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Podcast 137 Transcript, Google

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A transcript for Episode 137: "It Descended Into Butts" (2018-02-08).

Pronoiac passed the podcast to Google Speech for an automated transcription.

It might be best looked at as automatically generated dada.


so hey podcast podcast Jasmine it is Tuesday the 10:06 you want to look at your clock at 10:06 their time

server time

here we are podcast

care about is it or is it like a chase down yet

not recommended basically what physicist Leon Lederman numbered his home near fermilab 137 based on the significance of the number to those in his profession

I mean it's the sequence of how is 62 - 1

shows up naked all over the place or number

vice president mean Somebody's Baby listener could explain this to me because I got as far as like Wolfgang Paulie a pioneer of quantum physics died in hospital room number 137 a coincidence that Disturbed him

come on businesses tells what means I spent so much time this last month I guess or have speculated 118 I don't know nice 39 that was on Prime 137 in physics of quantum electrodynamics is derived quantity is given by combining several fundamental constants of Nature and then there's like some car accident of numbers on my screen and then it explains it to me

and then I still don't understand it I'll drink this to you, I've been doing too much to read books books books on topics and I don't know a lot of time getting a book from library kind of fun when I think to do that it's a relationship with books where I just kids who was reading all the time you know what I read a lot of things in high school and then then like around the college I think honestly I got more advanced at

I started having an independent Budget on so I could just decide to play had an effect on things I could spend some extent it's because books as I feel bad because I don't do it

weird cuz it's it feels like something at odds with what remained part of my sense of my identity is a person who just doesn't ever read it right now I'm reading a metric and post geometric art in the United States and the world in the US were great and all but they didn't actually fucking invented a lot of time out and the art world

it's really interesting stuff in a sort of also sometimes really boring and I'll stick to the next s a certain way in order to be able to get to just start talking if you're not necessarily within that world is really difficult this is probably the spring clamp ologies probably really interesting specimen as a collection of what was being written and by whom and in what way over to 01301 take on the whole thing of it all.

sure I'm reading something called the road taken which is all about traffic infrastructure during guy who's also actually very good at

interesting it's also the name of a documentary film about the experience of black Canadian sleeping car Porters what I'm thinking of yeah he was really good at writing about engineering and in the morning I can read stuff that's a little more kind of dry and thinking right I just have to read kind of like weird Holocaust Thrillers that keep me up some stuff for me it's like books are like medicine so if I'm not reading a book there's something really wrong with me

well hey Google talk a lot of talk a lot so we got that smart Australia what there's not a lot of information heck

you know if there's there's like one person's like my comment on the site or post on the site but whatever really looking forward to learning about is I need a John Claude Van Johnson onesie for a six foot three adult

yeah no really mods I'm a hundred percent legit this is not a stud post this is Nana I can totally see why this is important is married because he would be friends with my sister I can understand the motivation to clarify this moment in my life I believe I believe this is us or something specific job

yeah Johnson new already cancelled show starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as a guy who is Jean-Claude Van Damme that doesn't help me Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus child actor and she played like music but she's also just like regular old kid

I don't know if I know anything older like it itches like it like Miley Cyrus and also doing music and potion Jean-Claude Van Johnson

Thor movie The reason why I have questions like where I should take all of my questions I don't know why I didn't text Josh job

pipe wrench light bunch of projects this time around because I try to be there was only one

Jim Carden other gym are friends bondcliff to you and all the metafilter people just started goofing on Twitter one day about how he's making his own blockchain and you guys may know him as the guy who occasionally builds guitars or kind of slightly cool holiday project until you decided to do this ridiculous thing where he would make up which is literally blocked linked with Chase and like sell them or let people have never and it became kind of funny enough and got linked enough places that he actually put the hold up on Project which then got promoted to because it's just something you could enjoy it like At first all the blocks were free but then he started selling them a little bit to fundraise for Planned Parenthood and then he

a heart-shaped lock which was blocked number 69 which just said nice on it but then it turned into kind of a weird things of the person who won it was from read it but they wanted to put someone else's name on it I like maybe I was trying to fucked up but it's a joyous internet fun thing. Not Howie and I want to put box right next to each other

I don't even know how

but not then yes.

