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Podcast 134 Transcript

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A transcript for Episode 134: Stuff and Things (2017-11-01).

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Unknown Speaker 0:00 Podcast stand for a podcast. Podcast, Josh bar and Jasmine where God was a master the best of the web

Cortex 0:24 Hey, welcome to episode 134. Best of the web the Metafilter monthly podcast. I am Josh Maillard, aka cortex.

Jessamyn 0:33 And I'm Jessamyn.

Cortex 0:34 And we recording this in the morning on November the first

Jessamyn 0:38 on the first day, we so rarely hit it. Yeah, it's been a day.

Cortex 0:42 I feel like our accuracy has been a little bit better than the last few months. I think there may have been a whiff in there somewhere just because of scheduling. But But in general, I would I would guess that compared to like this time last year, we've been in Cologne it better yeah. Error Bars shut down by like a day or two, maybe?

Jessamyn 1:00 Oh, actually, no, we recorded the September podcasts on September 1. So I'm completely full of it.

Cortex 1:06 Yeah. Well, that's why I'm saying it's like we've got Luke got some steadiness going. Yeah, no, it's November. We just, we just finished up with October, which was the month that comes before November, rabbit rabbit that I mentioned, it's the morning. I feel like I'm waking up in the process of Well,

Jessamyn 1:23 I don't we've talked about this before, right. But I have real problems with August and October because since October starts with OCD. I feel like it should be the eighth month. Oh, yeah. And I just until it's over, I never fully get over it. So fuck off October thank you for being done yet dumb. 10 bucks.

Cortex 1:41 I blame I blame the I was gonna say the Greeks but I meant the Romans.

Jessamyn 1:45 I can't even tell the Greeks and the Romans apart. Like I really need like some crib. And I should for trivia, right? Like, that's an important distinction for Roman gods. And I don't know why they're all kind of mushy in my head. Like there's togas and togas. Are they both wearing togas? Is that part of my problem?

Cortex 2:04 They might be

Jessamyn 2:07 like Rome. Okay, was Roman. I mean, Rome's part of Italy or no.

Cortex 2:14 It was a whole empire, you know, I think I think Rome is, is figure to center of the Roman Empire. But like, yeah, it was Italy, but it's also like, you know, a ton of Europe in pieces of Africa. And so

Jessamyn 2:27 right. I mean, I'm familiar with, like, the Roman Empire, or the Holy Roman Empire, or Constantine that kind of stuff. But I think one of the reasons it's confusing to me is because Greece is still a country. Yeah. So you talked about the Greeks and I kind of know what that means. Yeah. The Romans I'm less clear on and I really should be, I need to read a really interesting book about one of those

Cortex 2:48 dudes group seems like a plan.

Jessamyn 2:51 Yeah, if anybody has really good, like, gripping suggestions, or like, you know, a thing to watch, right? Like what Spartacus?

Cortex 3:00 Yeah, no, I think just watched Spartacus and Gladiator and he pretty much got it.

Jessamyn 3:03 Gladiator I enjoyed Gladiator. But there's got to be one with a little bit more history. The 300.

Cortex 3:11 I think 300 is probably gonna give you a very useful historical reference. No, I

Jessamyn 3:14 mean, you laugh, but I don't I don't know. What is it?

Cortex 3:17 It's an action film. That's pretty goofy based on a fairly Gonzo graphic novel by Frank Miller who,

Jessamyn 3:27 Oh, okay. It's kind of a mistake. So st. Omar, all right, I think

Cortex 3:33 well, maybe maybe there was it's unrelated. Like, like 300 comes from some, like actual, like, bit of the historical story. I guess.

Jessamyn 3:43 People must love it.

Cortex 3:45 Yeah, history. This is this is your late Halloween, we're going to frighten you with our relative ignorance of basic historical matters.

Jessamyn 3:57 How you doing? Not bad. Actually, I had a great Halloween, and I'm never sure right until right before Halloween, if it's going to be great. Or, like you wear the wrong clothes, and it's raining or something. Somebody's horrible. There's some huge drama, I had to work before and after trick or treating. So that was maybe going to be bad, but it was fine. I had a good costume. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, I just I always like I have kind of a box of costumes. And every year I figure something out a couple hours beforehand. And I'd forgotten that I had this orange jumpsuit, which of course, the obvious thing is Orange is the New Black but I just and so then I had the slot head that my sister had gotten me for my birthday at Walmart. And so I put together this idea and daylight savings used to be Halloween weekend, but now is the next weekend. And so I invented this crazy backstory about the reason that's true. is because the sloths are in charge of the thing and they're terrible at their jobs. So nobody cared right children do not care you explain you explain it to them.

Cortex 5:12 Tell me more about the the the rate you're in genius character

Jessamyn 5:15 backstory. But I enjoyed it and grownups enjoyed it. So, yeah, that was awesome. Also, people may have missed it. But the first thing I want to mention is if you have a costume or took a picture of another costume collaboratives did his annual Halloween thread, but it's a little obscurely. Sort of, it's a little hard to

Cortex 5:40 tell. That's what it is. Yeah. If you don't know what you're looking for, then He does this every year. Yeah, exactly. So

Jessamyn 5:46 please come on over and share your Halloween costumes or your kids Halloween costumes or your neighbor's Halloween costumes with us, please put about you How was yours.

Cortex 5:57 It was good. It's pretty chill. I did a little bit a covering for lobster mitten at the tail end of her shift so she could get up to Halloween stuff and then carry on through and

Jessamyn 6:07 at the beginning of night, fill in shifts. Thank you for that

Cortex 6:10 Halloween gap filler. But ya know, we, we put out a couple of skeletal animals on the front porch and got our yearly crop of four knocks on the door, which makes us a relatively big year for Halloween.

Jessamyn 6:22 Because you're on a big street, what we're not

Cortex 6:25 we're like near a big street that itself is a sort of a little bit of a commercial stretch. So not really good for Halloween trick or treating. And then we're like a block off that on a street that's only like three streets like three blocks long. So it's just, it's a little bit shallow. It's not like a cul de sac. Exactly. But it's like it's just there are other much more target rich environments.

Jessamyn 6:47 It doesn't go anywhere. Really. Yeah, so

Cortex 6:48 we get a few like little neighbors who come by but that's well neighbors good

Jessamyn 6:53 neighbors if you gave them full size candy bars,

Cortex 6:57 we gave them eyeball toys and nice and stuff and also cheese puffs so you gotta go savory in there with a sweet so I feel like yeah, like little packets of letting the individual unwrapped cheese bucks Yes. Wait for their bags.

Jessamyn 7:13 Oh knows what you do over there. Portland, Oregon.

Cortex 7:16 Now we got a box like you know three dozen little miniature bags of cheese plus and gave

Jessamyn 7:22 a nice I'm somebody who really enjoys like a good you know, sweet savory combination. Like I'm always Yeah,

Cortex 7:32 yeah, give me that salted caramel.

Jessamyn 7:34 I then potato chips with my chocolate bars. Yes.

Cortex 7:35 I we were talking about eating breakfast this morning. And I had a banana and some peanut butter. And it's like, that's always always good. Breakfast of

Jessamyn 7:45 Champions. Yep. I had peanut butter and an English muffin.

Cortex 7:48 All right. Well, you've been listening to the what we had for breakfast podcast. Thank you for next week. You and I collectively the word you want to talk about Metafilter should we

Jessamyn 7:56 talk I was trying to find bond cliffs tweet where he talks about he gave out full size candy bars because he lives on like kind of a little cul de sac. So they only get six trick or treaters. But he put it in a trick or treating bowl with a couple like cans of tuna. Because he's got a sense of humor. I don't know why it just made me laugh stupid. Like why is that so funny? I have no idea.

Cortex 8:19 That's pretty great. I hope one of the kids took the tuna

Jessamyn 8:22 Yeah, I did too. I'll be tracking it down wall while we're we're teeing up the next thing.

Cortex 8:27 I don't interact with like raw children that often and there was like, every time trigger team happens I'm faced with the like complete lack of filter. The occasional kid will have like one kid I'm holding a bowl that has these eyeball toys and cheese puffs in them. And I'm handing it out to people and this kid his eyes go straight to the bowl and he's just like searching through it and I go to hand him an eyeball toy thing and he's like like I don't know if he actually physically push my hand away but there was very much a sense of like no look you don't understand what's going on right now I'm I'm I'm going to examine your bowl and just reaches in and like hey, here's the things that just keeps going for it and

Jessamyn 9:06 pause don't eventually bad thing further good thing

Cortex 9:10 and on analysis it was exactly what I was trying to hold him but yes,

Jessamyn 9:18 well and I don't know if you saw the thing that I put up like I kids are like looking at my costume and what are you and somebody was like she's a sloth or sloth and kids like that's no slot him have people hands okay

Cortex 9:39 well if you have a distinctive claws so I mean hey,

Jessamyn 9:42 they do have a distinctive claws and I wasn't doing anything right. I wasn't wearing little mittens.

Cortex 9:48 You should get some like knife hands next year and be like sloppy Krueger. See, that's a really good actually chasing kids.

Jessamyn 9:55 My sister's idea was like the sloth character from The Goonies the guy with a weird funny hair. Did you wear a Superman t shirt? Oh, yeah. literally couldn't get it together to get a Superman shirt. Yeah.

Cortex 10:07 That would have been like a good like pair costume. Like, that's two completely different slots.

Jessamyn 10:11 Right? Yeah. Great. That's a good idea. So metal filter,

Cortex 10:15 metal filter. So, you know, hey, there was some stuff on jobs. It turns out people are like, I feel like I feel like if makes jobs multiple podcasts in a row now people like using it just to spite me. Which is okay.

Jessamyn 10:28 Jobs, jobs. A good website, I would like to. I would like to put in a push for Phil fill jobs been? Yeah,

Cortex 10:39 I've been thinking about that. Since we talked about

Jessamyn 10:41 well, I know. But now we're going to talk about it, put a pin in it, and I'm going to come back next month and be like, it'd be done. So that so that filled jobs are like grayed out, but people can still see them. You can see stuff on jobs actually

Cortex 10:55 the more of a sense of an activity about stuff that's gone by. Yeah, no, I like it. I think it's a good idea.

Jessamyn 11:01 Excuse me?

