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Podcast 133 Transcript

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A transcript for Episode 133: Eggs On Your Pegboard (2017-10-02).

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Jessamyn 0:01 All right, well, you know, I should I should chew a little on my rice cake before we

Cortex 0:07 fire for just using this as the pre roll stamp bar just man when God was a muddy mess, were the best of the web Well, hello, and welcome to episode 133. Best of the web, the methods are monthly podcast. I am Josh Malartic a cortex.

Jessamyn 0:46 And I'm Jessamyn.

Cortex 0:48 And we are recording on Friday, September the something the 29th We're getting out ahead of the month this time. Friday afternoon, my early afternoon, your late afternoon. Still late afternoon, like at 430 Even when the days start to get long, right? Like does it ever stop being late afternoon?

Jessamyn 1:09 Actually, in a couple of months, it becomes nighttime. Well, yeah, it was dark, but like 29 My time is actually after dark, like in my little valley where I live.

Cortex 1:21 So that's tricky. The stretch. I mean, it's not like I'm encountering for the first time the concept that the length of days changed, but it feels like somehow afternoon should be afternoon. Like you know,

Jessamyn 1:32 well I mean, technically it is still not before noon.

Cortex 1:38 I mean if the if the sun's up till nine it's not like still the afternoon at 730. Even if it's like plenty bright out. So like it feels like it should still be afternoon even if got dark. In the winter.

Jessamyn 1:48 I don't know. I'm not even sure I understand the point you're making. I'm not sure I do either. And I usually feel like I speak cortex decently.

Cortex 1:58 Yeah, I It's I may just be discombobulated. We were talking about the sort of zoo of figuring out how to organize stuff for Secretariat broker. Flick

Jessamyn 2:11 has been hobbled. Yeah. What do they call it when like something happens to horses, like you have to take her out and shooter like, you must have been making like some horse jokes about

Cortex 2:19 No, no, you just you just veered super hard to that. Her name it doesn't mean it doesn't mean she's a horse.

Jessamyn 2:29 I know. She's a horse. Secretary. It's a horse. We'll see. But that's what I mean. It's the day Ray de dicto distinction, my favorite distinction. At any rate, she got a fetlock out of kilter.

Cortex 2:42 She's she's she's got a whole broken foot and that whole thing going on and get that sucks science sinus infection looming over which is so much comparison. But at the same time, it's sort of like, oh, it's worse.

Jessamyn 2:54 A broken foot, you can at least see it on the X ray and be like that will heal.

Cortex 3:01 So yeah, we sort of been there. But I don't even remember what I'm segwaying from exactly. You

Jessamyn 3:06 were saying you don't make any sense because of the weather because

Cortex 3:10 complicated. Oh, yes. You were talking before we started about having a busy day. And yet yeah, there's busy all around. But here we are, by God, we're recording. It's a podcast. That's fucking great. It is. And we're doing it today. Partly because though you two were doing it today, partly because you're going to be traveling next week, because you're

Jessamyn 3:29 going to Edmonton, Alberta,

Cortex 3:32 Ontario for some reason. Are you going to Ontario like next year or later?

Jessamyn 3:36 I'm driving to No, I'm not going to Ontario, Ontario later. So I'm going to Edmonton, Alberta next week. And then I'm going to Toronto, Ontario Torontonians. Let's get together early next year.

Cortex 3:51 All right. That's what I'm thinking. Yeah. Well, it's me.

Jessamyn 3:55 Yeah, library conference stuff. I'm excited. So I'm going to actually drive to Montreal, and then get on a plane from there. Because it's actually the easiest way to get to Edmonton. Like other than you get on a plane in the US and the deal with all bunch of customs shit and then you live transfer to twice as long as a flight then it's actually shorter to drive to Canada and then fly from Canada. Crazy. Yeah, it's fun.

Cortex 4:19 Let's go that's that's that's cool stuff.

Jessamyn 4:22 I think so I love going to Canada I always love going to Canada and I haven't been to Alberta in 20 years. 30 years like a really long time. I went one time I saw a moose. I saw that giant mall that was mostly what I remember.

Cortex 4:40 I've been to Vancouver a couple times. I don't think I've been anywhere else in Canada.

Jessamyn 4:45 You should hold you know eastern Canada is also very cool. Yeah, I know maritimes is amazing.

Cortex 4:52 Several several mefites from various parts to it'd be nice like, like nubs is up in Calgary area. I think Oh nice. Oh, it's cool. Yeah. But Vancouver like right here, relatively speaking like you can just like drive north from Portland and Miss Seattle and boom, you're in Vancouver. So

Jessamyn 5:09 yeah, Calgary is the only like, kind of southern ish city as opposed to the ones way up high that I haven't actually been to.

Cortex 5:16 Well, maybe we should meet the middle at some point. Have a big meetup.

Jessamyn 5:19 That'd be fun. Oh, and I haven't been to Winnipeg. Oh, okay. Important.

Cortex 5:27 You should do that. Just put that on the old pegboard. What? I don't know Winnipeg pegboard. I don't know pin board pin. That word. Peg peg board. Like you know, you're dirty. That's that's not what I'm talking about this the family podcast.

Jessamyn 5:44 No, that's not what I meant. I just like listening to you pronounce words different

Cortex 5:47 for me. Oh, Peg. I'm sorry, a pegboard. See, you know how to put pegs into.

Jessamyn 5:53 Yes, thanks. I don't know what you're thinking of. I'm a grown up lady.

Cortex 5:57 Yeah. So metal filter stuff and things we talked about. On this podcast. There's a Unix sis administrator, sis administrator. Yes. There's a sysadmin job in Rhode Island posted by wn Smith. Whoa,

Jessamyn 6:15 who actually hired me fight the last time he was looking for somebody for this job, if I remember correctly. Or he hired some he hired for Edward I believe, who said it was a wonderful job, and was really happy to have it. And I don't remember exactly why this is an open job. But it looks like a cool job. It's a great location.

Cortex 6:35 The elaborate murder plot that was this job position came to its conclusion, it's time to begin the cycle a new one he's talking about. So if you want to get murdered as a sysadmin in Providence, how is this? I don't know. I, you know, we were just we're going to accept like limitless free association on this episode. I think it's

Jessamyn 6:56 good. As long as it's limitless. Yep.

Cortex 6:59 All right. That was jobs. Projects. There's a bunch of good stuff on projects. It's like, always, yeah, well, this month, there's just gonna be like, just nothing but bad stuff on projects. And we're just gonna have to be like, oh, man, what do we do here?

Jessamyn 7:14 So projects was okay. Yeah, let me there's a tweet

Cortex 7:18 bot that just keeps tweeting the word moist once a day. That's

Jessamyn 7:22 possible. I haven't voted for projects since 2017.

Cortex 7:27 It's possible for you. I mean, is that pretty?

Jessamyn 7:30 beginning of the year? Sorry, I'm aware of that. Yeah.

Cortex 7:34 Is that not part of your normal workflow?

Jessamyn 7:36 I don't know. I thought it was but now I'm looking and apparently it's super not. Looks like there's a whole bunch of dead bombs and projects. And I think that's why I avoided it. This.

Cortex 7:45 Yeah, there's, there's at least there's at least one, there's two at least. But yeah, it was

Jessamyn 7:51 kind of all of which are very good. But couldn't.

Cortex 7:55 Yeah, no, I It's tricky. Like, I don't want to be non supportive. But I also like, yeah, I just didn't have the emotional energy to get into that. So it's there. But one thing I did enjoy because it required no emotional energy, and it's kind of about helping with like social anxiety and emotional energy stuff is this thing by philosophische tree called Call ahead. We'll just make very simple phone calls, because you need to call somewhere, but you don't like making phone calls. So if you want to find out if restaurants open use this and someone will call and find out and let you know. And that's dude.

Jessamyn 8:27 How did I miss this

Cortex 8:30 little project post the other day yesterday? How did you miss this by not? You know, looking at projects since yesterday?

Jessamyn 8:35 Oh, because I've been busy all damn day today is exactly how, yeah, you're fine. This is great. I want to actually work for them. Because like, I don't love the phone, but this kind of phone call. Like Hi, are you open? Thank you. I actually like because I can I can. I can do it. So it feels like a little Chivo to like dial a phone and then get off the phone not wanting to kill yourself or other people. Yep. Which is often how I feel after I have long phone conversations. Which is funny because I never feel that way like talking to you for example. But I know you're not gonna stick me in some conversational eddy of horror. Yeah, at least not on purpose. And if you did, you'd feel bad about it. Oh, I'm sorry. Was that a conversational Edie horror I stuck you in by mistake? I'm so sorry.