Put together an openstreetmap basically some people who use for Foot Locker stuff to not be able to Google Maps. Sinatra hundred percent sure I understand that I mean it just means that links it previously went to Google Maps will get like Rewritten to go to the openstreetmap you know fucker goal I don't want to do things like you understand completely we have some

IRL from the ideas if you're basically cutting out functionality from your browsing would let you use the open instead it at those Geographic walking to school. That's a good thing I always appreciate like little hackery things to help people who want to be another mother filters to get list of community spaces so as result

tattoo U C is for a thing and so I got like a GIS program and I got like the parcel whatever the hell it is for my town and now I have like a cookable map of all the little boxes are and it wasn't as hard as I thought but the internet person who I know that does she is kind of talk me through all right I have the software loaded it's got a thousand button switch to a different cuz they use different synthesize new and stuff

that there is out there yet

yeah yeah you're not to force it and not to cheat like it land right on like I don't want her to succeed last podcast but you know we just passed the last month's box breathing box and essentially like if you're somebody who does kind of meditation or controlled breathing or etc etc etc

what's a light and

it shows you like inhale for 4 seconds hold it for 4 seconds exhale for 4 seconds just like it's a beautiful little face

it can help you do a thing you might want those Jones posted it to metafilter and come now I just again it's just one of those like little like taking things and have a little thing with a switch that you can do it and Nelson link to a web page that actually kind of does the same thing if you need help just want to stare at the screen there's actually a website that lets you do it too

like a switch box size and Amanda that's that's really nice that's great I guess I was funny cuz I like a school project and then it just awesome cute but within 2 minutes I have to be at my email

also, text me or something so I I think I think I did the I will give us a 5 Seconds it takes to verify that it works and move on in the middle of some kind of project is Jason digitized how I became of 44 year old rapper because his friends were making fun and his wife and her friend were making fun of him because of performing The Running Man and the Rodger rabbit and so he

cremate a little

basically he asked and ask metafilter question like everything here is kind of redundant right but like he acted ask metafilter question which I saw at the same time like how to be a 44 year-old white rapper and I was like oh my God but it turned out it was actually kind of a helpful thread some useful stuff and then he made you know about it it actually made $10 from strangers I legit have not seen the video yet I've been saving it but I just I kind of love the whole idea especially because you know that's kind of my aging demographic so I like seeing people try to mess it around and trying to try to still still do things

another remote

language processing is like a SkyCaddie top for me too so maybe over generalizing

thanks for somebody put 7000 tags on Sky cat but there's no more about the details it feels like if everybody likes the same thing and it's not like we don't like and what I realize what I'm doing well I want to post that I proportionally like everybody likes chocolate ice cream

chocolate ice cream truck to find does clickbait that's where they were like what term is Googled in your town or your state but like every every word cloud would be accepted even though I say I mean I see a lot of work closet actually like

anyway it's about all sorts of things apparently first day back I might like it but I don't know if I mentioned on the podcast before box to not Twitter in case Twitter become not really place I want to have stuff you know how to update periodically sites dedicated to organize Pages dedicated to various

think about how to decentralize yourself from the super centralized Corporate social media to make it the web you want not the web your delivered

January December so so yeah let's go look at it

so there

and I wanted to specifically mentioned Fanfare exist it's a great place to get your questions about the Hulk answered or whatever the heck out somebody had mentioned in ask metafilter they asked whether they should see get out because they were concerned but they talked about like I don't like this special or that special or whatever and somebody did mention like oh hey come just answer and talk about it one of the things about that is I happen to know there is still an active jet out thread there so don't just assume that because the movie came out 2 months ago you can still chime in and say something thanks to recent activity but the reason I mention Fanfare specifically is there was a nice fun small Eagles versus Patriots Super Bowl

while I did not enjoy I mean I went to my sisters and we had food for Super Bowl that I have terrible so I kind of fact it was actually fun to go back and read through the Super Bowl thing where my people talk about it as opposed to everyone else up a friend from him really be checking in on his life more specifically for how much I care about it but nothing today but your friends congratulations for him I will bug you about his address so I can send him a bar of chocolate

we're still working on trying to figure out looking pregnant but you know you want to do what you've done with some of the other things is get the Fanfare people specifically about like what's absent that relationship that we got we got the email but then it doesn't

