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Podcast 135 Transcript (automated)

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A transcript for Episode 135: It's A Dang Podcast" (2017-12-03).

Pronoiac passed the first 15 minutes of the podcast into Microsoft Bing Speech, and this transcript came from there.

It might be best looked at as automatically generated dada.


(minute 0:)

  • I'll tell you what I'm just going to I'm going to straight up I'm gonna pretend we didn't fall start there and I'm just going to say Hey Hey welcome back it's regard it's Josh is cortex it seems that it's just meant is your judgment an it's up a soda 135 of best of the web the medical term monthly podcast and we are podcasting right here at the end of November November 30th the last day of November the very last of November and it's the evening and maybe you can feel that I can feel that I can feel this glass of wine in my hand I am back in the bar already nice yes we have did you have trivia or yeah yeah we had trivia and um.
  • None of the people um my trivia teams are on the filter so I can say we have a sort of fighting trivia team that always remain at the slip and there's no.

(minute 1:)

  • You know like being on a team of people who are really competitive who win all the time anyhow like it's terrible right we should just not fight or not win so much either one and so I guess the sum of the people kind of got the thing and so they could just came in were like we're going to sit somewhere else today and I was like what are they mad and so we split into 2 teams which was actually the probably the right thing but it's more competitive it's last Friday but my team wind up winning anyhow um which I guess was good because I mean the whole point of splitting up is to make it more competitive but I guess he still like I'm very good at bar trivia and then I get my a** handed to me on the regular in learned league Internet trivia but I still would like to lose more but it's really hard to kind of pair up with people and be like
  • I think I've got a good chance of losing if you're on my team so that's what those who want to try and sort out that we would have done even better if I could have looked at like one of the one of the rounds was.

(minute 2:)

  • Harsh and I happened to recognize a great deal of one of them was like the snake hole from parks and rec okay I was literally the only person in the room who recognized it yeah I like parks and rec a great deal with it did not remember that at all yeah I mean it but it was like that kind of weird random but we did look at one bar from future Rama and think it was from the jetsons because we're all old um anyway I've been to the bar and you know who was at the bar my elected representative was at the bar Jay Hooper who he is my state Rep he was at some are absolutely now he's all right that's nice yeah he's 24 hours God that's that's right he is a child I have 2 reps that are under 30 and he is one of them and he shows up in a in a suit jacket at the bar.
  • To ask people when would be a good time for him to have a call-in radio show that's like what he's therefore he's like he's pressing the flesh and I was like never Jay house.

(minute 3:)

  • In fact he said what I'm like no one wants to listen to you on the radio for an hour even though I like the guy but it is true let's be honest everybody's blowing smoke up his a** but yeah it was actually right so did I mention I've been to the bar yeah no I think so you've got your bar we've got my my wine I'm drinking the velvet devil dam in itself it was the answer to one of the trivia questions on Internet trivia today that I did not get and if I had waited.
  • He just sorta hid the velvet underground could at least something 30 right all right this is going to be a good one I can feel it I can really see that the devil is it just kind of future some some way that some clever name for a line you know it is that's what like wine comes in like you know fancy script in like you know focal Don the white or it comes with like clever sassy and this is the clever sassy side so tiny Penguins with devil in big stuff and like a Pitchfork and yet I have nothing to drink but we did get payday candy bars in between.

(minute 4:)

  • In each round will sorry hop up on sugar well hop to punch your eye and 135 is does have a couple of interesting things about it tell me did we actually start to show yeah no no no we're going to sound like even all this f****** it's just got a really cool Roman numeral Etsy xxxv which are like I like and it's 888 in the adverb condi to the.
  • Latin Roman numbering system huh no I was just saying I don't i don't know I know that numbering system that something that I didn't either I've but like most about it it's like in the calendar so like there's a whole like 135 in various calendars and 88 was the interesting one it's also 135 in the Julian character calendar because I guess that's ours.
  • Yes it's a negative number on some calendars that's weird it seems it seems how do you have a lot of good numbers on the calendar that's just I don't know the Burmese calendar has.