Cortex 11:03 Because we're gonna hide. Yes, Mr. Tony 60 is looking for an illustrator for a children's book idea. And in what I can only call a beautiful natural segue PhD cutting Sachs is looking for an expert, Adobe Illustrator tutor.

Jessamyn 11:18 Ha ha ha. But and. And Padwa. Choi is looking for feedback on a library assistant application which I would hope they had found somebody but if not, I should probably like I tried to not fill jobs that pay money because I figure other people should probably get those jobs, you know, for the most part unless it's like perfect up my alley, but this might actually be perfect on my alley. Like looking for someone with experience to read my application. Oh, but in the UK, which is not me. Well, there we go. Can't do it.

Cortex 11:54 This this is this is my favorite. I think just partly because personal connection like Janelle is like a neighbor lives.

Jessamyn 12:01 I just talked to you about my enormous TV problem. Yes, yes. I have some enormous TV problems.

Cortex 12:08 Like do you have enormous TVs? And it's a problem my father's house

Jessamyn 12:11 has three enormous televisions, one of which weighs 100 pounds or cheeses. And I want them gone. But I don't I mean, unlike Chanel, which I should probably be smart about I don't want to pay $200 to get it one's up a flight of stairs. One's down a flight of stairs and one is just somewhere else. And theoretically I can bring them to the transfer station if I can get them into a vehicle Yeah, I personally on my own camp. Wow. So hey, if you're in Portland in

Cortex 12:44 May I don't I don't want to I don't want to cut her off from some customer in case it fell through but it may be done as of yesterday. Another neighbor mefite A couple of mefites were on their way over to attempt to move it on a cargo bike. And if that happens, I will be so pleased photos if that's the case, I know right? It sounded like it was a little bit of an experimental maybe we can pull this off thing so I don't know if it happened or not but it might have in which case I hope for some follow documentation Yeah, hello jobs go get some jobs go to

Jessamyn 13:24 actually pretty good into projects.

Cortex 13:27 Nice. which never

Jessamyn 13:29 happens. Yeah. I mean, it would have except computer

Cortex 13:37 you're blown to sandwich Oh man.

Jessamyn 13:40 No, wait. Hold on. All right, um, Vijay PDX. Made a Portland resistance calendar. Yes. Which is up on K BU and updated way too often. So people who are interested in resistance stuff going on in Portland Oregon and you probably and this is Vicki Vijay who I actually no I did not know that was that was her username a Metafilter just does a great just does a great thing is a great person and made this cool thing. So if you're interested in resistance stuff in Portland, check this out. It is amazing. Very good. I like it.

Cortex 14:26 There is a cool thing. I have not finished playing with it yet. But I started working on it the other day. Miss Jenny made

Jessamyn 14:33 Oh God all the stuff. She makes us great. Yeah.

Cortex 14:35 Payback with a cent sign for a see. So it's type of graphically clever.

Jessamyn 14:42 Difficult to type.

Cortex 14:46 Oh and decent. Where are you? Yeah, it's a it's it's sort of like college expense simulator. But it's a little more engaging than that might sound like, it's not like sit down and fill out this survey to estimate your needs. It's more of like, okay, let's go through the actual cuz you pretend you're in college. Yeah, let's let's let's think about the purchases you're gonna make on the way to college, think about the college you're gonna go to let's think about, you know, all these things that sort of end up in there that are the less obvious costs than just literally Oh, hey, tuition. So it's cool. It's fun to play with. It's it's a nice sort of use of kind of interactive fiction II sort of 20 sort of vibe.

Jessamyn 15:35 Well, it's really interesting, short as it is, because, you know, different people are like, well, let me talk to you about a slightly alternative way I did college, so I didn't have to pay for a car or for whatever. And I feel like that's useful. Like figuring out that there's lots of other ways to live in the world is is good, and people were friendly, and polite with their stuff. Also, you may not feel comfortable talking about this, because Jesse is your friend, although Jessie is also my friend. But Churchill, from Metafilter. Put together a thing called incredible Doom, which is basically, about teenagers. It's a graphic novel, about teenagers who spend time on the internet, have terrible families connect over their technology things. And I've read the first issue, and it's super good. And it got posted to Metafilter. This all happened very early in October. But like, I dove into this, and like, immediately related, right? Like your parents are nuts. You've got a connection to the computer, you can talk to other people who may have half an idea of what the hell's going on in your life. It's this complete thready Lifeline and the illustrations are really good. And anybody who was on the internet in the 90s can probably relate to it. And it's great.

Cortex 16:57 Yes, it's super duper good. They have done such a great job. And I'm excited about it going forward. I commented a little bit in medical posts, someone ended up making just

Jessamyn 17:07 two went up a week or two ago, and I didn't even notice.

Cortex 17:13 anymore. I've been watching them a little bit working on issue three, and it's pretty exciting. Oh, no, it's really great. And I've been working super hard on this for like, months, like a year out something. So yeah, no, it's it's great. People should go read it. Because it's really well done. Artists great. The writing is great. But the actual physical side of the comic books they're producing is really cool, too. It's a really neat little mini comic. That's nicely done. And I let my Cricut cutter to some special goodies for some of those issues. And yeah,

Jessamyn 17:48 yeah, I mean, every time you talk about your Cricut cutter, I freak out. Yeah,

Cortex 17:52 it's currently it's actually currently in Charles custody right now because they need to do some more of the cutting of the secret bonus thing that they didn't cut enough of because they didn't know they're gonna sell as many copies as they did. So it's got a nice strong launch on it. And yeah, people should go read it and support it and shit.

Jessamyn 18:10 And shatter to show for helping me with my terrible computer problem that I asked Metafilter about. It is still not totally resolved. But I'm closer to resolving it. Thank you to you.

Cortex 18:24 Are is a error is a I don't. I'm giving up on consonance there's a post zero lives.

Jessamyn 18:34 Oh, this was the other one I was gonna mention.

Cortex 18:36 Oh, nice. Well, I want to talk about oh, no, I

Jessamyn 18:39 talked about the last one. Okay, well, then I'll talk about

Cortex 18:42 wrestling social friend of mine, actually, zero lives is putting together a

Jessamyn 18:49 way to keep all your friends. This one is Jesse is Miss Jenny

Cortex 18:56 zero lies. I don't I don't think I've met Miss training. Which which complimented Miss Jenny, if you remember being in a meet up with me. It's because I can never remember who I've met. But yeah, no. Zero lives. I actually met via a friend at EXPO several years ago. So we become friends through the echo and friends in that thing. And then I think that led to him getting a medical term account. So it's all run around in circles. Anyway, he's big into wrestling. He's done some cool. I may have mentioned he made many projects post previously about a little wrestling video game like a late bid thing he's been working on. He's trying to start up a sort of wrestling online community because he's really enjoys wrestling, but he wants

Jessamyn 19:44 and other people enjoy wrestling and wants to talk to other people about wrestling. Yeah, in

Cortex 19:47 a nice non toxic sort of non shooting environment.

Jessamyn 19:50 So and they're looking for mods,

Cortex 19:52 if at all possible. Yeah, if you're into that sort of thing, get on the ground floor and this whole wrestling community thing

Jessamyn 20:00 Which I find particularly interesting because my nighttime reading book now is the rocks. autobiography. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And so far, it's just really good. I mean, the rock is kind of like how you think he probably is. And I, I'd known his father was a wrestler. But what I didn't know was that his grandfather was also a wrestler. So like both sides of his family like his his, his mom's side of the family and his dad's side of the family are both pro wrestling. Interesting. Yeah. And so his background is fascinating. His family history is fascinating. I've just gotten to the point where he's like, playing football at University of Miami. And it's just, he's got a point seventh grade point. But, ya know, it's really good. And so I've been thinking more about wrestling as kind of a spectacle kind of more of a spectacle less of a sport. And that book is highly recommended. And this community is cool. So yes,

Cortex 21:00 yeah, no, Secretariat follows the rock on Instagram and enjoys his feed. So

Jessamyn 21:05 yeah, well, because he's also like happily married. I mean, by all accounts he's just like a decent dude.

Cortex 21:12 I just happens to be incredibly built because of a super disciplined physical regimen.

Jessamyn 21:18 Yeah, I mean, a combination of sort of genetics and super discipline you know what I mean? Like he made the most of what he had he's six five to which you can't lift your way into being six five.

Cortex 21:31 Yeah, no, I'm sure if I had decided to take up bodybuilding I could be a relatively small version of me, but I would not be the rock.

Jessamyn 21:40 Right? It still be you.

Cortex 22:06 I like this thing overlapping Elvis made I'm so bad at clicking on stuff this morning. I'm having trouble operating a mouse. But

Jessamyn 22:15 like myself,

Cortex 22:17 I think I should have had I should have had that craft coffee. I think I just needed more of a jumpstart that I thought stayed up late watching an episode of Stranger Things.

Jessamyn 22:26 Oh, hey, there was like a couple Stranger Things. Oh, here's a question for you real quick. I'm sorry. But if you're like a little kid and like if you're a person and a yellow rain slicker holding a balloon, are you a stranger things person?

Cortex 22:41 No, no, I'm a Stephen King's It thing. I'm Oh, is

Jessamyn 22:44 that what that is? Yeah. Jesus. There was like three kids in yellow rain slickers with balloons, and I had no idea what the hell was. Yeah,

Cortex 22:50 no, they're the younger brothers of one of the main characters of it. Said younger brother being murdered by a clown as basically the opening of the story.

Jessamyn 22:58 Okay, thank you. Yeah, there was I think one or two Stranger Things riffs that I missed entirely. I've heard it's good, though. Yeah, no,

Cortex 23:05 it's really good. I am enjoying it greatly. We're taking our time getting through the second season. It's super good. Nice. Anyway, overlapping Elvis made these 3d modeled hiking pole hinge clasp things just to solve a small problem, because their partner uses hiking poles for mobility, but doesn't need to use both at the same time. So the clip basically makes it possible to carry the one pole with the other pole to keep the other hand for us. It's such a tiny little usability sort of quality of life thing. But that's like, hey, we have 3d printers now. So you can say, Oh, I wish there were one this, this one little thing would fix this specific problem that would make my life or my friend's life or my partner's life slightly better. And we'll just do it.

