mean, it is the thing we both like, well, you

Cortex 8:56 just put it in a very large class jar and then like in the middle, it's kind of

Jessamyn 9:01 thick. So yeah, I don't know I don't know if he got anywhere with it. So I was kind of thinking maybe this was going to be like a long list of green colors. But instead it's an alignment chart for how you eat your vegetables. Which which I enjoyed and dng wrote a story called you which was about being a teenager in the 90s which I'm looking forward to reading but have not read yet. And I kind of love the picture and it's all written in the second person which is why it is called you. You could just click that link and like look at the picture and pretty much there's there's there's the 90s it's about being a tall, tall kid in in the 90s

Cortex 9:51 the mid 90s Even

Jessamyn 9:53 All the Light We Cannot See did a Slovenian Twitter bought about a

Cortex 10:00 What? i Yeah, and I did glanced at this one. And I was not clear from the write up or the bot, whether it's tidbits from an actual extant memoir, or if it's also a reflection of a writing project of having generated a Slovenian memoir.

Jessamyn 10:19 You mean like, you mean, is it generating kind of fake memoir? pneus? Or are they writing a memoir? Is doing generative stuff from Yeah,

Cortex 10:28 yeah. Or is this an actual, like, some random memoir that that does, in fact, exist? You know, I guess I should look at the code and see if I can.

Jessamyn 10:40 Yeah, I mean, because it is neat reading it. You know, it's just got a couple like one off tweets that is sort of individual. We Roman sunlight, like, it's just, it's glorious.

Cortex 10:51 It is it is very much a generative thing. So yeah, wow. Better. Yeah, finding little bits of settings and name list and word list and verb list and time of day and so on. So yes, excellent. I mean, I would have been happy with whatever but this is, like, my sort of approach to it too. So, so hey,

Jessamyn 11:09 hey. Well, then, you probably also, I don't know how you felt about Turtle Town.

Cortex 11:18 I didn't look at Turtle Town. Oh, it says our coding thing. Nice.

Jessamyn 11:22 Yes. Turtle game strategy game. Excellent. You live on a giant turtle? Which of course oh man who was the one who was like turtles all the way down? Who's that guy? Please help.

Cortex 11:34 Pratchett was that from a Terry Pratchett or what you know I mean, actually I okay now there Discworld maybe sits on the back of a turtle but the turtles all the way down thing. I think it was Fineman was that a little late?

Jessamyn 11:52 It's a mythology thing. And then who's turtles all the way down?

Cortex 11:55 I think turtles all the way down. Let's let's say Richard Fineman, one of those feel old white 20th century memoir scientists guys probably Hey,

Jessamyn 12:06 sang a song about turtles all the way down. Scalia talked about it. Pratchett paid homage to it. So Bertrand Russell, Bertrand Russell. There we go. Check. Now I want to read more about it because there's a Hindu mythology that kind of underpins this, which sounds like it's actually really interesting. Anyway, it looks like anyway.

Cortex 12:36 Yes. Okay. Good podcasting. We're I'm actually very excited to fuck with Turtle Town now that I'm actually looking at it. It seems like a thing, I would enjoy a great deal. So good jobs are coming in keep making things just so that I can be amused by them. belatedly,

Jessamyn 12:52 I do have a side conversation about turtles. Yeah. So I gave a talk at a library last night, not the one I gave it a library today that has an exquisite taxidermy collection. Oh, nice, exquisite. And so one of the things that has in its exquisite taxidermy collection. And this is kind of only cool if you think taxidermy is cool. And I'm aware that there are a lot of people who do not think it is cool, and like I see you, but this is maybe not for you. So they have a 10 foot alligator preserved in a, you know, in a glass case in the library. And I noticed I took a picture of the alligator I was trying not to be super creepy, taking pictures of like all these dead animals, right before my talk, like, oh, you seem nice. But then I took a picture of the alligator, and then I went home. And then I noticed as I was taking a picture, as I looked at the picture of the alligator, maybe I can send you a link to this. I can log in that sounds amazing. Hold on. Shut up. I noticed as I looked at my picture that I took of this giant alligator, that if you look at it closely, there is actually a tiny turtles. That is that is kind of also in the same case with the thing. And so yeah, so I talked about you know, what a what a cool library this was I'll send you a link. And but then somebody else who I had known from being a librarian Canaan, which is the northern Northern, Eastern eastern most town in Vermont, it's it's it's almost in Canada, and it's almost in New Hampshire basically said that there was a rumor when he worked at that library, that some because all these specimens that were collected back when this kinds of specimen collecting was like the way men were men back then. And he said that there was always a rumor at his library, that one of these kinds of excuses or intrepid dudes brought back like one of those giant Galapagos turtles, and it would like hang out and the kids would ride it around in the town. Okay, no idea if that is true or not. But now I absolutely have to figure it out. Right? Like it's got to be in a newspaper, somewhere, like a Northeast Kingdom newspaper. And I am excited to excited to figure it out.

Cortex 15:25 I would like to see something come about I look forward to hearing if you do find anything.

Jessamyn 15:30 Yeah, I love you know, trying to, you know, people be like, Oh, I heard one time that there was a person who blogged I'd be like, Well, I mean, this is why I went to library school, like you can know some things like things can be known. And you can look them up and the more stuff gets digitized, the more you can look them up from home without having to go to some archive somewhere and mess around with things. Yeah.

Cortex 15:55 There is the amazing condo iser from more spin, which I do remember this one because I wanted to make sure I understood if the link was working. But basically, it's a simple Twitter faced utility or Twitter targeted utility.

Jessamyn 16:11 I mean, it's a Bulk Delete or basically right does it do anything else?

Cortex 16:15 Well, but it specifically deletes tweets based on some additional string content you put in the tweet. So if you like, if you really want this to be a tweet that goes away after an hour, you just add hashtag slash one H to it.

Jessamyn 16:30 Okay, did I dream this? Or did Twitter also just roll sintering? out like that? Like literally?

Cortex 16:38 Yeah. Yeah, the last day or two, it has no meaning to me. But yeah, and the last last day or two? It has come out. I heard for someone saying they're rolling it out. And then someone says, Well, they're rolling it out in Brazil. So apparently in Brazil for the moment. They are and we

Jessamyn 16:53 should probably finish the sentence that we both started talking about because I can read your mind but everybody else read both of our minds.

Cortex 17:01 Tweet deleting delete themselves time tweets tight, like Instagram Stories. Yeah, Snapchat, but no one under 12 is going to use it to kids if new Snapchat anymore. Is that just dead?

Jessamyn 17:19 How would I even know I assume that you meant TikTok

Cortex 17:22 No, no. I mean, they're they're different. Snapchat that was like the whole thing with Snapchat is like you know everything is like this message will self destruct right

Jessamyn 17:32 like except that it also was on your phone so you could screencap anything but yes, yes, yes. Exactly.