Cortex 9:23 Yep. You're not gonna get pinned down by some weirdness somebody

Jessamyn 9:28 else's bad boundaries? Yeah. Well, I enjoyed. So I love that idea. And I'm actually going to use it and promote it to other people. I enjoyed annotated chicken slaughter, of course, yes. Yes. This was very which was by backseat pilot who is a person I know in real life as well as a person I know, on the internet, and basically, they helped when they called the chickens and I feel like I knew about this from somewhere else also, like I feel like I saw a picture or two on Instagram or somewhere else where I follow back to pilot, but basically, it's just a set of pictures and a blog post about what it actually means to go. You know, kill and process chicken so you can eat them. Yeah. So yeah, these are pictures from Instagram and I saw them, at least some of them. They got like special machines, special plucker machine, a fisher ration station.

Cortex 10:23 I thought that was I thought it was really interesting. And yeah, we should say like, the Post says as much today it's not like gory photos. Like it's discussing the process of killing and there

Jessamyn 10:33 is a chicken who's alive and then dead later, but it's not like a chicken going, Please tell my family I'd love them or whatever. Yeah. And this is part of his blog, Somerville test kitchen, which also has a couple other sort of food related blogs, blog posts. So it's kind of a newish. Maybe it's not a newish thing to remember. Ah, well, it's sporadic poster from January 2016. July 2017. But now August and September 2017.

Cortex 11:07 was sporadic and new ish. I think that issues fair. Last cut. Yeah. I

Jessamyn 11:12 mean, you compare to you know, my 20 year old blog, but yeah, exactly. Yeah. And bond Cliff asked him a question. Churcher asked him a question. He answered some of the questions in the thread. Let's do

Cortex 11:25 cool stuff. We're gonna kill those chickens. I, I don't know what it is today. I enjoy this, this project from refractor?

Jessamyn 11:37 I didn't understand this. Because when I see like software library, I'm like, Oh, I don't know what this means.

Cortex 11:43 Yeah, what a project suppose is like a link link to a Git repo? Because like, oh, so I it's not a thing I can go.

Jessamyn 11:50 I understood get and yet, yeah,

Cortex 11:53 yeah. But I don't understand it either. I mean, I think I have a basic understanding of it. And it's just it's a very specialty thing. And I really think that it seems to be my understanding is basically it's a software library, so that you've got ships are moving around, they've got bills of lading, that's just part of the standard shipping processes, somebody has publicly registered the contents of each ship that's shipping around, and it ships wherever it ships. And then you can use that and combine that with like, the actual sort of communications stuff that happens in like ports. For ships that sort of navigate and sort themselves out, you could do sort of, like real time visualization, if you want to, to say using this library of just what's moving around on the water somewhere. And I don't know why exactly, you'd want to do that. But it sounds like it'd be an amusing thing to do, you know, sort of like, if you wanted to just sort of like look at a filtered view of kinds of merchandise floating around on a map. I liked that idea, though.

Jessamyn 12:50 And then it's cool to have it be a thing you can do. I mean, this was the thing we were talking about during our Wikipedia conversation before this one, not you and I but me and the guy I was talking to is structured data is getting to the point where it's accessible to mortals. And so you know, it doesn't really matter why you do that the point is like you actually can do that. And that's delightful. Because you just some somebody wants to do that. And so how cool is it that that person, whoever that person is, or that app or that process or whatever, can actually have access in that way?

Cortex 13:26 Yeah, it's nice. I like seeing people chase that stuff down. Like it doesn't have to be for me at all. I mean, ideally, most of it won't be it'll be stuff that's like for that one person who's like, Yeah, I'm into that for every possible person that that could be. Let's face it, we sort of live in that environment now.

Jessamyn 13:46 I agree. Well, the other thing that made me happy partly because it addressed a recent unhappiness is Urban whaleshark. made three Metafilter Greasemonkey. Scripts. And so for those of you who like me use Firefox, you've probably felt if also like me, you use an iOS device. You felt like recent updates are ruining your entire life, right? So Firefox change so that you need special. I can't even explain it. But old hacky add ons don't work. People need to rewrite them to work with the existing way. Firefox is gonna work, which mostly means most stuff works, but some stuff doesn't work, and especially the stuff that doesn't work, maybe kind of Rando abandonware stuff that you have no help or hope of getting to work, right. So one of those things was Grease Monkey, although they're gonna get a new one, fairly shortly. But what it meant was that a bunch of stuff was either going to stop working Oh, and the same is true for iOS 11 for the phone. So I've got some old apps that I use all the time, but that aren't going to work anymore. Because, you know, they were written a million years ago and abandoned and they don't don't even exist anymore. And it's just sad. So aroma shark was like, you know, it would be fun to have just a noodley little project and learn how to do the stuff and so he took three the scripts that he uses and rewrote them as little add ons that you can have and plug into Firefox and if I was just so happy that he did that, like what a what a cool little way to make a thing that is helpful. So includes metal filter Fave visualized. I don't know what the hell that is. metal filter navigator, which will make navigating up and down and backwards and forwards in threads easier and Metafilter favorite tears again, it has something to do with favorites. So it's dead to me and because I use some other add on, which basically hides favorites from me. Like I don't use metal filters built in favorite hiding. But I do a thing. I think we've talked about this where it's like some almost favorites. Yeah, you know what I mean? Where it'll show me? Yeah, this has our favorite. This has a few favorites. This has the most favorites. In fact, I should probably see what the hell that thing is because it's actually fairly cool. But yeah, and so but it's just it was just cool. I was I was happy medic filter fuzzy hearts. Yeah. Yeah, that we talk about every now and again. Sorry.

Cortex 16:25 Just sort of seconding you on like, it's nice to see this for like a community asset maintenance thing. Like, you know, this is something that started with people just sort of doing stuff for the site and someone else sitting down saying well, I want to make sure this kind of keeps working. Like he can notice to some extent it's just a personal project too. But but still it's nice. Good idea.

Jessamyn 16:45 I don't even know where metal metal filter fuzzy hearts even went to I'm trying to google it and having Oh, there it is. I mean, I just figured I would put a fuzzy hearts so there's the script looks for that. I stole it from Blue tar and I'm probably a bad person. I will told that. Oh, and I feel like I need to put a shout out for all of the learned Leaguers who wrapped up their season, you'll be happy to know that I have finally promoted myself out of E league into D league where I expect fully to get my ass kicked resoundingly. But all through the last season. But it was funny because like Jim's in D league and he got promoted to C League, so we're not going to be in the same league. But my friend Neil got demoted from C leads to D league. So I'm gonna play with Neil. And then Neil's girlfriend, Tamra got promoted or stayed in C League. So she's gonna get to play with Jim and I'm sure there's other metal filter people who moved around zero key Jason and I both got promoted out of Eleague. At any rate, happy and have learned League. Everybody who played Yeah. And if anybody wants a referral or whatever, contact me or the other Metafilter people who play there.

Cortex 18:03 I will mention for the sake of linking term the the dead moms.

Jessamyn 18:11 It's fine.

Cortex 18:13 It's there's two posts from users about

Jessamyn 18:15 and they're both very good. I didn't mean to sort of be negative about them. It's just Now's not the time for me. Yeah,

Cortex 18:20 one of them is at cat and a dog suit made a post about basically making a shrine as a way of dealing with the grief of mobs passing. So it's a it's a nice sort of some processed stuff and finished product and it's just kind of a cool thing. Nice. And then the other one was Miss Jenny wrote on

Jessamyn 18:47 time me fight who does a lot of really awesome stuff. I'm big fan of her in general.

Cortex 18:52 She wrote up basically the story about how her mother's health issues ended up costing her her life in the long run with crappy health insurance. Yeah. And that ended up getting a bit of a divorce. It got a bunch of good discussion, too, and occasional bits of annoying, but yeah, hey, what do you do? Surprise, but, ya know, it's people seem to be seem to, like, I'm not gonna pretend to know more about it than I did. Because I really know about it mostly atmospherically from you know, moderating the thread but like people seem to buy large get a lot out of it as in terms of sort of a thoughtful and real sort of write up about some of the stuff and, you know, coming from a very personal place on this show is part two. So

Jessamyn 19:38 if you got Yeah, god, did you participate in the thread?