Jessamyn 23:50 And special thanks to the Eugene public library who had the MakerBot that enabled this to at least partly happen.

Cortex 23:57 Yeah. That's so nice. Yeah. So I think that's just rad all around. It's rad. Everything's

Jessamyn 24:03 nice. I think that's it for me for projects.

Cortex 24:08 Let me see if I have anything else. I don't think I mentioned this previous idea. It just came up in conversation. But waiting, Gibbon made a thing called MK tweet. It's a browser extension for basically keeping track of Twitter abuse reports. So like, you know, you can go to Twitter, and you can make an abuse report on like, this is a shitty thing that you go away. It's abusive, whatever. And then that just sort of okay disappears into the ether.

Jessamyn 24:33 Well, you get a report back kind of randomly later, I've found, like, if I use the app for my phone, at some point, I'll get like a, we made a decision on your thing, but it's always like super much later, and you've forgotten what the thing is. Yeah, it's irritating.

Cortex 24:50 So this is basically an attempt to let you have a little bit more sort of active control over keeping track of that. What seems like a good idea.

Jessamyn 24:57 Oh, that's great. Yeah, there used to be something like this. Five years ago I feel like Andre made it that would keep track of your your abuse reports to see if the account got banned like it would just status like check the status of the account you report it to see if it got banned or whatever. This is great. And waning Gibbon username makes me laugh. This is a good username. Yep. Yeah, that's awesome. Nice. Hey, you know, I felt like everybody knows this. But maybe people don't know this. I did learn this on meta filter. But I told a roomful of librarians this and they did not know that if you want to set your Twitter location to Germany, you won't see any Nazis on Twitter anymore.

Cortex 25:43 I heard that. I remember seeing some chatter going by in a thread on Metafilter. about it. And it wasn't. Threads. Yeah. Yeah, it wasn't totally clear on the time, whether the consensus was this definitely works or that this only sort of kind of works.

Jessamyn 25:58 No, no, no, it definitely works. Because Nazis are illegal in Germany. And so there's some kind of flag on

Cortex 26:05 Yeah. that much. I know, I wasn't clear. I guess the chatter. I was saying I wasn't clear of, I feel like someone was saying, Okay, here's the thing you can set your location for that affects this aspect of their thing. But if they don't really like, treat you as a German Twitter user, then just setting your location isn't sufficient to get the change to happen.

Jessamyn 26:27 But this is Oh, that maybe you have to use a VPN or so yeah, I'm

Cortex 26:31 reporting secondhand readings of other people. Don't take any of this. But yeah, I wasn't. I wasn't totally clear on that. I had meant to go back and sort of find a little bit more info on it. But But yes, in any case, and interesting. Well, and

Jessamyn 26:45 I don't I just don't have a Twitter that's got a bunch of Nazis in the first place. So yeah,

Cortex 26:49 it hasn't really been an issue for me.

Cortex 26:56 Should we discuss the old metal filter, the blue, the blue? Sure. I enjoyed it. Just sort of like a dumb, absurdist, it was just the right thing at the right moment. I really enjoyed Shaq, which is why it's been so many, please.

Jessamyn 27:13 I have not clicked a single thing on this. Because I just saw the post on the sidebar. It just said Shaq, Jim's like click this. I'm like, what is it? And he's like Shaq? And I'm like, no, no, no, no, no, no, I guess I could have like, read the thread, but it just, ah, it's like, it's like one of those weird little irritants for me. Yeah. And then the first six comments are just fucking checked all the comments. That's what it is in words.

Cortex 27:43 Okay. What it is, is stink foot made a post with a text, Shaq, Shaq, Shaq, Shadrach, shellac. Each is a link to a different thing. The first one is, you know, Shaquille O'Neal, and then it goes on from there. And it's just, and I, if you're listening to the input, I'm saying this with the maximum amount of actual genuine affection. It's just

Jessamyn 28:06 when you call it stupid. Yeah, it's just

Cortex 28:08 like a delete, like I have made similarly deliberately stupid posts once or twice, like, it's just like I am associating this should be on the front page of Metafilter. And honestly, this would have been a real easy to leave. If I'd been in like that, you know what, maybe your post would make any sense sort of mood. But I was in the other mood. And I was like, alright, and I just let it up and went and found the first weird thing that sort of sounded like Shaq that I could think of and

Jessamyn 28:33 literally just other people coming because like somebody was like, it's just things that sound like Jack and I'm like, that's, I mean,

Cortex 28:41 it's it's just total free association bullshit. People finding links to things that have

Jessamyn 28:48 word, like shall be word. Okay, good, perfect. And then

Cortex 28:52 the occasional person who just seems to like, presumably intentionally, like not following the super unavoidable aesthetic of the threatened progress. So there's a couple of comments that are like, you know, paragraph of discussion or someone say, Hey, I'm not sure what's going on here. And it's like, Well, okay,

Jessamyn 29:12 but it's almost all exclusively. just sounded like goofy. Yep.

Cortex 29:17 Ah, like, it makes no sense. But it was actually a genuine breakpoint. In my mind. I thought that was just a nice weird little bit of bass. I

Jessamyn 29:25 mean, I saw it go up. I saw you guys sidebar it and I just, I needed more to go on. So

Cortex 29:31 I had been thinking about sidebar, I was like, am I getting over invest in this goofy thing and lodgement just independently Cyberduck ended it exactly correctly by just linking the word shack. So I was very happy with whole thing.

Jessamyn 29:45 I'm going to, you know, friends link here and one of my favorite posts this month was actually one that Jim made, because it was like, another thing that just kind of brought a tiny bit of joy into my life for no reason whatsoever, but it's basically a band called The Boredoms. They all got together under the Brooklyn Bridge at a park. With 77 drummers all set up, you got to click the link and just look at this for like 10 seconds, all playing the same kind of drumbeat. And then they basically played a song is July 7 2007, at 707. And there's a full lineup of drummers if you're curious if your favorite drummer from Brooklyn in 2007, is there. But it's just it's just kind of the joy of like, there's really something about a lot of drummers all playing at the same time and the camera pans. So you see, like every drummer for like, a couple seconds, and, you know, all drummers are kind of, in some ways exactly the same and in some ways exactly different. You know, there's like metal drummers, there's lady drummers, there's old drummers, there's young drummers there's like dressed like a chicken drummers. And I don't know, but the whole thing just makes me

Cortex 31:02 super happy. That's rad. That's fantastic. Yeah.

Jessamyn 31:06 And it's, you know, it's one of these threads like 17 favorites, eight comments, but I just I watched the whole video and when I need a little pick me up, I watch it again.

Cortex 31:17 Nice. I will have to watch that later.

Jessamyn 31:18 drummers. Yes, title give the drummer some.

Cortex 31:24 I'm gonna I'm gonna one up your friends linking by just straight up self linking here. Why? Because I made a post. That was a perfectly nice little post. I can't even paste. I didn't

Jessamyn 31:35 make a post this month. Danny, Josh, you've bested me again.

Cortex 31:39 Just barely. I thought I saw a thing on like, Twitter at some point and put it in the tab and it sat there for two weeks. And it's like, oh, right, that thing I was gonna post that. And I went and made a post for it like last week at some point. And it's just a bunch of animations, short animations, looping animations based on old video games. So you know Super Mario Brothers and Zelda

Jessamyn 32:00 pitfall is Super Mario Brothers and old video game, while the

Cortex 32:04 old ones are old. like Super Mario Brothers itself, the actual Nintendo titles like 30 years old now. 30 something. Yeah. The new Mario was out, but I haven't played it yet. But it sounds like it's really good. Anyway, I made this post because I liked it. They're fun animations. And I was like, Yeah, I should share these. And so I did exactly that. I got two comments, with four words between them if you count and emoticon if as a word. And this is okay. Like I'm not complaining. I just I've always, it's always striking when it happens, like and there's like, what do you say? Oh, that's sure is Mario. Yeah, I was like, you know,

Jessamyn 32:38 what people say is they're like, Oh, I remember when I used to. Whatever. Yeah. What people sometimes say.

Cortex 32:46 Yeah, and I don't think this is like as obvious a hook for sort of storytelling about that stuff as some like more context, ie, video game poster. So but I like that stuff. And I'm just gonna signal boosted like, like, like, I own the place.

Jessamyn 33:00 Good. I got the first. I hope it's the last actually.

Cortex 33:09 What else you got?

Jessamyn 33:10 Ah, hold on. Just second, I had clicked to thing and then I had gotten distracted by my clicking of the thing. I didn't spend as much time in Metafilter this time. Oh, I remember the one thing I don't know where I put the Hold on. Oh, this is just a thread from yesterday. But for whatever reason. Like there had been people kind of a little like, grumble grumble grumble in it. And so I checked it out originally when I was filling in as a mod. But then I actually went and read the whole article. And then I actually really enjoyed it. It was bond Cliff's post about Mark Frauen Felder, who's probably an old school mefite, but I don't really know, you know, boingboing guy who basically talked about, he bought some bitcoins, but then he protected them behind a passphrase or password, which he then inexplicably put on a posted and put under his daughter's pillow. Because he was getting on an airplane, and then the cleaning lady threw it away. But then he had like a special dongle that you had to type the password into. And the special dongle had special nerd protection, so that every time you guessed your password wrong, it would increase the amount of time between guesses. Oh, Jesus, you know what I mean? Which is perfect, right? The whole thing is perfect. But so it starts out like just kind of this white male anxiety story, right? Like the guy's super nerdy. So he spent $3,000 on bitcode. Then he's super nerdy, so he has a really hard password. Then he's even super nerdier so when he gets on a fucking airplane, he has to leave a note for his daughter to get in touch with Cory Doctorow. In case something happens to get his $3,000 which is probably now $30,000 which, like, I Can I understand that that's important. But like, if you're somebody who writes for boiling point, like, it's not a life changing amount of you know, it's not $6 million. So you put a post it for your daughter, but you don't fucking tell her, it's there. And then when the posted is lost, you have to go through this rule. And so up till that point, I was like, I hate this guy, even though I liked the guy, like in real life. But then it turns into an amazing redemption story of him figuring out how to hack the dongle that is plugged in that he needs to enter his passcode into by paying some like internet dude $3,000, which is the amount of his initial investment to hawk the thing through bullshit. And then long story short, gets his money back. And so there's a whole bunch of interesting aspects to it. It's nerd bait, basically. And the thread was fun, super fun thread 100 dish, comments, I enjoyed the entire thing start to finish. It's kind of like a nice, classic metal filter post. That just made me happy.