Cortex 17:37 Which the Jesus fucking Christ. But anyway, yes, Twitter. My understanding is what they've done is they have rolled out fleets in Brazil to fleeting tweet. So it says it's a fleet. It's a tweet that won't last long and like you can only communicate with someone who posted a fleet by communicating in their DMS

Jessamyn 18:02 right like no likes no faves like they're not you can just look at them you can interact with them you can't reply to them. Yeah. Which it just sounds like fuck with people.

Cortex 18:13 Yeah, I mean, like that's it's hard look at any new feature on Twitter not think okay, how is this going to be used as a you know, channel for abuse by fuckos but you know, it might also be useful for a lot of stuff so who knows? I don't know I don't know if it's going to get out of Brazil. I like the idea that Brazil to which World War Two Nazis fled to disappear is getting Twitter feature about things that disappear for a platform with too many Nazis? I don't know where to go with that exactly. But it's been running around my brain ever since I read this story about this. In any case, yes, Twitter's now doing a thing that you could just use the amazing conda wiser instead to do yourself if if you just write your tweet says appear good job more spin. We brought it back all right.

Jessamyn 19:00 Yes, thanks for spent.

Also, malevolent created the ultimate comic strip with her millennials. You're laughing already.

Cortex 19:36 I saw this one.

Jessamyn 19:39 You saw it. You saw you saw them.

Cortex 19:44 But sometimes all I see is enough to like make sure that link is functioning.

Jessamyn 19:48 Right. So this is called avocado and toast and it basically generates stuff from those millennials are ruining everything, articles and then made something that puts speech by boasts over Jamie smarts, avocado and toast artworks. It's very funny. I have looked at it. There's a lot of kind of lulls in the comment thread of the meta filter post that was created from this project post. And yeah, I just liked it. I mean, it's one of those. It turned into kind of a metal filter thread with people just being like, Oh, I found to do this. I found that doing that. And those are some of my favorite threats.

Cortex 20:29 Yeah. It's fun. It's fun strip mining a generative thing for content. Like yeah, and also I

Jessamyn 20:35 feel like a lot of people really like the avocado and toast comics, too. You know, to begin with, and so it's just fun to be immersed in those characters anyhow, basically.

Cortex 20:45 Yeah. I just I think I saw that then immediately show up or more or less Amelie show up over on my old shop after the project's post went up. So you know,

Jessamyn 20:57 I saw it on my old shop. And I have to tell you, I was very confused. I know this comic, and I'm confused by what I'm looking at. I'll ask Josh later. And then I forgot. And here you are telling me so awesome.

Cortex 21:15 It all comes together.

Jessamyn 21:19 And then, Jim, no PDS was on a podcast experience by bike. About the bike tour he did on the summer and I had thought Jim No, PDS was the same person. Timnah pietist was the same person who had that project about the bike tour, but was not. So hey, if this is neat, and I have not listened to it, but if you are a person who likes bike, podcasts, this podcast in general is good. And this specific one with me fi zone, gym, no pietist gym monopolist gym. This is a good go do it.

Cortex 21:59 You know if we if we have

Jessamyn 22:01 oh, this is already I can tell by how you start the sentence that it's gonna be some terroir.

Cortex 22:08 I'm trying to I'm just trying to find a better form I was gonna say like, I think we have a wiki pedia page that mentions famous mefites And I'm pretty sure we should have the wiki pedia. It's the Mi five mi fi wiki cat Dammit. Dammit. Anyway, the title that page should be the Mephiles own MEPhI zone.

Jessamyn 22:29 I like it. Yeah,

Cortex 22:30 thank you. In retrospect, it doesn't even make that much sense. But

Jessamyn 22:33 me. Me Five zone. It sounds better if you say it my way I think.

Cortex 22:37 Yeah, sure. Oh, there were a couple jobs. Also, I guess we could mentioned as long as we're looking at the website mentioning things.

Jessamyn 22:46 The website.

Cortex 22:48 MC Beya. MC baya is looking for a project coordinator for the National Farmers Union in Ontario. Oh, that's cool. So yeah, that sounds like a whole pile of stuff. Conflict, consultation research, stakeholder engagement, that sort of thing. Ontario Farmers Union. Why did they get on it? It's a job.

Jessamyn 23:09 work remotely, provide your own office space, lots of video conferencing, develop economic and social policies help family farms. So cool. Yeah.

Cortex 23:20 Also, vert canard is looking for someone to help them name their music app.

Jessamyn 23:25 So I'm curious if the if that has happened. Yeah.

Cortex 23:29 Yeah. So yeah, there we go jobs. We did it.

Jessamyn 23:35 But they would actually pay people for that. Can I just mention again, that I still have not hired somebody to help me with my book list app to make it go better? You'll get there, or somebody who can help me move the Vermont Library Association from one web host to another. It's absolutely killing me. Like, there should just be a plugin, right? Hi, I'm moving to a new web host. Oh, do you want to take all your shit and then put it somewhere else? I do. Oh, here's your plugin, but instead, they're all weird. And I don't know why that is the case. So I've got some leads, and I'm going to try doing it maybe this weekend when stuff calms down a little bit, but if not, I'm gonna hire someone to do it. I forgot to mention that. There's nothing interesting about the number 161 While we're talking

Cortex 24:20 Well, it's a palindrome see? I'm just trying to make it feel better. I did. Yeah. metal filter. You know, you know what my favorite metal filter post of today is?

Jessamyn 24:33 Is it all about the Coronavirus?

Cortex 24:36 No, wait, wait, no,

Jessamyn 24:37 it's about the primaries.

Cortex 24:39 No, no, no, it's about Wikipedia. No. Okay. I get the bit I just I'm so tired of these things.

Jessamyn 24:47 What did

Cortex 24:49 what everybody's proud about?

Jessamyn 24:54 A bit. I love this website.

Cortex 24:56 I like this website too. But yeah,

Jessamyn 24:59 I like Most people call Twitter a website, which is what I like,

Cortex 25:02 you know, that still drives me crazy. And like, like, I understand that it's a website. And it's probably like, in my heart market standard,

Jessamyn 25:10 it's a website in a different way than the people calling it this website understand that it's a website, like, you know that it's built in HTML and what that means. Yeah, other people, I don't know what they're talking about. I mean, is it a joke? Is it is it vernacular?

Cortex 25:25 It's, I mean, it is literally a website, right? If you visit in your web browser, it's there. It's a website like and it's much more legitimately so than fucking Instagram, which is an app that will let you view its content on the web, if you ask nicely. It's I mean, like it is a website, but at the same time it's fucking Twitter. It's like it's its own weird little fucking platform.

Jessamyn 25:44 Yeah, no, I'm sorry. I totally derailed you liked?

Cortex 25:49 Yeah, what is going into sort of half of a joke about anyway, because the post I like is the one that I have not yet made. I've just been enjoying the content and hopefully other people will enjoy once I make it about some weight. What I know right? It's it's just it's, it's I was getting, I have several posts I want to make all of which I have enjoyed the content of and I need to get around what does

Jessamyn 26:11 enjoy the content? Oh, you've been like, I've been watching

Cortex 26:15 some fucking YouTube videos, and I think they're good and I'm gonna make a post about it. But I

Jessamyn 26:20 haven't yet okay, this like this, like future crime idea of like, enjoying the content of a post you haven't made yet was really.