Panthers actually different

I only mostly use it to talk about Saturday Night Live in life book club

and can I just say thank you internet people for telling me and really pushing that I should watch the good place because I've been completely like what's your name to irritate in Ted Danson looks like he's super irritating this looks irritating because like I grew up in a in a decade of like lots of weird kind of God in heaven shows and movies that were all shity group of characters all of whom were real characters I mean somebody was like it's like community and so somebody push me to see it and now I'm excited to go

talk to people on the shelter about it it's good

I will say I guess in the spirit of like talking about endings of on Fanfare I've been watching Star Trek Discovery 2 which has turned out to be sorry is that like a new Star Trek tourist could they want to somehow kids are good Star Trek show by literally not on TV it's on like there are actually watching it the way the supposed to be watch versus just acquiring it by other means because who is going to order and do something but change the thread discussions around episode 10 or so after just having been watching it as it came along and like that

I'd like decided I have not even picked up on it like if someone if someone gave you a fever dream description of an episode of a show that never existed and you just like its 6

would you like to discuss metafilter the blue the big front-page just you and me both made really good for super me and let's get that out of the way was the guy who carved skulls out of old software manual I think Caitlin Doughty who is really terrific writer I had Caitlin Doughty did


I forgot it's a book about going for the younger and I had tweeted something at her about you know my own sort of thing last year and then I noticed it's about a whole bunch of funny stuff including this picture and then I posted a thing about five large Canadian men in a little dogs they look which was much more popular than I was expecting with little dogs but they do this sort of cutie pie video about it on Canadian BuzzFeed

did a little documentary about you know kind of rescue dogs but it gets it's just a happy story right so metafilter people can just kind of enjoy it the end

and so they did and I got to see lots of pictures of tall metafilter people and their tail

which was super fun

because I live on Hoth I enjoyed this post that I made about snow plow drivers on Colorado's Infamous Highway 550 show me the address

yes sketchy so my favorite my favoritest thing where those things what were some of your favoritest I will find my other favorite things there were things that were good are there was a post about some other stuff but like I deliberately cruel like 2D pixel platformer

Define hilarious genre or is platform genre genre of famous game called I wanna be the guy there there there been a lot of things that take the basic idea of a platformer which is the Super Mario Brothers but I but the rule instead of saying okay we're going to reward you for developing a sense of the flow in the mechanics of the game

can you play Super Mario Brothers brunch you get better at running and jumping and hitting blocks and using special blocks in the 300 minutes yeah the more you play at the more you can I feel rewarded by just for the flow of gameplay is really satisfying to get good at it and feel like it feels natural hair supply you like out man I'm really doing stuff that I thought was impossible because I'm at the compliments and what they do is say okay we're going to teach you a thing or we're going to work from and I'll kill you unexpectedly again and again every bit of common understanding so

about watching this terrible

like starting point that post about some other Platformers in metroidvania stuff and also there was a a late appearance from someone who kind of Mario Kart old things showed up I swear in the thread I'm just completely and I'll just stop trying to describe it while not remember the details but the

this is not a threat that I liked but it is a thread that is worth mentioning and is also sad that Dean Allen who was the guy who made texted them and textile and text pattern and a whole bunch of other things died last month and the thing I liked about this thread was there's a whole bunch of old school which is hard to find a place to do that with your old school web people to do the Sochi and I think for the average user it is from those very early days when metaphor was one of those weird little habit of the old school when people feel like there's a good chance depending on the site anymore but a whole lot of people who have been influential like web stuff blogs. Have some 4-Digit user account that they haven't logged into it

something interesting

Dive by

X-ray and I like to see whole day talking about things I just in general enjoyed it like there's 50 Eagles are I didn't see this at all depends justify your explanation of why tax should I was going to build it I mean this is February

by now I'm sure someone's built the simulator in the end of thread that I wish I had the spare time