Cortex 36:08 Nice. I thought passing references to that, but I hadn't caught up on the story. So that that is a useful summary for me.

Jessamyn 36:14 Well, I mean, that's basically all you need to know, you can go read about it, but you can now dive into the thread and just start commenting, you know, well, in my opinion, it does come down to a whole bunch of questions about passwords, right? Like, I'm one of those people who has a safe deposit box, right. So I share it with my sister inside the safe deposit box is passwords. And that's fine, as far as I'm concerned. Right? That safe enough. But if you're not a safe deposit box person, what's the best way? Yeah, to have a password. That's hard enough, but not too hard. And so there's some lively discussion, but for whatever reason, it doesn't degenerate into you know, pissing matches about how everyone else is an idiot. And your method is the best. And so it was a fun discussion, not A, not a jerky discussion.

Cortex 37:28 I have a number a bunch of little things I liked. Well, here's, here's an easy one just fun thing to look at, probably, on previous podcast, talked about other posts on the same topic. But sorting visualizations. This is a post the guy and made of just a collection of visualizations of various kinds of algorithmic sorting, if you have to put an order there's a bunch of different ways you can implement. Like, we talked about this roughly every two years, probably I think so like it's, say bubble sort, Bubble Sort T there we go. Lovely. Anyway, it's nice. It's real simple. It's just some cool visualizations. So you know, go look at that, if you feel like things.

Jessamyn 38:15 Bubble short is first it was first.

Cortex 38:18 Yeah, is it? Well, it's it Bubblesort super easy is the thing. Like it's not, it's not fast, it's not efficient. It's not a good choice for anything that requires

Jessamyn 38:26 me I don't know what any of this shit is. I understand it conceptually. But I don't have an actual understanding of it. I feel sometimes, like I would like to go to programmer school.

Cortex 38:38 There are a you know, like, programming like, like short stint programs out there. If you wanted to, like just get some basics on one or another thing to

Jessamyn 38:49 hook into anything in my life. Yeah, that's cool. I would love to, but then I would need to have a project I needed to do with it. And my life is not so complicated that there's anything I need complex algorithms to solve that can't just be pieces of paper on the floor.

Cortex 39:06 Yeah. Well, I mean, most programming isn't even going to use complex algorithms very much anyway. So I

Jessamyn 39:11 think of Bubblesort is a complex algorithm. It by no, it's not, but Google

Cortex 39:15 Search great. I mean, it's, that's the beautiful thing about it is it's so simple. Like it's like you literally like take, you know, 10, random numbered balls and set them down in a row and you start on the left and look at the first two and say, Hey, is the one on the left smaller than one on the right. Okay. Otherwise swap them and then you just

Jessamyn 39:32 like, I do that with pieces of paper. So it kind of doesn't matter what the algo is. Yeah. But yeah, no, I get what you're saying. I love it.

Cortex 39:40 Someone actually brings up I think in the thread discussion there. radix sort as one way of sorting that corresponds roughly to maybe how you would sort card catalog cards if they were out of order to

Jessamyn 39:54 sort of mean I think bubble sorting is how you sort card catalog. Cards are out of order right?

Cortex 40:00 probably probably starting with radix, and then radish, radix radix. Or it might be radix. I don't know. But our ad I x. It's basically you start if you've got a bunch of three digit numbers say like, you know, like the main numbers on a, I know what numbers are. Yeah, I'm trying to talk through for the listener, I trust you

Jessamyn 40:20 know what numbers are?

Cortex 40:23 Like a Dewey decimal number. Okay, so three digits, you've got a big pile of cards like you, if you have 1000 cards, if you need a sorted, you wouldn't start by looking at to it and saying, Well, which one comes before the other? And then just doing that 1000 times because I actually, but but go on, because it'd be fit. Like, potentially, you might not do that just because like manipulating 1000 cards at a time is annoying. So instead, maybe you say, Okay, what's the first digit each of these cards and you make 10 piles? Once it's our one once it's hard to sew on. And then you take each of those piles, and maybe you're like, Well, this is still pretty cumbersome. And so you split each of those into 10 piles, based on the second digit. So then you have the one ones and the one to alphabetizing. Yeah. And then at that point, maybe you have a handful is like, oh, let's Yeah, let's literally Bubblesort this thing. Let's just sort these six cards, and now those are order. But that's much easier to do with six cards that would be with like, literally 1000 cards where you have to shuffle back and forth the whole fucking time. So that's

Jessamyn 41:19 a draw? Well, I'm

Cortex 41:20 not questioning your ability to do it.

Jessamyn 41:23 No, I'm just I'm just I mean, this is what's so interesting to me. Right is I don't have much of a sense. Yeah.

Cortex 41:30 I would say probably part of the difference is like if you have a slightly out of order list than just going through and like handling the little checks here and there. You can sort of do it however, and it would be dumb to do something like a radix sort for that. Like you don't want to sort 1000 cards if only five actually need moving.

Jessamyn 41:47 Well, and the thing that's the best about the radix sort, right if we're actually talking processors is that parts of the job can be done by different people. Yeah, yes, CPUs or whatever. We're Bubblesort everything has to go through one.

Cortex 41:59 Yeah. So you compare it because it's all

Jessamyn 42:01 see Bubblesort it's like the it's like blockchain. Like everything has to go through like one central nonsense. Yeah. I'm surprised nobody in bond clips thread started blaming the blockchain for all this shit.

Cortex 42:16 I think it's just like, it's an easy target at this point. Like, we've all we've all blamed the blockchain, we've got to step up our game. I really liked this post. The recent recording have taken me by Aha, like, you know, 30 years later, or whatever.

Jessamyn 42:36 Was this last

Cortex 42:37 month? Was it? No, this was October.

Jessamyn 42:41 I feel like I saw no, I guess, was there another AHA thing last month? I

Cortex 42:47 don't know. Maybe. I feel like

Jessamyn 42:49 I've seen AHA a lot lately. But

Cortex 42:51 maybe there was some reanimation thing going on? Maybe? Yeah, that was in there somewhere. Sorry. I

Jessamyn 42:56 didn't mean to detract from you. No, no,

Cortex 42:58 I'm saying it's like they did a nice version. They're like, they're like 30 years older. But they made a nice version of their song. It's actually very, like very, totally different. Like they really super bring it down. And that actually works.

Jessamyn 43:10 Do you feel like we've been denied getting new bands? Because the old bands refuse to stop being the bands? No, I think there's a lot of you feel weird that the Rolling Stones have been around our whole lives. Yeah,

Cortex 43:21 kinda. It's true. But I mean, I do too. Practically. There's lots of new music anyway. Like, Trevor. That's like chanting, email, keep sticking around. But we we still get like, you know, emails to dawn. So you know, this

Jessamyn 43:37 is the first year though, that I've really felt like, my love of email may not be normative anymore. Like, I'm on projects with different people. And my insistence on email seems a little quaint and outdated instead of a completely normal way to keep track of conversations and projects. But that is partly because they refuse to use Slack. So fuck them, they're not going to use Slack. I'm going to use email. But they tried to send like a bunch of Facebook Messenger messages, and Twitter, on Twitter, DMS, and I'm like, I'm not working that way. And I've just turned into this robot where I'm like, please send this over email. If you want me to do anything about anything.

Cortex 44:16 Yeah, I have a few friends who are like Twitter DM people. And that's fine, because it's great. But I don't really use Twitter DMS at all. So I'm always kind of a little slow on the uptake. When that happens. Like I'll get a notification and I won't know what it is. And

Jessamyn 44:32 well, at least come to my email. So for me, it's basically like send an email at least I have some indicator, but like Facebook messages, that's just some crazy, you know, but a lot of people send me work stuff there because librarians use Facebook all the time. For whatever reason.

Cortex 44:53 I never really got into that particular bit of the like, I use Facebook in a very limited sense, but I've gotten into I'm in like the app and messenger and so on

Jessamyn 45:02 too much, but I'm available there. And so it's kind of the easiest way to get in touch with me that feels, I think low friction for people. Like I think sometimes people feel like emailing me might be too heavy. Whereas I'm just like no or, or they feel like like many of the other people I work with email is just a, I had a contract that was like supposed to be signed and dealt with on the 15th of October. And by the 17th of October, I'm like, I'm not really going to start work until I get a contract. And I got this kind of like, oh, yeah, it was last in the email maelstrom. And I'm like, How are you a boss, like, a contract comes into your email, you're not even on top of your email enough that you can like, track a contract. That's embarrassing. But maybe that's normative now. You know what I mean? Like, just every nothing means anything anymore? I don't know. It was interesting to me. Yeah. Because he felt like that was as a boss an actual reasonable response. Yeah. Like, I just fucking lost it. No, like, that's his response, not my response. I didn't fucking lose it. I'm a professional, but like, it was just so weird. Everybody else was like, yeah, yeah. Although this is the other boss who actually gets high on our video chats. Like, I just watch him like smoke up and it's I can't get like, I'm from New England. It's weird. Like legally high for his where he is. But it's weird to sell through. So I feel like an old lady is what I'm saying. And another post that I really liked. There, the word conspiracy. I met Mendelian conspiracy earlier this year in Toronto. And he's a lovely man, he's got a lovely husband, they are great. But there's something about like, all of his posts, just like poke secret buttons with me where I'm like, this post is like, every time I don't know what it is, he won one of my contests when we did contest one. And so he did this post on the body broker industry, which is basically, you donate your body, what happens to your body? Yeah. And it's kind of fun and gross, and interesting. And people were a little light girl. And so again, it's another one of these posts that I jumped into as kind of a mod and then decided I really loved the thread to like, I believe I actually made a post that was like, I haven't read any of this yet, but which normally is against the rules. And then it became kind of a weird thing because large part fast, who's a wonderful person, but sometimes acts out on metal filter, made a post comment, basically kind of implying that if you're in an ER at death's door, people care about your donation status, yes or no? Because he's an ER doctor. Sure. And that's of course not true. But people freak out anyhow. It needed to be dealt with. So interesting. Thread. Lively, very lively. Yeah. And I liked it. Man on conspiracy did a great job.