Cortex 26:28 I recognize that was that was that go into it?

Jessamyn 26:31 You can be like, Jim, like, buddy, what are you doing? Oh, oh, yeah, I see that now. I see that now.

Cortex 26:39 Anyway, you guys gonna love it once it's

Jessamyn 26:41 there. Can you can you give us a sneak peek Josh? Or? Well, you

Cortex 26:45 know, the marble Olympics where there's marbles competing in Olympic events against each other.

Jessamyn 26:52 So not you're playing marbles. But like a marble. personified marble.

Cortex 27:01 Maybe you do not know this. This is this there has been posted on it. There's been metaphor posts about I've probably talked about it like every year on the podcast, so

Jessamyn 27:12 barbel Olympics if I've never heard of

Cortex 27:14 it. I don't I don't I don't believe that. I'm going to next time you have something to talk about. I'm going to research the podcast to make you wrong.

Jessamyn 27:22 I mean, it'll tell you about how there's a blue dome light in my car that I've never seen before. And I've been driving this car probably for seven years. No. Yeah. Like Jim and I were driving around at night. And I'm like Pacific Blue Light. Did you leave something on or open? And he's like, What? No, no, like, what's the light? How do you turn it off? He's like, What are you talking about? And it turns out my car has like a courtesy light up by the sunroof that just shines a little bit blue. So that you can like, I don't know, see your cup holder? I don't know what the hell it is. And I never recognized it or noticed it before. Or I don't remember that I did. And it's kind of freaking me out. Because maybe I had it never recognized it before. Or maybe something's happening in my mind that I think I never saw it before. When in point of fact, it's just been part of my life that I knew about. And then stop knowing about it. Fun fact, sister has one too, and just found out she didn't know about it. Thanks to Facebook. She's like what? I'm like, I don't know. It's like It's like It's like something activated them all the time. And you know, like people on the internet or a group some kind of Bluetooth thing. I'm like it isn't it's a light that is always on when your headlights are on only I've never seen it before. Hmm, yeah, so that's my derail about maybe it's me, but go on about marble Olympics.

Cortex 28:49 Yeah. I can't believe it's not anyway the Marvel Olympics this is a thing that this some guy does it every This is such a long fucking way to get around to a post that I haven't even made. This guy he makes a series of Olympic events for marbles and they're like four marbles on a team and like eight teams of marbles who gets on like orange dealies and some clear dailies and some opaque white dailies in all these different colors of marbles of approximately the same you know, marble sized size and he runs them down these like, you know, the gravity driven races and, of course, all that marble

Jessamyn 29:31 marble arrays. They're called marble Olympics.

Cortex 29:33 Maybe it's not not making it the Olympics part but I want to say so.

Jessamyn 29:38 Marble league gels, marble runs.

Cortex 29:41 That's probably it. No, I

Jessamyn 29:42 guess somebody calls it marble Olympics.

Cortex 29:45 Anyway, imagine that instead of marbles. It was like little model cars doing rally races and that's the videos I've been watching and they're delightful. Okay,

Jessamyn 29:53 I do know what you're talking about. I am so sorry. It's okay.

Cortex 29:55 It was an adventure.

Jessamyn 29:57 Here's the subreddit a bout them. Oh, yeah.

Cortex 30:04 Anyway, I'll make that post and they'll probably be some nice light entertainment for folks.

Jessamyn 30:08 Oh, they moved. So here's the thing I think they got in some kind of trouble because Reddit basically had to move from our marble Olympics to our gels, marble runs

Cortex 30:18 that the fucking Olympics come down on the Olympics God.

Jessamyn 30:24 Christ, but probably it's the kind of thing they would do.

Cortex 30:28 It is sort your shit out Olympics.

Jessamyn 30:31 Yes. Yeah, these are fun. They're good. And you're gonna make a post about them because something bad

Cortex 30:38 about them about know about that? I'm gonna make an unrelated post about some little model cars doing similar sort of high jinks. Oh, great.

Jessamyn 30:46 Okay, that's like it right? Because I remember talking about these before because I talked about how they were like those cell phone commercials.

Cortex 30:57 I remember the cell phone commercials.

Jessamyn 30:59 There was a cell phone commercial for a while where there was like, you know how like kind of Sprint's kind of yellow and T Mobile was pink and Verizon is red. And they did like a marble thing with an I don't know, Cricket is green. I don't know who the fuck is green? Oh, at&t is

Cortex 31:14 like rolling in. Yeah. When the with the best rolls the farthest.

Jessamyn 31:18 And the ad sucked because I can't remember who won. Right? Like, but but it was, but it was that thing and probably, you know, scaffolded on the popularity of Jill's Marble Run marble Olympics, you know, formally barbel Olympics. So and I remember having that conversation, so I don't remember anything else. But there's a new blue light in my car. But oh, I'm supposed to tell you that we're we're not allowed to talk about Jim's biological parents on the podcast. Right. Okay.

Cortex 31:51 Let's not do that, then. Yep. But if anybody has

Jessamyn 31:53 questions, feel free to ask me or anybody else. I know. But I just had to tell you before we would have to edit something. Tim was just like, don't forget that was like, yeah, it's not it's not a secret. It just can

Cortex 32:08 certainly have not just rise into the hill.

Jessamyn 32:12 But it just needs to stay off. You know, social media. It doesn't matter if like people know, but I think part of the thing was he thought I had like, made a post on Metafilter about it. I don't know why he thinks these things. Of course I didn't. But now he's worried for some reason. So I want well, yeah, of course,

Cortex 32:29 Your secret is safe with us.

Jessamyn 32:31 Yep. de Burgh DME for details Shut up.

Cortex 32:38 Would that be the worst? would be the worst. Never known who my dad was. It's Mark Zuckerberg. I still don't know who my dad.

Jessamyn 32:47 I had no idea who my father was. Oh, my God, it's Henry Kissinger. Oh, so terrible. That's gotta be hard. I mean that. I mean, there are those people who grew up and found out like their dad was Charles Manson or like, whatever. Like, I think that would be difficult. Let's move on. I made a post

Cortex 33:06 about it. Did you make it? Did you make it in the past? Or in the future?