Cortex 19:44 I don't recall actually. Not in any fights in the thread during hours that I was moderating. So there's that

Cortex 20:00 Oh, boy, the governor I took on my Barkey back in Ghana when they asked because watercourse and Jessica Kochi dog is Chronos. Clock and that's that's really all I had to specifically mention from projects. You everything else?

Jessamyn 20:27 No, no, I didn't I didn't interact. I was, you know, some months I'm just heavily into different parts of the site and like, I'm looking back on my activity and Metafilter proper, and I just was not that engaged. But I was heavily engaged in AskMe Metafilter and also meta talk, which, you know, I don't know. You move around.

Cortex 20:47 There has been some stuff certainly on the meta filter. One of the cool things, I guess we're gonna talk about Metafilter

Jessamyn 20:53 is either one, whatever you want.

Cortex 20:57 There's this post by bigger J back, right. It began in a month called reanimate everything about the genre of re animations, which is weird sliced up shot for shot fan remakes of cartoons. So

Jessamyn 21:13 you explained that to me a little bit more than that. Yeah,

Cortex 21:15 so So take take a cartoon say like an episode of Scooby Doo apparently, this existed the Super Mario World cartoon or Scooby Doo.

Jessamyn 21:23 Don't talk to me about Mario because if I had gotten that answer on Mario, I would have known I was going to be in D league much earlier instead of biting my nails until the middle of the night, because I don't know what Smash Brothers is.

Cortex 21:35 Oh, yeah, it's a game. So Scooby Doo that let's let's talk about Mario. I mean, Smash Brothers really incorporate the whole bunch besides Mario but

Jessamyn 21:47 right, I saw you in there and was completely confused. Solid snakes

Cortex 21:51 in there at this point, the guy for Metal Gear and that's just completely nuts. Ya know, right.

Jessamyn 21:56 It's like what is a solid steak? What?

Cortex 21:59 That's what's the guy's name? He's the main character of Metal Gear and what is gear? It's a it's a video game franchise. It's a long running video frame. Fence. Pretty Warframe franchise by drug solid. And yes, Solid Snake is the protagonist of the first game.

Jessamyn 22:19 The main hero metal God Almighty. I mean, this is awesome. I just I'm always amazed when I find things where like, I have no hooks into what you're talking about. Like I know what a video game is.

Cortex 22:33 God dad whole to like it's it's famously convoluted in its plot and character stuff. So but anyway, he's he's certainly not Nintendo character. But he's brothers now. Anyway, this reanimation thing is take a take, take a cartoon, like, for example, Scooby Doo. And you take that episode of that car tune, and you take the original soundtrack, and you slice up the actual episode into I don't know, 100 Bits, 200 Bits. And you assign each of those bits, which is very small, just like like a few seconds, maybe of a cartoon. Each of those goes to an animator and the amateur takes the original cartoon it looks at it says okay, how am I going to redo this from scratch in my own style? And they do that oh, then that all gets cobbled together into this wildly vibrating, aesthetically unstable thing. Sort of.

Jessamyn 23:27 Everybody's got their own style. So every second every few seconds, the style changes. But the storylines the same.

Cortex 23:33 Exactly. Yeah, it's the same soundtrack. And you know, it's got a very sort of like, a coherent, exquisite corpse sort of feel where it's constantly shifting, but you have the through line of whatever's going on in the episode sort of keeps it all in the same place. It's really it's really wonderful watching, there's a there's a Star Wars. I can't remember the exact title of the show. Someone mentioned it in a thread somewhere, but there's a Star Wars like recut thing that fans did years ago where they did this with Star Wars like every 15 seconds the film was someone else and they were doing could be animation could be stopped motion. It could be live footage. Sort of doing joke. I'm watching

Jessamyn 24:10 the first few seconds of the Scooby Doo one.

Cortex 24:15 But, uh, but yeah, it's fascinating stuff. I really liked this sort of like, odd collaborative insanity in sort of a structured environment like this. So I expect some people would find it super off putting and that's fine.

Jessamyn 24:29 Yeah, yeah. I don't know if I would watch any of this stuff for fun, but I am happy that it exists in the world. Yeah.

Jessamyn 24:41 Well, the thing that I liked speaking of should people draw, I guess, was this post just from a couple days ago, from Quint, and it's basically it's called an interactive illustration. I don't know if you basically looked at this but you can like it. And essentially, it's a little trolley trip that you sort of control. I mean, you can basically move like left, right. And if you click like a buildings, and it's a little trolley trip, and like cats in outfits, get on and off the trolley, and it's just, it's very calm. I mean, chill is one of the tags, like it's very calm, it seems like a game because he got to kind of pull up to the right place and the trolley stop and the doors open. But you kind of like go bumper to bumper to bumper to like, up down and open the doors and cats get on and cats get off and they're wearing like robes and hats and outfits. And as far as I can tell, I had to kind of get off the bus at some point because I had to go somewhere. But as far as I can tell, like that's just it. And it's pretty. And, and it's hand drawn. So it's got a really interesting look, that is not the normal look for things like this. So if people haven't checked it out, I recommend you check it out, because it's very good. And it's got 29 comments and 29 favorites, which is just perfect.

Cortex 26:02 Yeah, I read about it, but haven't played it. But yeah, it sounds like a really nice little thing. So

Jessamyn 26:07 and I started like linked on Facebook and was like, this is the best and then came to meta filter to post it and it was already there.

Cortex 26:18 That's that's just the way it is sometimes.

Jessamyn 26:21 Some things will never change. Yep.

Cortex 26:25 I just minimize my browser window. That was not a smooth transition.

Jessamyn 26:30 my browser's doing some fuckery with the tabs, all my tabs are like on top of each other for no reason. Weird. So you know, I think like, I think this is part of that like Firefox problem, right? Where like, I think I had the tab Manager plugin that is failed, failed. But as a result, it's failed in kind of an ugly way. Not an easy way. So yeah.

Cortex 26:52 This is why I keep myself to like six tabs, maybe seven on a stretch.

Jessamyn 26:55 How do you do the podcasts then I open everything. podcast is the

Cortex 26:59 one exception. And if we're not doing it specifically for the podcast, I would be having massive tab anxiety right now like Well, no, I know. I've got things organized by sub site, I know where they are, I don't actually need to, like go to these things in real time in random order. So it's fine. But uh, but boy, I'm not. I'm not fond of it. But I just chalked it

Jessamyn 27:19 we talked to fire, fire Phoenix, about tabs on

Cortex 27:25 Twitter, using like, 30. Like I lost

Jessamyn 27:27 34 tabs. And then Kay Omar was like, Would it help if it said I've never had 34 tabs open in my life? And then I was like, Would it help? If I told you they were browser plugins? Because I mean, occasionally it does help somebody to be like, there's actually a plugin that can help you. But sometimes that's just a dick move. And so I wanted to ask first, but it turned into kind of a very interesting, funny little Twitter thread.

Cortex 27:49 Good. Yeah, that's, that's always a weird thing. Like I like I've almost learned never to complain about a software issue, even if my whole purpose is super clearly to just vent having done something dumb, and because like, I know, I'm gonna get like five tweets explain to me how to not do with being dumb. It's like, well, you know, that's tweet me about, like, you know, a time machine and I can go back and apply it. Right now, I'm just kind of angry, right?

Jessamyn 28:15 Have you ever considered being a different kind of person? Are you reconsidering your choices? Like, do you just? Yeah, no, I don't. Yeah, I don't do.

Cortex 28:25 I accidentally deleted some Linux box like years ago, and got a bunch of helpful explanations about how to do that. I've done that in the future as well. Okay, that's good. But, you know, read the book deck. I thought this post was interesting. Like, outside of my experience, just like we were talking about niche stuff again, and this is post from spam and kimchi. About a site called psych ward reviews. It's literally a review site for psychiatric hospitals, basically, on the idea that like, you know, there's very different, you know, quality of treatment and quality of experience that like, Oh, God, is it that people isn't there? You know, talking to their friends about it. It's like, well, what if there was, you know, an actual review site for this so as well as threads, it was not super long, but like almost everybody competent. Like, oh, shit. Yes, this. So yeah, I thought that was really interesting.