Cortex 48:14 Yeah, I totally missed that one. So that's cool.

Jessamyn 48:16 So good. So good.

Cortex 48:18 I dug just as a little art thing as posed by sharpen it. What do we think? How is this sharp net shove net? shape that shape net?

Jessamyn 48:32 Have we clicked through?

Cortex 48:34 Yeah, there's no there's no help. So there's a picture of shoving Cervini get pushed to the hilarious kinetic ice sculptures by guy named Lucas Zenodo. And they're just exactly that there's some very cool

Jessamyn 48:51 genetic eyes. They are

Cortex 48:53 kinetic sculptures that suggest googly eyes in their construction. The whole variety of means it's just it's a cool thing to watch

Jessamyn 49:04 the link that's on this is colossal Why is it also have a via link to this is colossal?

Cortex 49:09 I don't know. That's weird. People have different Well, I mean, it's it is to the main page and the link is to the individual things. I

Jessamyn 49:19 mean, it's clear that it's on.

Cortex 49:21 I think I agree with you. I feel like that's an unnecessarily level of needed attribution, but at the same time, it's like a harmlessly pedantic level rather than

Jessamyn 49:33 right, unless we do it every single time in which case rules Yeah,

Cortex 49:37 that's point. But yes, but not not a concern in this case. I don't think anyway, I don't think so. It's a nice thing. Look,

Jessamyn 49:46 I like it. They look like googly eyes. And along the same line of like, wow, I don't know if it's along the same line or not. But I love this road interest segue. Is it This post by Blue Beetle about it's just basically a single link to a really nice long article you can read about why ending stuff in the word Tron sounded futuristic. Like what what made that happen? Where did it come from? What were things that had that name? It's a really long, very interesting posted, you know, article about it. But then the thread itself is a whole bunch of people talking about stuff that ended in Tron and I went to forever Tron this awesome scrap metal sculpture place in Baraboo, Wisconsin. So I had my own little my own little connection to this particular topic. And it was great. Yeah, awesome. Yeah, people talking about that it filled Tron, et cetera, et cetera.

Cortex 50:55 Well, in a similarly thoughtful and highfalutin tone. I like this post about whether or not Jim Davis made a Garfield strip in which John accidentally drink dog semen. Which has been an internet thing for a while now. There's no sugarcoating it. That's like, that's just the whole thing. It's sort of seems like maybe Jon Arbuckle drank a cup of

Jessamyn 51:22 Well, that was the implication from the cartoon. Yeah.

Cortex 51:25 And in theory, Jim Davis, Jim Davis says, no, no, no, people are just getting it wrong. It's actually intended to be a high protein supplement that aids in healthy development of litters in pregnant dogs. Which, on the one hand, what the hell I believe Jim Davis meant that but on the other hand, do do you not reach the fucking comic strip? Anyway, the thing the thing, the reason I liked the posts, the reason that it is a post is not that that happened back in 1990. But that it's been a whole sort of like thing on the internet. And so for a bit of weird goofy, what is going on on the web right now? stuff? I really enjoyed the whole phenomenon. I'm glad I got a post.

Jessamyn 52:04 Yeah, I mean, to me, it's sleep is where I'm a Viking kind of thing.

Cortex 52:08 Yeah. Like Bible nerd. Yeah, exactly.

Jessamyn 52:12 And my sister got to buy dog semen over the internet during the same week. This was happening. real job.

Cortex 52:17 Oh, that's, yeah, I remember you. Right. It was like, Hey, this is the second time to data dogs humans come up. Yeah.

Jessamyn 52:23 Because whatever she, she works for a crime lab. And sometimes when they find, you know, random stains at US crime scene, they have to compare it against stuff. And so it was like a funny joke that back in the bad old days of the crime lab before she got there, if they needed human comparison samples. Guy they, like go off to the bathroom with a magazine. And eventually they were just like, we can't, we cannot do this anymore. So you have to buy it through the internet. And there's a whole bunch of places that you do this, like crime labs do this. But so she had kind of gotten used to that, which was a joke in and of itself. And they had a tool called the ultra sperm finder, which specifically looked for, you know, various kinds of semen. And it didn't work. So she had to argue with the people who make that thing that it doesn't do what it's supposed to do, which is of course fun and of itself. And then culminating in this dog semen purchase the same week, everybody on the internet was arguing about Garfield. That's fantastic. Yeah, I mean, I wish she had a blog or anything other than stories, she tells me that I leaked out over over podcasts and other other person to person places.

Unknown Speaker 53:38 From the first known and time major. I saw we live with our feet. And you have walked on water all these years.

Cortex 53:56 I also enjoyed a great deal, this idle game thing that I posted that I want to like say up front.

Jessamyn 54:04 For Christ's sake, I cannot get anywhere with this. It is not an endless

Cortex 54:07 one at least like you. You can, in theory play through it in like, you know, a day or so. That's called universal paperclips. Post is by juvenile. And I like it. I like it a lot. It's good. But I said something. Yes, it's good. I like it a lot. I think it's very cleverly made. It's nicely experimental. It wanders through a bunch of different sort of play modes, which is why I think people get stuck on it because it doesn't like just thrust you forward constantly. There's actually like multiple acts of the game. And every time sort of the Act changes the rules and things you need to do change as well. So yeah, I think it was I think, a lot of fun. I think it was a very nice entry. It's one of the strong entries in the sort of cookie clicker. Pantheon. Pantheon. That's not right, the ancestry descendants descend this St. I don't like. Sure. Yeah, legacy, let's do this code legacy. Yes.

Jessamyn 55:05 I have to say the day I Finally Quit cookie clickers was a pretty happy day in the history of me.

Cortex 55:11 I mean, did you did you? Did you blow out all of your cookies for the site? Because if not, you haven't quit. You're just idling.

Jessamyn 55:17 My computer dropped dead. Josh? Pretty sure I have no access

Cortex 55:20 to this. But yeah, okay. If you got at that hard drive, it might still exist out there. Seriously. Plus, there's like Cloud Save stuff. So you could

Jessamyn 55:31 I didn't save anything to the goddamn cloud.

Cortex 55:33 I think it's automatically does it? Anyway, I think you should stay away for the rest of your life. I'm just saying might be like, you might be more of a like lapse Catholic territory here than someone who was like, well,

Jessamyn 55:48 lapsed Catholic with me, that doesn't even mean anything to me.

Cortex 55:52 I'm totally I mean, I'm actually thoroughly atheist atheist at this point. But as far as the Catholic Church is concerned, I still had some

Jessamyn 56:01 caffeine always, you can always come back. Right. Yeah. You know? Well, I mean, do you feel this, I don't know if this is a thing that just is an age related function. But like, it used to be, I would be a lot more like, Oh, yes, some like cold winter, when I don't have shit to do, I'll sit down again and really commit myself to the thing. And really, over the last maybe year, I've been like, realistically, that's not going to happen, or it might happen with the one thing but it's definitely not going to happen with the is going to take a week and you know, refinishing furniture or shit that like I technically know how to do, but realistically is never going to percolate to the top of all the fun things I have to do. And I would enjoy refinishing furniture. But you know what I mean? Yeah, like even the things I want to do, but require a block of time free in the future. I'm starting to get a lot more mercenary about just cutting those things off my list. Like I've started to get rid of my old technology, instead of just keeping it around in case I need an iPhone one for some reason. Like I put my iPhone one in my Twitter, you know, this is my costume as a way of indicating I'm very bad at my job that I still use an iPhone one. But I think I'm ready to just get rid now. Instead of just keeping it around. Oh, one of these days. I'm gonna run them all at once. And I don't know. I don't know what I think I'm at a deal,

Cortex 57:24 I think yeah, no, I definitely hear you there. And I feel like I've gotten more pragmatic and realistic about some of like the dangling Oh, yeah, but at some point, I'm gonna like I, I still have a lot of ways to go there. I think there's a lot of stuff that is occupying exactly that space for me.

Jessamyn 57:39 You have projects you actually do. So it's not like you're like stuck at some soulless job, and you never get to projects. Like, one of these days. I'll take two weeks off. And

Cortex 57:48 yeah, it's more like lard house rainbow colors. Probably never getting back to LARPing I really liked making LARP Trek and still until I stopped like making it and I really enjoyed that people liked it so much. I was like, proud of it. Like ongoing project, but like, it's been several years now. And like I've thought, dude,

Jessamyn 58:02 I think that's gross. I mean, I didn't I didn't do this all as a setup to be like what the fuck about Lark because I mean, I liked it, but I don't miss it. You know what I mean? Yeah, but But I do think you know, yeah, there are some projects like that where I'm like, probably not actually going to.

Cortex 58:21 Yeah.

Jessamyn 58:24 And I think it frees up potential future space to dream about other things because you're not like, well, if I have free time, I gotta fucking LARP fucking trek. Shit.

Cortex 58:34 Yeah, like you don't even you don't even need to like burn those things to the ground or anything. You just need to free yourself up from like, using sort of headspace and creative energy and emotional energy maintaining the fiction that you're gonna get back to it any day now. I never get back to that. That's all right. Let me

Jessamyn 58:52 use these resources. That's that's how we often say it and sort of meditation land. Yeah. As opposed to ship it really does need to get done dishes vacuuming? Yeah,

Cortex 59:01 exactly.

Jessamyn 59:03 I think that's pretty much it for me for Metafilter proper, I enjoyed it. But I think those were all of my all of my picks.

Cortex 59:09 I'll mention a couple of things real quick. One is a post by phys about collection of articles on the subject of sort of video games having difficulty levels or the ability to skip a boss fight or in general, yeah, different ways to alter the experience to make it more accessible for people who aren't there for this or that part of it, you know? So, being able to enjoy a game even if it's got hard bits by just not dealing with those hard bits, which is a big complicated design question and the roundup of articles is pretty good. And the discussions are pretty good to like it's occasionally slightly bumpy but mostly in a people having strong feelings about conflicting aspects of it thing, like turn into a fight or anything. But yeah, it's it's kind of a It's an interesting read. And it's a good discussion because it pulls in multiple facets of where people are coming from in their sort of history of video gaming. And right what's

Jessamyn 1:00:08 the game for?