Jessamyn 33:11 I actually made it in the past. And I'm talking about the present like it exists because it does. It isn't even that great. But it was. Yeah, it was basically one of those things where like, okay, so Wikipedia, I sometimes interact with Wikipedia. And they have a project that I generally like called Women and read. Every month, there's a new thing that this group of people tries to do to get more women on Wikipedia in various ways. And so like, last month, it was Black History Month and was like more black women, in addition to other categories. And this month, it's like photographs. Let's get more photographs of women on Wikipedia, not just porn stars and animate characters, right? And, you know, female Pokemons. So I was like on Pickerill, which is one of those websites that I like to look at for public domain photos. And I was looking for, I don't know what it was like NASA, or like female scientists or whatever. Excuse me, and I was coming up with all these cheerleader pictures. And like cheerleader like women and cheerleading kind of outfits cheering and I was like, Well, I guess that's cool. But like, I'm kind of looking for Lady scientists. And then I clicked through, and oh, whoa, whoa, it turns out that there's this group of women that I think they're all women. They may not be called Science cheerleaders. And it's basically former like NFL NBA college cheerleaders who are now in STEM careers, who like show up at these events. cheering about science, and it's cool. And there's kind of an that's it. So I just made a little post because I didn't know about it. And so I figured other people wouldn't know about it. And it's like a very short little post on metal filter, and it made me happy. Maybe it'll make you happy.

Cortex 35:08 Yeah. I'm already a little bit happy.

Jessamyn 35:10 Yeah, and head full of air made a post about just a comment in that thread about size starter, which is a website that will help you find a community science program to volunteer for. And it was started by the woman who founded science cheerleaders. So, hey, hey, science, bra science.

Cortex 35:52 There were a couple of goofy Twitter things that I enjoyed

Jessamyn 35:57 it, they make their way to meta filter, Josh.

Cortex 36:01 least one of them did, and also made it into my recent activity. And so I have an easy to hand. So I will discuss that one. Please post at Target made about a tweet that guy named Alexis Pereira did. He made a joking tweet, and then it turned into a whole entire thing.

Jessamyn 36:22 All right, I'm gonna see if I can figure it out. Oh, Christ. This is one of those.

Cortex 36:28 He just he made a tweet, he made up the beginning of a fake, you know, English essay, trying to argue that, you know, Tom and Jerry is essentially a Marxist allegory

Jessamyn 36:40 commentary, like the Cat and Mouse cartoon.

Cortex 36:42 Yeah, well,

Jessamyn 36:43 of course it is. But

Cortex 36:46 the point is not whether his context is correct. He pretended to be a teacher. And he knows how to deal with this essay his student turned in. So he like wrote the essay. And then he wrote some markup on it and you know, errors and question marks and whatnot, and said, I don't even know what to do with this student. And it's like, an obvious joke. But also, if you want to see it as not a joke, you could imagine that it was a thing that really happened, in which case, maybe people get very angry at you for the ethical violation of showing off your students work without consent on the internet.

Jessamyn 37:22 And so is this person, a real person? This person's real

Cortex 37:25 person? They're just not an English teacher? And there's no That's his real name. Yeah, that's his real name. He's like a comedian or something.

Jessamyn 37:32 Oh, my God. Yeah, it's pretty good.

Cortex 37:36 I enjoy. I enjoy the weirdness of it. Like, it's one of the things like it's a situation where someone was very clearly making a joke. And the joke wasn't at anybody's expense. So the fact that it got confused and people freaked out, feels less bad than if it were someone who like, made an edgy joke. And then you get into like, well, but it was a joke. Well, but also it was super shitty. It's like, No, this was this was just very clearly a joke. But it's got a little bit of that like weird sort of ad and yet people are like, digging in on it. So it was interesting. It was internet ad. But it reminded me also, there was probably a post about this but there's also a reply all episode about it. I will send a TLDR episode about it about the moves like Bloomberg thing. Which did you hear that? See that?

Jessamyn 38:26 No. I mean, I'm kind of maybe know what's going on but keep going.

Cortex 38:32 There was a really

Jessamyn 38:36 like who's like Bloomberg like moves like Jagger? Yes.

Cortex 38:39 That's what I should say is go listen to this reply all episode because they're gonna do

Jessamyn 38:44 podcasts. You don't like the replay out? Really? I mean, I do it. I

Cortex 38:48 mean, you're allowed to that's I don't mean to be on I

Jessamyn 38:51 don't, it's a little. It's, it's like, you know, remember how there was like overhead transparencies, and like, you'd see them projected onto a wall. And like, let's say you had two and they were almost the same. And then you lined them up just a little bit off. I feel like Reply All is like my life. Only 83% lined up and the 17% that doesn't fit aggravates me. You know what I mean? Like it's me, it's not them. It's a great podcast. I just kind of can't because it doesn't hit I get so furious. Yeah, not furious. But yeah,

Cortex 39:31 I think I can see that. I think I think that the stuff that's a little bit dissonant to my life experience, or am I like how I would want to interact on a podcast with friends. I kind of enjoyed this because I have enough of a sense of PJ and Alex. Well, and you're acting in a way that feels like friendship, sometimes somewhat antagonistic friendship at times but like,

Jessamyn 39:51 and they're dudes.

Cortex 39:53 Well, I've been there is that

Jessamyn 39:55 you're about as much dude as I can handle ah, Ah, you know what I mean? Like you've never pull like weird, macho, shitty, edgy, jokey stuff with me like we're just friends and it's just not you don't it's not who you are at but so anytime I'm listening to like people that I'm not 100% sure aren't gonna maybe make jokes that I'm not sure I like than I, you know, until Reply All is like just a little. I don't know.

Cortex 40:27 Just an our other you're worried about what Well, anyway, they just a

Jessamyn 40:31 little over that line maybe even though Yeah, like nice people

Cortex 40:36 Interesting. Well, they did a good episode about the moves like Bloomberg thing, which in short,

Jessamyn 40:42 which was like a video that we thought might be true and wasn't.

Cortex 40:46 Well, I mean, it was set up as a joke. It was definitely set up more like a hoax than this thing that I just linked with the the teacher thing, which was, like very intentionally a joke. What happened was a comedian staged a fake Bloomberg, like rally type thing in response to put Pete Buddha jag there, this had been an actual thing someone had like, put out film from like, camera camera video from Pete Buddha jig, like, whatever like canvassing group, doing some sort of like warm up, let's get hyped exercises where they did a very dumb, simple, easy to learn dance, to high hopes, I think was the song. Oh, and it was like, you know, it's like, it's it's cringy but cringy in a way that anyone's actually had to deal with like, large scale, volunteer organizing events, stuff like that recognizes the nature of this. This is like, nobody thinks this is cool. But also it's going to be moderately effective. And so we're gonna fuckin do it

Jessamyn 41:44 kind. Yeah. And you don't expect I mean, it's the context collapse, right? Like, it's for the people it's for, it's not for you.

Cortex 41:51 Yeah. So like you You take video that it looks kind of dumb and cringy when you put it on the internet out of context, then this comedian said, Okay. He's added up, right British Citizens Brigade show. He's like, he's doing a show at UBC. And it gets the audience to play along and be like, the Bloomberg crowd to do a similar sort of bad dumb dance. And so it's got like, you know, 50 people just sort of sitting around doing these hand movements to the song moves. Except, you know, every time the word Jaeger comes around, someone like probably the guy of like organizing this leads into the mic it says Bloomberg, so it's like Bloomberg got the moves like Bloomberg. So he takes this video just so crops that out, doesn't like removes as much contact as possible. We just do like for like, the tail end of that whole thing. post that on Twitter has changed his name to like Team Bloomberg or something on Twitter. So he's like, trying to sort of get people with this. Yeah, also, it's fucking ridiculous. Right? And Bloomberg campaign ends up having to like disavow the whole thing. Oh, he responds with like, Wait, are you telling me I'm fired? turned into a humungous? I enjoyed that.