Jessamyn 29:24 But the site is on a temporary hiatus.

Cortex 29:26 I'm not sure what the story is. Let's take a look. Does it say? Let's find out live on the

Jessamyn 29:37 radio. The projects have slowed down. There have been some obstacles in my personal life. I expect the hiatus to end sometime in December. All right. Good. Okay. Yep. You Yeah, no, I think that's a good idea. I'm actually surprised. You can't review psychiatric hospitals on Yelp a little bit. But as somebody who has a person in my extended life who spends a lot lot of time, on and off in psychiatric hospitals, it really matters whether you're in a good one or a bad one. And yeah, and sometimes you can pick, you know, like sometimes shits going on, but it's not going on super fast. And you can be like, well, do I want to be in this hospital or that hospital? And it's good to know if they're going to diagnose you as bipolar for being bisexual, as the title states. I'm sorry, that happened to you, that's crappy.

Cortex 30:28 There was also

Jessamyn 30:30 a post post by what?

Cortex 30:33 What, sorry, this post by Matt. Matt, how

Jessamyn 30:37 are we? Oh, user. But it's basically like, I looked at this post and was like, oh, that's kind of cool. And like, good news for the insane. Fix the typo, and didn't even mention, I'm fixing a typo in Max post. Who hasn't posted since June 2015. To the front page.

Cortex 31:05 Well, the good news is he'll make another post like late next year, and it'll be at the same site, and there'll be his, it won't be the first time he accidentally doubled. Let's just find this somewhere and be like, hey, that's really cool. I should put this on Metafilter.

Jessamyn 31:16 Well, and it is great. Actually, it's um, yeah,

Cortex 31:19 I saw this go around. I just didn't catch the actual post.

Jessamyn 31:21 Basically, it's a project, a guy found 1960s matchbooks from a Resort in upstate New York, but then went back and the place has been condemned. And then he's he made all the he took like, the pictures from the match books. And then I took a picture of the same place all fucked up now. And made animated GIFs out of them. And it's, it's fascinating. And it's it's a step above the normal kind of what do they call it? Disaster porn. Yeah. Because, you know, there's these postcard pictures of people, like, you know, enjoying stuff, and blah, blah, blah. And then there's just pictures of stuff with like, friggin trees go into them. And of course, like, I'm looking at this, and I just want to live at this place, right? I want to move there immediately. And like, slap a coat of paint on it and move right in. I don't even care. But it's fascinating. Like, it's fascinating. I mean, there must be like a, you know, a wall around it or something. I don't know. But at any rate, Matt made the post, there was a lot of uptake. The thread was really interesting. 103 favorites, 64 comments, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And people added their own links of other things they found was interesting. So it was cool. I liked it. Less. Technically, in August, but we didn't mention it in the last podcast, you didn't notice.

Cortex 32:47 Get down to the wire like that you're really playing with? Like you're playing with a dice. I don't know. I'm just gonna say words and whatever happens happens all right.

Cortex 33:30 I enjoyed this post a couple weeks ago, from I'm gonna say phys I haven't scrolled out of the name yet. Yes. It's totally fixed. Definitely in fizzes, multiple links with pull quotes, style of video games and bullets. Yeah, but not like a bullet. Like not like obnoxiously so. And I have said before that I'm not personally super big on Mega posts for their own right. Like, I know, a lot of people genuinely like them. I'm not super big on them. Like, I'm not against them, but I'm probably not going to engage with them. But I feel like it's a nice balance of like, you know, usually hits with a couple good main subject links, and then has a few quotes inside. But it's like, Here's a quote from an article. Here's another article with a quote, in a way that doesn't feel super overwhelming. So much is like sort of skimmable if I'm looking for more, so yeah, I'm enjoying it. Anyway, Metroid is the thing. There's a couple of new Metroid games coming out. And Metroid is a franchise that I like a great deal. And I like this thread just because it got people sort of talking a little bit about old meta games, because this new one is kind of a Metroid ik

Jessamyn 34:37 type of game or a brand of Metroid was an arcade game. Am I wrong about that?

Cortex 34:42 It was never an arcade game. It's a it's a it's a

Jessamyn 34:46 specific Sorry, I have to explain.

Cortex 34:49 Enjoy it. It's it's it's nice excuse to prattle,

Jessamyn 34:52 because I enjoy it, but I feel weird about it because I feel like it's like Well, gentlemen, a grilled cheese sandwich is when you take a grilled a piece of cheese And

Cortex 35:01 imagine man imagine you were super into sandwiches and someone like was like, I don't know about sandwiches. Tell me about them. You're like, yeah, okay, we'll tell you about Saturday's shit because they aren't good. Like, seriously the reason we haven't actually started a Josh explains video games Jessamine podcast is not because I'm not enthusiastic about the idea.

Jessamyn 35:16 I just don't think about learning. Yeah, I

Cortex 35:19 just don't want to hustle. Another podcast, I sort of stopped hustling.

Jessamyn 35:23 A Nintendo thing. Wikipedia is telling.

Cortex 35:25 Yeah, that was an original Nintendo Entertainment System game. And it was a good one made an impression me on it on. In my youth, I made a post a while back about some remakes of the theme music from the original one. I should pick this up. But some guy was doing the mono synth. And he's actually finished that since then. And I bought the album on on iTunes for five bucks of the whole soundtrack redone and it's great. And so that's the sort of like, I'm on board with a Metroid. And there's a new game out for the DS that is basically a remake ish of Super Metroid, which was the Super Nintendo sequel, or I guess, I guess this is somewhere between Super Metroid and Metroid two. Or no, no, this is a remake ish of Metroid two, which was the Gameboy Metroid game, the only Gameboy Metroid game ever made. And there was a fan effort that sort of got C indeed passed because Nintendo was working on this and bunch of stuff, you can sort of read the thread for the content, but

Jessamyn 36:33 it also led it's a narrative summed up in a bunch of kind of media articles about it.

Cortex 36:38 Yeah, and then a new game up that people seem to think is good. And also, it turned into partly a discussion of the music from Metroid two, which has like the weirdest music and that's kind of great, too. And there's links in there to some of the soundtrack stuff. So if you're curious about some weird old music, go for it. But so your your question about Metroid franchise or or genre is actually kind of on point though, because there's also a larger genre of games called Metroidvania. Thus

Jessamyn 37:05 veiny is like like Pennsylvania, like Castlevania.

Cortex 37:07 Oh, which is also a franchise of the Belmont family and their whips and exploring spooky old Gothic castles. And the Castlevania games, and the Metroid games sort of occupy a similar space in certain parts of franchise where there's sort of unlocking new powers and re exploring bits of the castle or planet or wherever you are, after you have those powers to open new doors that you couldn't before. And that's that whole style is genre called Metroidvania. At this point, so it's complicated namespace. Okay. I like the metroids. They're good.

Jessamyn 37:47 And great post by Phys. Yeah. All right. Let me figure out what is going on with my tabs, because I know what I want to talk about, oh, here it is. Last Post was by Matt, this one is about that. And it's a post by M dash. And it's a post called Matt chats with tax, a surprisingly underrated YouTube channel, where Matt talks to stray cats in the neighborhood, and of course, like anything, and it's got one tag and that tag is cats. And the threat is kind of what you would expect like people are like, I love this other people are like, and other people are like this guy with this plummy accent handing out snacks to cats if they did that to Mike at blah blah blah. So it's just funny and interesting. And in fact, I checked out some of the videos and it is kind of like a just a goofy YouTube channel where a guy walks around the neighborhood talking to animals. That's great. You know, it's it's one of those great internet things.

Cortex 38:52 That's just that's just the stuff

Jessamyn 38:54 and I will make a note to this specific comment, which is going to feed into a later meta talk related discussion we can have

Cortex 39:06 all right yes, okay.

Jessamyn 39:11 I'm glad you're picking up when I'm laying down because I didn't want to be ominous it'd be like I'm gonna give you such a talk into

Cortex 39:18 Yeah, no, no for the viewer at home imagine Jessamyn looking at me looking at it and looking over at her and like doing sort of pistol fingers

Unknown Speaker 39:24 yeah

Jessamyn 39:27 it's the fingers

Cortex 39:30 fingers a bunch of a goofy looking through my recent activity and there's been so much like dumb shit in the world in the last month like I don't feel bad for being

Jessamyn 39:40 defensive, horrific, whether there's been some horrific politics in some which I had political responses to some horrific weather. Yeah, that's made everything a little there's been a bunch of metal filter people wrapped up in the horrific weather. So that's, I feel like is taken up some of the general sort of metal filter spoon ability to a Ah, do the other stuff.