I see some hunters and Hunter and the hunters the weird one because it's not only because the hunter hunter till you get out of this works but but that like the six other kinds of animals coming for you failed that son-of-a-bitch still going to ruin your day just because you can

Eagles Fly you away

a man and everything else on the ground or you pick the Eagles and whichever thing you think it's the worst and I can eagles fly you to safety and the things that you don't like it completely murdered

I mean there are a lot of early Eagles people in this thread


Tom Brady needs to hang it up and I heard the car teskey's retiring so this is all very exciting for me so sick of the Patriots

I like the post of the cash4life made before I can make it to the sauna fying space-filling curve so the idea of taking a space-filling curve is a two-dimensional line fractal thing off in time zone

you can take the x-axis and y-axis and I so she ate those with tone and then we play the sound of this thing are self-similar fractals so they changed it so you can use that at the basis for kind of weird little Baroque music. It's more music. Cuz it's a good time I totally will and the other thing I'm going to be doing with my day besides all the other stuff I'm supposed to be looking at

the Library of Congress digitized popular graphic arts collection thank you Horace Rumple and this post that I should have seen it they basically have high-resolution public domain Stanton you can browse to buy some Dale and so you know John pulled out a couple cool ones so I can just picture of the United States in the shape of a poultry of the world I mean there's nothing better right but you can just look at thumbnails yourself and you know just look at a little tiny thing that looks like it might be appealing for 247 pages of tiny thumbnail

but just jumped ahead to page 147 Shelly

what's a good radio

it's in Spanish she now I want to know what order everything's in because I'm convinced that the last five pages are all in other language is not English I think I saw a little Day of the Dead picture is given up on me because it's pretty much a picture of Andy Jackson that monster

I didn't erase it school in the shape of a tree

I don't even understand what's going on

but the collection

I mean you should be able to but you can and there's cool blog post that explains kind of how how it all happen and I wish I'd known about this week or two ago because we were doing one live one rf4 Wikipedia and this is a really great place to find

Paw Patrol images of fairies

I have a few more things but I think I thought this was interesting about a work of art by Sonia involving the routing of the Waterhouse paintings highlights from the Manchester the idea that

invite public comments and people were leaving provided to comment on the thing and I think I think the actual

artwork is interesting like a hard work we're like people work

wow that's a lot of discussion was interesting. Patrick's for something like that it's like I could see this being the kind of thing that like I would have had to of writing an essay about in college you know but the cultural context exactly right now deal with X up and me too in this terrible president and all the other stuff places in the completely different spot and which is cool but is makes it sort of interesting and weird at the same time yeah it seems like instead of going for several months it went for a few days and then they put Painting back which is but of course that's how it works right

ultimately I didn't probably because we basically question from a reader who's like why am I lazy why am I put everything putting everything off why can't I flip the switch and just be an adult course connect in a lot of ways to I think the way lots of other people feel about adulting in various ways and it was actually pretty interesting because it's the people who care about talking about a thing you probably thought about that maybe not talked about because it's less of a thing you talk to with your IRL people maybe so I liked it a fabulous thank you for posting it Kevin

sorry I don't keep looking at public domain images

metafilter as always

sorry I was just bugging you but I couldn't parse this title and I was like did I like to get this medicine for the classic style really good testimonial just as always asked a question about other than these three examples are there other single artist tributes to a single album so where a person does an album tribute I just does the whole album and stickers