Jessamyn 43:10 Anything to do with metal filter? I forget why we started.

Cortex 43:13 Because it was also a weird Twitter thing involving a hoax. I guess I'm really just, I'm going where

Jessamyn 43:18 are you gonna make a post out of it? No, it's just the thing you enjoyed.

Cortex 43:22 Yeah, it's just thing I enjoyed. I was actually assuming there probably had been a post that I missed, but maybe not. Anyway, it was probably

Jessamyn 43:31 buried in that.

Cortex 43:33 Yeah, it probably came up in passing in some fucking

Jessamyn 43:38 good yeah.

Cortex 43:39 But I didn't find on the Quick Search. So I'm just not going to worry about it. But anyway, that Reply All was good if you like, listen to reply all.

Jessamyn 43:45 That's why we started talking about Yeah, yeah. Well, and I

Cortex 43:48 guess I guess we can, we can tie it back a little bit there. Because if this is long enough ago, it feels like Metafilter history now. But Reply All is the follow up podcast to Alex Goldman and PJ votes previous podcast TLDR. Which they started after PJ at some point basically posted on as meta filter saying, hey, how do I get a job? In Public Radio? I think it was public radio, maybe it's just radio but like, I think he basically said, hey, you know, I like listening to the radio. I like the idea of doing radio. How do I get a job doing radio then he ended up working at I was gonna say NPR, but I think it was actually whatever the New York station is. Wk RP. Yeah, my Rs.

Jessamyn 44:36 wn. So yeah, that's how it is in New York City.

Cortex 44:41 Yeah, I mean, it would make sense. Anyway, so yes, I, as I recall, PJ got a job. Ah, thanks in part to help for mass medical care and how to do that. And now. We're talking about them on our podcast, which has nearly as many listeners I'm sure.

Jessamyn 44:58 Do we have any idea how many of you Listen, you know, I

Cortex 45:00 was just looking at the RSS feed stuff because I had to move the RSS feed stuff because

Jessamyn 45:04 does it have your name in it finally got damaged?

Cortex 45:07 I think that actually still needs editing. But I actually have you know, these things are a work in progress. There are several 100 subscribers in RSS feed. I know what that word means. Just so well, though I bet to the My point is I don't know how many of them are listening. Right. Right. But

Jessamyn 45:26 that's what I mean.

Cortex 45:27 Yeah, you know, some number. Yeah, so some somewhere somewhere? Yes. Somewhere in the hundreds, potentially, if people listen to it monthly via a podcast feed app off of our feed. So you know, who knows? That could mean 10s That could mean 1000s And it's being rebroadcast by some other means? Can it mean 1000s? It could be I mean, someone could be scraping our feed, and then rebroadcasting it in a third party way that many people access it from like if they were listening via fucking Spotify. I don't

Jessamyn 45:58 know that we listen to podcasts via Spotify. Can I never use Spotify? I don't know what it does.

Cortex 46:04 Or whatever. It's fine. Yeah, nope. Spotify has been trying to get into the podcast game. They're actually trying to get into a little bit of like, I don't know if they're trying to fall on be podcast publishers. They're definitely trying to be a podcast listening platform, including exclusive podcast content. McElroy, these are some of the McElroy is now have some podcasts. That's only on Spotify. Is that who? The McElroy brothers, my brother, my brother knee? The adventure zone? Pretty sure we talked about that one before. I

Jessamyn 46:34 mean, I know who they are. And they definitely like clutter up fanfare because they seem to have like a podcast every six minutes

Cortex 46:41 they make they make many podcasts, and one of them is exclusively available on Spotify, Spotify. So it's a music listening app.

Jessamyn 46:47 Yeah, I mean, I know what it is. I just haven't used it. So I don't know if it does anything special or whatever.

Cortex 46:53 You know, it just does what it does. It's what I use at this point to listen to music. Because I've given up and accepted that streaming music is the only way I'm going to get around to listening to a variety of music on a regular basis. So

Jessamyn 47:04 you know, there's a while I'll mentioned it when we get to it, but there's a thread on AskMe Metafilter about like, shit to listen to when you want to listen to streaming shit. But we can we can do it in a second because I have a couple more things to talk about, about Metafilter them on including. And like I said, like a lot of these I only saw because I saw the titles in my inbox. And I said, Oh, I probably want to go fight with people. Culture, or what the hell is wrong with people? Well, that's a joke, right? Because I don't fight with anybody, for the most part, like I try and harmony, you know, make people not fight. But basically, there's this really good post by sound guy 99, which talks about how is closing off their comments. They're not doing comments anymore. They have an FAQ. And the people who shut down that one, there's a list did a really good job of putting together this thing. Basically, of all the sites that used to have comments that don't and so there's a nice sort of conversation about comment sections, right? Which is always I like talking about excuse me, those kinds of things with metal filter people because they feel like metal filter people just in a general sense are smart about comments. And so I enjoyed sort of hearing what people had to say and getting to sort of talk to people about why some comments sections are terrible or some are okay or bla bla bla bla bla. So if you want to comment about commenting, please Hi the to that thread about comment culture. And if you want to talk about how everything on the internet is terrible and is getting worse I will hold on. For whatever reason my internet in this corner of the house is slightly pokey. But I was going to refer you

Cortex 49:00 hangs out with Gumby.

This looks terrible audio by the way like I get the joke I get the joke but you're just being mean to listeners who have to hear the sound of like Mike being

Jessamyn 49:19 mean to listeners and you're not being mean to me making pokey jokes about my terrible internet

Cortex 49:25 job. You're my co host they're my guests you know it's different. No, I'm sad Don't be rude. All right.

Jessamyn 49:51 Know you can't

Cortex 49:55 take that away. Rackers

Jessamyn 50:04 So, there's a fight about Wikipedia for politeness. Oh, yay, this was a really difficult thread in some ways, because there are people who have strong feelings about Wikipedia on both slash all sides of whether wiki PDS sucks, rules, something in the middle when it got terrible, blah, blah, blah. And all those people are right, right, I have a certain opinion and where I feel like it makes sense to put my time and energy and other people have very strong opinions about why it doesn't make any sense for them to spend any time doing anything. But you know, the thread is really interesting, because Wikipedia is really interesting. And this thread turned into kind of a weird fight, which is not that surprising, and I flagged some stuff. And but it was, you know, it's just interesting, because like, Wikipedia has been around almost as long as meta filter. And so there's a lot of kind of Silverbacks, and old timers, and then new people trying to fix a thing that kind of broke as soon as Matt how he introduced favorites, and trying to figure out how to fix that. Challenging, right, like, you can't put the genie back in the bottle. And so having people talk about whether it's even worth fixing, or, you know, burn it to the ground, because it's hopelessly broken. I like those conversations, especially if they can stay on track and this one, kind of, but you know, it it almost, it almost did.