Cortex 1:00:10 Yeah. What's the nature?

Jessamyn 1:00:12 So you know, some people create and some people play and some people do both. Yeah. So I hate boss fights personally, I find them just exhausting and stupid. For the most part, you know what I mean? Like, I like little challenges, but boss fights to me are just,

Cortex 1:00:27 they're often not very interesting. And like, you know, they're sometimes they are at a good fight in a game, I think we'll, you know, ideally, what it will do is take the things that you have enjoyed learning to do in the game and synthesize them in a reasonable way into a sort of, okay, here's your, you know, midterm for all the things you've been having. And it managed to make that but maybe it's a little challenging, but the pace of challenge, right, so that you like, you get to feel a little bit clever, you're going to realize, Oh, these two things I was doing separately, go together now. And that can be good. Like, you know, and there's there's boss fights that do that just fine. But there's also like lots of lousy boss fights that did nothing except for provide sort of like an arbitrary Oh, well, this is the part where supposed to be hard. So here you go. Have fun with this bullshit.

Jessamyn 1:01:15 Well, and one of the things other people talk about is like, let's talk about other things that are choices. Like, why do I have to play a dude every damn high budget games? Or, like, you know, I get like, low budget games? How like, look, there's just one character and it was easier to make him a dude that make it a robot. But, you know, there's there's a little bit of interesting discussion about that. Like, I don't play this game, because I don't want to play a dude and I shouldn't have to play it, dude. Yeah. And I will give a shout out to alto, the snowboarding llama game, which has a which has a zen mode, where you can just play and like do jumps and do tricks, but you just never die. You die in the first place.

Cortex 1:01:56 You don't pivot and keep going on the course instead of having to stop and start. You don't

Jessamyn 1:02:00 have challenges. You can just like hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, kind of practice. The music is nice. It's soothing. Although my sister, I knew this was going to be a problem once I got her all like hooked up, like forever. Like she's like, am I Apple TV's kind of fucked. I don't know what's wrong, where and I'm like, seriously, this game. You will love it. Remember that. But one day, we set it up, we played it. And then she got it for her phone. And she's just been like, playing it and playing it and playing it and playing it now. And every now and again. She sends me a little screenshot of like, the new character she got or you know, the new like, she's way past me because I only play it when I'm somewhere with an Apple TV and I haven't been anywhere with an Apple TV in months now. Yeah. And so now she's um, it's always makes me happy when like you line somebody up with a game they really like. Yeah. So I'll tell snowboarding

Cortex 1:02:51 official, mobile game of the 2017 Metafilter podcast. I think there's like three, four episodes in a row. It's like it's nice. It's a good little game

Jessamyn 1:03:01 pool because people enjoyed it. And so it's worth being like, hey, it's good, which is fun. I was playing it really literally all summer. Yeah, even though I haven't really played it in months.

Cortex 1:03:10 One other blue post all mentioned is it was capslock day. Oh god, I

Jessamyn 1:03:15 missed this entirely. But there was

Cortex 1:03:17 a bloke man Come on. This is a second it was catalogued. That's what

Jessamyn 1:03:25 how did i I must have been gone or something. Yeah, you know, I

Cortex 1:03:29 barely participated. I

Jessamyn 1:03:30 was, oh, yeah, this was right between Wisconsin and new when doing the library conferences, and I was just blah. It was like my one day at home and I had to write a talk the whole day.

Cortex 1:03:41 Anyway, thank you. Kenko for doing your part in upholding tradition of posting about capslock Bay.

Jessamyn 1:03:48 It's really always the best

Cortex 1:03:49 it is. It's just such a nice stupid thing. Like it's real stupid. It's the best kinda stupid. It's like the Shaq Shaq I think is the spirit of capslock day. is part of why like Shaq

Jessamyn 1:04:03 right? Anyway, everybody's just playing grab ass and yeah, I left a comment in the thread. Right after mandolin conspiracy, of course. Interesting

Cortex 1:04:14 starting to sound like a mandolin conspiracy conspiracy. You're talking about as Metafilter

Jessamyn 1:04:22 I was just gonna let that dangle for another 30 seconds. Yeah, yeah. I do want to talk last Metafilter Yeah, I do. And, oddly, I was doing I have a newsletter, right Library newsletter. And I used to do it every week. And now I try and do it a couple times a month. And I was doing it yesterday. And I wanted an image that I remembered from a book. And it was a little obscure, and I couldn't find it. And so I was like Googling and Googling and Googling to try and see if I could find this image somewhere somehow, et cetera. And I actually found the text of the image in an answer I gave to ask Metafilter question from 2005. And it just made me nostalgic for old AskMe Metafilter. So I thought I would link to this post by Kony. If you had to choose a message tattooed on your body, what would it be? How is it significant, like total chat filter completely, kind of a fun thread with like a bunch of people you remember. And it had a link to the quote, which I still didn't find anywhere. But it allowed me to remember that I had used that quote on my homepage in 1998, maybe. And so I found an old version of it in a old folder on my web server, and it solved a problem for me. So thank you. 2005, Metafilter. That was pretty awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:57 Nice. Got something to say. About a very bad name, colder end Ra. National, right.

Cortex 1:06:10 So station, enabler enablers of mass murder, all across the nation. There's a question a few days ago that I am looking back over the answers. Now as I go to post this and realizing that like there was some, like, sort of slightly chatty, bullshit answers that no one flagged which I think is perfect, because it's totally out. People being annoyed thread. It's a question from Rama, no, Pres.

Jessamyn 1:06:41 I feel like I've been on metal filter this month. And clearly I was not.

Cortex 1:06:45 I mean, there's a lot of medical theory I miss.

Jessamyn 1:06:47 Normally, I read all of AskMe start to finish. You know what I mean? And I

Cortex 1:06:51 guess it happens. Yeah. Anyway, this question is calling a blog post a blog excepted use it? And the answer is no, no, it's totally not. But at the same time, the answer is it's completely a common totally does it use it?

Jessamyn 1:07:05 Do. I mean, it's like, banister, right? Technically, you slide down the balustrade, but you need to get over it. I had to get over it with good to go. Yes. Good To Go means ready to fuck, I don't care what you say. But people use it to mean ready to go like, idiots. So here we are. Yep.

Cortex 1:07:26 So anyway, it's it's, it's you know, it's a it's a pet peeve of mine. It has been for like, literally the entire history of blogs. But like, it's a very common thing. Someone

Jessamyn 1:07:38 say a blog post when they mean a blog comment. Yeah, I almost did it today in this very podcast. Yeah. Like, Oh, someone had a post where? And then I was like, What? What has become of me?

Cortex 1:07:49 Yep. I was. I was I was answering a short little interview question for somebody working on a article about like moderation stuff.

Jessamyn 1:07:58 myself with that person. Person if you didn't die already

Cortex 1:08:01 got back to they were on a real deadline. So.

Jessamyn 1:08:04 Oh, that's right. It was like noon today.

Cortex 1:08:05 Yeah, yes. I'll crank this out. But yeah, and I was going to describe what happens on Metafilter. And I was like, how specific Do you want to be about making the distinction between posts and comments in a short comment that's not about that, that it doesn't matter. And I think I still went ahead and like said, both posts and comments in context is like, god dammit, I'm gonna make the distinction. It's not everything isn't just a damn post. Right. So this this blog thing is the same thing. It's like it's, I think the thing is, people wanted to answer the question, is it an acceptable usage? So they could like I just would say, No, it's not it's horrible and everybody who does it should like you know, go in a trash can. But but it is, it is. It is absolutely an accepted usage. It's a very common attested usage, and people do it and people like me just have to be annoyed me and literally everyone else in this read, like I think came in to be like, well, let me tell you something. Right. So yes, there's a couple comments there that are more along the lines of Oh, and don't even get me started about unrelated thing that probably I should have deleted, but no one's liked it because I think everybody else is annoyed, too. Renewed, we'll just we'll just look past that.

Jessamyn 1:09:16 So back to the present day, I enjoyed basically, Pinto Picasso, Pinter Picasso basically likes to do things that are kind of repetitive to kind of calm herself down and to be honest, so do I, I got up the other morning and was like, cuz I think I've told you this, but like, I get up in the morning, and I do like 45 minutes of something that isn't the internet. Yeah. Right. And I think it helps some perspective on my life that there is more to life than the internet even though I really like the internet. But so sometimes I don't know what to do, right? Like, I'm just like, I don't want to do the dishes. And so I remembered thank you to the thread that I have like a little dumb, collect all the state park coins coin binder and Adjara quarters. So I spent like 20 minutes kind of happily looking at quarters. And it was nice. It was calming. And so this question is basically like, I really like listening to podcasts, but fiddling with something with my hands, give me things I can do. And, you know, detangle, your necklaces, you know, iron your stuff, letter ship by hand, shell peanuts, nail art, frost, your petit fours, learn card tricks, like it's just a great thread of a whole bunch of people who also have the same feels about this kind of stuff, Polish hardwood, give yourself a pedicure, play FreeCell like I just, they'd be just happy. Yeah. And, you know, I really enjoyed I included a picture, my quarter sorting for 1520 minutes, and I put a picture on Facebook and you know, had some little conversations about change.

Cortex 1:11:08 I have a big pile, collected bottle caps at this point. Your bottle cap collection at some point, I'm gonna sit down and sort them in partly like it's in the service of like, you know, doing some sort of art project with it. I'd have seven decided what but to some extent I look forward to just sitting around and sorting the color. Well, yeah, I've got like several different sort of ideas and like, you know where to stick it afterwards. That's part of the question, but

Jessamyn 1:11:32 Oh, I see. You want to make a modular unit that you can move around,

Cortex 1:11:34 maybe? I don't know. It might be an insulation. It could be a countertop, it could be

Jessamyn 1:11:38 well see now it's just a bunch of promise, which is a lot more fun. Yep. Then LARP trek,

Cortex 1:11:44 but also just just sorting the damn things I think will be nice in that in that spirit.

Jessamyn 1:11:49 Yeah, you're gonna Bubblesort I'll probably

Cortex 1:11:51 uh, probably radix sort Yeah.

