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Podcast 148 Transcript

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A transcript for Episode 148: 2019 New Year Call-In Episode (2019-01-08).

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Jessamyn 0:00 Also I found the pomegranate that I bought three days ago that I forgot about, and I didn't know what happened to it. Oh no, I had put it on a shelf. Not like a food shelf. Just a random show. Yes, I was carrying it. Yeah,

Cortex 0:13 but you found it and that's the important thing.

Jessamyn 0:14 It was already on the dented pomegranate shelf when I bought it. So now I'm just concerned about it

Cortex 0:21 you gotta get on that thing we we bought our either second or third pomegranate of this I want to say the year but I guess it was very much the first pomegranate of the year. But but you know the third time since pomegranates showed up again at all in the store is really that we've got one and this one we're really actually going to eat I swear is kind of like and you know as far as things to like blow $4 on to spend $4 on a pomegranate and not eat it. Like it takes a good solid like month to really not eat a pomegranate so that's good value like time

Jessamyn 0:54 for your money. entertainment value talking about it.

Cortex 0:57 You know, I mean that's that's a lot of not eating that pomegranate. So you know,

Jessamyn 1:01 50 cents a day. You can not eat this pomegranate for like a week

Cortex 1:12 couple of things like? Yes, welcome. New Year new podcast. It's 148. monthly podcast, how you doing?

Jessamyn 1:40 How you doing?

Cortex 1:42 We're getting started just about a week into 2019 here because who wants to try and get it done right around the start of the year, even though we probably did in previous years. Consistency is not the important thing. The important thing is we're here and we're podcasting.

Jessamyn 1:54 I am a big fan of consistency in general. I feel like I should at least just mentioned that.

Cortex 1:58 Oh, sure. Consistency has its qualities,

Jessamyn 2:01 right. This doesn't mean we're not consistent anymore. It just means we had some stuff going on.

Cortex 2:05 Yeah, it's it's it's a it's a busy time, the holidays. But here we are. We're doing a podcast. It's time. It's time to podcast about the metal filter. I am Josh cortex Mullard. Yeah. And I'm Jessamyn. And that's us. And is there anything to say about 148? You can't say that. There's nothing interesting about 148. Just say, yeah, if that's the case, what I'm asking about the number one for you? Why can't I show that there's nothing interesting about it? Well, I'm just saying Don't Don't let let's not dwell if there's nothing

Jessamyn 2:33 censorship. Yep. Well, I actually kind of, you know, I always go like, I read the Psalm, and I read the sonnet and whatever. But the Psalm 148 from the Bible, which I don't know anything about the Bible, so it's always fun for me to like, read little parts of the Bible. There's like this great part. I mean, it's all about praising the Lord and whatever. But then it kind of delineates all the stuff like, hey, praise the Lord. You see creatures and lightning and hail and snow, clouds, mountains, hills, fruit trees, and the cedars wild animals, cattle, small creatures, flying birds, kings of the earth, all nations, princes and rulers on Earth, young men and women, old men and children. Now,

Cortex 3:18 good night moon,

Jessamyn 3:19 old women, isn't there

Cortex 3:24 that there's a danger to this kind of specificity in Psalm 140. If you're gonna enumerate, yeah, people, people who look at that and say, Well, I'm not there, loophole, city, this is like, this is not a good way to create policy.

Jessamyn 3:38 And the Bible, I think, in many ways, maybe was not

Cortex 3:42 this is I think, Psalm 148 may be the first actual, like, literary recording of an air buds situation. Like nothing in the Psalm says that a dog has to praise the Lord, hey, or an old woman. I mean, they've got cattle, and we've got small creatures and flying birds, but a dog who can dunk is a different situation from all of those. All right, well, that's, I like that twist on the number. Okay. 140.

Jessamyn 4:06 Yeah. And then the other stuff is just math. So, you know, that was interesting. I didn't even look at this on it this time around, because they're all like, right, you and your beautiful face kind of. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I have about as much familiarity with Shakespeare as I do with the Bible. So I always check in because I'm like, maybe I'll learn something this time. Not not quite so much. Yeah, well, yeah.

Cortex 4:32 Willy shakes. He's, he's not consistent either. But he's got a sort of consistency to his inconsistency. I don't know. I woke up and had a couple of cups of tea and then I went for a walk and then I had a cup of coffee. And so it's like it's we're getting caffeinated Josh today.

Jessamyn 4:53 Well, and we're under the gun, right? Because you got a neighbor who's towing a wood chipper into the front yard.

Cortex 4:58 Yes, yes, there may There may not be either some tolerable background noises of chains on and wood chipping or a sudden break where we say, Oh, well, you know, we pick this up later after the noise got intolerable. So we'll see what happens. We're sort of living on a live wire probably be a little bit shorter conversation than average, because we've also got Colin stuff, because hey, this is also the yearly year end coding show started.

Jessamyn 5:24 Somebody was it Song Dog? Who mentioned it on Twitter? Like, I hope you guys do that again. And we were like, Oh, the what? Now? I can't remember what I had for breakfast. Yeah, and it seemed like such a great idea. I mean, you guys are doing the best post Contest, which also, I'm sure somebody was like, don't we do the best post contest?

Cortex 5:41 Yeah, we're gonna say let's do let's do January. Let's do January this time instead of December, stacking that much more on here. But yeah, yeah, no. Yeah, Song Dog, I think, may have been the first person to ping us on Twitter about it. And I was like, Oh, yeah.

Jessamyn 5:58 When you ping me, and we were like, Let's do it, but not this week.

Cortex 6:02 Yeah, like the fact that we should do it is something I can say. But in practice, like, literally, it's me making a post saying, hey, the phone numbers was not really a week, I just have to get off my ass and do

Jessamyn 6:11 it. Well, and we have to give people some lead time, basically. And I was part of why we're doing this.

Cortex 6:15 Like, now we're doing it the sun is the seventh rather than

Jessamyn 6:20 trying to where exactly one week late. Now that we've mentioned that date now, you've got to post this sometime in the next day, or Yeah, yeah. Next weekend.

Cortex 6:28 We'll see if I get it posted today. Or if I post it tomorrow, I have a I have an engagement after the podcast to go to a nearby art studio and start taking the first of a series of six classes for a stained glass class little

Jessamyn 6:44 Josh, that's so exciting. I have a friend in town who is like a stained glass artist and, man, Josh, that's great. Watch the lead.

Cortex 6:57 Yeah, my one of my primary goals is going to be to neither burn nor stab myself.

Jessamyn 7:02 No, no poisoning, or to.

Cortex 7:07 Well, I've already taken up oil painting. So I'm already like, oh, you know, it's fun putting heavy metals and things that I constantly interact with. So

Jessamyn 7:14 it's kind of like the studio I'm sending you a link of my my friend up the road. This is his old studio. I think this

Cortex 7:19 Flickr link. Oh, hey, that's cool. That's nice panel.

Jessamyn 7:23 Yeah, it Phil golden Schweiger. And he's a local stained glass artist like does it for a job. It's really cool, actually.

Cortex 7:29 Yeah, it's funny, like I'm interested in taking part because, like, obviously, I've seen stained glass, but I'm really not familiar with anything about the process of making like stained glass art. So like, it's gonna be not so much. Oh, I want to learn a little bit more about this thing I know. But how does this even work? Yeah, I'm starting from fucking scratch on this. So yeah, I'm excited about that.

Jessamyn 7:48 Every time I type something in like a dude's name, flicker starts showing me porn.

Cortex 7:52 Really like Chet?

Jessamyn 7:56 Yeah. Well, like Phil, in this case. That's my friend Phil.

Cortex 7:59 Well, I'm pretty good. Like corny name, isn't it?

Jessamyn 8:04 Yeah. All right. All right. That's on me. That's

Cortex 8:10 that's mostly I wouldn't have thought that Flickr would like surface porn at all.

Jessamyn 8:14 I mean, you check a box, right? And I'm always like, and the box is checked by default. So by default, no porn. I checked the like, I'm a grown up box. Okay, show me whatever. But then every now and again, I'm like, Oh, my God, you really did. Because there really is an awful lot of pornography on Flickr.

Cortex 8:32 I remember that being a thing back in the day. And beings were like a whole thing they were trying to navigate. And like this is years ago, when I was still actively paying attention to Flickr, which reminds me I still have to figure out what the fuck to do one way or the other about my Flickr account. Which means I'll probably give in and just like go pro for a year and then process next year.

Jessamyn 8:50 But I mean, I'm gonna stay because there's a lot of my stuff there. I can understand why people didn't want to but you know, 50 bucks or even if you think you're gonna get off the stick, you can pay slightly more per month and handle it quickly. You know?

Cortex 9:02 Yeah. Yeah. Well, let's talk about Metafilter. Let's, let's talk about mode filter. There are some jobs some jobs exist someone ferocious kiddies looking for a funny freelance greeting card writer. Hey, that sounds like exactly the right job for exactly the right person. So if that's you, you know, check that shit out.

Jessamyn 9:27 And then, I mean, there's only a couple of jobs, right? There's two. There's one Sorry, I keep forgetting this was December and like we're in January, populated. The upper covered alien is looking for someone to look over a CV. Somebody hopefully who's like a stem grad student or PhD just to give them a little bit of feedback just wants to make sure they're doing it right if that's you, drop them a note.