Cortex 51:29 This is like those those last two threads are an interesting contrast insofar as the comical author of one with a site. That's actually one that I peeked into, because I was interested in it. And, like, I picked into it because I was interested. But I also only peeked in because like, well, I don't know if I really want to dig in on this right now, though. So I, I sort of

Jessamyn 51:52 come back to talking about its long. Yeah,

Cortex 51:55 yeah. Yeah. And like if I if I'd had the specific mood and energy for it, like, I would have enjoyed reading that, and I just didn't get around to it. Whereas the Wikipedia one is like, I had to look at it a couple times Federation purposes.

Jessamyn 52:09 Lagging stuff when you were working. So

Cortex 52:13 it wasn't just you. I mean, it was it was a weird mess in more than one way. But, but yeah, it was definitely sort of like, Nope, this is not Nope. Now, as soon as I'm done here, right? Good. Despite both being like interesting internet discourse, sort of things, just like different flavors that I'm more or less absolutely tired of.

Jessamyn 52:33 Well, speaking of things you're absolutely tired of, how about political emails? This is a post by costume. Basically, it's a article that's on the, about political emails and whether or not if they are delivered do like a brand new Gmail account, they wind up in the sort of promotions tab, like, you know, how, like Gmail has some, like, alternate inbox setups that you can use and

Cortex 53:06 think now, the motion and the social tabs are?

Jessamyn 53:09 Yeah, well, I guess, some political emails are more likely to show up in the promotion tabs than others. And, you know, the person who writes this article is like, we're Google has an opinion. And then a lot of other people. Meta filter. People, of course, are like, this person even know how email works, like. And so it was kind of an interesting, but controversial thread, because there's really kind of two completely distinct ways of reading the article, right? Like, if you read it as a sysadmin. You're like, this is garbage, like proverb like that. Like, there's so many complicating factors. You can't learn anything by this simple experiment. And then there's other people who are like, well, don't you think we should think about how Google slash Gmail can and can't affect what we see in our inboxes? Especially because so many people rely on, you know, Gmail is different filtering, like, what it puts in spam, what it filters for you, et cetera, in order to kind of organize and manage their lives. And so there was no, this thread didn't resolve in any particular way. You know what I mean? Like, people are still kinda like her, and I think they were arguing till the end of it as of yesterday, but I keep hoping that thread is going to become a better version of itself, and be a little bit more. I don't know, friendly, and bringing it all back around. One of those like, eternal questions, sleeping in socks, abomination, or the thing that will actually help you sleep better, and it's 131 comments of talking about sleeping in socks. I knock the water.

Cortex 54:57 I saw that go by, and I was like, there's gonna be a lot The comments in that thread?

Jessamyn 55:01 Yeah. Well, because sleep hygiene is such a thing, right? It's a website of people who sleep terribly for the most part. It is. And so there's,

Cortex 55:12 I don't know if that's I don't know if that's, I wonder how true that is actually, that would be good, like better cocktails is like, how's your sleep? Just like, you know, I

Jessamyn 55:20 wish we polled the audience more. Like, I wish we just had a meta filter, weekly poll.

Cortex 55:26 I think that'd be fun. I think I talked about that, at one point with someone. You know, I was talking with suede head about some stuff and like, the idea of having an actual poll function sort of came out of that. You know, for more utilitarian purposes even really, but like, also how to get available for just fuck around goofy, right? But, uh, talk stuff can be fun, too. So, yeah,

Jessamyn 55:49 cuz there was a whole bunch of people who are like, I don't sleep in any clothes at all. I can't be that person who's naked except for their socks. Like, I don't care if I do sleep better. That's crazy. And so it was just, I don't know, I love listening to people talk about you know, their various stuff. If the if they're not pointing fingers at other people and be like, the way you do it is wrong.

Cortex 56:09 Yeah. You know, I like I like the broad swath of humanity aspect. Yes. Kind of discussion. Like I love finding out stuff. That's not it's not even weird, but I just never thought about it. Because it's not how I do it. Right. Like, there's

Jessamyn 56:22 some people who can't sleep. If their toes are touching. If the skin on their toes is touching. Like they gotta they gotta wear like toe socks. Oh, interesting.

Cortex 56:30 Yeah. I mean, I could like, I don't have that problem. But I could feel that. There are times when I'm acutely aware of like, adjacent body parts touching each other. Right. It's not something that keeps me awake at night, literally. Right? Or figuratively. I guess.

Jessamyn 56:49 You're one of those morning people.

Cortex 56:52 Well, you You mean that I get up in the morning?

Jessamyn 56:57 Literally, yes. And early in the morning.

Cortex 57:01 I mean, I Okay, so I get up a little before seven.

Jessamyn 57:06 Do you not think that is really in the morning? Because little before a lesson

Cortex 57:11 I've had, I've had a I think a little bit before seven. One obliged to and then you'll sleep in between like seven and eight when I don't have to.

Jessamyn 57:21 So on vacation. You're sleeping till eight?

Cortex 57:25 Well, yeah, maybe. Unless I wake up sooner. But point is like, I acknowledge that that's morning. Like, that's definitely a morning sort of thing. But I have had a couple jobs over the years, where like, I had to get up at like five in the fucking morning. And that's, that's fucking early. So like, very high. I think by comparison, I think of a morning person, like a morning person as someone who would be like, Well, yeah, it's a little bit early, I guess. You know, right.

Jessamyn 57:50 But my job in the morning? Yeah.

Cortex 57:54 Yeah. You know, it's like, you'll get a good grip today, you know? And I'm like, Well, you don't I have to be at my computer at seven o'clock if I'm starting a shift at seven o'clock in the morning. So I'm gonna get shift at seven o'clock in the morning. Well, I have a very short commute. It turns out I have to come all the way downstairs and make some tea.

Jessamyn 58:11 Although I didn't know that that is wack.

Cortex 58:14 Yeah. Yeah, I don't know. So I've gotten very used to it. I don't even remember how, I guess so yes, I guess I'm a morning person. But I'm not like I'm just not I don't want anybody to think I'm not cool. Okay. I'm a morning person. But I recognize that it's too early.

Jessamyn 58:32 To cool. I didn't mean it that way.

Cortex 58:35 Now, I know you didn't. I'm just being a pain in the ass. We will talk about OS Metafilter.

Jessamyn 58:40 I do. Do you go on

Cortex 58:42 on this? Sure. Okay. So like it. Other people like it. You like it? It feels like we should talk about it.