(minute 5:)

  • Negatives listen blah is continuously sense they use it in mian Mar.
  • I'm going to change my my comment to this sounds like several math mid fielder posts that picnic which they can make starting next month which is the model because we're doing the best part is going to set yeah.
  • Yeah well in boxing not too late if you want to sponsor.
  • Best post Oh yeah yeah contest of your own so like the mods did one I did one Adam basco range Finder one-point-4 and fish all did one meaning that they'll give a little price to someone who wins in whatever category and you could witness by accident Oh yeah so like Adam basketball is offering an award for art by a deceased artist.
  • So you could you could make a post about some art you found without even knowing that's going on and boom you could win that sub category if if that's the one that had a basco likes best boom.

(minute 6:)

  • At the one that gets the most beds where I haven't even read the rules I was I go to the best post contest in the spirit of posts more so than of having the contest organized I am sorry I don't have to judge the damn thing that I can just enjoy it from afar looks it's a nice thing so I'm excited about that it should be fun.
  • We were talking about talking about meta talk stuff up-front and here we are talking about minimum talks up up-front and I may or may not have already cut out the previous pre start conversation so they said we were gonna feeling that we might be repeating ourselves but we're just going for it this time we're going to we're going to talk about some of the nice nice fun stuff up-front which for example Johnny wallflower had Gran kid well I mean I don't know if he had a grand kid Johnny he became a grand father type by one more unit at yeah I don't know what situation is yeah I know he's got a lady and that's all I know.
  • Johnny wallflower has a descendant who has now had.

(minute 7:)

  • Their own descendant is the situation so Johnny wallflower is the grandfather of this new descendent of a descendent.
  • Cool why are we go I described that very well no one could have a problem with that don't even start talking like that.
  • It's not funny like you think it is it's funny in a bad way son little bit about um well I wanted to mention that 2 things happened kind of in a row I met a filter is now going to has gone to entirely https yes when did that totally when did that start happening that happened for reals ease this last Friday we gave a heads up about a week ahead of time to let people sort of get their ducks in a row if they had anything that was specifically sensitive to that which should be just about nothing but there's a few audit cases so we want to tell at least warn people first yeah and as a result a whole bunch of meta filter script may or may not.

(minute 8:)

  • Broken and so there is now a growing script repository over at github set up by John hadron collider a friend of mine who used to be changed see and if you are looking for scripts or you want to contribute a script that you wrote or you want to clean up a script so that it works for https and then people can use it I just made a script today that changes people talking about the grani add to changing it to say the Guardian because it's like a joke among people who understand.
  • That the granny ad is the same paper is the Guardian but it was bothering I think octal Thorpe or some people I think there's a lot of people are not like Indiana yucay in particular who like it's it's a it's a decade long running joke there that have sort of turned into this almost a term of affection at this point and it's not because everybody spells it wrong or why is that I think it's because famous.

(minute 9:)

  • They had typesetting correctness issues like I don't know if anybody ever quantified this but the basic the folktale is the Guardian did such a bad job of checking their copy for Ohio so it's I think about meta commentary is not just like I spell it wrong to be all right like the idea is that like you know there are so bad at it they might even miss spelt out there on their own mast head or whatever which I don't know that that ever happened but that's the joke and so people called the granny ad or a couple of things with the ground he had is common one and then people in the USA who don't like to have that history or like what the f*** is that about and everyone was like wait wait wait the granny at all thank God I did I thought it was a blog I thought if somebody had a blog called granny.
  • So it's yeah it's a it's a decisive thing but it's the size of things that's also like uh well historically footed term of reference in endearment or you know derision or derisive endearment so it's not really going away ever and we have it come.

(minute 10:)

  • But I feel like once every year or 2 in the toxins like oh also we need to stop doing that and people like well yeah but no it's not like wish so it's the people were always gonna be on top with about it but you made this script to sort of like slice the gordian knot yeah so if you just want to read meta filter and never see granny add again you can install this script using tamper monkey or grease monkey or whatever it is the kids today use and the script is so easy that anybody who knows how to copy and paste can use the script to replace whatever it is like it used to be when I would make these replacement scripts I would also include a thing that replaced my name with mom so that when people would say thanks jessamine it would say thanks mom and that always made me laugh.
  • Yeah I have stopped doing that.
  • Yeah but I did it I did enjoy it and it was good I am the other thing to mention from meta talk because I wanted to front load it while I was still feeling awake is to meet I'm on his back yes if you sell it thing or you.