Cortex 40:02 Yeah. And the other stuff is there and actually, I found a few links. But as far as looking through my, my recent activity, I was like, Oh God, it's like it's nothing but the bad stuff is like, oh, that's, that's the stuff that has legs. People are still talking about that, like three weeks after posted. I want to go find the links that people stopped talking about, like two days after it's posted because there was nothing to say beyond Oh, that's rad. So I got down to the far end, I started finding things like how could I forget? Do you remember? This is a video by Demi.

Jessamyn 40:32 Oh, I thought this was

Cortex 40:36 I've never I've never actually like heard him say it. So I

Jessamyn 40:39 you can probably look it up on

Cortex 40:42 anyway. Fantastically funny guy had a really, really great vine feed when he could still have a vine feed. Still making lots of funny videos on the internet. He does some writing for the good place. Fantastically funny guy and he did a video last September 21. About a remix of I can't remember the name of the song that some Earth Wind and Fire song I think. But do you remember? Watch the video and it'll be there. But anyway, it's just a goofy video I made and then like this year, people posted it again because it's September 21. It's the 21st of September. And then he posted a new one for this year and oh, it's all it's all good. There's no way I can I should have just say hey, go watch the thing because I can't do it any justice. But it's fantastic. Ah, it's a fun thing that you should go watch. Another fun thing that should go watch. Is this. Suppose by self knows about.

Jessamyn 41:45 Okay, no, don't. Okay, sorry. I had a segue that was cool, but I'll just no good. Speaking of Do you remember which is Husker du in some other language? There was the grant Hart, drummer obit obituary thread that was very sweet only because, you know, a lot of people felt really good things about Korea at heart number one, but number two, they had just released a whole bunch they're releasing a whole bunch of back stuff and so people could also sort of talk about that in addition to just talking about Grant heart It was a really nice really nice thread as these obit threads go

Cortex 42:28 so the thing I was going to mention is Andrei ruggedly maybe I don't know he's a he's a ski jumper and self no has made a post about his training regime so there's there's two things to the post one is this crazy complicated, world record ski jump trick. And the other one is him awkwardly jumping around on a bunch of oddly shaped things in a room as sort of like a training regime for Oh to like practice. Yeah, cuz I mean, he's got to have like, crazy strong legs that are also like super like, nimble three. Oh, like they can

Jessamyn 43:01 they can do all sorts of things. Oh, God, I'm watching it right now. Oh, my God. It's

Cortex 43:05 just freaking out. Yeah. Yeah. Like I would never do this. It's pretty adorable to watch. So

Jessamyn 43:13 it's super adorable. Wow. Oh my god. Yeah, everybody should watch this. Wow. American Ninja Warrior. That's pretty cool. That's a great post.

Cortex 43:33 Also, this nice little thing called The Last Mile, just a drone tracking video time lapse of a UPS driver delivering a package to the owner of the drone. That was

Jessamyn 43:43 just not enough verbs in that sentence. I don't think yeah, what is it?

Cortex 43:48 A guy arranged for his UPS driver to let him have his drone track the UPS truck as it drove up the long winding road dirt road to his Holloway house. So it's just a short time lapse video of a UPS truck driving down a road shot by a drone that has just automatically following the truck. So it's kind of cool technology and a cool visual and maybe the guy who is receiving the packet is kind of sketchy guides on it's like the implications of a comment in the thread but I didn't really follow through you can see how there's a comment late in the thread sort of saying he's maybe got some some some problematic elements like maybe he's a huge jerk or something. And have to go back and reread

Jessamyn 44:37 waffle like he's sort of the word here.

Cortex 44:39 Yeah. Some sort of weird twist. But like no, that's in the video. The video is just this thing. So it's

Jessamyn 44:47 great that the the author

Unknown Speaker 45:00 I was home schooled all the way. Both zoned, say Massey B. Oh, zoo was, Oh, gee Bri.

Jessamyn 45:25 This I think that's it for me from Anna filter. And I have a lot of fun things from AskMe Metafilter.

Cortex 45:33 Okay, cool. I'll I'll mention a couple of things that happened. posts on the positive side there was by visibility week was this last week. So there's a nice post about that with some link Roundup, and also in just sort of big disruptive shift that happened that there's an interesting thread about just sort of tracking the details, there was any sort, Equifax letting

Jessamyn 45:56 you know that I'm suing Equifax and

Cortex 45:58 rightfully so I was hoping maybe you would talk a little bit about if you if you felt like,

Jessamyn 46:03 Shit, I didn't even I didn't even post in this thread by Jeff Burgess. Because this was like, the day after this happened. And I was still in Massachusetts. I wasn't even back to Vermont yet. Like, I really feel like, I had my Massachusetts life and my Vermont life. And they're diff different. Oh, I should totally post in this thread. Oh, in fact, the last comment is about me. Okay, so well, so my birthday was the fifth of September, right. And we celebrated it on, I guess, the sixth of September. I don't remember what happened. But so on my birthday, Jim. and I were together and he got a phone call from his bank. And this was like Labor Day. So I guess it was the day before my birthday. Basically, someone had tried to socially engineer their way into his bank account by like calling on the phone, you know, so they called the bank on the phone had his social and we were trying to make the bank do things. The bank was like, you don't know any of the secret pass code. So no. But then they called him and so he had to spend 15, or 20 minutes of like, what we were gonna be doing hanging out on my birthday. I'm dealing with the fucking bank. And I was like, bullshit. And then I found out about the Equifax thing. And as you know, my mother died this summer, and I'm dealing with all of her shit. And it also means that me and my sister are essentially married, combined to my mother's stuff, because we're both, you know, co responsible executor people of thing. And so I've just fucking had it, you know what I mean? And this Equifax thing is just bullshit. And like, I'm not even their customer. So it's not even like, you know, I signed away my rights and a terms of service I didn't read, like, they just took my shit and lost it. And so I was annoyed. And one of the things about Vermont that's super interesting is it's very small, but it still has all the normal infrastructure that you need to have to have a state. And so what that means is there's a courthouse that doesn't have a very long list of shit that needs to happen there. You know what I mean? Yeah, like, there's a small set of criminals and a small set of family court things and a small set of small claims. But it's all pretty tiny. And I was like, you know, I could probably Sue Equifax and small claims court. Because I'm mad, and I believe it's going to cost me money to deal with this. And also, to be perfectly honest, I want to kind of raise awareness of this kind of crap that happens to people and let people feel like there's something they can actually do. Right. So realistically, I don't expect to get any money from Equifax. But what I would like to do is get some publicity for the fact that there's stuff people can actually do, that isn't just sitting around being mad or taking Equifax is way out of it, which is like a you can use our, you know, corporate credit monitoring, fuck you, Equifax. I don't want that. So I just decided to fill out the paperwork, and it cost 90 bucks, which is, I'm not saying everybody's got 90 bucks, but like, it's 90 bucks. I have $90. So I filled out some paperwork. And I got a summons in the mail, and I sent the summons to Equifax and they got it. And now we're gonna see what happens. They have a month to reapply. That's where we are right now. Nice. Yeah. And the local newspaper is doing a little thing on me, which is actually probably has more social utility, that actually suing Equifax because more people are going to kind of learn about what's going on. You know, it's not about me, but I can use me as vehicle so that people can sort of understand the larger issue, which is, Who are these companies? What do they do? Why do they have my information? Am I at risk? Am I in danger? What can I do? And so yeah, I felt like it would be good and you know, my mother, who I miss a little bit, would have liked it like, this would have made her laugh, right? Because she was always writing she slightly pointed, bitchy letters to people who had Yeah, you know, participated in fuckery. That was a headache. So it was kind of, you know, a little thing to her a little publicity grab. And who knows, maybe I'll

Cortex 50:14 win. Yeah. I look forward to seeing what comes of it. Yeah. And it's

Jessamyn 50:19 my most popular tweet ever was tweeting that I was suing Equifax which interests me. I mean, Twitter's also, I think getting more popular. But you know, I got a lot of positive feedback and very little negative feedback, as opposed to tweeting about the librarian who didn't like the Dr. Seuss books that Melania Trump center, and it's just been, you know, kill yourself tweets all morning. So we can all hate Equifax together left wing and right wing. Yep, yep.