Jessamyn 58:50 So I like this one only because I like to read some of the answers. Because I read the question. I was like, nobody's going to answer this question. And it was basically, sweetie, or as I like to sometimes call her sweaty. Let me double double check if I've got pronounced correct on that one. Don't know. Okay. Sweaty, writing a novel set in earlier decades. And characters 18 in 1968, married out of high school works in a cookie factory. Tell me what I need to know about working at a cookie factory in the 60s. Like, come on. Nobody's gonna really what? But it is one of those questions. It's actually kind of good for metal filter. Because people can be like, Oh, well, here's some things you could read. You could read studs terkel's working. I work in a site that used to be in a cookie factory. Don't forget your readers don't know anything about cookie factories. either. You can make some of those workout, you know, blah, blah, blah. I worked in a factory etc. And I was in a potato chip factory like it was it got a lot more answers than I thought it was going to and it turned out to be kind of an enjoyable Read.

Cortex 1:00:00 Nice. I actually have one that I wish I had gotten more answers, but I enjoyed it, which is a question from some little punk in a rocket locked this crate is your name too. I'm wondering how the Simpsons translated Cromulent for other languages?

Jessamyn 1:00:17 Yeah. Do you have to back up and explain that to people? Or do you think everybody knows what Cromulent does and does not

Cortex 1:00:22 know, I think it'd probably be healthy to not assume the universal knowledge of Simpsons as time goes on. So Cromulent is a word they used on The Simpsons one time in an episode as a word to say that a different word was good, I believe. I believe the word it was the Jaffa Dyess. Springfield something episode and the town founder who said, you know, even the something something in big and begins us all and use the meetup word and begins to say makes us greater essentially. Yeah. And someone complained about that. Probably Lisa, and then someone maybe Mrs. crabapple was like, it's

Jessamyn 1:01:04 a perfectly Cromulent word.

Cortex 1:01:05 Yeah. So using a made up word to defend a made up word. How do you translate that into other languages?

Jessamyn 1:01:11 Because it's a made up English word,

Cortex 1:01:12 this English word? Yes. Which is a fascinating question writ large, like Cromulent. It's interesting to see where they went with it. But also, it's kind of it seems less like it needs translating than some other things, because there's nothing in the joke that is necessarily, right. It's

Jessamyn 1:01:30 a fake word in every other language also,

Cortex 1:01:32 yeah, like it's just a fake word. It's like versus in begins in the same context, there's a very clear sense of creating the wrong derivation of a common form to create this bigger fancier word that doesn't really exist, you know? So in that sense, anything translating now we'll probably try and capture the idea of like, what's our word for big? Or what's one of our words for big? And how do we make a root word into a fancier word? And what's a version of that? That doesn't exist for big? Let's say that, you know, that's a clear puzzle game. But Crimea is like, what's the word that sounds kind of like a word but isn't a word is like a,

Jessamyn 1:02:07 I mean, we call them possible non words in linguistics, like, you know that they follow the rules of making a word in your language. But this particular combination of letters doesn't have a meaning.

Cortex 1:02:18 Yeah, emphasis on the possible Yeah. As in it's, you know, it's plausible you this could be this could possibly have been a word in a different universe where we started using it that way. Yeah. And

Jessamyn 1:02:30 miss next, the last comment in the thread basically went and looked in the Disney subtitles seven episode 16 to sort of talk about what the what the words were in a couple other languages, so that was fun. Yeah, yeah. I like that. I liked it

let me look a couple, you know, kind of good nonsense. Here's another writing a song one. Excuse me. Maybe I'm gonna sneeze.

Cortex 1:03:17 I'm not gonna buy tickets back.

Jessamyn 1:03:20 It's making me crazy.

Cortex 1:03:21 I've got to consume hate in the

Jessamyn 1:03:23 guy don't want to sneeze right into the microphone. Like, that's no good. All right. I think it passed. So this is a question from black Cordelia. I'm writing a song about somebody who's digging up something horrible in the yard. That just takes your your you're putting a pool in the backyard. And then the backhoe comes to you with the worst possible thing you could dig up in the yard? What is it? And so basically, it has to be something that could be buried under a fancy residential neighborhood. Blah, blah, blah. Tell me how this works out. And oh my gosh, this list generating thread with almost 90 comments is super super fun. Just you know, there's many best answers illegal toxic waste dump you know, a skeleton wearing the same outfit you're wearing. We found this weird old septic tank in the backyard that was all filled in with stuff. Oh my god, I'm just like reading through these, you know, abandoned radioactive waste, missing airplane, tons of asbestos. You know, like what would ruin your life? And so it's always fun listening to metal filter people who I generally like and get along with really trying to figure out how to fuck somebody's life because there's Smart so they you know Amelia Earhart's skull like it. It's just, it's so good. It's so good. So made, I don't I don't know if everybody has my same sensibility. But I thought that was pretty good.

Cortex 1:05:15 No, I love the setup. It's, it's interesting when I think about this, like, I immediately, like want to ask follow up questions from a songwriting perspective, because like, I think the nature of the bad thing would really depend in part on like, what the tone of the discovery and what the fallout is going to be like, I need to, I need to know, like, is this you know, is the core of the song The good shock of just the description of the thing? Or is the core of the song, the fallout of the discovery? And is it like, is it farcical or is it literally tragic? Right, you know, that, you know, there's so many. So yeah, that's, it's nice to have a wide swath of possibilities to pick from to, to fill that in. So Well, I sure hope we get to hear the song. That'd be great. Black Cordelia post is on the music when you're done. Yeah, please.

Jessamyn 1:06:06 In fact, just in general, please, people post your songs to music, they are fun to listen to. I enjoy them. I've been working out a cover version of that divinyl song, I touch myself and it's all about not touching your face. When I think about you, I touch my face, I you know, over and over again. And I've been making like a playlist, which includes like, MC Hammer is like, Can't touch this. And all that other stuff. You know, we've got somebody with COVID-19 sort of up the road from here, so probably fine. But I always kind of think about it our supermarket. supernormal. But who even knows? Right? So yeah, that's that's where I've been spending my spending my nervous energy. Yeah. Couple random fun kind of worldwide questions I enjoyed. So Tahoe and longtime me fighter hunt, at what time on the planet? Does as much of the world as possible share the same D? And we should. So Josh put this online before Saturday, because we spring ahead on Saturday. And this this? Well, this can be people's notification. But basically, you know, where in the world has the most population that you've got basically everyone and not other people. And so it's you know, it's just kind of a weird, fun. Number problem. I don't know the answer. I didn't even really look at the answer answers. But it looks like 10:01am, universal, Universal Time, which I think is five in the morning here, I think.

Cortex 1:07:56 Yeah, that'd be right in the morning. Your place. Yeah, to on this coast. Five.

Jessamyn 1:07:59 Yeah. Thanks to 1970s antihero, who pointed out that you got to get Hawaii in there. And yeah, so pretty neat. I just thought it was kind of a weird, interesting, like, you wouldn't think it was a math problem.

Cortex 1:08:11 No, but hey, it makes sense. Yeah. That's nice. Yeah, a proof.