Jessamyn 1:11:55 Well, that's the thing, right? Do your things have one value for sorting? Or do they have multiple values?

Cortex 1:11:59 Wasn't it? Yeah, I'm gonna roughly sort by color and then probably refined from there. So in that sense, yeah, I'm sort of making several buckets and then analyzing from there. So yeah, I'll probably do sort of a rainbow, RGB, etc. That's how the rainbow goes. Red Balloon grew. I can't even talk everything. I don't know, dude.

Jessamyn 1:12:22 There's a question only problem is your concern over your problems. There you are no problems. Everything is fine.

Cortex 1:12:28 It's my aesthetic. What can I say? There is a post from Kobayashi from back in June about the idea of how having an idea lightbulb moment would have been conveyed prior to life.

Jessamyn 1:12:45 At the time, I love this.

Cortex 1:12:47 It just got like three answers and like there wasn't a whole lot there. But then it came up again recently because of a post that had a old like making of animation video from like, 1920 or something like that.

Jessamyn 1:13:01 Is that the 190 19? Yeah, how they made cartoons before Disney.

Cortex 1:13:06 Yeah. And that's got like, some points a paraffin lamp. Loose idiom came in to point out that and I brought this post my attention and so yeah, like the whole thing.

Jessamyn 1:13:16 Wait, man, I love that you can link to a part of a YouTube video. Yeah. I'm watching this happen right now. Oh, oh my god. So cute. So cute. So cute. Oh, that's neat. Well, that's really interesting. I learned a thing I enjoyed. Like, I feel like there's probably like four or five different main kind of bucket types of asked Metafilter you know, and like, one of them is sort of I need to solve a problem that I can do but sometimes there's just lists generating types. Which kind of point to Picasso sort of was but like this one specifically from Winnie the Pooh is basically like I'm working on a smartphone keyboard I want to demo it I want to have a ton of phrases people are always typing on their smartphones. I don't know why this is tough to find. What are like 10 phrases you type all the time on your phone. Yeah. And I love this thread specifically because like you can tell the different kinds of lives people are leading by what they type all the time so like one of them is like let me in please which clearly is like you're outside and apartment building Why think clearly? I mean who knows right? But you know you're outside and apartment building never happens to me or like leaving now. Or like where are you? Or you know point of them is just for fuck sake, which makes me laugh a lot of on my way. A lot of Can you pick me up? But it's just you know, Kiss Kiss XOXO I typed mine in. Are you here? Just landed. So you can kind of tell from looking at What people's top 10 is a little bit about themselves. Yeah, sort of interesting ways. I enjoyed it.

Cortex 1:15:06 Yeah, it's a nice little sort of slice of humanity from the from kind of an oblique angle there as a result. Yeah.

Jessamyn 1:15:14 Yeah, I wouldn't have thought about it one way or the other. But for whatever reason, I really enjoyed reading that thread.

Cortex 1:15:19 I liked this question, from pigtail orchestra, that I went and answered, and I got here indirectly, user wrote to the contact form and say, Oh, hey, can you delete one of my answers in this thread, I got something wrong. And it's sort of nonsense. So please get rid of it. I was like, Okay, go delete it and look at as like, Oh, two patterns. I scrolled up as I go, I need to tile my kitchen with a uneven proportion of tiles in a diagonal pattern. I was like, well, maybe I should read this.

Jessamyn 1:15:49 What? What is that restraint? I'm not sure I totally only read this.

Cortex 1:15:53 They have, oh, uneven proportion of different colored tiles of the greens to this pigtail orchestra, that they're tiling their kitchen, some stripes of tiling in their kitchen. And so they're looking for possible ways to lay out those tiles like possibly in a pattern possibly random. And I got excited. So I grabbed it and did some Photoshop and put together a tiling pattern and I ended up sending them a Photoshop file.

Jessamyn 1:16:16 So they can I liked that pic. You made? Yeah, I

Cortex 1:16:18 feel like he came up pretty well. I feel like being actually sort of see what it looks like ish. Like, obviously, it's just sort of approximation. But like, you can sort of see the sort of color space in context, instead of just saying, Well, what if this was brown? What if this was gray?

Jessamyn 1:16:34 Right? A line of this? And yeah,

Cortex 1:16:37 yeah, patterns patterns are fun.

Jessamyn 1:16:40 I like this interesting thread, partly because I think my answer was really good. But quadrilaterals has been, you know, kind of eating these Flintstone vitamins and enjoys the crunchy feel of the, but needs to kind of stop eating so many vitamins. So what's something else they could eat? That has like fruit flavor, crumbly, textured, crunchy. Oh,

Cortex 1:17:10 yeah.

Jessamyn 1:17:11 And, you know, then people kind of talk about what is like that. Which of course, one of the things that's funny is the last three words of the post are Smarties aren't

Cortex 1:17:25 disgusting, which I don't know, buddy. Lunch ago, I've got a different website.

Jessamyn 1:17:31 But then people are like, try Smarties. And in showbiz, it's like stop recommending Smarties. It's just you know, lots of people talking about different things that crunch up in your mouth in certain ways. And as someone who really gives a shit about mouthfeel when I decide what goes in there, I enjoyed reading the fact that other people also give a shit about mouthfeel

Cortex 1:17:54 it's such an interesting study in slightly different textures because I'm looking through this and like suddenly things I'm like, yeah, and someone's like, Are you fucking kidding? Like, right? Oh, man,

Jessamyn 1:18:02 just stand the question. Well, I

Cortex 1:18:04 mean, not even that, just like I have such strong opinions about like Necco Wafers. Nico wafers are awful. I'm sorry to everyone who loves them, which is apparently my mom and everyone else in the universe. My co workers are just, they're just I do not understand why you would eat them. Like if you want to like the laughs Catholicism was

Jessamyn 1:18:23 good. Oh, wait.

Cortex 1:18:24 Well, sure. But it's not 1908 anymore. Dammit. Sure.

Jessamyn 1:18:28 But like, no, but to me, the reason I hate Necco Wafers is because of my like my chalkboard version, you know what I mean? Like, feel a

Cortex 1:18:37 slight shock.

Jessamyn 1:18:39 They just feel like chalky in my mouth in a gross, weird way. It's not even so much the flavors, it's just

Cortex 1:18:47 I want to throw a quick, deep cut into vague memories of watching TV as a kid and take this not eating too many vitamins and shout out the episode of head of the class where one of the students was getting into medicine and so was like trying to give medical advice that they weren't qualified to and convinced their teacher that maybe they had leprosy, I want to say because his hair was falling out. And it turns out, it was actually hypervitaminosis because he was eating Flintstones vitamins like candy and and so an actual doctor like, oh, no, you're fine. Just stop eating so many goddamn vitamins. And then the student learned a very valuable lesson about not over prescribing your pre med stuff, and we all moved on and laughed. Anyway, hypervitaminosis isn't a word I learned as a kid because of television. So I

Jessamyn 1:19:35 saw somebody get hypervitaminosis or hyper proteinosis or whatever on Doc Martin. Like a kid who was trying to do lots of weightlifting stuff and take in a whole bunch of something. Something something in order to get stronger was like eating way too much of one thing and Doc Burton, who's kind of a jerk, like yelled at the kid and it's just

Cortex 1:19:57 I'm also I'm also wondering now if maybe I'm Mister remembering which show was maybe it wasn't class because a search for head of the class hypervitaminosis turns up a bunch of head to class links with hypervitaminosis as the missing key word, and I'm sorry, Google, if I search for head of the class hypervitaminosis. I'm gonna say hypervitaminosis is not the one time but it's like, yeah. Anyway, so someone Someone get back to me on this, what?

Jessamyn 1:20:27 I'm used to it, because like what you ate like a polar bear liver, or something?

Cortex 1:20:34 Sure. I used to it because of an episode of a sitcom that I can't remember. So I don't know anything else. hypervitaminosis.

Jessamyn 1:20:41 See, but now I'm trying to look it up using different keywords. And it's all it's not coming together. Maybe if you're listening

Cortex 1:20:51 sitcom. This is the worst radio I would I would like if someone else is doing this, I'd be like, What are you doing? Cut it out? Let's, but I'm just

Jessamyn 1:21:01 doing it. Doing it doing it. Yep.

Cortex 1:21:04 Yep. Someone track that down, please. Let's move on.

Jessamyn 1:21:07 Vitamin D disambiguation.

Cortex 1:21:11 Is the D and vitamin D for disambiguation. It's vitamin disambiguation.

Jessamyn 1:21:16 A lot of people don't know this fact.

Jessamyn 1:21:51 Alright, couple more from AskMe Metafilter that I liked, do it. Slightly more kind of chunky than the past ones. But one of them was right after the Khatlon referendum crackdown. Costume asked, like, so. What else happened in the past like this, like where a group votes, but then there's a crackdown from like the bigger group and whatever. Not a lot of answers. But um, I was interested in this. And if other people have other examples, they should add it to this thread because I would like to know sort of more about them. There is also a meta filter post about what was going on. But that was from September. But so just Clawson had just interesting. Like, I'm not sure what was what was going on there. But I'd like to learn more about it and et cetera, et cetera. And did you have anything else from AskMe? Metafilter? Because

Cortex 1:22:54 I think I'm good, do it, finish it off.

Jessamyn 1:22:57 Then the other one, which was one of those ones where I was like, I probably have some answers for that. Or at least I have some loose ideas. And I should go back and answer them. But I never did. You know, again, one of those like, one of these days, I'll have time and I'll do the things I can't do because I don't have time. But this was by karma Kane, and a question about like rural tech communities. So like, theoretically, right? Our ability to work from anywhere. If we telecommute, and there's many more jobs that telecommute should mean, theoretically, that we can all get together in some place with fast internet and have a little kind of cooperative living environment where we bring in our income through remote work, but then live in some sort of beautiful place, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and is sustained economically through clever use of computers. You know, a lot of people who look at kind of intentional communities, you would think there would be significantly more intentional communities that had a tech flavor. And so karma Cain was like, talk to me about this. And surprisingly, there aren't a lot, basically. I mean, there are a lot of sort of intentional communities, you can look up those. You can look them up on databases, Heaven's Gate was sort of notably techno philic. Although they had other problems. Yeah, but it was one of these ones like 14 favorites. Yeah. And but only five answers. And I would have thought especially because I swear, there's people doing that in Vermont, but they probably don't identify in that same way. But you know, like, a web design kind of shopped slash farm, you would think would be an easy thing and turned out maybe it's not, but interesting thread X sort of kept my eye on meat. And then that was it for AskMe Metafilter. But before you do your meta filter Music Minute, I had one music moment, which was Jim just did a really neat song based on a Yeats poem with Billy be Yeah, I was gonna mention this one. It's good. I just thought was very good. eautiful and I know they both spent a lot of time thinking about it. And I just I've talked about this before like, I like some of Jim's music and then other of Jim's music I find unlistenable because our tastes don't overlap as much. Sure. And so yeah, yeah. So whenever he does something that both like he loves and I love, I'm always like, Oh, this is clearly very good. And other people might love it, too. It's about bees.