Cortex 9:54 And there is also a senior at desktop field support thing for brand new versity Melbourne Perth evidence that black pupils looking?

Jessamyn 10:04 Hey, that looks like a nice job. Yeah, it does. I've heard it's a good place to work. Yeah.

Cortex 10:09 If you're over New England and do it desktop support, that's the thing. It

Jessamyn 10:15 shows Charl as available for this job.

Cortex 10:18 Yeah. I don't think he's technically available at the moment. But no, he would be able to do for sure

Jessamyn 10:23 bought a house and lives in about as far from this job as you can be in the continental United States. Yep. Well,

Cortex 10:32 so jobs, get them have them do him. That's the thing. Let's talk about projects.

Jessamyn 10:39 Okay. I'm gonna

Cortex 10:41 change that to the tagline for jobs, get them have them do them. There's gonna be a year of like, new new tag lines.

Jessamyn 10:50 Alright, so you put a thing on projects, which I'll mention, because you probably won't mention, but it's a beautiful little page. Oh, the

Cortex 10:57 paintings things? Yeah. Did you forget, it's been a long, long one. It's been a long month. And it's only the first week of December is basically entirely gonna

Jessamyn 11:08 tell you the truth. I was spending a lot of time dreading this past month. And it actually went really well. So I'm in a better mood than I thought I would be because whatever, it's something usually goes wrong on the holidays. And last year, a lot of little things went a little wrong. And this year, like nothing went wrong. So I'm like in an extra excellent, like, hey, but I do have a little bit of retrograde amnesia, because I was so like, gritting my teeth. Like what's gonna go if I get sideways rock? And, you know, the answer was nothing. So at any rate, around December 18, you put up a project that is just showing 46 watercolor paintings that you did in a row over two days. And it's a little website for it. And I think it's pretty Yeah,

Cortex 11:48 thanks. Yeah, no, I liked I liked making those it's an idea had been sort of knocking around for a little bit in one form or another and it sort of crystallized and I had a little bit of spare time and, and, and yeah, making a little tiny dumb webpage. I mean, I don't mean dumb and like dismissive, but like, just like not You mean not building like, I didn't try and build a website for it. I just literally hacked together a

Jessamyn 12:10 few over the years. Yeah.

Cortex 12:12 Like the CSS loop, Josh. I know. I know. There's a lot of there's a lot of manufacturing defects. There's a lot

Jessamyn 12:21 of raises a lot of questions about authenticity.

Cortex 12:28 Things were like it, there's definitely a pole faced reading of it as like trying to like make a point about like, details and authenticity of blah, blah, but it's also like, it's, I'm not like trying to be super serious about it. It's, it's, it's kind of a funny art project.

Jessamyn 12:44 I really like the one where you write the name of the thing completely over the big Sharpie. That might be my favorite. What is number 25? And I also appreciate the Shutterstock one.

Cortex 12:59 How's this? How's this woodchipper sound by the way? It just really kicked in. Is it coming through much over there?

Jessamyn 13:05 When you're not talking, we just roll through it. Yeah, when you're not talking. I can hear it. Okay, everybody.

Cortex 13:11 This is my friend wood chipper. He's joining us for the podcast, but don't mind him.

Jessamyn 13:15 And if you want to cheer yourself up, I have sent you a link up to the asylum St. spankers. And their song leaf blower which is probably one of my favorite, goofy songs of all time. Oh, that's having a neighbor who likes to blow leaves while you're trying to sleep because you're in a band.

Cortex 13:34 I will I will give that a give that a listen to the podcast. Yeah, no, I really enjoyed miked up, I'm glad you like it. It was a lot of fun and sort of, it helped me like work through a few little creative ideas that I had been like not tackling. Like on a large scale, like things like could turn into a painting that I hadn't figured out where I wanted to go with it yet. So

Jessamyn 13:53 Right. And so it was easy to be like, Well, why don't you just try to a little square with this? Yeah,

Cortex 13:57 yeah. And so now I've got some stuff in working on that. Sort of getting going on because of that. So yeah, that's really satisfying. And it was fun making a little web page for it. I'm gonna try and do more of that this year. Great.

Unknown Speaker 14:07 Hi, Nephi. It's It's tiny chicken. Thanks for another year of helping me be a human. And I hope that 2019 is a very happy, peaceful one for all of you. Love, bye. Hey, happy New Year, grumpy bears. I'm calling you from Weehawken, New Jersey where today I got three strikes in a row for a turkey. Exciting, loving me if I have you there.

Unknown Speaker 14:38 This is 922257033 C four a zero F three C E C, D DB D 819846 D 626999 V one a Ask for

Unknown Speaker 15:00 a to be silent. Have a good one.

Unknown Speaker 15:06 Ms filter. It's Churcher I just got back from January 1 One. I saw three forms and headed back to town. So I like to think this is a good time for the new year for all of us. Thanks for being my community

Unknown Speaker 15:26 Hello, Happy New Year from grey duck. Formally le vortex and air vortex is right here. I hope that everyone's having a better New Year than us. We have just broken down in our car on the side of the road in Minnesota. It's seven degrees below zero and our car is dead and our emergency fund for 2019 has been tapped less than 12 hours into it. I hope that everyone has an awesome 2019 Bye Bye. Happy New Year Metafilter. This is JGI RL. There are a few ways to say it. So I'll let you pick. I hope that this is a better year for all of us by

Unknown Speaker 16:11 the Happy New Year Metafilter from gamma and Euphorbia pay.

Unknown Speaker 16:19 Hi, this is Vic and Stein from St. Augustine, Florida. Possibly the only ni fi to still have a landline. But anyway anyway, I'm wishing all the men Ifilter happy 2019 Take care.

Unknown Speaker 16:35 Hey, this is endotoxin calling in from Albuquerque and to 2018 I've got one thing to get to say.

Unknown Speaker 16:42 Get lost. Hi folks. This is agility saying hi and hope you all have a Happy New Year. Hello, this

Unknown Speaker 16:51 is endotoxin from Albuquerque calling again because I'm not sure if I actually said what I wanted to say right the first time, but I'll get it this time I swear I promise I can totally do.

Unknown Speaker 17:02 Hey, this is Yomi Amano calling from beautiful snowy Madison, Wisconsin with late which for an excellent year and better 2019 than 2018 for all of my methods or neophytes or however you choose to pronounce it out there. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 17:20 Hey, it's endotoxin from Albuquerque, just calling to wish everyone a great and happy New Year. Good luck in 2019. Everyone

Unknown Speaker 17:28 out there, this is fig, I wanted to call in and wish the best for all of you for 2019. And also say giant Thank you. My 2018 was pretty rough, and I got so much love and support from so many fights and just the site being there in general to provide entertainment, intellectual discussions, distractions, all of that has meant so much to me. So thank you for being you. Thanks so much for keeping the site running. And again, best wishes for 2019 Hi, Mehta filter. It's eyebrows McGee.

Unknown Speaker 18:08 I'm here with Nano McGee and she wants to say Happy New Year.

Unknown Speaker 18:15 Howdy. This is Bella Donna calling from Stockholm. In Sweden, the first few days after New Year's sweets, a good foot sharpening with a better accent. And that means literally good continuance. So I'm going to wish everyone another filter, good continuous in 2019.

Unknown Speaker 18:43 When I was in high school, I had this art teacher with an attitude of all your art is terrible right now. So it can be better later. And I was terrible. I didn't understand basic techniques, zero patience. I gave up too easily. I asked her, How do I make my art better. And she told me it's the same way I worked on my writing. Because at that point, I was known amongst the teachers for my ability to write. The way you get good at writing is first absorbing what other people have written, being an avid reader, not just the books, but everything. People like to joke about reading encyclopedias. But we had a set that over time I read covered cover. I read the blurbs on the back of cans and boxes in the grocery stores. I read the newspaper every section, but especially for sale ads because that's where you find the tightest persuasive arguments. Some kids have a Greek Egyptian gods phase and some have a vampire phase. I had a systematically moved from shelf to shelf until I read about 90% of the South Gameboy children's section when the library was in the old church phase. I read all sorts of magazines and watched a lot of movies listened to a lot of them. Music sat quietly at my mom's work parties and absorbed adult conversations. If you absorb enough stuff, it has nowhere to go but back out. It mixes up with other stuff and have heard conversations finds a root rhythm from a tune, you can't get out of your head. And suddenly you have a poem, or short story or an essay about why Toys R Us failed. It's the same with art. You read technique books, watch videos, reach tutorials on blogs, watch a demo at a local studio, go to your actual museum, get your eyeballs in front of a painting and get close enough to see the brushstrokes. You find people passionate about what they make, and you listen to them. Sooner or later, just volcano's out of your fingertips. And that's pretty much how life works. We come into the world empty headed and we fill up with schooling, and listening at the dinner table and watching the news and walking through the park. And meeting people from other countries and traveling to those places to see them with our own eyes. By reading by watching movies that are good and bad. By listening to an album and loving it so much. We go to a concert to share the energy of it with hundreds of people. We fill up with all these bits and pieces of other people and things and art and it becomes who we are. We open our mouths or put pens in hand and we share who we become. That's how you get better at art at writing. And being a person you open up as wide as you can to absorb as much as you can mix it all together and share it. And that's the best advice a teacher ever gave me. Here's to making ourselves better. In 2019 Happy new year

Cortex 22:04 there is a number of things that I enjoyed on projects that I didn't make to something from just today. This is this is a classic I don't even understand it and I'm happy it's their thing. Ah Lee how on posted a inverse hessie and multiplication implementation code for some math that I don't know what it is posted on GitHub. The Jr dot Bob dots Memorial inverse hessayon multiplication so getting the site Scientology

Jessamyn 22:43 I assure sure you're not being affected by the wood chipper.