Cortex 50:47 Well, hey, do you want to talk about F? Metafilter? Sure.

Jessamyn 50:51 Sure. Let's first talk about how we draw a penis. Very interesting question from literary hero, basically grew up in Philadelphia, and if someone were gonna like, quick stretch sketch, what like a penis looked like? This is what it would look like. But now I've lived in Korea. And when people just quick sketch a penis, it looks like something else. So then there's this other thing, which shows sort of the Korean style. And like, is that a cultural thing? And so then people talk about it. I wish there was a lot more feedback on this thread, because I found it really interesting. It's got 12 Answers five favorites, which is not enough favorites. And there's just an interesting, though brief conversation,

Cortex 51:37 maybe we'll have to find a way to like, revisit Signal Boost. Why we could mention it on the podcast. Wow. Maybe? Yeah, that's great. That's great.

Jessamyn 51:48 But I liked it. I thought it was an interesting question. And it turned into a you know, interesting, short thread. How do you learn that? Because, you know, I'm a girl like I, maybe other girls did this, but like, as a girl, I did not do this. Like I you know, didn't draw penises in my textbooks or whatever the hell else wherever you draw them. So I'm as interested as anybody else. It's a kind of a grown up like, oh, people do this. Oh.

Cortex 52:14 People draw all kinds of things. Do I continue to hang out?

Jessamyn 52:22 When I was like in, you know, elementary school or high school? It was like, cars, rocketships, Van Halen logos. You know, I don't know what else Led Zeppelin logos. If you were just idly doodling. I think people are more creative with their

Cortex 52:37 weird s thing needs to be isn't you talk about that

Jessamyn 52:41 thing. And that was not a thing in my life. What is it called?

Cortex 52:45 Not actually this Susi Suzy logo, basically, I think it's not that is Stassi Stassi. Is that what it is?

Jessamyn 52:54 That's what I call it. Yeah. But I know what you're talking about. Yeah, but former podcast looks you don't want to talk about it. Just wanted to throw it. I mean, you brought it up,

Cortex 53:03 but it was meant to be a humorous passing reference not lengthy derail? Hey, you know what I liked? I

Jessamyn 53:09 think you didn't know from before.

Cortex 53:12 This, this question from radio silence. Does your local Mexican or Tex Mex restaurant serve a quote Stevens special or Steven special? And this is a very, it's a vague question. Like they're intentionally not describing the dish. They're just want to know about whether something with that name appears at your local max or Tex Mex restaurant?

Jessamyn 53:35 Did anyone? I'm reading through the thread,

Cortex 53:38 I'm pretty sure it's like 60 people saying no.

Jessamyn 53:40 Which 70 answers in this thread.

Cortex 53:43 I know. That's what I think is so great about it. Like it's this is like, if this had been an answer, if this has been a question that turned up a few yeses in the first 24 answers, it would have been amazing. Oh, now we're on to something but instead it's like this is the logical outcome of saying hey, does this very specific thing that you've never heard of? Is that something you've heard of? And like you know, it's the correct answer if the answer is no is no you know, I'm from here and no and so it's like nowhere no one's this thing. I mean, I can't swear that no one in there has said yes but at a glance it's just nope not not Minneapolis not an Oklahoma not

Jessamyn 54:21 answerable bullshit chat filter like what normal thing from your childhood strange today.

Cortex 54:28 You're gonna bring this one up.

Jessamyn 54:31 Only because I was rarely get you on Twitter about it, whatever. It's funny, but it is, you know,

Cortex 54:36 it's it's, it's a chatty but fun, you know, and as we've discussed before, I'm sort of more on board with that than I would have been five years ago.

Jessamyn 54:46 Well, when I work at the end of October, everyone's got to get

Cortex 54:50 back on line. Hey, if you're on if you're on duty,

Jessamyn 54:53 get the fuck back in line. chatters chatters that's what you got chat for chat. People

Unknown Speaker 55:19 God says not

Jessamyn 55:41 hang on it out of my system. Oh, oh no Forget it. Keep going.

Cortex 55:46 I like I like this just as an odd little relatable thing it's sort of like a dealing with kids homework and helped me figure out not so much help me do my kids homework.

Jessamyn 55:58 So interesting. Yeah go on so

Cortex 56:00 this is a it's a question by what if you fly basically saying hey school started again kids have homework and my kids have like an identify the part of speech for this sentence and the sentence is yesterday Maria collected 10 large eggs and the question is

Jessamyn 56:19 also great because we get to listen to Josh say the E G G with

Cortex 56:22 a eggs on your pegboard.

Jessamyn 56:28 That sounds even

Cortex 56:29 worse. That's that's the title eggs on your pegboard.

Jessamyn 56:32 All right, write it down.

Cortex 56:34 There we go. Yeah, so the sentence is yesterday, Maria collected 10 large eggs. And the question apparently is, is 10 a noun? Or is it an adjective? And like the answer is,

Jessamyn 56:50 you could say yesterday, Maria collected 10. In which case, it's different from this sense, kind of,

Cortex 56:59 sort of, I mean, it becomes an elliptical, you assume that like, Oh, speaking of large eggs, yesterday, Maria clicked of 10, you know, then you've got that back reference there. You couldn't just like out of nowhere, say yesterday, Maria collected 10 to someone you just be, like, useless. But if there's a prior conversation context, then sure. So the question is, like, Is 10 a noun? Or is it an adjective? And the answer is, that's a terrible question. That doesn't make sense. 10 is a it's a different specific thing. It has an adjective equality there, but it's not really either.

Jessamyn 57:34 And the word in and of itself, compared to that, yeah, yeah. Yeah, using obvious. And it was interesting to me to read the thread where it wasn't clearly wasn't,

Cortex 57:44 I think is obvious what they were going for in the homework. But it's one of those things where like, it's because they're operating on a very simplified model that doesn't like, you know, handle everything that's going on with linguistics, and that's reasonable for grade school. But I remember having trouble with some parts of speech stuff as a kid, I think, because I was sort of a precocious word nerd. And so I wanted to unpack the stuff at a degree that wasn't happening in like, my homework in grade school. And it's weird, like, it's like, oh, that's because it's actually it's fucking complicated. And they were telling you to just, like, accept a false dichotomy, because that was the level at which that was being taught. And this is sort of the same thing, you know, and it's, yeah, so I thought it was kind of fun seeing people pick through that.

Jessamyn 58:23 Yeah, no, I enjoyed it, too, and was surprised. Speaking of odd, could it be chat filter questions? We have to drain the swimming pool is by Jeff homophone. We actually know how to drain the swimming pool like normal people, but how would you drain it? Not like normal people? And so there's essentially 91 answers, most of which are best answered at least as of a couple days ago. And a lot of different people waltzing about how to train a swimming pool. And I just finished reading the what if book by XKCD, Randall Munroe, which does have this kind of approach to science in it, so it segwayed nice with with that in my in my mind. So it's a fun thread still open. Get your get your pool on.

Cortex 59:19 There is a question from Ryan Shepard from a couple days ago.

Jessamyn 59:23 Love this one.

Cortex 59:24 Favorite thing? Yeah,

Jessamyn 59:25 I already know. Yes.

Cortex 59:27 What are your favorite text only or web 1.0 You know, old old style sites, which is just what it sounds like, you know, like, some of it's actually just old, like someone mentions a Space Jam website, which is classically not updated for 21 years now. Yeah. But you know, other stuff like, you know, stuff that's also more recent, but it's just explicitly going for a throwback or superseded style. It's kind of great. It's just a bunch of Yeah, and

Jessamyn 59:59 I read So I was like, Oh, of course, I know a ton of them. And then like I had a really hard time coming up with a couple. So I just enjoyed clicking the other ones. And then I found this one, which I tweeted about and nobody cared, which is awesome when that happens, like you tweet about something that you think is the coolest, and like no uptake. But basically, I just finished reading a Shirley Jackson book that I did not like, but maybe you liked or somebody like called the kids, she wrote the lottery, which everybody knows her for. But all also wrote, We have always lived in the castle, which is essentially a biography of my life. And this person who has a tilde, you know, not tilde dotnet. But actually, like, rockin tilde, Carl, basically made a Shirley Jackson book cover project. He's got 180 Shirley Jackson book covers, and it's exactly that same glorious style that I think Ryan was referring to

Cortex 1:00:54 things laid out in tables in Times New Roman default font.