Cortex 1:25:27 Yeah, this is keep my love and Amber and yeah, no, I really like it. It's it came together super nice.

Jessamyn 1:25:33 Yeah. I thought it was nice. But I think that's it for for me and mine except for you know, a lot of stuff going on in meta talk mostly good. Well, I'll open

Cortex 1:25:43 Oh, I'll follow through on your your music stuff. Keep it clustered. And then yeah, we can hit meta talk and wrap up. Another people working together is Lyman Eric just earlier this month posted a song called the summer follows it started out as an instrumental thing by cicada verse. And someone had asked in the original cicada verse post, yo, are you planning to add vocals? And they were like, No, it's not really. That doesn't work out so well for me with the vocals and then laminaria getting involved. And now it's got vocals and the whole thing sounds very nice. So it's another another bit of collaboration there. Which is which is always cool to see. I also like speaking of that, wait, I was gonna make a segue that had the wrong word in it. Nothing I also liked be a light by bluebird wine, nice, sparkling guitar and vocals thing with a sort of slightly off center feeling chordal movement that I really like. There's a bit of protest music from flapjacks at midnight, a song called Get rid of the NRA, which you can guess what it's about based on that. There's, in more random like, this is something that I have no context for. There is a version of the theme from a television series called Starfleet slash x bomber slash, I can't read the Japanese katakana. But here's my television name. And it's cool, weird little, like cynthy chiptune II thing. And then finally, I think this is a super rad getting out into pretty ambient feeling territory. Odin stream posted a recording called a memory of Pittsburgh bells. And it's worth just going and reading the post because it's about they're trying to recreate this chance encounter with some music that they just heard when they were walking along one day. And this is an attempt to sort of like capture the sound of that. And it's such a cool recording, but it's also a cool story. And I would say go check it out. Yeah, bunch of good stuff. Like it was a relatively quiet in terms of volume of posts, not in terms of volume of posted recordings. I'm not disambiguated there weren't that many music posts this month, but a bunch of good stuff in there. So yeah, there we go landed that I

Jessamyn 1:28:12 do have to mention, I just read this Pittsburgh belt thing. It's really interesting. There is literally one comment by Roger accurate, which brings me to a very short metal filter story, which is Roger Ackroyd posted in AskMe Metafilter wanted advice for a trip to Vermont. He was coming to Vermont while I was going to be gone. And I was like as I often do, we'll just stay at my place for your first night because he was flying into Manchester and driving to Burlington is literally driving right by my house. Sure. And he said great. And I gave him the information. And he I guess came by and I came by after my trip. And there was a little pile of stickers and a thank you note on my kitchen table. And otherwise I literally could not tell he had been in my home which is high praise coming for me. You know what I mean? Like I had no idea maybe he didn't you know maybe he just stopped in and dropped off some stickers and was like fuck this place. But Roger Ackroyd I hope you had a really good time. It did we didn't wind up connecting because he his trip took him to Maine. But thank you for taking such good care of my place. I'm sure the fact that my computer broke two days later was completely a coincidence. And but you wonder, you know, but it was just another great metal filter story. Anybody vacationing in Vermont should look me up and see if I'm not home and you can stay here

Cortex 1:29:30 place some nice stuff in meta talk. There was a big second round of Mastodon discussion after one that we had back in April, I think when there was the first big Macedon awakening

Jessamyn 1:29:48 Oh right. Well in this one was specifically the intentive was people did kind of Twitter without women for various points in time. Yeah, you know, maybe I just don't need this anymore. Well, there's mastodon. Hey, let's learn about it.

Cortex 1:30:02 Yep. So if you're curious about Mastodon go read the thread. If you want to find out who's on Mastodon who's on meta filter, go look at a thread. A bunch of people were like, Oh, hey, here's me. So that's cool. There was a neat thread in that talk posted by tedious. Basically saying, hey, some things are going okay, some things are getting better. So look at your ask medical history and show us the progress that's happened in the course of those ASP Metafilter posts. That thread Yeah, and it's, it's a great collection of updates, and also, in some cases, sort of, like serial explanations of a bunch of questions. You know, so people who like you know, went from being in grad school to where they are employed right now, or, Hey, this is how my relationship dissolved and here's how things have improved since that. How there's how this job thing went, here's how this creative project went. So it gets a lot of fun.

Jessamyn 1:31:00 Oh, hey, are we gonna do hippie bears idea of November flowers? Thank you, he suggested.

Cortex 1:31:08 I think maybe so I should I should look at that.

Jessamyn 1:31:12 Later basically, you know, fun posts for November Yeah, to good idea. Let's pull the nose up on this negativity train, which of course a nerd in the thread is like, but trains don't. But I liked that idea. So hey,

Cortex 1:31:27 yeah, I definitely liked the feel. So I think they will try and get out and push.

Jessamyn 1:31:31 And speaking of Date Specific stuff secret. quants are open today.

Cortex 1:31:35 Yes. Secret is go Hello. Hey. Just trying to beat that. And I'm excited. I'm glad. Wow, it's a good it's a good thing over there. It's a great people always enjoy it. Go Ducey acrosser

Jessamyn 1:31:47 You want to talk about things I'm excited for? But if I could stickers,

Cortex 1:31:51 yeah, stickers. Hell, yes. Yeah, no, I'm excited to get this done and sort of stuff ironed out. So I'm sort of back in touch with tomato after us being sort of radio silence for a while because we just weren't doing the merch stuff. And yeah, so we'll see how those those sell. I printed up a decent crop of them. And I figure it could be anywhere from we sell almost none of them to I need to order more. And then we'll see. That's nice to nice to get going on that. And I think I'll try and I'm going to try and get like a new shirt. Even if it's something pretty basic up this month so that we can have something new in the store for for Christmas for people who are in

Jessamyn 1:32:31 Oh, right. When does the holiday store go up soon? Right before the next podcast? Definitely, yeah,

Cortex 1:32:35 we should probably have a store. In the next couple of weeks, we'll get that all scraped up.

Jessamyn 1:32:44 And special shout out, of course, to Romi, who made a major post of major posts in meta talk. A lovely updated and thank yous and et cetera, et just

Cortex 1:33:00 how cool Yep, this is a very, very round me post. It's pretty rad. Just a retrospective on a whole bunch of posting history. So that was that was pretty rad.

Jessamyn 1:33:10 Yeah, I liked it. And the usual fighting and victory.

Cortex 1:33:14 Yeah, well, there was there was one like, there was one more on the difficult side thread. But still was an interesting and worth while when having just DB X posted sort of saying, Hey, I kind of have feelings about the tenor of stuff and some of the behavior in the ongoing US politics mega threads, which is Yeah, I mean, that's,

Jessamyn 1:33:33 it's a position actually, I

Cortex 1:33:36 felt Yeah, it went pretty well. I talked about some of the stuff that I have found, like frustrating logistically to deal with, even though by and large, I see the value in a lot of what's going on there. And it's something we'll just

Jessamyn 1:33:48 we'll keep talking a little bit about apocalyptic fanfic, yeah. As an example. Yeah.

Cortex 1:33:55 And sort of different people's like, where they're coming from in terms of, you know, how they approach prioritizing different aspects of these things. And it's all basically everybody's trying to sort of get along under weird circumstances, but everybody has slightly different priorities. And I think that's part of where the difficulty comes with. It's just like, there's a lot of that sort of melding together in one place on a weekly basis. So it's tricky, but it's a good conversation. Also, fanfare there's stuff on fanfare I haven't been spending much time over there myself, but I'm glad it's here. Because I've seen other people doing it. A lot of people have been

Jessamyn 1:34:31 I haven't watched a movie this week. What's the status of the World Series?

Cortex 1:34:34 I have no idea.

Jessamyn 1:34:38 The internet? I hear it's been a nail biter. That's all I know. Yeah. I've

Cortex 1:34:42 seen people mentioning some pretty good games and such. So but I do not know what's up. So someone else will have to write it about that. But anyway, yes, on fanfare people are talking about the good place, which was started at second season a few weeks ago, and it's great, good places. That's

Jessamyn 1:34:58 on the Ted Danson. Yeah, it's

Cortex 1:34:59 Ted Danson and Kristen Bell and Kristen Bell like the opening is she wakes up and he's like, Hey, so you're dead, and you're in the good place and it just sort of goes from there. And it's it's very funny very smartly written. It's a great show. People talking about that people talking about Star Trek Discovery, which I'm only just now getting to but like in the first couple episodes I've seen people are talking about Stranger Things which we had talked about a little bit earlier. And then there was a big post about the new blade runner 2049 A couple 100 comments in there so like a World

Jessamyn 1:35:34 Series is wrapping up tonight. Oh, wow. Houston, Los Angeles. Oh my god. Okay. Well, that's it. Oh, and the you can talk about it on fanfare I mean, you get this up today or otherwise, I

Cortex 1:35:49 don't know. Now. Whatever. No, no, I am I'm gonna drink this very morning. We'll see what happens. Great quote me. But anyway, that's that's everything. Today morning. It's very morning. I mean, my morning obviously for you. That's too late. But

Jessamyn 1:36:02 my morning ended an hour ago. Yeah. So

Cortex 1:36:07 but yeah, I think that feels like a podcast.

Jessamyn 1:36:10 I feel like I casted me alright.

Cortex 1:36:13 Let's let's let's start podcasting. Thanks, everybody for listening. We'll be back next month to nerd stuff and things, Stefan things. All right, Stephen.