Cortex 22:46 No, I'm just being affected by everything. The the Bob dogs, you know, Bob dogs, right? Right. I don't know, the organization. But they're the man with a pipe and the hairless apes. Cheese's? How I'd let's move on. But anyway, anybody who knows what that is about as listening to this is just screaming. And that was the whole point hail Eris. I also liked shuffles things that I like, Well, okay, I was just trying to move on as possible. Quickly, tell me about something you like,

Jessamyn 23:22 I really like this little teeny thing by foods, which is called what CSS which can basically give you a really bare bones, CSS that you can type in, and then it'll basically show you the CSS that like your website is using if I understand this correctly. So it's like a minimum viable CSS that you can, that you can

Cortex 23:48 do stripping it down to reduce the page weight a whole bunch.

Jessamyn 23:52 Yeah, because CSS is like bulky and messy. And a lot of times people make it sort of, you know, agglomerative, Li, like you just add more to the end. And you don't go through to see what you've been using. I mean, I'm definitely guilty of that. And so this is just a tiny little thing. It's on GitHub, and it can give you like the smallest CSS that you needed, so that somebody can start interacting with your site.

Cortex 24:17 Yeah, keep the keep the form of your page without all the extra stuff. And I think I think probably part of it, too, is like it's not even just like the natural agglomeration as you write CSS, but there's so much like, essentially machine generated CSS, this point where like, because it's coming out of a workflow tool that like barfs out CSS, you're don't even get that sort of like, handcrafted like sense of restraint. You get like, Oh, this is what the tool generated. Right?

Jessamyn 24:42 includes every possible button you might never use, and your site doesn't have any buttons. Yeah, yeah, for example. It's a cool project. And I was literally just trying to go through this we're moving to like a membership management software for the Vermont Library Association and not like you should necessarily care but like We're using wild apricot, which is like one of those companies, which is like, we're your membership thing. Plus, we'll build your whole website for you. And I'm like, No, you won't, because we have a website that's got 20 years of content on it. But we'd like your part of the website to look as much as possible, like our part of the website. And they're like, great, copy your CSS here. And I just started doing that this morning. And I was like, this is a clusterfuck. This is the fucking worst. So this may actually help me. And then, you know, it's one of those things like the lady who had the membership database, like she's got a family member who's super sick. And so I'm like, give me this spreadsheet. And she's like, stuff is shitty. And I did kind of the thing you're supposed to do, right, which is like, take all the time you need and yet like other people are hollering at me. So when I finally got the spreadsheet, I really tried to make this happen before I'd had my coffee this morning, is a terrible idea. And so I claim to this like a life ring, hoping it's going to help me with the stuff I need to do. All right.

Cortex 26:04 I also like this thing, the double pulsar just yesterday. A rule set for telephone Pictionary, aka, eat poop, you cat, aka the thing that grew out of the old sort of data parlor game of exquisite corpse, which I'm also a big fan of. And yeah, it's just like, you've probably seen some version of it. If you've been on the internet for a while, it's you know, players take turns by some means or another, drawing a picture. And then another player writes the text to describe that picture. And the next player draws a picture to capture that text. And he's go on for like, however many turns until eventually, you have this completely unrelated starting and ending image or starting and ending phrase. And just it's good fun. So this is a just a simple sort of set of rules for doing that via the actual Postal Service, which is a great idea. And I don't know, maybe we should try and start up a telephone Pictionary correspondence thing and metta talk or something, be fun to get a bunch of people involved in Yeah, that would

Jessamyn 27:08 be fun. Well, I mean, what was Vic was saying that like, you know, Card Club has really been going great this whole year, it just seems like me fights are up for postal stuff, that it works for a large percentage of the people who use the site. And so another way to be interactive through the mail. Seems like it'd be kind of amazing. Yeah. Yeah.

Cortex 27:32 So that's good. Gonna try and hold myself accountable to like spreading that idea out by actually leaving a comment in doubles, products posts, saying it's much like we should do this. Yeah.

Jessamyn 27:43 Great. Good idea. Oh, well, if you're like, Ah, those were the ones that piqued my interest. I did have a side mentioned about hashing. So because the word has come up now in the last 24 hours of my life, so I figured I would tell the story. I have a friend, she has a mother, her mother is in the local kind of assisted living place that's in town. Her mother's a genius. Like one of those really smart old women, who also knows a lot of math and science, but maybe also has kind of a math and science personality. And she pitches a little bit as I think a lot of people in her age cohort too. But her latest bitching had to do with the fact that she was at the lunch table, talking to three of the other older women who are at the place, and she started wanting to talk about the Hessians. Only nobody else knew what they were, or like when they were born to the point. And so basically, my friends time with her mom on Sunday, because they always get together on Sunday was essentially spent listening to her mom complain about the fact that nobody knows anything about the Hessians and Dammit, this small town blahdy blahdy blah, and like, she's not wrong, but I think a lot of us just kind of make our peace with the fact that people don't necessarily understand the stuff that you know, we may nerdy Lee know about. But I did also go home and look up Wikipedia on Hessians. Because if I ever wound up talking Tugwell there I wanted to not get my ass handed to me and compensation. Yep.

Cortex 29:18 I shouldn't start I'm part of the problem there too. Like I couldn't tell you a single thing other than someone made that post and also at some point in some Imogen Heap song. I can't remember which she uses the word.

Jessamyn 29:31 Well, it's a good one, right? Because

Cortex 29:34 Oh, but I don't know enough to even know if that's down either now, but she's also she's British. I want to say oh, so there could also be like, you know, pond variation there too. Who knows? Anyway, that's what I know about historians is that one time Imogen Heap sung the word Essien unless I heard it wrong, in which case she didn't.

Jessamyn 29:55 Well it's great, right because it rhymes with like confession. It rhymes with it. Well, maybe that's it.

Cortex 30:04 Yep. Joanne Miriam has been doing news you have missed for like year or two. Now she said in the post, why she just read things reading. I'm glad that my brain managed because I've read that before when I approved it and my brain stored that as a year or two. So that's that's some time. Yeah, some some amount of time. All this news, she's been working on cataloging it, and it's a nice resource for sort of, it's one of those. Hey, what the fuck is going on situation? Well, and

Jessamyn 30:38 if you're one of those people like me, and you probably are who misses fires, really nice mailing list? Yes.

Cortex 30:47 Yeah, fire did a really nice job on that for a while and then understandably decided to stop taking turns a lot of words.

Jessamyn 30:56 Yeah. Yeah. It was just kind of looking at it. I follow her on Facebook. So I see this one that comes up.

Cortex 31:03 So you know, I basically never touch Facebook. So like, I don't like I know it's there, but you never

Jessamyn 31:06 touch it or you basically never touch it. Basically, never touch it.

Cortex 31:09 Like your account. I have a I haven't formally shut my account down. But it's out of a weird sort of like, well, do I have some professional obligation to be aware of the end? That's I'm increasingly thinking that's just fucking dumb. In theory, it's to keep track of my family, but my family knows where I am. That's, they can get a hold of me. So yeah, I should just get off it. But I don't want to go on at length about how I'm, you know, ambivalent about it. Instead, I want to say, this project posed by speakers, the Moonlight Sonata, but the bass is a bar late and the mellow car.

Jessamyn 31:45 I couldn't listen to it. But I understood why it was cool. It's so

Cortex 31:48 good. It's cool. Partly because it's something that people just can't listen to it depending on who you are. And it's very nice. Like it's it's exactly what it is. There's nothing else to it. It's just the Moonlight Sonata fucked up temporarily. And I love it. And someone made a medical post and I've been shattered both of those and so good. I really really liked that. It's like exactly my kind of obnoxious structural music experimentation. So yes. That's pretty much all I want to do my best to shout out people building games on the site. Just Kevin posted about having a game he made 10 years ago. He's doing a follow up. And it's in early access now. So you can go actually play it in it's still in progress state, as is the nature of things so much of the time these days in the game world. So yeah, start come next at school. Check it out.

Jessamyn 32:51 So here you go. If you basically mentioned like 85% of the projects on projects, I kind of feel like you just need to mention every single one of them. That was

Cortex 33:00 like half of them. There's a bunch of other good stuff, too. I just haven't been able to dig in. All right. Bard and

Jessamyn 33:05 row frag and complicated history and

Cortex 33:09 exogenous in the works in there and yep, yes, no, there's

Jessamyn 33:12 there's a bunch of good stuff. All right.

Cortex 33:15 Here's the here's the thing. There's always good stuff on projects. Go check it out. Don't wait for us. Right Don't Don't Don't Don't don't put on us get in there. Just just get in and revel enjoy the stuff people are making puts.