Jessamyn 1:00:58 Yeah, with like a header gift image. And if you look at it, the page has last been updated in 2004. I actually tried briefly to track down this, Carl. Because I wanted to tell him like Carl, your page made me so happy like, yeah, because just because it did you know, thanks for doing this. Thanks for keeping your keeping your website up. And then in trying to Google him, I wound up finding a different guy with the same name. And this is his picture. It's a studio portrait of him with his dueling scars. Wow. And it fascinated me. And so basically, I tweeted about the dueling scholar guy, and the Shirley Jackson thing clearly, totally makes sense and is awesome. And other people. I continue to scratch my head at your thing, but I can tell the podcast and somebody will enjoy it because you're gonna filter is my people. Yes. Yeah. No, I love that thread as well. And speaking of because Ryan mentioned boingboing. I was also going to mention this very short, asked Metafilter question from bitter kitten. Hey, you know how Cory Doctorow used to make all his books downloadable for free. And he was really noisy about that. When did he stop doing it? Because he sure wasn't very noisy about that. Was he? And you know, I mentioned you should ask him. But people don't know. Yeah, some of this stuff is downloadable. But definitely his latest book is out on a major publisher, not Tor who always let him download their stuff. And it just seems like kind of silently. He's maybe not quite as making this stuff available for free anymore. So I'd be interested to read more about that. But it was an interesting question, because I was curious about the topic.

Cortex 1:02:48 Yeah. A couple of fun variations on quick answers or extremely slow answers. There's nice quick answer one from just the other day. Luck because asked about an old comic was like, Hey, here's basically what I remember about the thing that sort of reminded me the tide logo here's a few big thing.

Jessamyn 1:03:15 Question and of course I had no idea I did not notice that it got answered by black tar freq guitar. Yeah. Oh, wow. Wow, that really is like the title. Yeah,

Cortex 1:03:25 so found that found that narrow, narrow little thing. And the color cover gallery too. So So yeah, that was great. And then on the flip side, cuz that was answered like later that day, like within an hour or two, I think there was another one that was like within 18 minutes and I lost track but I think I forgot to favorite it, but I love it when that should happens. But I also like when this happens. Dub asked in 2008 If anybody could track down a CGI video that they saw, like at like they thought was a SIGGRAPH thing it was from an old 94 Clip asked about it didn't get anywhere you know just like two answers one other person and then responding to it. And then like nine years later writes to say oh, hey, the video by the way

Jessamyn 1:04:13 that you mentioned it in the podcast because otherwise it would be in recent activity and it would only be dub and the other dude, who who answered it. Yep. Once last time either of those users were active. Yeah. Let's take a look. We haven't seen dub around since February. Oh, okay. But as the dawn has been around recently well that's cool. Hopefully that'll make as well Don happy

Cortex 1:04:46 AZ London, but I wasn't sure if I actually got it right. Like that's my brain got that far. And I know we've talked about this before, but like that was enough for my brain is like okay, I got something to work with

Jessamyn 1:04:54 as the dawn. Yeah. Okay.

Cortex 1:04:58 As the dawn is is a lion shaped dinosaur from Athlon? Yeah, sure. Yeah. Let's let's go with

Jessamyn 1:05:07 it. I also enjoyed this question by anticipation of a new lovers arrival, the who I went hiking with in the White Mountains. Last weekend, I guess, sir, yeah, it must have been and bond cliff and a whole bunch of other people. And he's really into hiking and basically ran into some stuff that said, hey, precontact, Native Americans didn't climb the mountains of New England, according to this thing I'm reading. That seems wrong. But talk to me about it. And so there was some interesting feedback from people in the, in the thread, like, you know, addressing this and thinking about it. So it was cool all around. Like, I was interested in the question, I was interested in the answers. It was interesting seeing people talk amongst each other. And I also have met that user and so that was cool. Yeah. Anyone who wants to see some really beautiful photography of the White Mountains should follow their Instagram.

Cortex 1:06:16 Do it. Everybody should follows everybody's Instagram, we should do another big Instagram.

Jessamyn 1:06:22 Some people are a little too.

Cortex 1:06:25 Some people should follow some people's Instagram. I honestly don't mean compulsively. I don't think some people

Jessamyn 1:06:30 are a little too chatty on the Instagram for me. And some of those people are from Metafilter. Although nobody listening to this, of course,

Cortex 1:06:38 everybody should appropriately moderate the degree to which they follow various people on social media.

Jessamyn 1:06:42 And if you're curious, but Jessamyn and Josh, how do you find out who is on Instagram among metal filter people, please hide the to the metal filter, Social Explorer. And you can see not only who's on Instagram, but who among the people who you are friends with, or contacts with, sorry, are on Instagram, which is really pretty awesome. So I can look at all the people who I've contacted and then see if I'm following them on Instagram. I'm not a very heavy Instagram user, but I like following certain people. I like following you. I like following Angela.

Cortex 1:07:20 Yeah, I'm following like, I feel like I'm following like 100 and something people most of them fit. Many of whom, like, stopped using Instagram like years before I started following whatever I add Yeah, like I'm not following so many people that it's impossible soup to get through and I enjoy it. It's nice to see it's nice to see imagery. You know, it's funny like I really really liked that metal filter is basically a text based place but it's funny when you stop and think about it like short of looking at someone's profile photo. You don't really have like imagery input outside of like going through like projects posts maybe or somebody

Jessamyn 1:07:57 or Twitter sometimes because there's a big overlap with you know, heavy active mefites and heavy active Twitter people some of whom put more pictures up there but yeah, I know what you mean.

Cortex 1:08:06 Yeah. Yeah. Instagram. That's a thing. Another asked me I liked was this that I had been talking with Secretary about a couple of weeks ago, I think at the time it

Jessamyn 1:08:22 says maple so I'm all in what is it?

Cortex 1:08:25 It's a little bit misguided, but it's a basically asking for goofy videos. Which, you know, there's a lot of data but they've got specific, like, I'm looking for stuff, too, to keep me entertained. While I have zero attention span while I'm a nervous wreck about something for the next few days. And I might be in a bad mood and so I want funny internet clips.

Jessamyn 1:08:51 Funny and just kind of uplifting and not like Yeah,

Cortex 1:08:55 yeah. And it's a bunch of good stuff. You know, it's not even a big thread but like you know, it's got a dozen or something answers and Simon's Cat always when there's a lot of good stuff in here. I was really enjoying going through the My brother, my brother and me clips that countless countless Elena mentions in the second comment. That's a podcast I really enjoy. That's the McElroy brothers. And I really enjoyed that. And I'm listening to adventure zone now after the fact and really enjoyed that and but they have a they have a big fan crowd and some of those fans will do things like animate little segments on the podcast that I thought were especially funny. Two minutes of a bit that was particularly funny with just some sketchy animation. And it's it's all it's good stuff and you don't have to have any context for that podcast to enjoy the clips.

Jessamyn 1:09:42 And one of my favorite one of my favorite videos is in there, linked by door noise with just the word Poom.

Cortex 1:09:51 Oh, yes, yes, just

Jessamyn 1:09:53 a dumb cat video, but for whatever reason, it is one of my favorites. In fact, since it is I should do what I haven't done but For an added to the videos I always lose list. Why am I not signed into YouTube? Because I you know, are you ever like that where you're like, Oh, that one video? I love that video? Where is it? How do I google for it? What is the shit? Ah, and so I finally put together a videos I always lose playlist and I'm very pleased so that I can find more things and but the aggravating thing is occasionally stuff vanishes from it. Yeah, because it gets taken down for copyright or whatever and then I have to kind of remember you know what, what that ever was basically and I'm not very good at that. Like something used to be here only I don't know what it is because I lose the videos all the time. Yeah.

Cortex 1:10:54 Life this modern life.

Jessamyn 1:10:56 Charles has a licking problem. One of my one of my favorites.

Cortex 1:11:02 Don't be that guy. But an old fashioned safety razor was a good investment Don't be that guy. But if you're gonna play to player conference be a select star from a guy who leads to a Daily Mail story, but not only does he have a mom okay, I'm gonna be that guy. I don't really read comic books and I don't really know Marvel canon. I don't watch much TV. Anyway. Just to be that guy in the room. I don't think his ideas failed because they were bourgeoisie Valley

Jessamyn 1:11:33 Music Minute before meta talk. I had one at a talk that I wanted to talk about. Okay, go ahead.