and it's just kind of neat because some of them are cool right select camper van Beethoven completely covered tuck you know The Flaming Lips covered well I guess that's one song Smithereens covered Meet The Beatles and they covered Tommy train covers Led Zeppelin two examples for cover dark side of the moon person that likes kind of weird / inspired / kind of already cover ideas spread is a great list of generated stuff I have a question because I was sure when I was in Seattle mudhoney covered I thought it was Tom T Hall and put out like an EP of Tom T Hall covers that I thought was from a single album and I googled and Googled and Googled and like saying like this exist

or not in any obvious way in so now I'm trying to figure out like was it not much honey was it not Tom T Hall like how did I screw this up happen to know what the hell I'm thinking about that would be useful but I like this red is kind of a music list generator

there was a question from out of a car

the last few days about fighting music. I don't know how to find music

how about this you know five years ago or something because I think he's an early adopter of some of this stuff and so he's like I've been streaming and now I don't hear the music anymore

what do I do to get out of this

and there were some good examples of a lot of times I still find the stuff because I like people tell me about it you don't like I mean Jim is kind of like a music generating machine because he's just really and it types of music and so if I'm like that suddenly some of it appears in our FTP server and I'm like thank you and then I can figure out if I want it yeah kexp was a thing I always listen to their podcast Pitchfork always does good stuff sometimes there's people with blogs still the talk about music that wasn't a threat

appeal to the clean out your ears with a Q-tip scrub out the kitchen sink until it spotless get big chunks of snow off your car tires feels good like that and of course I'm surprised at the first like 5 entries are all like pulling out ingrown hairs and picking zits off your neck or something but there's all sorts of like good examples of little satisfying stuff to give you that little like like it's like mini chivos sort of you know cuz it's a very small

very small little thing that seals conflict but there's just this great list of stuff which pretty much indicates that like yep

that is a thing other people feel about also small things you can tell just appears cleaning your mouth ball

I would like 20 years ago would have been in there for a while just get that drunk off the rollers not supposed to be here I have one of those like magic bikes now and it still gets like weird went to its little feet on the bottom

I don't know I don't know

it's weird stuff is adhesive I thought this one was kind of just like as a thing because it's like so foreign to me but I asked I don't I can't imagine wanting and being able to sleep like I think it would probably work for me but usually I go to bed and I'm tired and I fall asleep sleeping habits as far as I've been able to tell in the morning

who that was really tired years ago and I was on the East Coast basically wouldn't that much

yeah so I don't know what this is this is going to be a hugely useful questions for a whole bunch of people who buy used to fall asleep watching golf because it's kind of a call but now like if I hear voices I'm awake like the word problems like to write like that shut up that's all we had

that's the only thing I've seen on TV I just found the accident subject waiting on a guy to stop thinking about what they're about to do, except for his oldest and time to cook

that was my whole thing

not sure really what makes taking out the time to elaborate on that but there we go

well one by Lynn never where I learned a thing which was basically like

call in person like things that we can kind of hang out and do via the Internet and so there's some obvious stuff right like you know play games or slack chat or whatever but she's like I want I want more or different and so people talk about like well you know you can try to cook together if you keep your video chat on or video meetings I'm like a internet Scrabble person as I'm sure everybody knows Scrabble picture to show you one of the things that I learned thank you Eros Lord freedom is it there's a whole bunch of White Chrome plug-in so that you and your remote pal can watch like Netflix or YouTube videos together meaning It'll like start the thing at the same time so you're not just like 3 2 1 go which is kind of a Gemini

do things if we want to watch TV together we're not together and which is a pain and so there's this great link lots of little apps and your buddy want to watch a Netflix movie together you totally can

that's nice good setup and I had not known that stuff existed which surprised me a little bit and I was happy I was happy that it was there

for the for the listener but has been managed to play be played parallel to horndog 7-letter word and then gym against it and the letters that are left in Iraq are Haven 100 monkeys are they on Scrabble whenever anybody sees the word but to think that they're probably thinking of you you know I'll take it I'll take it I feel like I've landed but especially if there's any suggestions