Jessamyn 33:27 You've made a thing. Please make a projects post so that we can revel in it ourselves.

Cortex 33:32 We will see that shit. We're stoked. Yeah, I'm

Jessamyn 33:34 trying to think of I've been up to anything lately. Nah, I should have put my 50 by 50 project up on. I mean, isn't it though?

Cortex 33:42 Oh, it's never too late. Never give up Goonies never don't do things I think is the phrase from the movie.

Jessamyn 33:50 Yeah, man. I should have done my 50 by quickie project and I didn't really think about it I'm just walking right past the guineas. Keep going.

Unknown Speaker 33:57 Well, clouds building future statue them shopping kamikazes cocoa hole in the side

Cortex 34:24 should we talk about metal filter with

Unknown Speaker 34:29 the big sea of links

Jessamyn 34:34 of links, the Big Blue Link etc. Yep. The Lord the Big Blue Link etc.

Cortex 34:39 As it says in Part 148. Even the big blue sea must but not that sea pocket. I actually don't know what we're referring to. Sorry, listeners can't see that. We just simultaneously independently posted the same link into the chat window but apparently we both enjoyed this one. Would you like to talk about a desert

Jessamyn 35:01 share? I mean, basically, it's one of those single link Twitter apps. I don't know what that stands for. It's by it's by sea have a net chafe net. I don't even know when maybe I can figure this out. Nope. I don't know. I have no idea. But basically, it's one of those single tweet posts. That is good, not because the tweet was like, amazing, although the tweet was funny, but it's one of those like, like, let's all talk about some funny shit. And so the tweet I will read in its entirety. Your Smith's album name is the mildest complaint you had about the last dining experience you had outside of your home. Mine is the potatoes weren't all I expected. And so like everybody, you know, on Twitter makes it a joke, but then it gets posted to metal filter where everybody a metal filter makes it a joke. And for some reason, it's fun to share your joke with the people of metaphysics, slightly more than the randos.

Cortex 36:02 Exactly. You know, this is where we grab assing this is where we're doing our riffing

Jessamyn 36:09 with the family that's got to be the title that you

Cortex 36:11 feel like at some point we're gonna have to like retire grab assing as like just weirdly problematic like, like we've we've been saying it like for years like you and I both use that as like, just normal vocabulary.

Jessamyn 36:24 About like a woman getting her ass grabbed. I think it's about kids playing grab ass, but I could be wrong about that.

Cortex 36:31 See, I've always taken it more as like a not necessarily kids but definitely like a jovial Hey, we're running around being idiots not like, Oh, hey, I have some juicy ass I want to grab but like, being goofy, but it's a very specific, like anatomical, you know, phrase and it feels like, is it going to end up weird at some point? I don't know. Maybe it's just slightly weird. Now, I don't have a problem with it. But I'm thinking well,

Jessamyn 36:55 I am. I am curious, because I use it a lot. I would have to find a new one. Well, yeah, of course, then this leads into my favorite New Year's Day story, which is that Jim and I, as always celebrated New Year's Eve together woke up hungry on New Year's Day. And we're like, I don't want to cook any food. Let's go somewhere. But everywhere is closed. As as it is in, you know, small towns. And so we're trying to figure out like where besides our usual spots is open. And so we went to like this place we've been to before. It's the galley grill, they don't know they're fine. But then we sat down and they gave us this menu that's got like seven things on it. And the seven things are all like a $40 Lobster, you know, filet mignon wrapped in bacon, like it's their New Year's Day menu, right? And Tim and I are like, fuck, like, what do we do now? Like, I don't want filet mignon. This is bullshit. I want to be Lt. And so normally in those situations, I do internet person things and panic and leave, right? Like just like, I just can't deal with it. I walk out the door. And I feel good that I'm able to walk out the door and not order a lobster I'm not going to eat. But this time instead, I was like, Look, we just want a sandwich. Is there any other way we can sort of deal with this? And the waitress is like, oh, yeah, let me just bring you the bar menu. I was like, there's a second menu and you gave me this bullshit. So I believed my contribution to that thread is took me a while to get the normal menu.

Cortex 38:32 Nice. Boy, there was a bunch of stuff I likes. It sort of just a reference thing for people who like that sort of thing. There was a post by sub OKCoin sub OKCoin shirt about just mash up mixes for 2018 You know, people that there's a bunch of people that do lots of people do mash ups. Lots of people do sort of mash up round ups and this is a collection of roundups of mixes of mash up so it's just a whole bunch of pile got mashed together and thrown at you. Basically if you want to go listen to some some pop music mashups of 2018 this post has a treasure trove for you.

Jessamyn 39:14 The best. So good every year.

Cortex 39:18 Yeah. Because like

Jessamyn 39:20 bad mashups are bad. Like, like they're worse than bad music, right? Because sometimes they don't have like a rhythm. Like sometimes there's something really wrong with them. And the best of booty always gets the Mashups that are good music in addition to being good mashups.

Cortex 39:35 Yeah, I appreciate that. Lots of people like to do it but I also appreciate that some people go and sort through it because I don't necessarily want to listen to a mash up that doesn't like click for me.

Jessamyn 39:43 No, this is good. I did not see this post and this post will work for me because I will download all this stuff. So I made a post in December, which was all about muskrat love. The song which if you're of a certain age, you couldn't escape from that. It turns out that muskrat love on the 45 has a thing that I didn't know existed called a locked groove. Meaning when it gets to the end, if you let it get all the way to the end, the last groove just

Cortex 40:11 goes in a circle. Yeah. And you get like, you get to repeat like muskrat songs, which Greg

Jessamyn 40:15 ace made some joke about and as his his custom. And so that's interesting. And then it turns out locked grooves are a thing that albums did. And I linked to this post on Discogs about it, because I was pretty excited about that. And then it turned out that the guy who made the Discogs posts showed up in the thread, which was, which was cool. Sold chap.

Cortex 40:39 I mean, I assume awesome. Did it go awesome. Oh, yeah, he

Jessamyn 40:41 was he was happy, like, Oh, that's so nice. You know, I made that list. Here's some other things you'd like. And then the captain died? Yeah, I just saw that the other day. Well, he just died the other day. So it was very like, Oh, God, like I didn't mean to summon some kind of terribleness. I mean, he was in his 70s. But like, had been kind of in poor health, but it was kind of a bummer. And then there was like, you know, people were like, Oh my gosh, so that was my, my whole my whole story.

Cortex 41:13 Alright, you know, muskrat love and Captain Neil. Both exist entirely as things that I know mostly as references from reading Dave Berry. Really, as a kid. Yeah, I've probably heard muskrat love. I've probably heard other stuff by Captain Neil. But I couldn't love will

Jessamyn 41:31 keep us together. That's the one. Yeah, give me bad see. And when I was a kid a little bit earlier than that, they had a variety show on TV and they were by everything not because I was so into them, but because there was three goddamn channels. And nothing was on the other two.

Cortex 41:48 Yep. Well, Bon Voyage captain. I liked that. It was elder day again. December 26. Boxing Day knows all the day. And you got a nice other post about some goofy Zelda stuff. Oh, nice. And that's basically it. Like if you like video games like Zelda go check it out. Because it was elderly.

Jessamyn 42:14 First comment. Why is it sell today? Yeah, it's

Cortex 42:17 like it's like, like at a Passover Seder. Like, why is tonight different from all other nights?

Jessamyn 42:22 I don't ask why is it Passover? Well,

Cortex 42:25 no. But you know, it's like why today's elder or than all other days is, is I would the spirit in which I choose to take that?

Jessamyn 42:33 Good point. Good point. What else did you like? I liked this thread, by Bella Donna, which is basically it starts out just pointing to like some thing on the New York Times where young people explain how they don't understand culture. But basically, it's about how it's different people from the New York Times commenting about how it's different, difficult making friends once you leave school, right. It's a thing adults talk about a lot. And so different people talked about different aspects of that. And Bella Donna pulled out one of the better parts of this, which was that you know, this dude who talks about, you know, my wife and I have a thing we call the friendship meal. We just invite randos to have dinner with us. And you know, maybe it's just a weird, awkward dinner. But often we meet new people that we like, and its friends. And then she does a longer post talking about science backed ways to make friends as an adult and a scientist sort of talked about this is how you do it. And why are people in Denmark so happy bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, but so then it just becomes a really interesting kind of meta filter chitchat about friendship, and how you how you meet people and how you make friends and how you keep friends talks a little bit about the difference between like introverts and extroverts. And like, you know, people being like, we're I'm an introvert, so I don't like a dinner party. And then other people being like, well, I'm an introvert, and I don't mind dinner parties, they just tire me out. And talking about kind of the difference between being an introvert which is one thing, and just being socially anxious or awkward, which is another thing? And how do you figure out a way to get all your friends or, you know, some of your friends together and like, you know, I had had some sort of an epiphany at some point, because I used to when I was younger, just have these big, open weekends, everybody come over and eat your food and do your thing, and we'll hang out all weekend and kind of whatever happens happens. And that worked a lot better when I was younger. And then as I got older, and I became more sort of introverted meeting I get tired out by you know, big groups of people, no big deal. But also more of my friends were introverted, like having a bunch of nerds to your house for like a hey, let's do whatever and whatever happens happens, isn't setting me up for success and it's often not setting them up for success, you know, that whatever happens happens isn't fun for them. Or maybe it was confusing for me. And so you know, figuring out new and different ways to interact with people. I do a lot more pub trivia. I do. a lot more, you know, pot lucky. Here's when it starts. Here's when it ends kind of stuff. Yeah. And that goes, okay really, but you know, letting myself off the hook for being like it's okay to not have a big everybody's invited weekend or inviting, like your 20 Best friends to go get drinks with you like there was one person who in the thread was talking about like, yeah, you know, I have this friend who used to invite me out for coffee. But then every time they invited me out for coffee, it was also with three of their other friends. And like if you think you're gonna go out with your friends, and talk or hang out, and then they bring their other friends, like everybody's got that friend who they're friends with, but they don't socialize without their partner. Yeah, you know, which, nothing wrong with that. But sometimes if I want to hang out with my buddy, I don't want to hang out with him and his wife. Yeah, but maybe his wife or maybe he are like, no, like, that's not how we do things. And also people, what people have different feelings about whether it's appropriate to socialize with an independent member of a couple. At any rate, it was a nice, long, interesting thread about friendship. And