(minute 11:)

  • The service you offer or you want to be in the meat pie mall um sign up just to check it out drops along the contact form if you're not sure what the deal is but it's kind of a self serve thing where you can just set yourself up with a listing for whatever you're selling and you know I mean link link to something it's a little bit of a blurb and then wait a second Josh theoretically you have a store but all it is a picture I did a poll that's a sad gum stores yes yes like that so um-hum art site for my paintings cause I've been doing a lot of painting in the last year and it was sharing original right I have an original touch my heart and I do not do you do I love it anyway so that the North side for a few months ago and that one well and then all of my s*** just got completely owned by some f****** script kitty and all God really yeah I'm sorry I did not.
  • But yeah and So what happened is like I was like I could either find somehow right now when I don't have it like the pile of extra energy in time to try and deal with this or I could say.

(minute 12:)

  • So what I've been thinking about this for awhile and justice pull everything down for now and get myself a break and say you know what I can rebuild it in the near future so I'm doing that and that included the so you had a store yeah I had it was going to wasn't a store so much as just a blog that listed prices and send email need but you know it was just our yeah I mean this is not a star this is not a fair and it's not like you get something back there soon but I'd say I need to set aside the time for it and it might actually get to that soon cause that's kind of a priority I would like to have that function again but that's why it's there yeah it was it was much saying put up the Lakers actually probably just pulled it down for now.
  • But uh but yeah anyway that's what's going on with my s*** there but we're star I have no story this year I decided every to just dial everything to help back so like I'm not selling any old tee-shirts I'm not selling Moss gardens I just figured I would either by stuff or do nothing so I've been enjoying looking at this.

(minute 13:)

  • People have it's always cool to see what people have and there's a bunch of cool stuff we've actually secretariat and I have bought stuff from 2 or 3 people so far this year we will probably do a little bit more but we picked up some simrad occultist would engravings from RoboCop is believing from his Corey press stuff and we picked up some engraved or not engraved but cut out well I shouldn't I'm just going to stop saying that one right now because it's going to be a good for someone who might also bought some stuff I bought some stuff and I'll write and you should also buy some stuff and or yeah if you're ready to try and ship stuff in time for Christmas you should listen stuff you everybody out there I'm talking to you the listener not to jessamine she just said she's not that's okay I'm not pressure here but you you will magically pointing through the screen you've got your 3 degrasse is an.
  • That means most of it not just me and I'm going away I'm putting past jessamine I don't know I don't buy for the holidays but what I do need is someone who's good at WordPress who can help.

(minute 14:)

  • Me do a redesign but I'll probably just put that on jobs you should put that on jobs I thought about putting my thing on jobs but then I realized I wasn't sure what the scope was and I also felt a little bit silly about saying Hey I'm responsible for this website that you are reading this on my s**** all f***** help which is also one thing it's it's it's kind of stuff but it's like a staff at home yeah no I mean I may get there I mean I may want to figure out what I want to do I mean listen melt that way but I told you that Cheryl fix my s*** right up right yeah yeah he's a good guy that's right I finally literally yesterday with my friend stuck the glass back on the top of the thing and it's now back to being a computer again focally on my computer in the shop I'm recording this on my laptop which I never do which is.
  • Not any good reason because it's a perfectly nice laptop but my main iMac that is my normal work station has been for like 6 so why do you have in the shop I did you just have Jesse fix it awful funny story Jessie makes Michael right.

split method

I used ffmpeg to split and convert to wav files:

for min in $(seq 0 80) do

ffmpeg -i 135-its-a-podcast.mp3 -t 00:01:00 -ss 00:$min:00 min-$min.wav


I passed the wav files in manually to a live demo - wav files only, under 19 megabytes (19200044 bytes), if you want to do the same.