1820 to 1830 red I like this thread only cuz I was really hoping that there was an answer but they're super was not an answer which was like I want somebody that I like customer service through some bullshit that I don't want to deal with and you know it isn't like taskrabbit kind of will do that but from someone who is basically just doing that

I don't I don't wreck I'm not sure if part of the issue is this is somebody who needs something done that is not just irritating send me a mailing label that might also password maybe your banking stuff for whatever Healthcare and it's a pain right because part of the issue is you need to be validated as the person which means it'll take you as much time to tell the person who's doing the thing for you your personal information you know what I mean like the only thing that could really solve is you literally not having to speak to a person but you still have to be like in a chat window with a person being in the phone box bunch of this shit like for my mom's estate after she passed last year it was just easier to be like hi I don't want to be on your mailing list anymore that it was to be like so can you take her off the mailing list you know and it was Princess

but like just how the shit works and so I was really hoping maybe there was a service here and it's funny because I can do this stuff for other people really easily like wrestle with people but for my own purposes I have a hard time not kind of just getting really irritated where is somebody else even though for some reason I'm not kind of invested in it

can I get some real light on ask about got his genome sequence to this trying to figure out where he can throw it at the internet and find things.

where can I go to learn the things that I'm supposed to take with a grain of salt and soap you know that was interesting question about something else but I don't remember I may not remember what that actually was

yes good radio

if you look at the pattern industrial index you know that's actually super intelligent but I like it cuz it reminded me of some stuff and stuff kind of along the lines of Linda Evers thread which was mhh five like all right in a car ride for playing word games with kids we know I spy how about some other one and it was just people talking about fun car ride games to play

I probably didn't really feel like I spent like a shit ton of time in the car just looking out the window

how to play little video games on the window auto-scrolling platformer game in like to eventually you run out of batteries for your Gameboy or you get carsick just got out of

adorable do what you have to pass the time

boxes of books out of parents you had to didn't give you cuz we would do you do like the license plate game

semi-structured nonsense language generation overtime and I thought they were the most amazing thing in the world for a while the kids for the shine came off and yeah I started to but I got to be the title of this podcast to send it to butt in the butt


music. At me I want to come over stuff again yesterday and this morning there was a nice thing from grabstein called which is this Saturday really sort of ambient slow build thing that's out there is just a certain terminal from motion which is just some crunchy guitars and I dug

guitars in this long and from Alex 51 is this good if you want some some heavy guitar stuff building up its really nice

annual sort of Base dilip

just some samples and Electronica instrumentals well this is actually dipping into December cuz I think it's just exactly that like a weird free jazz freak out with five year old drumming music that I thought were fun but this just a couple things there was a red drum

earlier this week about Ian Banks culture novel reference destructive because like it explains secretary I would like to at some point that we were in the book series that because I can't really tell you much more about other than like shifts and the names are variously cultural references of some sort

so you know about Square this like I was already sure that I was like kind of standing outside looking in so but other than that that's what I mean by culture

all right there was also fun thread in the middle of January about someone trying to find that had to it immediately for that and then I believe I set that paycheck original metafilter about oh I remember what it was you have liked songs you sing like you run water or flush the toilet like does water make a sing-song noise that you sing along with it you have a song that you sing along with because I do

the other people do you know what time you'll be like looking in the window of that store when I was a kid you know and I just have certain songs that are always like the song I play when I'm running the water to brush my teeth music it's not like oh that makes me remember a thing it's always music so yeah you know you're always afraid you're going to like ask that question and everybody's going to be like to do what the t-shirt from the 90s youth group kids saying there was an accident or something I don't know

how to say here in the podcast because I forget which is like can you adopt someone who's young or older than you feel like there's probably like the answers this feel like they are probably very complicated right to have a child that was twice your age

can people still do sign February 6th so that's today so please listen to it well

hey we talked about this stuff okay I'll talk to you later I'll talk to you later bye

Technical Notes

I converted the podcast mp3 to a 16khz mono FLAC file, uploaded it to a GCS bucket, then used the demo Node demo app.