Cortex 46:05 I don't know if it I didn't see the threads. So I don't I don't know what came up or not. But that reminds me of things people mentioned in a couple of the nice chatty threads. Add I think, like the nice chatty threads and the hard chatting threads, like the fucking fuck type stuff. Yeah. Is people mentioning like how meta filter has been sort of helpful as that role for them, you know, in adulthood and the way like things like meetups or making connections with people over like, met by mail or in conversation on the site has ended up compensating for that weird sort of, oh, this socialization thing goes away when you're an adult. When you're at a school?

Jessamyn 46:41 Well, the default socialization, right? You're not always going to know that you can have lunch with people in the cafeteria, you're not going to be in classes with people where you automatically see them every week. What do you do if you don't have a hobby? I mean, if you don't like go to regular church, which I think for some people really does solve that problem. You know, big question, right? In

Cortex 47:02 the absence of that, that structural obligation to make the social best of a situation where you're around other people, yeah,

Jessamyn 47:10 maybe you don't have a lot of money. So you can't like go to the same restaurant every week, or whatever the thing is, or maybe you're just shy, and it's hard to figure out the new rules. But yeah, no, it was it was interesting. And I always like to learn from other people. And for me, the introvert versus kind of awkward line was really useful. You know what I mean? Like, because I know people who are both or either you know what I mean? And it helps understand, like, it's not that that person's an introvert. That person's just kind of awkward in the groups. Yeah, that person's an extrovert, but also awkward in big groups like they can be they can be different.

So yeah, I learned some things. Similarly. This. Marie Kondo, I guess, Marie Kondo, you know, the life, the unexpected joy of tidying up that, I guess there's a Netflix shock, so yeah, so it's on fanfare also. But is made a post on metal filter, which is a little bit more like, let's talk about the idea k, T. Kate, Kate, Kate, K, eight, T, whatever. Katie made a post on fanfare which you go discuss with and then phys link to articles about the episodes, or like, you know, not even about the episodes, I guess, like do you linked the app, link to like, six different articles about different aspects of Sure. Yeah. And which was good. And so a lot of people had conversations about tidying up, which again, fascinating to me to learn how other people manage their stuff. Yeah, you know, in a in a very literal kind of way. I like those conversations. They're fun. People talk about how the TV show was good or bad. Apparently, there's some like jerk husband in one of the early episodes, and everybody hated him.

Cortex 49:39 Yeah, I've heard I've heard like, just passing rumbling about aspects of the show, but like, I haven't seen it, so I have no idea.

Jessamyn 49:45 Yeah, yeah. And I don't I'm disinclined to ever watch that show. But it was fun to get to read along with people and I got to post Chuck Ren digs thread. Welcome to my new Netflix. Yo, what's called cluttering is good. Actually, it is like a nest made of stuff built to protect you from feeling feelings. So funny. If you read one thing about this show, it should be that Twitter thread. I don't know him that much. Like, he just kind of shows up in my stuff every now and again. And every time I do, I'm like, This guy's a genius. I could basically spend my whole life reading what he writes and not doing anything of my own.

Cortex 50:23 There's some good people on Twitter who sort of exist that way. Like I know they do more, but that's what I end up seeing. Is everyone else? Someone retweeted like, oh, okay, that's good. That's right. That's that's how I was for a while with the demi addigy. eBay. Like electro lemon is his social media. He's a, he's a comedian.

Jessamyn 50:41 I don't think I know that person at all. He was big

Cortex 50:45 on Vine. And then finally, the way he was like, very good at Vine. He's just a funny guy. He's a writer for the good place. So probably brought him up before he spoke at XOXO. This year, it was a lot of fun. Yeah, yeah, I know who this person is. I just recently started listening to a podcast that he's been doing for last year with a friend called punch up the jam where the two of them and sometimes the special guest will basically deconstruct a song that they have issues with. And then at the end, they will have built that up to presenting a new remade version of the song where they alter usually the lyrics significantly, and maybe the stone and the tone and the style of it, they do the Star Spangled Banner and turn it into a pretty solid rap about how sweet the flag is. Ah, they do some Christmas songs. He did a really great episode on Spice Girls that that turned into a very explicit contractual agreement about group sex.

Jessamyn 51:38 I can totally say it's the if you want to be my lover, right?

Cortex 51:40 Yeah. It's, it's a lot of fun. I would recommend it. It's it's a couple of comedians.

Jessamyn 51:47 I've got to get things done. Judge once you listen

Cortex 51:51 to while you get things done the podcast while I paint.

Jessamyn 51:54 Oh, God, really? Oh, yeah. I can't listen to things with words while I do anything requiring my brain. I should probably take up knitting so that I could listen to more podcasts.

Cortex 52:03 There are very specific paintings I've worked on that I won't listen to something that I'm going to be engaged with, because they involve like a lot of counting. Like,

Jessamyn 52:12 artwork like knitting. Yeah, because a lot of it requires patterns. Yeah,

Cortex 52:16 but some of the patterns are like very, like I've been doing stuff with stripes and squares in the last few days that like, it's, it's just squares like I do pencil draft lines on the canvas. First, I'm just gonna fill in squares. It's a very sort of like, chill.

Jessamyn 52:30 By numbers when you determine how it's going to work. Yeah, so

Cortex 52:32 podcasts is fine for this thing, and like cleaning house and stuff. Anyway. Right, Metafilter that's what we were doing. I liked this niche, little post, I guess maybe I'm saying niche now instead of niche by default. I still think it's both. But But I feel like maybe people think niche sounds better.

Jessamyn 52:54 Now that you've mentioned it. I have no idea how I say that. Yeah, yeah,

Cortex 52:57 I have a lot of words that are like, it's like GIF and gift for me. Now I no longer have an opinion. I just, it's the superposition of both. Anyway, this this niche niche posed by dancing leaves about the physics of bells, like, you know, bells, specifically around handles in particular seems to be the big focus of a lot of what is being written about in some of the stuff in the links. But yeah, bells are weird. They, you know, they're round, tubular, vibrating things instead of like, like, suspended between two point strings. And it does change a lot about how they make noise. And I never really thought about it before. So yeah, it's just like, some random geek read on a thing. Like tiny little thread, just a few comments, but a whole bunch of favorites, and it's really great. So yeah,

Jessamyn 53:44 cool. If you somehow missed my dad and Charles Barkley, go read. My dad. Charles don't

Cortex 53:53 know what this is what,

Jessamyn 53:55 Josh? So basically, it's this person. And when Charles Barkley's mom died, a guy showed up at the, at the funeral, and nobody knew that person. He was just some random person they didn't know. And it turns out, then, when this guy died, Barkley showed up at his funeral, and it just turned out to be like this random dude who made fun, made fun, made friends with Charles Barkley at some point, because they happened to be at the same location for a couple of days, and they had dinner together every day. And then they stayed in touch. And this guy is just like some like kind of nerdy, nerdy man who you would not expect to be friends with a football player, a football player. Listen to me. I know that Charles Barkley plays basketball.

Cortex 54:52 And sometimes the universe is just going to Bo Jackson, you Hello space. Yeah. And so anyway, the point is, Michael Jordan was not a very good baseball player. Carry on. And I mean, he was fine. He just wasn't great.

Jessamyn 55:04 Basically, it's this adorable story about what a mench, Charles Barkley is. And this nerdy man who was her father, who would tell everybody, he was really good friends with Charles Barkley, and everybody was like, Yeah, sure, whatever. And then this is basically a post documenting their friendship. I mean, I think this is really kind of the friendship podcast, right? And it's, it was adorable. It went around on Twitter, and everyone was like, super cute. And they actually there's a video I believe, of Charles Barkley doing the eulogy at Lynn Wang's funeral. Just all things very sweet. And so, yeah,

Cortex 55:46 cool. Well, I'll mention two more real quick. And, okay, this is the friend I can I can make these thematic friendship. Things that happens sometimes with your friends is they're involved in something that might turn out to be kind of a hoax.