Cortex 1:11:37 Sure. There is some stuff I like the muse. Really, I feel like I'm, I'm really swinging, swinging choked up

Jessamyn 1:11:44 on the metal filter Music Minute. Let me just tee it up for you, Josh.

Cortex 1:11:48 Well, I decided to start off with something that's got like a Gaelic name and I'm gonna fuck it up anyway. User ln who was posted on music before, but not for five years has made a post again for the first time in those many years. And it's some traditional Irish music that they're working on with a friend doing some recording, and it's called and spell Adoree that went terribly. Anyway. Um, field duart See, I'm trying to like, Yeah, well, you do it.

Jessamyn 1:12:24 What? Oh, I

Cortex 1:12:25 know what you're talking about. I forgot to post the link. Okay. You're gonna post the link now. Oh, boy. Read the username. No, no, no, that username is easy. It's just l n the letters L and N the title of the song. Oh,

Jessamyn 1:12:37 and the duar okay. It's all in the confidence.

Cortex 1:12:41 Sure. Yeah, he definitely except

Jessamyn 1:12:43 it's it's Irish. Right. So yeah, no, I know. I have no idea. They have double use of vowel there. It's all very confusing. So Ellen made some some some song I loved Oh, yeah. Ellen did a thing about the mining disaster. Some other some other really good. Really good songs. So good. Yeah.

Cortex 1:13:05 It's very nice. It's like traditional Irish music. Signal posted this sort of post gotten his words. song called You'll thank me later. It's got really great sort of moody downtempo rock stuff going on. There is very nice song by Eric grande called your phone that's about phones. But it's it's just a nice recording. I like it. There's also Esteban posted. It's been posted a bit lately, actually. But one of the things posted was The Ballad of highway boy, which is just rad. I really like it. It sounds great. It's got and this is this is a dicey thing to say because people have very different feelings about Jeff Tweedy and Wilco but it's got a real sort of shift when he woke up.

Jessamyn 1:13:53 I'm a huge fan. Really, people don't like Jeff Tweedy. Yeah, it's complicated.

Cortex 1:13:57 I don't know. I mean, I most of my conversations, Thuy

Jessamyn 1:14:00 feet, like What's What's their problem with him?

Cortex 1:14:04 See, I think it depends on the person. So like, I didn't mean to so people don't like where he's gone musically. Some people don't like where he was musically. Some people are still angry about Uncle Tupelo. Some people are still mad

Jessamyn 1:14:15 about Uncle Tupelo. Yeah,

Cortex 1:14:16 so it's a it's a complicated thing. And then I recorded the song, which I haven't been doing much of so I'll go ahead and toot my own horn, which

Jessamyn 1:14:26 is yours the one now this has has my talk joy.

Cortex 1:14:29 Okay. Okay, I'll tell you what, I'm just gonna I'm gonna not mentioned last one right now and then you can get

Jessamyn 1:14:37 you can just shut up and not mentioned. Okay. Talking about it.

Cortex 1:14:41 I don't even know what you're talking about. Hey, you want to talk though?

Jessamyn 1:14:47 Yes, I do. Okay. Only because if you you know, my call back to the earlier thread where we were talking about the cat. Some song was like, yeah, not to be that guy. But But and so then ominous pause, which is also funny because cat thread put together a brief history of people on metal filter prefacing their comments with not to be that guy, but and then the Go be that guy. So that's hilarious. But then you, Josh took the amazing. It's me, Josh took the amazing next step of making it into not just a song, but a fucking great song that made me so happy because one of my favorite things that you've ever done is the thing that you and I did the metal filter insult jazz. Oh, yeah. Yeah, which is stand up bass and kind of a jazzy feel to it. And this is just you kind of doing that. And it's just great.

Cortex 1:15:48 So definitely, definitely has heritage to that that old recording, which was a whole lot of fun to make. So yeah, no, it was just one of the things like, I used to do that a lot. It's like, I get a little bug up in my acid. And I, like do something inside of an hour, and then post it. Yeah, I haven't done as much as that in the last few years. But it's nice to have an excuse to

Jessamyn 1:16:06 Yeah, and even if you're somebody who doesn't listen to a lot of music, or maybe you don't like Josh or you don't like metal stock, or you don't like metal filter, I defy you to listen to this and not have your, you know, hardcore three sizes. It's just a great thing. And I just want to do one more music call back. Because like every now and again, I sit in my house, and I'm not having the world's best day. And I have a playlist on my iTunes, which is just songs that make me happy. You know, like, it's your favorite songs. And it's a playlist of my favorite songs. And usually something I'll like poke me in some good feel bone and then I'll feel better. And the song that came up this time, and I have a lot of stuff for metal filter music, they're in fact actually go and download, you know, the last 400 songs from medical to music, so I can find more stuff I like, but this song by snow foam, which is called Secure the ports. And if you go the whole title, it's secure the ports There's a snake in my shorts, don't call animal control. It's it's basically like a hilarious, like, dick joke. Song. It is so funny. And it just came on and just made my whole day and it's from 2007 I went to snow phones Facebook page and was like, Dude, this song again. Totally made my day. So I just you know, wanted to give it I left a comment in the thread. The last comment was for me from 2012 and I just you know, the long tail of some of this stuff is always delightful for me. I love this song.

Cortex 1:17:40 Singing old calm or a new common trope I like an old song is always just like super fucking delightful for me. Yeah. So yes, I heartily encourage that sort of thing. Go back to a song with you liked for like, six 810 years ago and just leave a new comment saying oh, hey, this is still fucking red. I guarantee the poster will enjoy.

Jessamyn 1:17:56 Yeah, absolutely. Nice.

Cortex 1:18:00 Well, I'm gonna mention fanfare being inclusive here. And remember dimension fanfare there are two things. I will preface by saying I have not watched either of these and none of them I probably won't bother with but it's such a dramatic thing. There's Star Trek shows out one of which is actually a Star Trek show. And you didn't watch it. Yeah, no, I think we'll probably watch it like tonight or this weekend. But yeah, so the actual new Star Trek show there's a fanfare discussions happening before Star Trek Discovery, which is sounding like it's not bad. And hopefully CBS won't completely murdered by trying to launch a streaming service because Who the fuck is gonna buy your streaming service? CBS?

Jessamyn 1:18:42 Oh, they will. CBS is actually really dickish and difficult to get to like on your Apple TV. For example, even if you're already paying for cable. Excellent. It shouldn't be but it is.

Cortex 1:18:54 But there's there's fanfare discussions that and there's also the new Seth MacFarlane vehicle the Orville, which is sort of a satire of Star Trek and maybe trying to be serious and it's Seth MacFarlane. I have zero patience for there was a meta filter thread about the Orville too. And I think Greg nog has started up a podcast with someone just to basically shit on it because it's so bad so but there's fanfare discussions of it too if you'd like to get in on that. So there's your your Star Trek thematic fanfare news for September Yeah. Yep. Good, man. I beat you done podcasting.

Jessamyn 1:19:37 I'm done podcasting. My friends gonna come pick me up. We're gonna go for a walk around the neighborhood and then I'm gonna go sit around and watch Jeopardy with my neighbor friends. Notice why we got to spend this time together. Me too. I think I don't want to be told Mr. Rogers about it. But yeah,

Cortex 1:19:51 yeah, I'm feeling the cardigan. Yeah. All right.

Jessamyn 1:19:55 And it's frickin normal temperatures here which makes me so happy all week.

Cortex 1:20:00 Yeah, I was warm for a couple days here and now it's Yeah. rainy out well, hey, have fun in Canada. I'll talk to you next month.

Jessamyn 1:20:11 Yeah. Yeah, by the time you talk to me I will have gone to Canada and Wisconsin and been back from both Nice. should be alright, I'll talk to you later. Tell Angela get Wilson will do by

Unknown Speaker 1:20:26 she was an amateur herpetologists was just a guy with a nerd. It was hot outside so we were in the bar showed her mind open she would show secure the cords There's a snake in my shorts. We don't call animal control. It just gets bigger. Yeah, why don't you figure out a serpent as so. She was a scientist at the University. She harvested venom to make anti venom. I was just a guy with the streak covered perversity that God the better when he led