Jessamyn 1:08:17 I have one that I would like to go last. So do you have other ones?

Cortex 1:08:21 Nope. All right. Bring it?

Jessamyn 1:08:25 My favorite nonnamous asked Metafilter question about someone who is a nose picker and either of boogers.

Cortex 1:08:34 Oh, I did not so see

Jessamyn 1:08:36 terrible about it. And it's a very nice thread where a whole bunch of people are like, look, shame is worth working through. Also, I might know someone who does this, I mentioned it in the thread. There's a whole bunch of people basically sidestepping, you know, raising their own hand, but also being like, it's a lot more common than you think. So don't feel bad. Also, mostly just don't touch your face. But, you know, help yourself feel better. Here's some ways you might be able to kind of work towards stopping. And this person I guess, had a therapist who said it was horrifying and bad, which is, of course, like worst therapist of all

Cortex 1:09:22 time, and spiteful fucking luck, but yeah,

Jessamyn 1:09:24 and so there were a lot of people who were basically like, your therapist sucks, FYI. Here's some more positive, you know, affirmations for you. So I just liked it because it was a nice, supportive thread about a booger eating. And I thought that was cool. You know, I have a thirst for salt. It's like I am on team you are fine. People do all sorts of weird shit. Like, Who among us has not eaten a dried scab? So I appreciated it because I'm one of those people who's like, you know, your body is just your body's not gross. It's used thinking about your body in ways that make you feel like it's gross. That is kind of the malformation that is easier to work on. You know, love, love yourself. Love Your Body love the inside of your nose. Yeah, that's my feeling. So it was a nice thread. It made me happy that people were so supportive and so helpful, especially because like the, you know, the person who posted it was like, Look, I feel terrible about this. It is really hard to ask this question. Please. Don't be jerks and people rose to the occasion. And we're not jerks. Way to go team.

Cortex 1:10:33 It's good deal. Yeah, I think so. Couple things from meta talk. It's interesting. I really didn't like keep up with non urgent meta talks. While I was in Tucson for a week and a half. There's a couple that I just like literally didn't say like, Oh, hey, I guess we had a discussion about that. Okay. But one thing was signal boosting a little bit. Winter hill made up posts, checking in to see if people wanted to organize an additional space for discussion for trans and non binary people.

Jessamyn 1:11:10 Yeah, and I think was really clear. Like, this is not versus people like, yeah, don't don't be an ally. It's not your space. Please don't thank you know,

Cortex 1:11:20 it's a great be an ally, but this is not what that is for.

Jessamyn 1:11:23 Right. Go somewhere else.

Cortex 1:11:24 Thank you. If you are interested in that, check that out. I think it's come around to it sounds like Slack has maybe gotten spun up, I think was maybe the last state of things, if I remember correctly. So yeah, check that out. If that's for you. There was also a goofy fucking Scorpion day, the other day, somebody made a post about scorpions, someone else also made a post about scorpions. And it just sort of went from there. And once we were four or five, deep five, went ahead made a meta tag post about it because I was entertained. And

Jessamyn 1:11:58 because I told evermore you were like, I'm gonna do this, I want to do this. And I was like, You should do it.

Cortex 1:12:03 It was it was it was great affirmation. I was like, you know, apples kind of want to actually like do

Jessamyn 1:12:07 X, you should. You should super do it.

Cortex 1:12:11 So I did that. And people goofed around and made more Scorpion posts and enjoyed the whole thing. And I think the next day turned into fart day. So I guess sort of, I'm sorry, but whatever.

Jessamyn 1:12:21 I missed that entirely. Somehow. I just wasn't around that day.

Cortex 1:12:28 I think to some extent, like seeing people mentioned, farts is a little bit less eye catching than scorpion. So people were like, what's below the farts quite as much as they were with the scorpions. But I don't know. I didn't follow fart day very closely. Can you believe I didn't even try and set that up. Anyway, and I haven't no other stuff on meta talk. I was on vacation for a bunch of this. It was a short month, even if it was the longest short month. There was I think a Leap Day post. So happy Leap Day. Anybody who missed that that happened. And, and yeah, yeah, a

Jessamyn 1:13:01 lot of talk, Tails stuff and you know, a Valentine's thread and let's talk about how we talk about Twitter. And I just, yeah, it was good. I thought it was good. I mean, it was you know, less than a month ago, I guess. Right? Because, yeah. I feel like I just talked to you.

Cortex 1:13:25 And yes, I think I don't know. Anything else you want to talk.

Jessamyn 1:13:29 I'm just glad to hear you. You know, chipper and perky. Yeah, I've got a

Cortex 1:13:35 little more energy this time, so I like that.

Jessamyn 1:13:38 I like it. Yeah, you got a name for this one.

Cortex 1:13:42 Oh, cheese. I wasn't even thinking about that. Shit, say something funny and confusing.

Jessamyn 1:13:51 Marble Olympics,

Cortex 1:13:52 marble Olympics pop, but then people think it's about Martin Olympics. That's just to be mean. Because people love that shit. I don't know. We'll see. Okay, sometimes what I do when we don't come up with a name and actually write it down while we're recording? Is you know, I mean, you know, I don't like listen to the podcast we discussed you know, I

Jessamyn 1:14:09 do listen to the podcast. So I edit it,

Cortex 1:14:12 I edit it. I check in a few spots like it might be edited. But I don't like edit it edit it I just make sure like the the start and stop points are lined up correctly. That's about it. But I will sometimes if I realized we don't have a title, just like go in. Listen to random, like 10 Second snippets throughout it and say, Is that anything? Is that anything? That's probably what will happen because I don't have anything here.

Jessamyn 1:14:36 I mean, let's you want to say it's a booger eaters unite. That feels like they might be putting the spotlight maybe too much on that.

Cortex 1:14:43 Yeah, maybe perfectly Cromulent episode, maybe something like that. We'll see. Yeah. Or find

Jessamyn 1:14:47 out what are the words for Camila and the other language and then people can feel confused. Yeah, that could be in a friendly way. All right.

Cortex 1:14:54 Well, I think I think we did it. Great.

Jessamyn 1:14:57 It was really good talking to you as always. Yeah. posters. before Saturday night so people don't fuck up their clocks.

Cortex 1:15:02 I'll do my best. Okay. I think maybe, maybe, maybe that's just the title. Maybe the title is just like, change your fucking clock.

Jessamyn 1:15:09 Change your frickin clock. Don't fuck up your clock.

Cortex 1:15:11 Change your fucking clock.

Jessamyn 1:15:14 Is that gonna get us in some sort of like mature warning?

Cortex 1:15:19 I don't know. Maybe I feel like I've cursed in the title before

Jessamyn 1:15:22 change your effing clock.

Cortex 1:15:24 Maybe. Okay.

Jessamyn 1:15:27 All right. All right, Josh. Good talking to you.

Cortex 1:15:30 Yeah, you too, Jasmine. Okay, good. All right.