Jessamyn 56:00 I don't know much about this, except like I read headlines. So maybe you can tell me,

Cortex 56:04 I wasn't following it super closely. So I still don't know exactly how it panned out. But basically, there was a big viral thing going around on the internet as happened sometimes some guy put together a revenge hoax or revenge thing for package thieves. He built basically a glitter bomb inside of a package that would turn on a camera and explode in the package leaves face when they like opened up the package. So that's why they steal it. They take it home, they open it up and then phone reloads on glitter explodes and it's all caught on tape. And then you know that phones home and the guy can say haha, which is a it's one of those like, too good to check sort of situations, maybe but then people were like, well, but what if we checked it anyway? And it seems like the best explanation the most innocent explanation is this guy made the somewhat perverse decision to offer his friends $500 Ransom or not ransom but reward. If they can just like get him a package thief on camera, which then at least some friends said, Oh, 500 bucks. Yeah, I will totally open up this package or get better to do so. So $300

Jessamyn 57:27 to some other sucker.

Cortex 57:29 Yeah. And so the best case scenario is that this guy didn't think about us incentives. And his friends did think about us incentives and lied to him. And he didn't notice that they were involved in his so called, you know, candid package these captures Oh, it was the whole thing was a bullshit. Yeah. And it's like, I don't know. But there was a bunch of detective work back and forth. And it's an interesting thread to read in that sort of like, way, it's that also, at least, you know, people, people were trying to track stuff down. But also, I'll try not to like also say, by the way, here's the address of the people involved. So I feel like the through line on that ended up being okay with people trying to like big and cool without also like, being thoughtless. But it's just one of those weird things. It was a weird internet thing and sort of interesting.

Jessamyn 58:17 So it seems like some of them were fake. But who even knows, right?

Cortex 58:22 Yeah, like, I don't I don't know. I came away from deciding, you know, I don't fucking know exactly how much bullshit this is. But there's definitely some bullshit involved in Oh, well. But it was interesting to see people trying to sort of sort that out. The other friend posts involves when your friend is someone who can talk for 25 minutes per day, because they're a dog and dogs can talk for 25 minutes per day in this theory. That's, that's some just, this is the whole thing. Go read the thread. Because it's like someone saying, look, here's an idea. What if, what if dogs could just talk for 25 minutes a day? Like, wouldn't that be good? And the entire thread is people's trying to figure out how the fuck this would work? Whether it be good, whether it be bad, where the pitfalls are, what this means for dogs,

Jessamyn 59:05 they could talk, like with people words.

Cortex 59:08 Yeah. All right. So yeah, that's all it's go read it because there's no summary I'm going to do that's going to like justify the whole thing. It's just people playing around with that idea.

Jessamyn 59:20 I do like this particular comment, which is that you know, they would probably just say, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Yep, well, which is funny, actually, because I don't know if that comes from but is what oh, God, you know how every now and again you type something wrong into A into the address bar, and then you wind up someplace weird. Yes. So I, I read a graphic novel called, called man freed the man which is basically I'll get to that in a second. But I typed a man friend in by accident because fingers, and then I wound up with some nonprofit organization, which appears to be involved in helping, it's impossible to know what they are. I don't even think they're a real company. I think it's like, I think it's like a made up thing.

Cortex 1:00:20 I'm looking at this. I mean, I want to say it speaks to how much I trust you and value our friendship that you without even getting through that explanation pasted man into the browser. Right away. Whatever they are, they're they're open Monday to Friday, nine to five and closed Saturday and Sunday.

Jessamyn 1:00:45 Right. It's funny. So

Cortex 1:00:46 laws and standards and rules and compliance and security and strategy. So

Jessamyn 1:00:51 yeah, but I don't think they're a real thing. I think it's mainly for helping men be friends. But what I wanted to say is what I liked was this book man free demand, which essentially, the premise is cats are full sized and sentient, and they have little men as pets. Again, not women as pets, which I find really, there's been a lot of like, Why aren't there any women at all? Like, you know, like Psalm 148. And like, man freed the man, although the grown up full sized sentient cats, some of them are definitely women. I think the problem is that when you have little men as pets, it's kind of easy to cover up their tiny penises because they're naked. But maybe it would be more difficult if they had tiny breasts

Cortex 1:01:38 to like, literally fig leaf that without Yeah,

Jessamyn 1:01:41 so at any rate, Manpreet the man is great. And

Cortex 1:01:43 the little words, they're cowards.

Jessamyn 1:01:47 The little men who are pets just say, hey, all the time, I think, I think they just say hey, all the time, like they don't talk. But they have like a word they say over and over again. And I'm pretty sure it's Hey, which made me think of this. I wonder if Caitlin major has a Wikipedia page. I've been on a Wikipedia care at a tear lately. She does.

Cortex 1:02:10 Which is ironic, because as a digital encyclopedia, it doesn't have pages you can tear

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21 up just to say Happy 2019 to everyone. And now I won't be singing because I think I've used up all of my singing time with that snowman. So go. Have a lovely day. I've loved I'd have a lovely rest of the year. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41 Hi, it's purple. I realized today that I was probably the only person in the world working on a gopher server at that moment. And do something metaphorical for servers up and running again. Have a nice evening. Take care. Hello Metafilter

Unknown Speaker 1:02:58 Happy New Year to the crew and demand to cortex and to everyone. This escape. metal filter.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:08 Hello metal filter. This is bond cliff. I don't really know what to say. So I'm just going to read off all the cheese's I know. Cheddar, American, Swiss, provolone, Velveeta stringy cheese, it's Gouda. That's all the cheese's I know. Have a good day. Metacell Hey, y'all, this

Unknown Speaker 1:03:35 is Johnny wallflower. This year, has had its ups and downs for us personally, but overall, I'm feeling much better about things. And looking forward to another interesting year. I love this fractious community we have here and I offer you warm hugs from south of the border. So he sent me and labeled as they put it over here to get todos mis amigos del Merrifield protein and when a sweater is everything that

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01 Hello meta filter. This is new lobsters from Riverhead, I wanted to call and hope that everybody had a decent holiday season. And give my thanks to the mods, the posters, the commenters and everybody who makes meta filter a really unique and helpful and entertaining place on the web. Thank you all.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:28 Bye. Hi, it's been cliff again. I had thought of some more cheeses, data and cream cheese. Thank you. Good night.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:38 Hey, Metafilter Happy New Year. This is for an octillion and I'm not going to say

Unknown Speaker 1:04:48 hey, this is Clint. You know, I don't know how you're supposed to give 2018 of flippy. But you know what? 2018 can take his own head and shove it deep inside its own app. because it couldn't have been done a moment sooner.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:05 Hi, this is RMD 1023. And hopefully 2019 is gonna be awesome for all of us. Fight. Hi, Jeff. Hi cortex. Hi Metafilter rangefinder 1.4. For the year ahead, I'm wishing everybody well. I'm really excited about collaborating again on music projects with Billy Dee and was not on display. And I'm really looking forward to the best post contest this month. And thanks everybody for participating in it. For last year, last year had its ups and downs. Overall, it was a tough year with a lot of challenges and losses and heartache. Thank you, you know who you are for the encouragement. This is not just for me, but for rallying around fellow medical folks with love and support. There is no other place like Metafilter. So let's cheer each other on and keep going. And ginger beer in case you're listening, sending you love. I'm gonna read a short quote from one of my favorite writers. It's out of context, but I kept thinking of it at the end of the year. Cortex if this is too long, you can just trim this part out. light shone in the windows of the bungalow to square patches for gold. So upon the pink and the peach Mary gold. Florrie the cat came out onto the veranda and sat on the top step. Her white paws close together. Her tail curled around. She looked content, as though she had been waiting for this moment all day. Thank goodness it's getting await. Said flirty. Thank goodness. The long day is over. Her greengage eyes opened. That's from the story at the bay by Katherine Mansfield. Happy New Year metaphor

Unknown Speaker 1:07:19 Hi, this is Kimber Russell from the beautiful state of New Jersey wishing all of my medicines or friends a happy 2019

Unknown Speaker 1:07:27 Hi, Jasmine Jasmine, this is sung doc. Thank you for doing this, Colin and thanks for the podcast which I always enjoy. To all of you listening. I just like to wish you all the very best in this young year. More than ever. Everyone needs a hug. If they're fond of hugs. How about everyone needs an assumption of good faith, a compassionate awareness that they're likely to be struggling with challenges that aren't apparent and a readiness to offer support and goodwill. You all helped me to remember these things, and you deserve them. Last year was very hard. May this year be better. Happy New Year.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:05 Hey y'all, this is okra Drako. It's been another hard year. PTSD is still no joke. But once again, I'm really really thankful for Metafilter as a place and for the people that are in it. I've recently spent several days at another mefites house just outside Chicago, which were interspersed with meetups with folks there. I've got you know, folks from all different parts of the world checking in on me on a pretty regular basis, all because of this little website. And things have been hard for a lot of us and I don't necessarily see them getting easier anytime soon. But having this community helps make it possible to get through even the hardest times. So I love you metal filter

Unknown Speaker 1:09:26 me again, there's sharp cheddar, mild cheddar, extra sharp cheddar and me Do you know any other kinds of cheeses cranberry Wensleydale I think that's all of them. So on

Cortex 1:10:06 I've got one more that I wanted to mention, everyone

Jessamyn 1:10:08 should read Manpreet the mag, let's go back through stuff.

Cortex 1:10:12 There is a post by Urban whaleshark. This is one of those someone else posted it when I went to post it, it was already there, which is good that filter is working. But it is a reworking of the first six books of the elements of Euclid. That's a classic old old old mathematical text from like, you know, late BC era, okay, remember exactly 300 bc it says in the post, go on as just a whole bunch of early mathematical work by Euclid who was a smart math guy and wrote it down. And then in 1847, a guy named Oliver burn, reworked all that in a very nice sort of modern publishing, you'll have the time set of diagrams and whatnot. And then a guy named Nicholas rose, you know, reworked all that to be on the web and on some posters, and it's just, it's very nice looking stuff. And it's, you know, math, the art, or design or ERD math. You know, however you wanna look at it.

Jessamyn 1:11:19 Oh, oh, this person is super talented. Wow. It's really

Cortex 1:11:23 great. It's like you, you can know jack squat about math and just go into it, look into it. It's just really nice work. You know, the original 1847 is really nice work. The original Euclid is a bunch of writing in I presume Greek or something. But there's also much much agita in the thread about the choice to use the long s and how much of the noise some people and how much other people like it and how some people just want to talk about the linguistic history of incorrect use of long as and so on. But also people talk about math and art in there. And it was nice. The friend pops up. I'm gonna say Euclid got a friend in me Randy Newman shout out. There we go. Friend, podcast friend episode.

Jessamyn 1:12:08 Keep this up through the i do i have i for? Well, no, I don't have any friend themed AskMe pedophiles that are bad either. I like this one by Pete eater. Tell me when it's decorative gourd season motherfuckers. So basically, I live in the Northeast. And these milestones show up and surprise me. I want to set up some recurring reminders for seasonal events, right? Like knowing that lilac Sunday is every May on Mother's Day in the Arnold Arboretum, right. Or I should start thinking about a Halloween costume in the end of August. This thread should be longer than it is. As far as I'm concerned. There's only like 15 answers and there should be a lot. But it's great. There's a great answer for monkey toes to talks about like how to how to how to manage your how to manage your house on a Stasi of talks about truck day when the Red Sox equipment truck leaves for spring training, which is a very weird local kind of holiday. But like it's a big deal in Boston and if you live in Boston, it's very good to know about truck day. Yeah. And then like you know, when the shaker village has the little baby animals when produce is in season. It's just a really good when Move In Day is and move out day is so that you don't go anywhere near any of the colleges. Very helpful. Very useful thread. I liked it.

Cortex 1:13:37 Nice. Yeah, I didn't know about truck day before I went to school in Worcester. I didn't really have to learn about it because I didn't have a car. So

Jessamyn 1:13:45 I just saw the truck one year and all the people kind of standing around looking at the truck and I was like what is happening? Boston is so weird. And then and then I learned it. There was a whole bunch of like, kind of list generation posts that I like this one specifically by Cool Papa Bell. Like, I want a last name that's instantly and widely recognizable as being fictional and only fictional because basically, his friend has a custom sports jersey that says Baggins across the back. And I want Cool Papa Belle wants a sports jersey that has a name that is clearly not their own name. Yeah. But it's a fictional character. I

Cortex 1:14:26 thought I thought this one was interesting because a couple people just didn't get with. Well, yeah, and that's like, that's always a trick with this sort of things. Like you have a very specific sort of like this is a silo of answers I want and I feel like there were a couple of answers that like this is one of the threads were like we may have actually deleted a couple answers for

Jessamyn 1:14:42 like really there was somebody who was like you're very bad at this. Oh,

Cortex 1:14:45 yeah. Someone was talking about someone else's flag that actually I don't think anybody in there like everyone's How do you get someone who's just like literally not trying and then sometimes you get people were like, you're trying but you didn't really get there and those are usually okay like If it's like any other asked me, like, you know, someone can think they've got a good answer, and their answer isn't very good and whatever. That's not the end of the world if they're not being shitty, or like literally arguing about the premise. But it's also it's kind of a weird interpretive line, because there is there's, there's answers that answer I think, explicitly, I said, where this is only a fictional name, and then there's answers. Yeah. But then there's also potential answers that really kind of work as if you saw this on a jersey, you would know that this is a reference to the fictional character. They're

Jessamyn 1:15:35 examples that they cited as good examples were Wayne and bond. And like, and Jones. Oh, I see. They said bad.

Cortex 1:15:46 Yeah, and I think that's fair. Like you wouldn't in an old context, if you saw Wayne on a jersey, you wouldn't say, oh, yeah, we're talking about Batman bond is a little bit funnier, because like, I think it's still a good example of something where Yeah, it's not super bright tide. Strong,

Jessamyn 1:16:01 I think of, you know, Skywalker mostly as Luke Skywalker, but hippie people are gonna think about the naughty by nature guy.

Cortex 1:16:08 Yeah. So there's, there's that complicated interpretive mess in the middle of it, which I think makes us that much more interested try and sort of agree, I agree. So yeah, anyway,

Jessamyn 1:16:21 similarly, I mean, I don't know if you have stuff you want to talk about, but I'm happy to just keep talking.

Cortex 1:16:26 Just keep going. I don't I don't really have much to ask at all. I don't there's

Jessamyn 1:16:29 there's a couple of lights helped me answer this tricky question. So barbecue turtle was basically like, look, there's a million bridges bridge ices before road signs. I feel like I see them all the time. How many bridges before road signs are there in Michigan? And like, man, AWS 17576 shows up pretty quickly like, well, here's how many roadway bridges there are, and bla bla bla, bla, bla, bla, bla napkin stuff this that the other? You know, there's about 30?

Cortex 1:17:02 Yeah, that's good. Like that bridge count and two for bridges. Like, I was gonna say this, like, this sounds to me almost like a, like, job interview question for math related or systems related questions, like, come up with an answer and have a good way to come up with the answer. You know, you don't have to get it right. You just have to be able to defend it.

Jessamyn 1:17:22 I used to enjoy these a lot more when I was younger, like my father used to love this kind of stuff. Like, let's just sit around and bullshit about how to solve this problem, which actually was kind of fun. The problem is, you'd get to an answer. And he'd be like, Nah, and then just be like, you know, you're not right. Because whatever. I'm a turtle nitpicker jerk. And so then it wasn't fun anymore. But like thinking or sitting around talking about math, super fun, like worried that you're not going to get the right answer. And noxious dad. Along those same lines. I Rolleston is writing a story that takes place in 1984. When somebody needs to get an expedited US passport, how much would that have cost? And M hum. Um, hum. Mum, who knew who even knows, basically showed up and was like, Here you go. From the New York Times. This is how much it costs. Like, yeah, yeah, exactly.

Cortex 1:18:21 There's nothing there's nothing to go on on the user page. So let's say my mom,

Jessamyn 1:18:25 and mom. Yeah, nailed it in four hours. And then, but now and then a mom comes back with even more information. Somebody clearly very good at searching online stuff, which

Cortex 1:18:37 sometimes sometimes you just kind of hit gold on asking someone who's like ready to dive into that specific thing. And sometimes

Jessamyn 1:18:42 people are like, I don't know. $20. Yep. And then the last one that I had on my list was sort of a follow up. I don't remember if we talked about this before, but like anticipation of a new lovers arrival via is getting a house in New Hampshire. And I feel like we mentioned his house somewhere before. But at any rate, at this point, now, he's like, I need all the things except for speechless. So could you take a little time and give me some information on what's useful and what's not useful in the all the things for house category? Which is funny, right? Because I can see that question being like, a bad question. Like, just tell me what to buy a house, but like, they have some pretty specific like, I'm kind of looking for this and that, you know, I I, you know, I'm getting things through the mail and not picking them up. And I'm really looking for kind of unglamorous bullshit. Not and I'm price sensitive, so I'm looking for durable over whatever. And people had a lot of, I mean, unsurprisingly, a lot of good information. Yeah. You know, and hey, if you're somebody who goes camping, because if you know, this user, you know, he's got an Instagram that just kills it with this outdoor net nature photography. So like, hey, you know, if you, if you camp you might already have some of this stuff blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And yeah, good, interesting thread kind of list generating with all your friends.

Cortex 1:20:33 Tide you're not I do have one asset. I wanted to point out just because it's sort of like, I dig this kind of digging, whoo, who each asked about basically advice and guidance on modeling a fake economy for a game world like they're running a I don't remember they're running a specific game or just planning it. But basically creating a game world and having an economy within it that actually has some kind of functionality and plausibility and self consistency to it. Rather than just literally Well, there's 1000 gold pieces in that chest yonder in the cave, but like actually having a sense of operating within a world where there are economic factors at play, which is a big thing that comes into world building and video games and tabletop games. In novels. Yeah. novels. Yeah. And it's, it's an interesting problem, because it's a big problem, like you really kind of have to think about how much do you actually want to model in what detail etcetera. So I really liked what it

Jessamyn 1:21:44 sounds like, who really wants to get into a slightly higher level of stuff? Yeah, then just like you get money this way you buy things this way people build it this way. The costs are this.

Cortex 1:21:55 Yeah, like having a sense that there is a distribution of economic forces, and you know, and exchanges that come into how people operate in the world. So I think that's cool stuff to think about. It's fun developing those systems. And I like some of the stuff people came up with. So. So yeah, if you have an interest in that sort of idea to pick a fun thread to read through.

Jessamyn 1:22:18 Yeah, I just finished reading a book called The semiosis, which are the essential premise is we fucked up the earth. And so we sent a small colony of people to a planet that's inhabitable. But then you have to start from scratch or whatever you bring with you, and then scratch. How does that happen? What are the stressors on that, like, you have to deal with kind of food, you have to deal with health, you have to deal with whatever. And it does really, I think highlight the interdependence of all of those systems, you know, if you only have one doctor, but then your doctor gets sick, what is that? What happens to the health care of the community, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera? Very interesting book. Speaking of books, I do have a couple more, how to be a better E library patron Hungry Tiger loves reading ebooks in the library. So yay, for that. Donating to my local library, great. I can also get a non resident library card. Great. How do I give back to my library in a way that is useful? And people address different aspects of the question like, well, here's other places you can get ebooks. Here's actually how much an e book costs. Here's why eBooks are expensive. Here's the North American libraries that have the largest collection. So maybe you can, if you're gonna buy a card at another library to get access to more ebooks, you can make that count. And then a lot of librarians show up and are like, hey, just use the damn library, you know, like, like, we don't care you already paid for it. Like don't feel like you're taking something from us just you know, keep keep on keepin on. And so I liked it as a librarian. And as my with my social justice hat on, this is a thread more people should contribute to and it's open for another couple days. But basically, on your 32 Basically, does, I think education stuff, and is trying to integrate stories about civil rights and social justice in ways that aren't just the narrative. So like they celebrate Rosa Parks on her birthday by making her pancake recipe. So are there other famous radicals and freedom fighters that you can learn stuff about their lives? And especially like recipes, make those recipes? There's not enough people who posted in this thread? I talk about the Black Panthers free breakfast program, and you know, bread and puppets bread stuff, but you know, maybe you know an activist who had a recipe. You should put it in the strike because it was good or email to Anya 32.

Cortex 1:24:55 Yeah, good at it. Yeah, everybody do that. Now. The media is Stop, quit your job.

Jessamyn 1:25:02 Do some research. Go do it.

Cortex 1:25:05 What was the job? Take line? Get them, do them. Have them. Drop them do this instead.

Jessamyn 1:25:12 Oh man, it was yours.

Cortex 1:25:13 Yeah, I know. I know. It's it's in the past now it's over an hour ago. Of which I guess. Gotta Miss filter Music Man, I can do it. I got

Jessamyn 1:25:23 one more thing I wanted to mention, just kind of wrap it up, do it. Basically, this was funny me posted a meta talk thread, basically a mi fi Card Club appreciation, part three, talking about an exchange she had with her mail carrier. And then people just got to talk about the current Club, which was the thing that fig started and I think what needle girl is part of I don't know, somebody else think needle garlin bolts. So I saw that. And it's just a nice thing. If you're somebody who likes sending and receiving mail or maybe you want to sometimes send in sometimes receive mail from other mefites you can basically sign up especially because I think they have a valentine card exchange next month?

Cortex 1:26:09 I think so. Yeah. Yeah. It seems like a real nice time. And I'm super glad that that got gone. Because

Jessamyn 1:26:17 Because yeah, there's over 100 mefites It it and it just seems fun. And thanks for all your work because I really think it's been a net positive for the community. And I know it's been kind of a crappy year for you. So extra appreciate it.

Cortex 1:26:30 Yep. You roll. Yeah. Um, a couple other metal talk things. We're doing the best post contests this year.

Jessamyn 1:26:43 And you vote with the fantastic flag. And you can sponsor a post if you want to sponsor Yeah, you can sponsor a category if you're like, I wish they gave an award for whatever you can give that award it basically just involves scanning some fantastic flags and putting something in the mail or email or whatever the gift can just be whatever you don't have whatever the nature

Cortex 1:27:07 of your work thing is. So that's going on that's going on all month. So fantastic. Like those posts you like and yeah, that's, that's that's the whole thing. That's how it works. There was a hey, could we do this thing post from Fox Fireface saying hey, dream with this thing. It's a sight. Do we want to have a medical doctor community dream? What's kind of like a Latter Day life journaling Live Journal

Jessamyn 1:27:33 like, that came out of the there was an AskMe edit filter thread about that, right? Like where are the other communities?

Cortex 1:27:39 Partly because of the Tumblr stuff maybe or was this?

Jessamyn 1:27:42 I think so. I think so. Tumblr. I don't know.

Cortex 1:27:45 Anyway, yeah. Dream with is a blogging platform live journalists thing and there's people on Metafilter on it. And if you're interested in being part of a meta filter thing on dream with, this is your posts, go check it out. If you're already on there, you could join in with the group if you've been thinking boy, I wish I got back to blogging or live journaling then maybe that's the thing to do. So, so check it out. I was also delighted to see Mr. Crack Davis dropped by with a slightly inscrutable link linked to basically I wasn't even clear if it was like an official I hop merch store or just someone like selling sketchy I hop merch

Jessamyn 1:28:23 it's an official merch store. But I don't really know. I mean, you have to tell people every every year right that the rabbit died. Yep.

Cortex 1:28:35 Every time it comes up. You're like Oh, remember that great rabbit. Whatever happened to that great REP. Well, it was a long time ago and reps don't listen that long. So

Jessamyn 1:28:43 Ooh, la, la,

Cortex 1:28:45 long, early, early metal filter days and internet meme stuff. little cute little rabbit jumping around with pancake on its head and it along was great. And we used to talk about pancakes a lot more on the site, basically because of oolong hopping around with a pancake on their head. But crash has been around but he hasn't been on that fight much. He hangs out on MailChimp.

Jessamyn 1:29:08 I assume a mole trap I see him a little bit on Facebook.

Cortex 1:29:11 So so it's nice having him come by and give the old longtime or Hello? Yes, then yeah. And a bunch of other so there's been a lot of stuff I'm going to talk some some more fun chatty threads metal cocktails other year end. Hey, how you doing gratitude stuff? A few fractious things in the last week or so. That kind of get into anything? Because I'm

Jessamyn 1:29:33 laughing during it it's really I don't know why you do that

Cortex 1:29:37 exhausted laughing but oh, I'm thinking I should do a quick Music Minute that's that's where I was trying to get my brain at. So some songs. There's been a bunch of nice stuff posted on music. I'll mention some of it there is warmth for December. By as the BA from an old band who Then and

Jessamyn 1:30:02 it's warm for the summer as opposed to cool for the summer or warm for December. Oh well I'm for December as opposed to cool for the summer.

Cortex 1:30:09 Yes, but let's assume that's what it is. Yes. Anyway it's a nice tune give it a listen. There's also keener sounds nice little blue P thing by I guess polis who always does good, loopy things this one references a football player like Association foot know basketball player Filipino basketball player and I don't know him but it's a while Stephens post poem about that. But I don't think that appears in the recording. So you know, it's the somatic there is 2019 by carried adventure. There was a lot of stuff, there's a lot of sort of engineers start your gear change themes, stuff that I was sort of leaning towards. As always, I love carried a bunch of stuff. This is a nice sort of like, shield jazzy feel. I made a song that was kind of like my processing the year end called another year, and most of them made it and I was happy with how that came out. And some people said some nice things and and that was good. And then also one other by range finder. 1.4. I wanted to mention, which was when green leaves spring, it's good to see you, oh, instrumental thing she put together. It's very nice. Put together partly in the spirit of realizing she hadn't been like posting music this year. And I end up thinking about that.

Jessamyn 1:31:42 She's looking forward to working with that on display. And I think he's probably looking forward to working with you.

Cortex 1:31:47 Excellent. So yeah, that stuff. There's other stuff too. There's always more stuff than I can mention. But go listen to stuff and a whole torsos in here. And you know, we didn't really talk about at length or anything, but it is the Colin show. I will have already probably put in Colin stuff earlier in the episode in a couple of chunks. I don't know exactly how I'm gonna get it. But it'll be in there. You'll have heard it. Thanks, everybody who called in it's always really nice hearing from people. Thanks for getting in, even with such sort of last minute after the fact New Year's call for calls. A few people for

Jessamyn 1:32:23 people who didn't you can leave your comments in the thread. It's always good to hear from everybody.

Cortex 1:32:28 Yeah, it's it's good. Metafilter is good. And I'm really lucky that this is what I do. And that I get to be part of this community. And I'm so glad that everybody's here and yeah.

Jessamyn 1:32:41 Yeah, I'm glad we get the chance to talk every month. Yeah. Or more sometimes, but every

Cortex 1:32:46 every month at least Yeah. At least at least once a month. Like we've got we've got the steady, steady baseline. But yeah, that's it. Hey, happy New Year, everybody. Happy New Year, gentlemen.

Jessamyn 1:32:59 Happy New Year. Happy New Year to you, Josh. I'm glad you're my friend.

Cortex 1:33:02 Likewise. Let's do this 2019 thing. I think that's a podcast.

Jessamyn 1:33:07 I think it's a podcast.